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  1. questionWhy would I want to update my Credit Report Card every 30 days?
    You want to monitor your credit at least every 30 days so you can see how actions you take affect your credit report and score. Our goal is to help you better manage your credit. Also, you always want to keep your eye out for mistakes on your report or signs of identity theft. See where your cre ...

  2. questionHow is the Credit Report Card different from other credit report offers?
    With the Credit Report Card, models your credit report data to create grades and estimated scores and then present you with a snapshot of your credit report in a way that is easy to understand. The Credit Report Card is different than other credit report offers because it provides ins ...

  3. questionIs my personal data secure when I submit the application for the Credit Report Card?
    Yes, your data is completely secure. does not sell, market, or distribute your personal information. See where your credit stands with the first (and only) truly free offer of its kind. Get your Credit Report Card today!

  4. questionWhat is a Credit Report Card?
    Created by’s credit industry experts, the unique Credit Report Card is designed to help you understand your credit data and create a plan for getting ahead. It’s a completely free financial literacy tool that shows you a snapshot of your credit reports and estimated scores ...

  5. questionCan I get my Credit Report Card multiple times?
    Yes, every 30 days – and you absolutely should do so to monitor your credit. See where your credit stands with the first (and only) truly free offer of its kind. Get your Credit Report Card today!

  6. question How does determine my letter grade for each score category in the Credit Report Card?
    The Credit Report Card's letter grading system is created by's own algorithm that maps your credit to a bar that ranges from "Very Bad" to "Excellent” – the same measurements used by the leading scoring models in the market today. See where your credit stands with the firs ...

  7. questionHow accurate is the credit score/credit grade provided on the Credit Report Card?
    Your credit grade corresponds to a 20-point range of where your credit score falls. The score is an approximation and is generally extremely accurate. See where your credit stands: Get your free Credit Report Card today!

  8. questionCan lenders or third parties use the Credit Report Card to make loans?
    No. The Credit Report Card is only for you. See where your credit stands with the first (and only) truly free offer of its kind. Get your Credit Report Card today!

  9. questionWhy did build the Credit Report Card?'s 
mission is to help consumers make better financial decisions giving them access to financial literacy tools and information; after all, credit is the foundation of our financial lives. For years, lenders, landlords, and insurance companies have used credit to make important d ...

  10. questionWill pulling my Credit Report Card lower my credit score?
    No, getting your Credit Report Card will not hurt your credit scores -- it doesn't impact your scores at all. The Credit Report Card will show as a soft inquiry on your credit reports. A soft inquiry occurs when, for example, you check your credit scores or credit report yourself. As with any ot ...

  11. questionI can't remember the answers to my Credit Report Card security questions; what can I do?
    When you establish your username and password to get your Credit Report Card, you will need to verify your identity. To do so, you will need to answer specific questions about your accounts as proof of your identity to access your report. These security questions are called “out of the wal ...