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  • Track with 28 FICO® Scores
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  • Guard with proactive ID alerts
  • Reward yourself with real cash rewards
  • Restore with an exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair†
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Everything you need to master your credit.
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Why ?

total coverage

Total Coverage

While others offer a single credit score and basic warning systems, we give you access to all three bureau reports, 28 of your FICO® Scores, proactive dark web scans, security alerts and more.

unbeatable value

Unbeatable Value

The problem with free is you get what you pay for. With ExtraCredit, you get an impressive set of features, and you can earn real cash through select Reward It offers.

one solution

One Solution

You shouldn’t need five different apps to manage and build your credit. And now you don’t. With ExtraCredit, you get access to everything your credit needs in one convenient place.

Five features.
Complete credit coverage.

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  • Rent reporting
  • Utility reporting
  • Credit profile building offers
    Guard It »
  • $1M ID insurance
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Proactive Alerts
    Track It »
  • 28 FICO® Scores
  • All three bureau reports
  • Credit monitoring
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  • Exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair who works with all three bureaus and your creditors
  • †Not available in Oregon


Everything you need to master your credit.

How much does ExtraCredit cost?

ExtraCredit costs $24.99/month and you can cancel anytime.

Credit isn’t just our name—it’s everything we are

Created over

20 years

ago was established in 1996 to empower consumers with important credit and financial information. Now, we’re taking that even further with ExtraCredit.




There’s a reason so many people continue to rely on for all their credit monitoring needs—because it works.

Answers to common questions

Can I cancel ExtraCredit anytime?

Yes. With ExtraCredit, you’re never locked into a payment plan. Canceling your service will not delete your account, but only downgrade you to our free service level.

I already have a free app to check my credit—isn’t that enough?

Probably not. Just knowing your score won’t improve it. But with things like rent and utility reporting, credit monitoring and more, ExtraCredit can help you take control of your financial future.

Why do I have more than one credit score?

People like to refer to credit as a single number, but that’s just not true. You have many different scores that change based on their purpose and where the information is coming from. ExtraCredit gives you 28 of your FICO® Scores, so you can know exactly where you stand.

Does the score on my free credit app even matter?

The only credit score that matters is the score your lender is looking at. Simply put, a free credit score won’t give you the whole picture. With ExtraCredit, we give you 28 FICO® Scores and show you how they’re being used.

How can I keep my identity safe?

When it comes to identity protection, companies like to pretend that a warning system is enough. It’s not. That’s why ExtraCredit offers dark web monitoring and $1,000,000 insurance on top of our proactive security alerts.

What if my identity is sold on the dark web?

Without any protection, having your identity stolen can be costly and time-consuming. With ExtraCredit, we insure you against financial loss and work with you to rescue your identity and repair any damage that was done.

What if there are mistakes on my credit?

Credit reports aren’t perfect and mistakes happen. Good news is, if you have errors hurting your score, you have a legal right to fix it. ExtraCredit gives you discounted access to a proven and trusted credit repair provider, so you can work to make sure your credit is both accurate and fair.

Will signing up for ExtraCredit impact my credit score?

Just signing up for ExtraCredit will not hurt or help your credit score. However, experience shows that using the types of tools provided by ExtraCredit, while living within a budget, will make it easier to achieve your credit goals.

What is rent and utility reporting?

While mortgage payments are reported to the credit bureaus by your lender, the same can’t be said for rent and utility payments. With Build It, you can set up reporting for these payments, meaning you’ll get positive tradelines on your credit for bills you’re already paying.

What exclusive credit repair price do I get with ExtraCredit?

When available in your state, ExtraCredit provides $24.99 off credit repair services through This is an incredible discount coming from one of the nation’s leading credit repair companies.

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