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Statute of Limitations On Debt Collection by State

April 2009

Statute of Limitations On Debt Collection by State

The statute of limitations (SOL) is the length of time a creditor or debt collector can file a lawsuit against you. Typically, the statute of limitations starts when you miss your first payment and go delinquent on the debt.

Many consumers confuse the credit reporting statute of limitations with debt collection statute of limitations. In many cases, the statue of limitations to collect a debt can be much longer than the debts can legally be reported in your credit reports.

Use the statute of limitations map provided below to determine your state's debt collection time limits. Simply click on your state for more information.

State Statute Open Accounts Written Contracts

Note: Credit card accounts are generally considered open accounts while installment accounts – like an auto loan – would be considered a written contract.

Last updated in April 2009. The information provided above is for reference only. To report updates or corrections, please send us an email.

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