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Capital One Charge Offs and Delinquency Declined in December

Capital One Financial saw its credit card charge offs and delinquencies dip once again in the final month of 2010, the company reported. Defaulted accounts - those lenders simply strike them from their records due to a lack of payment - saw the largest decline, falling to 7.01 percent from the 7.56 percent observed in November.

Delinquencies - those accounts 30 days or more behind - fell as well, the company said. The rate at which the company dealt with late payments slipped to 4.09 percent from 4.26 percent the previous month.

Capital One, like most major credit card issuers in the U.S., has seen considerable improvements in the rates of charge offs and declines over most of 2010. Many consumers have made a greater effort to reduce their credit card debt during this time as they got a better handle on their finances.

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