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Will my score increase when negative information is removed from my credit report?
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27th of March, 2009

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Your credit scores will probably improve. However, it may not improve as you expect. Here are some examples:

  • Closing negative credit card accounts. Closing credit card accounts will not improve your score. Closing the account also won’t remove the record and any associated negative payment history from your credit report. The negative information will continue to show and will continue to be used in the score calculation.
  • When negative records expire. Removing negative information from your credit report may not immediately increase your score as you expect. There could be additional, heavier weighted negative information remaining that will prevent an immediate increase in your score. For example: If you remove a collection record from 7 years ago but have a charge-off from a year ago, the charge-off has more of an impact and is hurting your score more than the collection from 7 years ago. You probably won’t see a large impact in this case.

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