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Free Credit Score Hero helps you understand credit and take control of your financial well-being. That starts right here with your credit score from Experian for free—for life. Your score automatically updates every 14 days, so you see if it’s up, down or the same. And your account includes a free credit report card. Use both to dig into what’s affecting your score and to improve it or maintain it.

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Why Do I Need to Know My Credit Score?

Your credit scores and reports are used by lenders to decide to give you credit—or not. Landlords and employers use them too. Higher scores mean better interest rates and terms on credit cards and loans! Knowing your score and checking it regularly lets you know where you're at. It lets you see sudden changes that might show fraud or identity theft. And it gives you an idea of what loans and cards you could qualify for. Find out what your score is today

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With, your Experian score is free and updated every 14 days. never asks for your credit card or your Social Security number. There are no tricks or gimmicks. And checking your score won’t hurt your credit because there’s no hard credit check involved. Get your free credit score now

When does my credit score change?
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When Does My Score Change?

Your score can change at any time. It all depends on when your creditors report information to the credit bureaus—usually every 30 to 60 days. It also depends on when you pay your balances, when you apply for a new loan or credit card, open a new account and even when you close an account. A dramatic change can reveal fraud or identity theft. See what your score is today

How Does Get My Credit Score? gets your credit information from Experian—one of the three major U.S. credit bureaus. updates your score and credit information every 14 days—and it’s free for life! The free score from is your VantageScore 3.0 score. The only other way to get your Experian VantageScore 3.0 score is to buy it directly from Experian. analyzes your score and the information from Experian to show how you're doing in the five areas that make up your credit scores—payment history, credit utilization, credit age, new credit inquiries and account mix. You see your analysis and a personalized action plan to use to improve your score and build or maintain good credit.

You can also get your FICO score and Experian credit report for $1 one time from You can get all three credit reports free once a year from, but those reports don’t include your credit scores. See what your score is today

When does my credit score change?

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Your credit scores don’t come with your free annual credit reports from the credit bureaus. Because your score is the best indicator of credit changes or problems, knowing it is a critical financial tool. believes that you have a right to your information—for free for life. That’s why gives you your free credit score from Experian, the most comprehensive credit bureau in the U.S. doesn’t stop there though. breaks down the five key factors that go into your score. Your credit report card shows you where you stand area. You get graded in each area to see where you are instantly. And gives you a personalized action plan. Your plan lets you track your debt and your payment history and their impacts on your score.

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Your Experian VantageScore 3.0 is available only from or directly from Experian itself. It’s only free from Experian charges for your score. The VantageScore score was developed by all three major credit bureaus—Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. The advantage of the VantageScore score is that it’s more consistent across all three bureaus than other credit scoring models. So knowing your VantageScore gives you a solid indication of what’s up with your credit at all three bureaus. Get your free credit score

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Get Updates Every 14 Days updates your free credit score every 14 days. If you’re trying to improve your score, instantly see how you’re doing. If you’re trying to maintain or improve your score, make sure you’re succeeding. And, if there’s a sudden and significant change, you can dig in and ensure you haven’t been the victim of fraud or identity theft. You have free access for life. doesn’t take your credit card or your Social Security number. And getting your credit score from won’t hurt your score in any way. Start now

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With your score, you get a free credit report card that shows a letter grade and details for the five main factors that go into your score. You get a snapshot of each new late payment, current credit utilization, new and old hard credit inquiries and how many types of each account you have. You also see the most important items to watch, such as negative information and debt utilization. All are updated every 14 days. You also see how your credit score stacks up to the U.S. average and the averages for your state and age group. And you can chart how your score changes over time. Get your credit report card

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With your account, you can see loans and credit cards matched to your credit score. You’ll be presented with options that are available because of your credit score, as well as the interest rate and annual fee associated with each. Plus find education and insights on types of credit, your credit and credit in general specific to your score. Become a credit guru in control of your financial health and goals. Find your next credit card

Monitor your credit score - free.

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You don’t have to be at a desktop computer to access your credit score and credit report card or apply for a credit card or loan. gives you a free mobile app that works in both Android and iOS, so you can access your score and credit report card wherever you are. Get the free mobile app

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