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Perhaps you’ve heard of the three major credit reporting agencies (also sometimes referred to as credit bureaus). They are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Credit reporting agencies collect and maintain the information that forms your credit history and ultimately, your credit report. Get your free account now to get a free credit score from Experian, the most comprehensive credit bureau in the U.S., as well as your very own credit report card that tells you how you’re doing in the five key areas that are included on your credit reports.

Experian: Credit Reports & Scores Guide

Company Profile: Experian® Experian is most well known in the United States as a one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies, along with Equifax and TransUnion. Created by the successful merger of the former TRW Information Systems & Services and the CCN Group in 1996 by the British conglomerate, GUS plc. TRW operated […] Read More

TransUnion: Credit Reports & Scores Guide

Company Profile: TransUnion® TransUnion, based in Chicago, Illinois, is the third largest credit bureau in the United States. Like major competitors Equifax and Experian, TransUnion markets credit reports directly to American consumers. TransUnion bills itself as a global leader in the credit and information management services market. Founded in 1968, TransUnion helps businesses and consumers […] Read More

Equifax: Credit Reports & Scores Guide

Company Profile: Equifax® Equifax Inc. (Equifax) is a consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, and is considered one of the three largest American credit reporting agencies along with Experian and TransUnion. Information that Equifax collects, and is required by law to provide to consumers annually, is included as part of the free credit […] Read More

FICO Scores Guide

Company Profile: FICO® Fair Isaac Corporation is a global provider of analytic, software and data management products and services, specializing in the credit analysis market. Fair Isaac, more popularly known as FICO, is a pioneer in the credit score and credit account management fields, mainly providing credit scoring models and results to banks, credit reporting […] Read More


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