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Credit reports can be confusing. Our experts are committed to demystifying credit for you. Get easy-to-understand explanations of what factors influence your credit report and tips on how to improve it by setting up your free account today. Discover how certain financial decisions & actions can affect your credit report. Learn how to read & interpret your credit report & find out how banks & financial institutions use your credit information to make lending decisions.

What’s a Thin Credit File?

If you’ve just started building credit, there’s a good chance you have what’s called a “thin” credit file. A thin credit file can mean you are new to the credit world, but even someone who has had a mortgage for 30 years can have a thin file if they haven’t opened any other credit accounts […] Read More

Are Credit Reports Important? Many Americans Say No

Despite a record number of data breaches and incidents of identity theft, Americans still question the importance of monitoring their credit reports. According to a survey conducted by, 26% of Americans who claim they have never checked their credit reports said they never checked because the reports aren’t important to them. The February 2015 […] Read More

How Do I Get My Free Annual Credit Report?

Do you want to check your free credit report for mistakes or fraud? Or do you want to know what lenders see when they review your credit? If so, you may be wondering, “How do I get my free annual credit report?” provides consumers with an easy-to-understand overview of their credit, along with their […] Read More

What Is a Good Credit-Building Timeframe?

Starting over or starting from scratch with your credit? Be patient. Building up a brand-new credit history or re-establishing credit after some credit missteps (such as late payments) takes time. Give yourself at least a year to see some progress with your credit. Payment history accounts for 35% of a credit score and establishing or […] Read More

Tips for Improving Your Credit: The Types of Accounts in Your Credit Report

In this guide, we are explaining the main factors that make up your credit score, so you can make sure yours is as strong as possible. Payment History and Your Amount of Debt and their level of impact to your credit scores are the first two factors we’ve covered, and they account for about 65% […] Read More

How Do I Get Rid of Fraudulent Accounts Opened in My Name?

If an imposter has opened fraudulent credit accounts in your name, you will want to act fast to protect your identity and your credit record. First, to deter thieves from opening more accounts in your name, place an initial 90-day fraud alert on your credit file. Call one of the three major credit reporting agencies, […] Read More

What Is Credit?

When you pay by credit you are borrowing the money you need to make purchases. When a creditor or lender offers you credit, you agree to pay back the amount that you spend or borrow plus interest. Here are a few of the most common ways we use credit: You are using credit when you […] Read More

The 6 C’s of Credit

Wondering if you will qualify for the loan or credit account that you desire? Think like a potential lender and consider how well you meet the six C’s of credit, key credit criteria that lenders use when assessing loan and credit applicants. Character You have good credit character when you live up to your financial […] Read More

How to Correct Credit Reporting Errors on Your Credit Report

Because a credit reporting error could affect your credit score and how much you pay for credit when you apply for a loan or a credit card, it’s important to monitor and maintain an error-free credit report. Depending on the nature of the errors, your credit scores could take a significant hit if they aren’t […] Read More

Credit Freeze Legislation & Credit Reporting Agencies

The Case for Security Freezes More than ten years ago, representatives from several leading consumer advocacy groups teamed up with California state lawmakers to answer a question about a serious problem: How does identity theft occur? Their conclusion was simple: in every known case of identity theft, a scam artist determined an unsuspecting victim’s name […] Read More


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