15 Ways to Make Saving Fun

We all know saving is essential to sound financial health, but it’s not always fun. Compared to spending, which can provide instant gratification in the form of food or a new watch, saving can seem elusive and boring. Finding methods that provide visual signs of progress and positive feedback can help make saving more tangible—and more fun.

Luckily, bloggers, authors and app developers have answered our calls for such solutions. The growing trend of minimalism has birthed the No Spend Challenge and brought to the U.S. the century-old Japanese budgeting system, Kakeibo, both frequently blogged about in the finance and lifestyle spaces. Apps like Blast have figured out how to keep our minds on our money by gamifying finances. And books like “The Year of Less” provide motivational support to meet our goals. 

With so many great resources, saving money doesn’t have to be boring. Have a look at these fun ways to save. 

how to make saving fun infographic

Looking for more fun ways to save? Visualize your progress with these printables.

marble jar fun saving printable

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