Best Credit Cards In America

Welcome to’s Best Credit Cards in America™ — a review of the best credit cards for different categories like travel rewards, cash back, students cards, and more. We get knee-deep in the cardholder agreement’s details, terms and conditions, and rewards programs so you don’t have to. The fine print is never easy to read but that is where the card’s true value is revealed. Oftentimes, when you look at the details, the card’s costs outweigh its highly touted rewards.

The Best Student Credit Cards in America

When it comes to credit cards, students are in a difficult place. On one hand, there are a number of reasons why they will want to have a credit card, including security, convenience, and the chance to build their credit history before graduation. But at the same time, many students are young adults who have […] Read More

The Best Secured Credit Cards in America

Secured credit cards are one of the most reliable ways for people with a troubled credit history to rebuild their credit scores. And as our economy improves and Americans are looking to increase their credit scores, more major banks have introduced their own secured credit cards. How Secured Credit Cards Can Help Your Credit Without […] Read More

The Best Travel Credit Cards in America

Who doesn’t want to take a free vacation using their credit card rewards? If only it were always that simple. For years, airlines and hotels have offered co-branded credit cards that earned points and miles in their loyalty programs. But over time, these programs have become more complex and cardholders need to carefully examine terms […] Read More

The Best Business Credit Cards in America

Do you own a small business? No matter the size of your operation, you may want to open a business credit card account. In fact, you don’t even have to be incorporated as you can apply for business credit cards as a sole proprietor as well. Having a business credit card allows you to separate […] Read More

The Best Cash Rewards Credit Cards in America

When it comes to earning rewards from a credit card, you have plenty of options. Many bank rewards points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise or travel reservations while many others offer cards with travel rewards from airline and hotel partners. Still, many rewards credit card users prefer a cash-back option. How to Choose […] Read More

The Best Premium Credit Cards in America

If you have excellent credit, and want to use the best credit card available to you, then you may be in the market for a premium credit card. These are cards that boast a wide range of rewards, perks and benefits, but require the payment of an annual fee that is more than $200. The […] Read More

The Best Simple Credit Cards in America

Do you love reading the fine print? Do you enjoy figuring out how many penalties and fees your credit card can impose? Probably not, yet many credit cards come with pages-long terms and conditions that many consumers struggle to understand. But at the same time, the credit card industry is nothing if not intensely competitive, […] Read More

The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards in America

There is no question, Americans have a habit of spending too much on their credit cards, especially over the holidays. So January seems to be the perfect time to consider a balance transfer credit card, one that allows you to enjoy 0% APR promotional financing on balance transfers. What to Look for in a Balance […] Read More

The Best Credit Cards of 2015

Every month, crunches the numbers using a unique ranking system to hand out the Best Credit Cards in America title to the credit cards that truly stand out from the pack in a specific category like cash-back credit cards, balance transfer credit cards and simple credit cards. This past year was a year of […] Read More

The Best Hotel Rewards Credit Cards in America

Hotel loyalty programs may be the unsung heroes of the rewards credit card industry. While many airline rewards customers are finding it difficult to redeem their miles, many hotel programs will allow their points to be redeemed for any unsold room. And at a time of low oil prices and highly discounted airfares, a larger […] Read More


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