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PhoneI received a call from Maria Brown of Houston, TX, who’s getting threatening phone calls from fraudsters pretending to be debt collectors.

“They contacted me and really had me believe I was going to jail for check fraud,” Brown says.

How can I tell these guys are scammers? First, they keep threatening Brown that she’s about to get arrested for not paying off a payday loan. Even threatening arrest is illegal, and legitimate credit collection companies never do it anymore, as we’ve reported in previous stories.

Second, the callers claim to be from a company named American Credit Legal Services, a variation of the name used by scammers reported by the Illinois Attorney General’s office. The scammers appear to have access to real payday loan applications, because in many cases they harass people who actually did apply for such loans.

[Infographic: Top 10 Debt Collection Rights for Consumers]

Brown filled out applications for payday loans from Advance America and Ace Express. That’s why she worried that maybe the scammers were telling the truth. It was only after she did a little research into her own financial documents that she found she actually had paid off both loans, and that the phone calls were coming from fraudsters.

“I got so scared because I actually did take out a payday loan,” she says.

In addition to variations of the name American Credit Legal Services, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says beware of these companies: Morgan & Associates, Federal Bureau of Investigators, DNR Recovery, DNI Recovery, Legal Accounts Association, Department of Law and Enforcement, CashNet USA, Cash, and ACS. Some of them are real companies whose names scammers have appropriated. Others were created exclusively by fraudsters.

“(T)hese complaints involve outright con artists, not innocent mistakes by legitimate debt collectors,” according to a press release by Madigan’s office.

[Resource: Get Your Free Credit Report Card from Credit.com]

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  • David Abif

    If anyone ever says to send payment in a gift card, it’s a scam. DUHHHH

  • http://blog.credit.com/ Kali Geldis

    Hi Trina — Have you filed a complaint with the FTC? It may not be an old debt, it could potentially just be a phone scammer. Reporting them helps the authorities go after the scammers and form an investigation.

  • Jock

    I got a call today from a [redacted] out of Houston. Had me shook because idk if I finished paying it or not but she had all kind of information including my ssn . Told me to pay by credit card , debit card (both with ridiculous processing fees) , or moneygram . No payments . They wanted over $1300 from an old $200 check . Money i really dont have . She called 3 relatives who gave me the message. Even had the sheriff in Louisiana call and say to turn myself in when i couldn’t pay by her 12:00 deadline. A relative who she contacted to reach me works for that same sheriff office so she called around after I described the man’s voice . Nobody knew what she was talking about but I have in my call logs where they did call me . When I Google her name , houston , investigators , & lawyers this link pops up . Still not quite relieved. Takes a lot to scare me & yes I been to jail before but this is too much

    • Jeanine Skowronski

      Debt collectors are restricted from doing certain things when trying to collect on an old debt. For instance, they can’t contact relatives for anything other than location info – they also can’t identify themselves as a debt collector. And they can’t threaten you with action that they don’t plan to take (like an arrest.) You may want to consult a consumer attorney about your best recourse. Some do offer free consultations. You can learn more about your debt collection rights here: https://www.credit.com/debt/understanding-your-debt-collection-rights/

      Thank you,


      • Jock

        Actually she said she was an investigator to my aunt and had me believe she was the attorney . No collection arrangements other than have the money by 12 noon . When I couldn’t a very convincing sheriff or deputy , Cajun accent and all , called me as I tried contacting her saying I need to go turn myself in . She gave me another hr and a half since she “wasn’t finished typing it up” so she said . Either pay the loan , penalties, and charges or go get my felony was basically the ultimatum given .

        • Jeanine Skowronski

          Keep in mind, you generally can’t go to jail for civil debts. They may be able to hold you in contempt of court if you miss a hearing on the debt in certain states.



          • Jock

            What spooked me was felony time , they called my sister who works at the sheriff office they said they were sending after me . Apparently it’s been going on 2 weeks and I’m just being made aware today. Last week or week before it was Brandi or Brenda harsassing my ppl .

  • Judy English

    I just received a call from[redacted]. I called them it went straight to voicemail. Saying the law of [redacted]. So I called the [redacted]. The young man was threatening. Accusing me of not paying back a loan that was supposedly been done in 2009 for 300 electronically. From a [redacted]. Is this company a scam?

    • Jeanine Skowronski

      Hi, Judy,

      You can ask for written verification of the debt they are saying you owe to decipher whether you are dealing with a legitimate company. You can also learn more about your debt collection rights here:

      Collections Crash Course

      Thank you,


  • Becky

    I’ve gotten emails from them, saying that if I do not respond within 4 hours, they’re going to take it to court and then I will be arrested. I received the first email a couple months ago. I can see how some people might be fooled by their attempts, they’re very convincing. But, as the article says, it’s illegal to threaten arrest when it comes to owing money. No institution will have you arrested for owing them money. If they are a legitimate company and you really do owe them money, they will contact you, inform you of how much you owe, and attempt to set up a payment plan. The person who will contact you, while they may sometimes be having a bad day which might cause them to be rude, will never be threatening in anyway. Creditors usually prefer to report unpaid debts to the credit reporting agencies, and let your credit take the hit, very rarely do they take you to court. After a certain, lengthy period of time, the creditors usually just write the debt off as a loss, and you may even be able to negotiate with them to give them a reduced settlement if you cannot afford to pay the entire debt back.

  • N

    I just received a phone call from a stating that his name is Paul Myers and he is a civil claims court coordinator that works for a company named Pre Trial processing the contact numbers I’ve collected are (321) 328-0503, and (502) 654-6200. He claims he is a mediator for the company insight capital whom I supposedly received a cash advance from in 2011 with threats of now taking me to court for theft, well I know for a fact I’ve never received a loan from this company nor ever heard of them, they hung up on me 3 separate times when I expressed anger for being contacted on bogus allegations and demanded their information and the fake company information, he would not give a phone number or address for for “insight capital”, he basically said they don’t want to talk to me anymore! He hung up when my husband got on the phone. While I don’t think I will hear from them anymore I’m going to find every complaint site that I can to post, so that people are not scammed into giving away money they do not owe.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Good for you. And thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    It can be very difficult to stop these scammers. A lot of times they are calling from overseas and they could care less about US laws. But if you pay a scammer I can guarantee they won’t stop there. This article may give you some ideas:

    7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls

  • not so gullible

    I received a call at work today from a man, with a thick accent, who couldn’t even pronounce my name, who said that he was with Jack and Harrison Attorney, and identified himself as Brandon Scott. The number he called from was 360-63.8-3007, and he left a voice mail on my cell phone wishing me luck if I didn’t call him back. When I was speaking with him on the phone I asked him when I had actually borrowed money from this lender, and he then hung up on me. I called him back when I had a threatening voice mail stating that I could be arrested, and taken to jail. when I called him back he answered the phone as a normal person would with “hello”. I asked him if he was Brandon Scott, and it took him a minute to register that he had called and left his name on my voicemail. When I told him I wanted to find out why he hung up on me and try and figure out what was going on Mr. Scott hung up again…When I tried calling a third time he would not answer the phone. I looked up everything on the internet and found out this is a fraud. Brandon Scott never got to the point that he ever asked me for any money or any personal information. I would never have given it to him anyway. I hope he tries to call back, I will give him an earful……

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    If you know your rights it may be annoying or infuriating – but it shouldn’t be scary. Here’s an article that may help: 7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls

  • Adam

    I received several calls from 844-235-8853 advising me that there was a case against me due to loan fraud and breech of contract. They called my mother, sister, brother and uncle. They had a case number and also my SSN. Within 5 minutes of them stating that they were attempting to serve papers on me someone else called from a local number. He said he was a PI and wanted to serve me papers only he had my address from 3 years ago. I unfortunately got worked up and set up payments to this “Capital, Harris, Miller and Associates” to take care of the debt over the phone. It was only right after speaking with my own bank that I have been with since I was 8 that no such loan was ever deposited. I cancelled my card immediately. BEWARE! These people are good…..

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Glad you were able to figure it out. And thanks for the warning.

      • spidertko

        I was just harassed by them but i knew that they were scam bcuz they ketp saying its not about the money its about the breach of contract but if u take me to court it is to get money so they gave themselves away with that nd they said it was from mass street group payday so watch out for them but good job.

  • nurse09

    I received a phone call today from a attorneys office from Alabama with the number 205-690-5762. They said that a company called American Cash Lending has filed papers against me for fraud and against my social security number. They did not give me the name of the attorneys office. I put them on hold and started doing research and the man got very rude with me. He had an Indian accent. He told me that if I did not pay a certain amount today that they was going to go ahead and file papers and I would be arrested and taken to court and if I did not pay then I would be in jail for 30 days. I called and got some advice and was told to call the company back to ask for a license number and address. when I called back they knew who I was and everything. The “officer” said he already filed papers and that I am getting arrested tomorrow. When I asked for a license number and address he said he could not longer help me and hung up. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Nicole

    This company is still at it. They just called my boss screaming and yelling and threatening. Is there not a way to stop them??

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Nicole – I wish I had an easy answer for you. Often they are calling from overseas and could care less about our laws or consumer protection. I wrote about a few creative ways people are dealing with it here: 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls There are some interesting ideas in the comments as well! I don’t know what your boss is like but maybe he or she would be open to getting a little creative with them??

    • spidertko

      Call the bbb on them they will investigate nd press charges as needed

  • Igo

    I took out a loan through a Check Into Cash store. I went into default several years ago due to medical expenses and brief unemployment. I was fully aware that I owed them money. But like most of you, I received a call from a “paralegal” at my family’s house and told my mother I have been “served” and left a claim no. Same setup; set up payment arrangements and the 200$ “finder’s fee” would be waived. They wanted me to set up payment arrangements then and there or else a “field agent” would come find me. I laughed at her and told her that you’ve waited this long that she could wait another 24 hours as I didn’t have my debit card* info. The lady became extremely aggressive and asked if someone could “loan” me their info to get it set up. I politely declined and explained to her that getting a loan is what got me in this situation in the first place. LOL…..Long story short, when I got off work, I discovered 4 missed calls and one scathing voice mail from said “field agent” stating that they are looking for me. I called the number back and lo and behold….I got a message from the “Investigative Department” and they didn’t accept incoming calls. Hmmm….

    When I spoke to the lady the next day and explained to her that sending the “dogs” on me would not be a good idea seeing as how when we leave work we all walk out together 6-7 deep and several of us (myself included) have concealed carry permits (I’m a corrections officer, but I didn’t tell her that! LOL) She said that they have no control over them and I called BS.

    *BTW…I used my prepaid debit card that I’ve used since 2008 when I pay bills online or over the phone. I’m taking 100% responsibility for the debt, but there’s NO WAY i’m giving these toads my debit card info from my bank!

    If anyone else is in the same predicament I’m on, let me know how the outcome once you’ve paid it off. Stay alert, friends!!

  • stop bothering me

    I keep getting calls from a very “RUDE & ILL-SPOKEN” woman asking for a Melva or Melba. S is calling from 919-200-6351. A cell number listed in Siler City, NC. She leaves the number 877-553-5390. The number is associated with CAPITAL HARRIS & ASSOCIATES 2224 West Touhy Unit 1E Chicago IL 60630. When I called it, a man stated- “Oh that is just a “locator” service trying to find you. I advised him, that they are NOT trying to locate me ,as I have had my number for over a year and am NOT Melva or Melba! and to STOP calling my home

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Dealing with collection calls is frustrating enough, let alone dealing with collection calls for someone else. If you’re getting collection calls for someone else and the collector won’t stop calling, this resource may help:

      Getting Collection Calls for Someone Else? Here’s What to Do

  • http://1-888-671-4866 THAT DUDE!


  • Chris

    I got a call from Ricky Jones at phone number 214-702-5314 saying the same thing as everyone else has posted. I have never applied for a payday loan. Has anyone recived a call from that number? I just want to make sure this is a scam and no one has stolen my information.

    • anonymous

      someone from that number with a silly accent that i can barely understand has been calling me all day saying some loan company that he didnt even name has a civil law suit against me for not paying back a loan and there are three charges against me and if i do not appear in court friday then i am going to get arrested and he is going to contact my place of employment, i have no place of employment, i started a loan app but didnt process it, he named my bank but i have no money in my bank account, he didnt tell me what time to be at court friday infront of the judge and didnt even tell me which court to come to when i called a law firm associate didnt answer he did and he didnt even ask what i was calling about he just started reading my charges because of the number on the caller id i never received a loan from anyone he has been calling me from numerous numbers for months. this is a scam!!

  • Sara

    Got a call today on my cellphone from 415-484-6151. A supposed “paralegal” told me there was a lawsuit filed against me. I asked who was suing me and where he got his information. He couldnt tell me but told me a number to call back. It was the same number he called me from but a different man Mike Anderson picked up and asked me for my case number. I told him i had no idea what he meant and he asked for the name and contact info for my lawyer. Then said I could be arrested if I didnt take care of the matter and was shocked that i was unaware of any of this. He knew the last four digits of my social and proceeded to read me an “affadavit” saying that i had three charges, two of which were check fraud and federal banking something… I told him im a 23 year old student whos never even been pulled over and share a bank account with another person. I asked if their name was on this lawsuit and he said “god help you” then hung up. Highly upset, I gave my mom the number and she told him that according to my state’s supreme court there were no criminal or civil charges filed against my name. I tried to apply for a payday loan a few months ago in an hour of utter desparation but never went through with it because of the ridiculous interest. I never took money from any lender but my info is still out there. Who can i report Mike Anderson and his paralegal to? By the way the number is for santa monica california and is unlisted.

  • Heathet

    They called me at my job saying they were going to arrest me if i didn’t pay them, and i never even took out a loan!! And the amounts that i supposedly owe is different amounts!!! I just told them i will see them in court…they are calling from (304)400-6117

  • sheila

    the number calling me with the same type of scam is 8774139606

  • bakwmn

    yes they are a scam, they are annoying, but just agree them and say you’ll see them in court. I think I have been getting less calls since the bust in april thought…gosh I miss our little chats…LOL


    I too got a call from them today. I went to my bank to withdraw the money to send to them before I was arrested at my job. I took out a few payday loans and they were paid back. I told them on the phone I had proof, bank statements that they were paid back. They had me so scared, something told me to google them and i found out they were a scam before I sent the $$, but unfortunately some others are not so lucky. They had me scared to deaf of going to jail, losing my job, being away from my kid and they asked me to send them 698 in a moneypak from walmart or walgreens or cvs, go buy it put the 698 on it and call them back with the unicode, before i did it, i’m glad i googled it, b/c I would’ve been had…. DON’T DO IT, THEY’RE A SCAM..

  • Corey Keisler

    let me know if you get a phone call from this number and if you do check into it and let e know if it is a scam the number is 607 595 0978.

  • Happened today

    the number that they called from was 818-450-3263

  • Happened today

    I received my first call from someone today, they wanted to read me an affidavit and told me that they were calling from Orange County California about a company in Kentucky (where I live) and that I had to be in court on Monday in Boston Mass. I called the Sup. court and had them check my name to see if it were true, they searched their Criminal and Civil dockets and told me that my name was not anywhere to be found. They also gave me the Attorney Generals number for Boston, spoke to someone in their office, they had no record of my name or anything. This man who called me demanded that I give him my attorneys information. I told him that I needed his info and that my attorney would contact him. Also looked up the number with the BBB and they did not find anything. He told me that there would be a warrant issued for my arrest. It was messed up because I filled out an online loan, but like the other person said it just kept sending me to different sites to fill out more information. I was scared to death about it… but it helps to know that it is a scam because I did nothing wrong I never even got a loan…. someone needs to figure out how to stop these people. I put a fraud alert on my credit!

  • Sue

    I have been getting harassing calls from 315-410-2063 Ken Nickolson and 888-959-6778 Nicki. I paid $125. monthly to Capital Harris Miller & Associates because they called my job, spoke to my boss and treatened me.Please advise if this is a scam and what to do.

    • bakwmn

      Sue, tell you boss what is going on, mine would tell them I died…

    • Becky

      From the information here, this sounds like a scam. For creditors/debt collectors, being threatening is illegal, and anyway, legitimate creditors know that you get more flies with honey. They’d rather set up a lengthy payment plan with you, where they get interest too, then threaten you into paying the full sum and depriving them of the added interest.

  • Sue

    I have been getting harassing calls from 315-410-2063 Ken Nickolson and 888-959-6778 Nicki.

    I paid $125. monthly to Capital Harris Miller & Associates because they called my job, spoke to my boss and treatened me.

    Please advise if this is a scam and what to do.


  • Very scared mother

    I revived a call from a 716-780-5633 number yesterday a man by the name of Travis Mccoy called my mother as well SAYING. I used my step dad as a reference in a loan and threating jail time if I didn’t pay 744.19 I called and spoke to him he was very threatening saying I was a bad person. Then I called my mom back per his request saykg I better call my mom cause she knows all the dirty details very rude and had me terrifed then I called back again and.got the pain partner he was calmer and said he said he wld get the amount reduced and I had till the 25th he said I cld secure it on a credit card I said no it will be a.cashiers check. He even emailed me info that had all my perskbal info on it. But when I looked up there firm I cant find any info any where online or the better business bureo I need advice does this seem real can I really get charged with check fraud and be reported to the irs for an unpaid pay day loan we weren’t able to pay it we had just gotten in over our heads

    • bakwmn

      remember it is a scam, they can not come and arrest you out of the blue, they can not report u to the IRS, the IRS could care less about you personal loans, is you have any. listen to the bla, bla, bla, bla, and say thank you and hang up. they can’t and won’t do anything. if you are so compelled, lie, tell them they have the wrong the #, tell them your dead. don’t be afraid of them, they are sooooo stupid.

  • Belinda

    Here is the number they called me from (234) 348-0922. The stated they were from Ohio State Law firm yeah right.

  • Belinda

    These people aren’t gonna stop. They have called me a total of 150 times in the last four days, so I started calling them back messing with them saying I have their social and know where they live and they are going to be arrested for taking out a loan with me for 1,000,000. They emidetly hang up. Like Kid Rock says I was bourn at night but not last night baby!!!!

  • Valerie Bavone

    I filled out a payday loan on a supposive secure site…now this foreigner is calling threatening to lock me up…I NEVER GOT A LOAN FROM ANYONE because the process is they keep sending you to more sites to fill out more information.
    He even called my job…that is not good!!! Here is the number 717-610-4731
    BEWARE. I told him I sent his number to the FBI.

  • Shaquinta fuller

    Today, I received a phone call saying that they was going to come arrest my husband because he was doing fraudulent activity so I told them that we didn’t receive the money I called my husband while he was at work I was Sooo scared… So I called them back and asked for a fax number for my bank to prove that we didn’t receive the money abeans said, ” you do that” and hung up on me that’s when I knew something was wrong so I called them and left a voicemail and said,” you are not getting any money, that they are trying to fraud me and my husband and I was going to go to the police.” they then left me a voicemail and said,” ok you do that, your husband will be arrested on the spot.” then when my husband got home they had called his job and said that if they didn’t hear from him today they was going to file legal action… Lol so when my husband got home he called them and they didn’t even know who he was then that acted like they transferred him to someone and they said oh yea here you are so then we told them that they was on the Internet for fraud then he hung up lolol I called them back and told them to stop calling my phone and my husbands phone and told him I am going to the police and they will hear from my lawyer they hung up my husband called they again and said for them the stop calling his job this time they just sat on the phone didn’t say anything so he hung up lol then I called back and asked for a fax number and told him we was at the police station and that we know it was a lie then he had said fuck you and stop calling and hung up so I called againg lol asked for the fax number then he said is this mrs.cadet and I said yes and he said I was harassing him and hung up called him again and told him please stop calling me and my husband then he started yelling fuck you fuck you so I got mad and was cussing back then he started asking me if i wanted to have sex with him right then I told him he was busted because he was being recorded and he said so fuck you and I hung up and didn’t call again I just called them as many times as they had called me the number is 7176104731

  • Linda Sanders-Toon

    Wow!!! I recently applied for a loan through Money Mutal as well. On 6-14-12 a company named Vantage did an electronic withdrawn of 30.00 dollars from my account for a one time fee for a loan that I never applied for through there company. So I had to file a complaint with BBB. On 6-27-12 I to received a phone call from a name saying his name is Shawn Williams with Legal Accounts Association in Florida. They to threatened me will court and jail time if I did not pay for this loan. I contacted my bank, no deposit was ever put into my account from them. I call Shawn back and said go ahead and send out the legal papers my attorney said. They did not have anything else to say. No more calls

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  • Rick

    These guys are nothing but leeches! They call eith the same BS saying the same BS but its not true. There just trying to see how many people they can get to send them money. They get some of your information from loan applications and such but dont verify non of the info with them, even if it is right, just tell them they are wrong. The will continue to swear that you will be arrested and a bunch of other nonsense. They will be stopped, spread the word! Also be careful with puttin certain information on websites. Always check for https connection and if they have any security seals on their site. Do NOT do money mutual, this is how it all started with me. I started receiving a bunch o spam calls and emails since i filled out their information.

  • myesha davis


  • Stephanie

    I received many calls from them today. They called my job approximately 10 times and my cell phone number. They tried to say that they were entering a law suit against me and needed information. What scares me like everyone else, is that they do have my information from a pay day loan that I applied for. I luckily saved the voice mail on my phone for evidence of them threatening me. I am scared that they have my bank account information, social security information, everything.. What should I do?

  • Boker

    I got one of these calls at my work place just this morning. It scared me to death, I thought my ex-husband took our a payday loan using my SS number. When I asked why they were calling me when the loan was not accepted, I was shocked at the interest, he insisted they were attorneys hired to collect this debt!!! Should I change my bank account since I think it was part of the application process???

    Any advice would be appreciated. I am a single mother of 3 kids and I cannot have these kinds of calls at my job!!!

  • cash converters

    Thanks, that is actually pretty interesting and I’m glad I found this info here.

  • http://cashadvance missy


  • Scumbags

    BEWARE….They say they represent Ameriloan (I called Ameriloan and they advised me to not take their calls b/c it’s a scam—–I could have told them that b/c they had heavy middle eastern/indian accents). So, I decided to play along w/the so-called attorney and advised them I could only make cash payments and so they gave me moneygram info to send my so-called payment arrangement to in FLORIDA. Beware of this #818-306-9823. They won’t stop at nothing. They even said they will have a marshall at your employment for you to be arrested and detained for 15 days. When you call them out on it, they tell you good luck on getting arrested and hang up the phone. Mind you, initially they stated the days you’d be detained would be 5 days. But after getting upset, the so-called attorney said 15 days.

  • Lisa

    I received the same call from a James White at 727-487-5027. He called my work as well as my cell phone. He told my employer someone was using my employment fraudulently. Then when he spoke further, he stated my employer was used as a reference. I called back and proceeded to let them know I knew this was a scam and had reported it. I told them not to call me again or my employer. I also told them if they could not provide the amount or date I received this “payday loan” I would not talk with them further. He said no problem, thank you, and hung up.

  • Terri Paine

    Thank goodness I found this site. These people have made me so mad I had to take an ativan (lol). Yes, I took out a small payday loan a few months ago, which has already been paid back.
    Not only have they told me they have a warrant for my arrest for a number of things, but on the voice mail he said (with a thick nigerian accent), if you do not call this number and resolve this issue all I can say is an officer will be at your place of work to arrest on Monday. HELLO!!! I dont have a place of work, I am on disability dumb …!!! Here is the number they are calling me from 951-582-4833. Comes up on caller i.d. from Corona,CA. That is where they think I live—not even close.
    I do know now that this is a scam and is totally bogus empty threats but boy it sure does feel good to mess with the idiots!!! Thanks for all the ideas. Terri Paine

  • Sue Bell

    They have been calling my son and threatening him with court, jail time, breaking his knees and even death. They are very persistent.
    Now they have started calling me to deliver messages to my son.
    They have his personal information.
    We reported the threats to local police and the officer called the number. They even threatened the officer. Amazing.
    The FBI knows about them, but there has to be a significant financial loss before they will do anything about it. They said they get a lot of calls about this. You would think they would be aggravated enough to take action by now.
    Thanks for the good suggestions.
    My advice – NEVER get a payday loan even if you are desperate. The interest rate is usurious and you could get snagged by scammers like these beasts.

    • Gerri Detweiler


      You make a really good point here. Many of the consumers being hounded by these scammers never got a payday loan – they only applied online and their information was either stolen or sold. (I suspect the latter.) Unfortunately, these are probably those who can least afford it and are most likely to be intimidated by these scammers.

  • talaski

    Awsome Eileen. I try to keep calm but half the time start losing it and yelling. Maybe I need anger management against scammers. haha.

  • Eileen

    2Creative Not 2 Get Even, thanks for the advice, I just got done talking to one of these idiots and reading some of your suggestions really made my day. They are back to using US Cash Advance or Dept of law and investigation with the phone number of 727-487-5027 (I guess they can’t make up their minds as to who they want to be). I stayed calm and just repeated my normal response “I need to inform you that I was advised by my attorney to inform you this call is being recorded and can be used as evidence.” When I asked then for their information so my attorney could call them, they asked for his information and that would be glad to speak to him to the FBI, FTC or the Attorney Generals Office. I have to admit this stumped me for a moment usually they hang up by this point. I again asked that he confirm the telephone number he was calling from, his name and where the business was located. Funny that he said he was calling from California (this is the state I live in) yet the area code he provided me 727 was from Florida, he used US Cash Advance which is located in Florence, Kentucky, and does not provide online or loans over the phone nor does it provide out of state loans. Ha I finally had him; I asked that if he was calling from California then why was the phone number he provided me from Florida. He hung up. I agree the best thing you can do, is to stay calm and just repeat the same things over and over, getting upset only proves they can get to you and they will continue to call you hoping you will just pay them. Thanks for the great suggestions

  • Happy to Find

    I am so happy to find some help here. I have had 5 calls in the last 3 days. I like your tactics. Thank you.

  • Patricia Laux

    Tried the funeral tactic and it worked they said thank you and hung up.

  • Patricia Laux

    Here are two more numbers and a new name they are using I have been harassed all day today it is very annoying.National cyber crime law investigation 347-478-5878 and 714-441-8693 the second number actually called me a bitch and hung up….lol

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  • 2Creative Not 2 Get Even

    They have started in with a new number now (347-697-1454), so the game begins again! Anyone who did not see my last post, here it is again with some creative ideas on how to deal with these idiots:

    “OK, first off, everyone CALM DOWN and don’t freak out about these guys. No matter what they say or what they threaten, they CAN’T do anything to you. I know every one of us has tried filing reports with law enforcement, FTC, FBI, ic3, etc. It doesn’t seem to work, because these guys aren’t even in the USA. So take a deep breath, relax and don’t let them ruffle your feathers.

    Now, I started getting these calls about a year ago. I have personally used all of the tactics below, and they do stop calling me for about 6 months…so the way I figure it, a little time out of my day to give them back a taste of their own medicine is worth it for 6 months of peace and quiet. Keep in mind, as well, every minute you spend screwing with them on the phone is a minute they are NOT able to scam someone else. (And the only way they will ever stop is if nobody pays them any money ever again!) And now for the fun part—how to screw with them back. I will start with the easiest and move up the line with the more time consuming:

    If you have no time to mess with them:
    a. Just don’t pick up the line. Let it go to voicemail and delete the message.
    b. Pick up the line and immediately hang up. Keep doing it until they stop.
    c. Pick up the line and use an air horn or police whistle blown straight into the mouthpiece of the phone. (I personally like the canned airhorn the best.)
    d. If they call while you are driving, turn the radio up as loud as possible and answer the line on speakerphone. Don’t say anything, just let them listen to the blasting music. Heavy metal music works best, but I personally have a CD with Star Spangled Banner on it, so I play that as loud as I can. Just leave the line open with the music blasting until they hang up.

    If you have a little more time to mess with them:
    a. Ask if they are related to the deceased (insert your name here as the “deceased”) or just a family friend, because “the viewing of the body if for family only, but the memorial service is open to everyone.” Ask if they would like directions to the funeral.
    b. Simply tell them that you have read all about their scam on the internet & seen it on the news on TV, so you aren’t paying anything. Don’t listen to any response, just hang up on them after saying this.
    c. Use this one only if you are willing to be as crude as they are: Using the name they gave you (i.e., “Officer Mike Taylor” was the last one I got), say, “Is the this THE Officer Mike Taylor I read about on the internet? Is it true what the posts online say, that you have such a small d**k that even camels won’t have sex with you?” Then hang up on them.
    d. (For this one, I must first apologize to PETA and all vegans, but it highly offends the scammers because they consider cows to be divine beings.) Tell them you don’t have time to speak with them, because you work at a slaughter house and you have over 100 cattle you need to “kill off” before the end off the day. Then hang up on them.
    e. Are you good with theatrics? Then try this one…it was actually highly effective for me: Put on your deepest, scariest, growliest voice and just whisper into the phone over and over, “I command the demons to come for you, I command the demons to come for you, I command the demons to come for you…”. Just keep whispering it over and over until they hang up. I think this one worked well because they are quite superstitious.
    f. If you know a foreign language, answer the phone in it and just keep talking in unintelligible phrases. The more obscure the language, the better. Don’t know a foreign language? Pig Latin seems to work just as effectively.
    g. Ask if they are calling from the convenience store, and can they give you last night’s winning lottery numbers, because you are sure you have won. For any response they give to it, just keep yelling over and over, “I won! I won!”
    h. When you answer the phone, ask them where your pizza is and tell them because they didn’t get it to you in the “30 minutes”, you’re not paying for it. Hang up.
    i. Tell them you are at work right now, but to call you back on your “home” phone, and give them this number: 202-835-0778. (This is the scam and fraud reporting division number at the FBI.) Hang up.

    If you are REALLY p***ed off, and have plenty of time to screw with them:

    a. Go on to Craig’s List and post an ad in the wanted section or services section saying you are looking for a payday loan company because you need a loan. Ask they call you right away. List the scammer’s name and phone number as the contact information. (This sends the scum-sucking bottom feeders off to call the other scum sucking bottom feeders…LOL)
    b. Go online and look for every free daily horoscope, free insurance quote, free mortgage lending, etc., and click on the “have an agent contact me” link. Type in the scammer’s name and phone number. Viola! Now they will get flooded with telemarketers as well.
    c. If you would like to blow off steam, and have no problem with swearing, just keep calling them over and over pretending you have Tourette’s Syndrome by just screaming obscenities in the phone until they hang up. This works pretty good in the car, because no one else can hear you and it is a good tension reliever.
    d. Log onto these payday loan sites and enter all of the scammers’ information on it. This way they might even wind up on their own list!
    e. (Do NOT attempt this one unless you have state of the art spyware & virus protection, and even then, you still are taking a risk): Go into your spam folder on your computer. Find every email you can about “you won millions of dollars” or “the Nigerian lottery” or something to that effect. Send it back with all of the scammers’ contact information.
    f. Research for the phone numbers to both local and national TV news stations “breaking news desk”. Again, tell the scammer on the phone to call you at your “work number” and give the number to the news station’s phone number. (Hopefully, if the news stations get enough of these calls, they will start airing more stories about it, reaching more people and reduce the number of victims that fall for this.)

    Again, before sending money to ANYONE, stop. Think. Do you have any paperwork showing you owe money? If not, ask for paperwork. If they refuse to send it, they are scammers. A real collection agency will always: 1. provide paperwork; 2. never yell or cuss at you; 3. never require you to pay first before receiving paperwork; 4. never identify themselves as an officer of law enforcement; 5. never threaten you with jail, arrest or physical harm.

    Good luck everyone, and if you need any help or suggestions, feel free to email me at rockk9s@aol.com.”

    • talaski

      Great job, great information rock. I have been getting several calls from these people. They lay off for few days and then another one calls. I tell them to send me info but over the past 8 months they have been calling me no one has sent any proof of any unpaid payday loans.
      I just wish there was more being done to stop these people. I have reported them to the BBB, FBI, AG…………..

    • John

      Nice comments. I found the address of the FBI in philadelphia and gave that contact information. Seemd to stop the calls for now

  • Scott

    I received a similar call from ACS, American Credit Services this morning. Thankfully this is not the first of these that I have gotten as I have received calls similar in the past. The scary thing about it all is they have valid information, like my social security number.

    Like Brown, I too had some Pay Day Loans. All of these were years ago and thankfully I am no longer in the same place I was back then. Unfortunately, these people must have taken the information provided and is constantly selling it to other scammers. It seems to go in waves where no one will call for a period of time and then it will happen again.

    Within a half hour after my phone call from ACS, I was then called from a Pay Day Loan company named Universal Redding letting me know that I was pre-approved and asked me to confirm my full social security number.

    People need to be careful.

  • Nola

    That is terrible there are so many scam artists out there trying to get your money. It helps to stay organized if you take out payday loans, or any kind of loan for that matter, so you can look back at all your documents and know exactly where you stand with your debts. I recently used the MoneyMutual website (the ads with Montel Williams) to take out a loan of this kind, and everything went smoothly for me, though I know more and more that isn’t always the case.Thanks for the information, that is good to know they can’t threaten to arrest you.

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