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What’s a Credit Privacy Number?

If you’re worried about identity theft or have recently had your Social Security number compromised, you may be considering a credit privacy number. But before you go down that road, there are a few things you should consider… including the potential illegality of credit privacy numbers. [Advertisement: If you need help fixing your credit, Lexington […] Read More

4 Tips for Better Internet Safety

Worried about keeping your personal and financial information safe when you’re online? You can better protect yourself from identity thieves and online scammers if you follow these Internet safety tips. 1. Protect Your Passwords Good Internet safety begins with strong passwords. So protect your financial and private information by maintaining strong passwords on all your online […] Read More

Do I Still Have Any Privacy Rights?

You may be wondering, with all the information hacking and compromised consumer financial records, whether you have any privacy left. Fortunately, you do have privacy rights. It’s good to know what they are and the various ways you can take control of your information. There are many federal regulations that give you a say about […] Read More

5 Habits of Successful Savers & Investors

Successful saving and investing takes time and persistence. To have the money in your budget each month for savings and investment goals takes an ongoing financial commitment. If you’re learning how to make that financial commitment stick, consider these five habits of successful savers and investors. 1. They Set Aside Today’s Money for Future Goals […] Read More

A Simple Guide to Estate Planning

Looking to provide for your family and loved ones after you die? Here is a simple guide to estate planning to get you started. A will and powers of attorney for legal and healthcare decisions are key components of an estate plan, as is a living will. A trust is another important estate planning option […] Read More

Are You Financially Ready for Retirement?

Wondering if you have enough saved, and how and when to retire?  Here are some tips to help you plan and prepare for your golden years. Maximize Saving for Retirement Having a carefree retirement means saving well in advance. Have you maximized your investments in these common savings vehicles? 401k Plan Many employers will match […] Read More

401k: What You Need to Know to Maximize Yours

Participating in an employer’s 401k plan is a good way to put aside money for your retirement. These four tips will show you how to take full advantage of the benefits of saving for retirement with a 401k plan. 1. Participate Put aside some money every single pay period for your retirement, whatever you can […] Read More

How Interest Rates Work

Financing big purchases with a credit card, home loan or auto loan can be an efficient way to manage your budget. Here’s a look at how interest rates are calculated for each type of financing. Credit Card Interest Rates Wondering how much carrying a balance on a credit card will cost you?  Take a close […] Read More

How to Use Credit Monitoring to Protect Your Child’s Identity

Identity thieves are targeting children 18 and younger, swiping their Social Security numbers and applying for credit accounts in their names and piling up charges. An identity thief can wreck a child’s credit record long before the child is old enough to drive, apply for a job or fill out a college application, which is […] Read More

The Credit Approval Process & What to Expect

Here is a closer look at the approval process for credit cards, loans and mortgages. Credit Cards The fastest way to get approved for a credit card is to apply online. Many issuers offer instant approval to online applications. So you may know whether you have been approved for a credit card within minutes of […] Read More


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