Lexington Law: Professional Credit Repair Services Review

Lexington Law is a credit repair firm that offers services to help you repair your credit if errors or fraud have dragged it down. This Lexington Law review and other information below can help you determine if credit repair through this firm is a good choice for you.

The Importance of Credit Repair

Your credit score is enormously important: whether or not you get a credit card, a mortgage for your dream home, or even a job, rental home, or utilities can rely on your credit. If you don’t have what lenders consider a good credit score, you could be looking at higher interest rates (and more expensive debt) than you otherwise would. And if you’re very short of that good number, you may not be able to get a loan at all. In fact, according to Equifax, one mistake could decrease your score by 110 points—and those points could mean the difference between being approved or denied for a loan.

As if that weren’t bad enough, your credit score could fall even if you never make a single financial mistake yourself. You could have a pristine payment history and excellent credit utilization for decades and have your score tanked because of fraud or inaccurate negative items. Credit repair services like Lexington Law can help you combat those issues, redeem your score, and take control of your life again.

Lexington Law Credit Repair Services

Lexington Law’s credit repair services are available to most Americans. You can find out if your state is covered simply by going to Lexington Law. The firm’s lawyers and staff are experienced in a wide range of credit repair tasks, and they work with each client to get a fair, accurate credit report—which will hopefully lead to a higher credit score in the future. They also provide some guidance to help clients understand how to proactively protect and increase their credit scores in the future.

What Lexington Law Does

While Lexington Law is a full-service legal firm in Utah and Arizona, the law firm has years of experience providing credit repair services. Here’s what Lexington Law does:

  • Analyzes your credit report. The legal team obtains your reports in a manner that doesn’t count as a hard inquiry and won’t impact your score. You’ll work with the team to identify questionable negative items that might be inaccurate, unfair, or unsubstantiated.
  • Challenges questionable negative items. Once a plan of action is made, the team at Lexington Law sends appropriate correspondence to agencies and organizations on your behalf, challenging inaccurate items and requesting they be substantiated or removed from your report.
  • Escalates challenges. By providing material to substantiate your claim, the firm will continue correspondence and escalate matters, always keeping your credit rights in the forefront of the fight for accurate information on your report.
  • Provides analysis and mentoring. When you work with Lexington Law, you get 24/7 access to an online portal where you can find credit score analysis from the firm as well as other resources to help you reach your individual credit goals in the future.

What Lexington Law Doesn’t Provide

Lexington Law doesn’t provide a service guarantee because it adheres to high ethical standards and maintains its services within the laws surrounding credit reporting and repair. Since only the credit bureaus or creditors can actually remove things from your report, Lexington Law doesn’t make false claims such as guaranteeing that your credit will be fixed. Instead, it strives to provide professional, proactive and proven services to help you get a handle on your credit situation. Watch out for credit repair organizations that make guarantees or claim to be able to remove items from your credit report themselves.

Lexington Law’s full-service legal services are currently available only in Utah and Arizona.

Pros and Cons of Working with Lexington Law

Whether or not you work with a professional credit repair company is a personal decision, so it’s important to weigh the benefits and disadvantages.


Although you can do repair alone, one of the biggest benefits of working with Lexington Law is that you gain trusted, professional guidance through a process that can be fraught with fear or uncertainty otherwise.

  • Skilled guidance
  • Peace of mind
  • Monthly updates
  • Regular communication


The primary disadvantage of working with Lexington Law to repair your credit is that you do pay for these services.

    Get everything you need to master your credit today.
    Get started for free
    • Monthly cost

    There are things you can do on your own for free, but they come with a potentially major hit to your time. Many people enjoy the peace of mind that comes from paying professionals who can get the work done more efficiently and more aggressively.

    Determining Whether Lexington Law Is Right for You

    Only you can make the choice about whether a credit repair service is the right option for you, but if you want help with handling inaccuracies on your report and getting the credit score you deserve, Lexington Law has proven solutions. It’s a reputable firm that protects your legal rights while following any regulations for credit repair and legal services. If that sounds good to you, consider contacting them for a free consultation today.

    If you’re not sure where you stand with credit, consider signing up for ExtraCredit. You can get 28 of your FICO Scores and plenty of information about where you stand—along with an exclusive discount for credit repair services where available.

    Lexington Law Reviews

    Over 500,000 people have worked with Lexington Law since its founding in 2004, and Lexington Law has made over 183 million total challenges and disputes on behalf of those clients. Here’s what some of them have had to say about it.

    “My credit immediately began to rise within a few months of working with Lexington Law. I just wish I would have started with them soon.”

    “I’ve had an amazing experience with Lexington Law. Very good communication, great customer service, and the overall results were exactly what I was hoping for.”

    “I have already referred people to Lexington Law. I am satisfied with what I have seen! Understand that the process may be a bit long, but I am seeing progress.”

    “Lexington Law really helped with getting my credit back in check. I’ve learned a lot and they helped tremendously with the most current ways to keep on top of my credit.”

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