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Looking to apply for a new credit card? Our experts can help. Get the information you need to make smart credit card decisions. Discover how to evaluate credit card features & terms, as well as minimize credit card fees. Understand how banks will evaluate your application, and which card options are best for you. You can use’s free credit report card to find out what your current score is and how likely it will be for you to get the card of your choice.

What’s the Difference Between a Charge Card and a Credit Card?

Have you ever noticed that some cards offered by major banks are not actually credit cards, but are in fact charge cards? These products look just like credit cards, and are in many ways similar, but there some important differences. With a credit card, account holders can choose to avoid interest by paying their entire month’s […] Read More

Are Annual Fee Credit Cards Worth It?

Are you thinking about signing up for an annual fee credit card? Do the math and consider your spending habits carefully before you apply. An annual fee credit card may be worth it if you are a heavy credit card spender and charge several thousand dollars each year. But if you use your credit card […] Read More

How to Get a Credit Line Increase

Looking for a little more spending power on a credit card? Try requesting a credit line increase from your card issuer. You can make a request for a credit line increase online on your card issuer’s website or over the phone. Your card issuer will ask about your employment status, your income and your monthly […] Read More

Can I Get an Interest-Free Credit Card?

Advertisements for credit cards with no interest can be extremely appealing, but these offers leave many consumers wondering if there’s a catch. After all, it can’t just be free money, can it? Here are a few of the interest-free credit card options consumers can access and what you need to know about them before you […] Read More

Do You Have a Bad Credit Card?

Are you sabotaging yourself with a bad credit card for your financial habits? When we talk about bad credit cards, what we’re really talking about are credit cards that are a bad fit for you. We each have our own spending and saving habits. Some people need to carry a balance on their credit cards […] Read More

5 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Store Credit Card

You are standing at the cash register about to make your purchase, when the clerk asks you if you will be paying with your store credit card. If the answer is “no,” you know what probably comes next: the pitch to open one right now and get a discount on the items you are about […] Read More

The Easiest Credit Cards to Get

Looking to establish or re-establish your credit but not sure where to apply? You may not be able to qualify for every credit card, especially if you have bad credit. You can see where your credit score stands (and get matched with credit cards you’re likely to qualify for) for free on Here are […] Read More

What Are Instant Approval Credit Cards?

With an instant approval credit card, you will know if you qualify for the card and all its benefits in no time at all — less than a minute, actually. Your approval for an instant approval credit card is based primarily on your credit score but you also will be asked some general information about […] Read More

How to Opt Out of Mailed Credit Card Offers

Tired of your mailbox being crammed with prescreened credit card offers? Here’s what you can do about it. What Are Pre-Screened Credit Card Mailings? When you receive a pre-screened credit card offer in the mail, it means you’ve been invited to apply for a credit card. Usually this means your credit score fits the consumer […] Read More

Minimum Payments: What Are They & How Are They Calculated?

Paying your credit card account as agreed is important for your credit score, since payment history makes up 35% of a credit score. Your minimum payment on a credit card is just what it sounds like. This payment is the bare minimum you are required to pay on your credit card account each month and […] Read More


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