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What is a revolving credit account?

Revolving credit is a type of credit where the consumer’s balance and monthly payment fluctuate. This type of credit account (or line of credit) has a predetermined credit/spending limit.

A revolving account doesn’t close just because the account has a zero balance. It remains open until the lender or the consumer chooses to close it. This is why a revolving credit account is also known as an "open-ended account."

Credit cards are the primary type of revolving credit. For example, if Amy has a Visa card issued by her bank with a $10,000 credit limit, she can go out and charge up to $10,000 worth of products or services. If Amy purchased $1,000 worth of tires for her car using her Visa card, she would receive a bill for that amount at the end of her billing cycle.

The bank gives Amy a couple of different repayment options. She can write them a check for $1,000; she can pay the minimum (in this case it’s $38); or she can pay any amount in between the two. If Amy chooses to pay $300, she is “revolving” the other $700 to the next month, which is perfectly fine. However, by doing so she will have to pay interest on that $700.

The following month, Amy doesn’t use her Visa card and she gets a bill for $805. The first $700 is the amount she revolved and the extra $105 is the interest (in this case, she was charged 15 percent interest). Now Amy has another choice. She can write her bank a check for $805 and pay the balance in full or she can pay the minimum monthly payment again (now $34). Or, she can choose to pay any amount in between. Amy chooses to pay $500 and carry over the unpaid $305 to the next month.

The next month Amy doesn’t use her Visa card once again, but she gets a bill in the mail for $350.75 -- the extra $45.75 is the interest. Now do you understand how credit card companies make money? Even though Amy is paying on time, she is paying interest each month she revolves a balance.

Other examples of revolving credit are home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), retail store credit cards, gas station cards, and some forms of American Express cards.

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