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With a account, you can stay on top of your credit. Knowing your credit standing is critical to getting what you want in life. And, managing your credit is one of the best financial moves you can make for yourself. You can do both for free at — it’s that simple.

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When you set up your free account, we retrieve your credit information for you from Experian and create a personalized dashboard with all your data. There is no cost to you — no credit card required. Get your free credit check »

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Review your simple credit profile

With a account, you get five easy-to-understand grades and your credit score, then highlights the most important items for you to watch. Use the personalized advice from our experts to better manage your credit starting today. Try it now »

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See where you stand

Your free account allows you to easily check your credit standing, learn about the ingredients that determine your credit rating, and see how you compare to others. Review your profile now »

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Qualify Credit Recommendations

Make smarter decisions

Find out which credit cards and loans you are most likely to qualify for — BEFORE you apply. Maximize your odds and manage your credit wisely. See your recommendations »

Free updates every 14 days

Your free Experian credit score on is updated every 14 days at no cost to you. Come back and check it whenever you want and know that every 14 days, you have instant access to your most current score.
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The credit report information included in your dashboard comes directly from Experian, the leading, most comprehensive credit bureau in the U.S. Learn more »

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We work hard to keep our free tool secure and safe. It’s protected by bank-level encryption on our site and systems that are monitored 24/7, all of which has allowed us to provide helpful online services for more than 17 years. Learn more »

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Get advice straight from the experts

Our experts provide personalized advice based on your credit report to help you understand how best to manage your score and interpret your report. We’ve been doing it for more than 17 years. Meet the experts »

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