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Lexington Law Review

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Lexington Law Review - Credit Repair Service

Lexington Law Credit RepairYour credit report often dictates a lot of your financial success. If you’re looking to improve your credit score and eliminate inaccurate or negative items, turning to professionals for assistance may be a suitable way to do so. Credit repair companies, like Lexington Law, review your credit report and suggest an appropriate plan of action to help ensure your report is fair and accurate.

What is Lexington Law?

Lexington Law is a North Salt Lake City, Utah firm with more than 20 years of experience in providing customers with credit repair services. The Better Business Bureau gave the law firm an “A-”, which is a testament to the firm’s dedication to providing honest services.

Lexington Law guides consumers down the road to a better financial future by giving individuals an opportunity to solidify a true and fair credit report. The attorneys at this firm not only facilitate the process of removing inaccurate or negative items from credit reports, but also work to empower customers to continue to improve or maintain a strong credit score.

What Does Lexington Law Do?

Lexington Law helps those who want assistance repairing their bad credit. Inaccuracies on a credit report can have a substantially negative impact on a credit score, so ensuring all information is correct is critical.

The attorneys at Lexington Law will get your credit report and search for any inaccuracies. If any are found, a challenge letter is sent to creditors and credit bureaus disputing the items that negatively impact your credit score. Because each case is different, customizing service is critical, so each letter is drafted in congruence with your unique circumstances. If an item cannot be verified or substantiated, it is removed from your credit score.

Lexington Law conducts credit score analyses on a monthly basis to help further ensure you’ll maintain accurate and fair reports. If questions or concerns arise, paralegals are available to offer tips, advice, and additional information by email, chat, or phone.

What Do You Get?

If you’re considering using a professional credit repair firm, it’s important to know what each one offers before deciding whose services are right for you. Lexington Law customers receive more than a one-time consultation. Those who turn to this firm receive everything from a same-day guidance to coaching tips and escalated information requests, helping customers feel confident they have the necessary support and resources to get and maintain the most accurate credit report possible.

Plans and Pricing

This firm offers two different plans to its customers. The Concord Premier service starts at $99.95 and provides all available services to those seeking assistance with credit repair, including a monthly credit score improvement analysis, credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

Customers can sign up online or by phone, and with no binding contract, individuals can cancel at any time. Lexington Law worked to get more than 7.5 million negative items removed from client credit reports in 2015.

Advantages to Working With Lexington Law

For those who want to repair their credit but don’t have the time or expertise to do so, Lexington Law can help. With decades of legal expertise within the credit repair industry, these professionals take charge and understand the legalities. The attorneys at Lexington Law are familiar and compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Credit Billing Act, and Fair Debt Collections Practices. Their understanding of these laws helps ensure clients get the credit score they deserve.

In addition, Lexington Law offers continual guidance and assistance to make sure the improved credit score stays steady or continues to improve, helping build a lifetime of quality credit.

Disadvantages to Working With Lexington Law

While time is valuable and expertise is helpful, some individuals may feel working with a credit repair company is not the best financial decision. This is especially true if a customer feels they have the time and understanding to conduct their own research and submit their own dispute letters to creditors and credit bureaus.

Is Lexington Law Right For You?

If you are looking for a credit repair solution that is ethical, fair, and offers the appropriate resources for improvement, Lexington Law might be the best choice. With ample experience and attorneys arguing on your behalf, you can save a great deal of time to see your report reflect the credit score you truly deserve.

Lexington Law Frequently Asked Questions

Is credit repair legal?

Many individuals don’t even know credit repair is not only a legitimate option, but also their right. The consumer protection laws in place intend to defend individuals and help prevent them from becoming victims of the credit reporting system.

You have an indisputable legal right to a fair and accurate credit report and by enlisting the help of credit repair professionals, you can restore and improve your score so it reflects your true financial responsibility.

How long does credit repair take?

Every case is unique, so there is no definitive time frame. But, by promptly providing credit reports, individuals working with Lexington Law can expedite the process a great deal. Some clients saw progress within the first 60 days of service.

Is there a guarantee of service?

Due to Lexington Law’s ethical standards, service can never be guaranteed. In fact, any credit repair service that makes guarantees, like claiming to fix credit in 30 days, is likely a scam.

Is Lexington Law really a law firm?

It is a group of associated independent consumer advocacy law firms where legal experts primarily focus on credit-related issues. A team of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants work on each case, making this service affordable.

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