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Other companies love to offer basic identity theft protection. The problem is, their idea of “identity protection” is often nothing more than a warning system. And let's be honest—that's not enough. Your identity and your peace of mind deserve better.

With Guard It, we go beyond basic identity theft coverage with our $1 million identity theft insurance, dark web monitoring, and more.

How Guard It works

Dark Web and Account Monitoring

When you sign up with ExtraCredit, we ask for your Social Security Number, credit card number, and email address. We use that information to continuously scan the dark web and file-sharing networks for breaches in your personal information and other suspicious activity that may indicate fraud. We monitor your credit report and credit score, your financials, and your personal information to keep an eye on your entire digital identity.

Proactive Alerts

If our identity monitoring services notice anything that could be identity fraud, we’ll alert you immediately. That means you’ll know about account applications, account openings, and any changes to personal account information that you didn’t authorize. This way you will know if you need to put a security freeze on your credit report, reach out to a financial institution, change your passwords, or take other steps to protect your identity.

Identity Theft Insurance

If the worst happens, we’re here for you with our identity restoration services. Our $1 million ID theft insurance policy is available to every ExtraCredit member at no additional cost. Our identity insurance coverage helps you with identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages. We work with you to help get your identity back and cover any damages due to fraud.

Better than basic identity theft protection

Don’t settle for a warning system—stay one step ahead of ID theft with Guard It.

  ExtraCredit Lifelock standard
• $1 million identity theft protection insurance
US-based restoration team
Data breach alerts
Dark web monitoring
Account monitoring
Credit tracking with each credit bureau
28 FICO® Scores with Track It
Rent & utility reporting with Build It
Cash offers with Reward It
Exclusive credit repair price with Restore It


Everything you need to protect your personal identity & credit.

Basic Competitor

Basic identity monitoring.


Everything you need to master your credit.

Potential benefits of Guard It

Experience peace of mind knowing that we have your digital profile covered. You don’t have to sign up for multiple monitoring services or remember different places to look to monitor your data.

Proactive alerts from ExtraCredit let you know if it’s time to change your password or put a freeze on your credit report. Doing so can protect your credit score, your finances, and your future by stopping fraud from happening after theft has occurred. And if fraud does occur, you have our ongoing support.

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Guard It is just one of five incredible tools within ExtraCredit.

Five features. Total credit coverage.

  • Rent reporting

  • Utility reporting

  • Credit building offers

  • $5 sign up bonus

  • Actual cash rewards when approved by a lender

  • Personalized credit card, personal loan, and auto loan offers

  • 28 FICO® Scores

  • Your credit report from each credit bureau

  • Credit monitoring

  • Exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair who works with all three bureaus and your creditors, where available

Don't settle for anything less than ExtraCredit

How much does ExtraCredit cost?

ExtraCredit costs $24.99/month and you can cancel anytime.

While Guard It covers only one part of your credit, ExtraCredit has four additional tools to help you take control of your financial future.

*While ExtraCredit was in its early stages we had employees, friends and family trying it out. These are their testimonials based on that experience.

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