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Credit reports can be confusing. Our experts are committed to demystifying credit for you. Get easy-to-understand explanations of what factors influence your credit report and tips on how to improve it by setting up your free account today. Discover how certain financial decisions & actions can affect your credit report. Learn how to read & interpret your credit report & find out how banks & financial institutions use your credit information to make lending decisions.

How Renting Can Impact Your Credit

Renting a home, apartment or town home can affect your credit in a number of ways. It’s increasingly common for credit reporting agencies to include positive rental history in consumer credit reports, but even if your rent payments aren’t included in your credit reports, you still have to pay close attention to the credit-rent relationship. […] Read More

What Is Re-Aging & Can It Help Me?

Re-aging, also known as “curing” or “rollbacking,” an account involves changing its delinquency status. Re-aging delinquent accounts can be a good thing or it can be an illegal practice. Here we’ll explain re-aging debt and what affect it can have on your credit.   What Is a Delinquent Account? For starters, let’s explain what we […] Read More

How Credit Works

In July 2016, the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and VantageScore Solutions reported that most consumers (more than 80%) knew basic facts about their credit scores, including that they’re used by lenders for mortgages and by credit card issuers. While it’s good that most people know the importance of these scores, the same survey found, […] Read More

How Credit Impacts Your Day-to-Day Life

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood — and frustrating — things about the consumer credit industry is that a consumer’s credit history affects many aspects of their lives that seemingly have nothing to do with credit. What does your credit score affect? Lots of things. Of course, there’s the obvious: Your credit score affects what […] Read More

How to Remove Collection Accounts From Your Credit Reports

If you have collection accounts on your credit reports, you no doubt just want them to go away. While we have some tips for how to remove collections from your credit report, it’s important to keep in mind that, by federal law, they can be reported for seven and a half years from the date […] Read More

Credit Matters After the Death of a Spouse

Sorting through financial matters after the death of a spouse can be a challenging experience. Are you, as a spouse responsible for credit card debt of the deceased spouse? How do you cancel credit cards after their death? How do you handle debt after death? When the heart is heavy with grief, it’s hard to […] Read More

Late Payment Secrets Revealed

In the complicated world of credit scores there is one fact that pretty much everyone assumes is true: Late payments are bad for your credit scores. Not only are late payments bad, but they are also assumed to be one of the worst things you could do to your scores. After all, negative information like […] Read More

Who Are the Major Credit Reporting Agencies?

You’ve probably heard that your credit is extremely important. However, in order to learn where you stand, you’ve got to know where to start, which is logically with the consumer reporting agencies (CRAs). These agencies, also known as the credit bureaus, compile all your credit information. There are many specialty credit reporting agencies out there, […] Read More

Tips for Improving Your Credit: Your Amount of Debt

How Does Debt Impact Your Credit? When it comes to your credit scores, the amount of debt you owe — also commonly referred to as your credit utilization — is second in importance only to whether you pay your bills on time. Credit utilization — essentially how much debt you’re carrying versus how much credit has been […] Read More

How Do I Get My Free Annual Credit Report?

Whether you believe you’ve been a victim of fraud, need to check errors, or are preparing to take out a loan and want to know what lenders will see when they pull your credit, it’s important to know how to access your free credit reports. provides consumers with an easy-to-understand snapshot of their credit, […] Read More


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