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  • Build your credit profile by adding new tradelines to your reports
  • Add rent and other bills to your credit profile so you get credit for bills you’re already paying
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Make your on-time
payments show on your credit profile.

Building credit doesn’t start and end with your credit card or loan payments. In fact, your credit history is probably missing a few simple payments that could add more to your credit and impact your credit score.

43 million people in America pay rent. Many aren’t getting credit for their on-time payment history. If you pay rent and utilities on time, it's time to get them added to your credit profile to show your good payment history. In fact, payment history is one of the biggest contributors to your credit score.

With Build It, you can add your monthly payment for rent, utilities, and even your phone bill as credit tradelines on your credit report. No need to contact your lender to get them to do it for you.

If you have bad credit or poor credit, rent reporting can help you add more to your credit history and help you work your way up to a good credit profile. Get started with one month free*

How Build It works

track your score

Connect to your financial institution

We start by securely connecting to your bank account to identify your rent payments & utility payments. In fact, we look through your payment history so each qualifying past monthly payment can be used to help build your credit profile.

build your score

Establish credit reporting for your payments

Next, we facilitate a connection with each credit reporting agency so that your payments are added to your credit report. This way you don’t have to depend on your landlord to do it for you.

get rewarded for your score

Build up your credit profile

Your payments should then show up on your credit report and lead to a stronger credit profile. We’ll continue to send your payment history to the major credit bureaus so you can continue to build credit by adding your payments to your credit history.

Better than basic reporting

We're not the only company to offer rent and utility reporting. But we are the only company to combine this way to build your credit profile with total credit coverage through our five incredible credit coverage tools.

  ExtraCredit Rentreporters
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Credit building offers
Four additional ExtraCredit features for protecting your credit and FICO® scores


Adds rent and other bills to your credit profile to get the credit you deserve for bills you already pay.

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Everything you need to master your credit.

Potential benefits of working to build your credit

Working on your credit can open up a lot of different financial opportunities.

  • Get approved for a better credit card account
  • Get approved for a credit limit increase
  • Get a better interest rate on loan applications
  • Learn more about building credit:

    Build It is just one of five incredible tools within ExtraCredit.

    Five features. Total credit coverage.

  • $1M Identity theft insurance
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Proactive security alerts
    • $5 signup bonus
    • Actual cash rewards when approved by a lender
    • Personalized credit card, personal loan, and auto loan offers
    • 28 FICO® Scores
    • Your credit report from each credit bureau
    • Credit monitoring
    • Exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair who works with all three bureaus and your creditors, where available.

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    How much does ExtraCredit cost?

    ExtraCredit costs $24.99/month and you can cancel anytime.

    While Build It only covers one part of your credit, ExtraCredit has four additional tools to help you protect your identity and take control of your financial future.

    *While ExtraCredit was in its early stages we had employees, friends and family trying it out. These are their testimonials based on that experience.

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