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Credit.com experts create original research and survey data about credit, debt and personal finance. We also collect and maintain industry statistics in these important areas to do our part in helping to tell the story of how Americans learn about and manage their financial lives.

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Credit.com 07.08.10
CARD Act, Debit Card Rules & New Credit Score Legislation
Credit.com 02.08.10
Consumers Face Numerous Account Changes
Credit.com 10.01.09
Consumers Favor Speeding up Credit Card Industry Reform
Credit.com 07.08.09
Despite New Credit Card Law, Banks Hammering Consumers
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Credit Statistics

65% of US adults are worried
about identity theft
27% of Americans have never
checked their credit
91% of undergraduates have
at least one credit card
Find numbers to help your story.
We've gathered important figures about
credit, debt and personal finance.