Credit Card Payoff Calculator

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2. Your interest rate (APR)

3. How much do you pay each month?
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 1st payment: $25.00
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At this rate your debt repayment will take:

This calculator assumes a $10 or less balance must be
paid in full.
How much is my credit card debt costing me?
Enter your current balance, interest rate and the amount you pay each month into the calculator to see how long it will take you to be debt free and how much you'll pay in interest.

How can I reduce my credit card debt quickly?
Change the payment you make each month to see how much time and money you could save. You can use our spending plan worksheet to see the maximum you could afford to put toward your debts each month.

You can also try changing your APR in the calculator to see how lowering your rate could help you get out of debt faster. Click here to shop for a credit card with a lower APR and affordable balance transfers.

What if I don't know my credit card information?
You can look up your current credit card balance and APR by checking your account online or reading your most recent statement. You can also look up your credit card online to get a good guess for your current interest rate. Your current credit card balance will also appear on your credit report.
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