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Retailers admit to pushing credit cards on consumers

Consumers might be slightly irked when salesmen and women ask them if they'd like to sign up for a store credit card, but retail workers admit soliciting customers is a part of their job. Many workers told money website Wallet Pop they would face reprimands from employers in the form of less desirable hours and other punishments if they didn't sign up a certain number of customers for their retail cards.

Salespeople facing pressure from managers also told the website they were more likely to use more aggressive tactics to get consumers to secure a card. But U.S. PIRG consumer program director Ed Mierzwinski told Wallet Pop consumers should not feel bad for saying no to these offers.

"People should understand that stores make a lot of money on credit cards for two reasons," Mierzwinski said. "First, they have higher interest rates, and second, because you're locked into using it at that store, you may buy things you wouldn't otherwise get."

Consumers can curb debt by cutting down on unnecessary spending and avoiding taking on new credit accounts.

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