Identity Theft Protection

If you are concerned about identity theft or have been the victim of identity theft, using an identity theft protection service is one way to help you get peace of mind. A safe step is to sign up for a credit monitoring service that tracks all 3 of your credit reports on a daily basis and notifies you of changes on your credit reports credit reports while also providing you with all 3 of your credit scores.

  • Ongoing credit report monitoring with email alerts
  • Unlimited customer service
  • $1 million identity theft insurance** (no deductible)

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is America's fastest-growing crime. The identities of millions of Americans are stolen every year, depriving them of billions of dollars and ruining their more

The True Cost of Identity Theft

What is identity theft? There's no getting around it, identity theft is one of the most pervasive and harmful crimes inflicted on Americans.

Pervasive, because it impacts more than 11 million Americans annually. Harmful, because identity theft can separate a consumer from a good chunk of his or her bank account – and potentially ruin one's financial identity. Which is one of the many reasons why identity theft protection has become a key resource for consumers to safeguard their financial well being.

But is that the limit, as onerous as it is, of identity theft? Hardly. There are plenty of other areas where the "true cost" of identity theft comes into play – and here's a look.

  • Time spent fixing the problem – Time is, after all, a commodity. And when you spend your valuable time tracking down all the data and documents needed to correct an identity theft situation, the clock keeps ticking. Studies show that the average victim of identity theft spends anywhere 60-200 hours working out of the situation. That's 60-200 hours very few busy consumers have on hand these days.
  • Ruined credit – If an identity thief absconds with your identity, and you don't discover the problem right away, that thief can drain your financial resources as easy as a drought can drain a swamp. Not only could that mean the loss of much, if not all, of your financial resources, it could also mean a huge hit to your credit reports and credit scores, as the thief goes on a spending spree in your name. Make no mistake, lousy credit can mean the loss of a home loan; the loss of a job; or the cancellation of your credit cards.
  • Emotional impact – According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, one of the most serious aftershocks from an identity theft experience falls on the emotional side. Specifically, the stress associated from dealing with the crime. Studies show that the emotional grief stemming from identity theft mirrors the same grief suffered by victims of violent crime.

The ITRC says that 40% of respondents in an identity theft survey reported "stressed family life" among the issues they dealt with after an identity theft situation.

Identity theft is a heinous crime. But don't think for a minute that it's all about the dollars and cents lost after the crime. The true cost of identity theft is much higher than that.

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*The scores you receive with Identity Guard® are provided for educational purposes to help you understand your credit. Lenders use many different credit scoring systems‚ and the scores you receive with Identity Guard are not the same scores used by lenders to evaluate your credit. Credit scores are provided by CreditXpert based on data from the credit reporting bureaus.

Credit scores are provided by CreditXpert based on data from the credit reporting bureaus.

†If you do not call to cancel your membership within the 30-day promotional offer period‚ you will be billed $14.99 per month thereafter. You may call to cancel your membership at any time.

**Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. Please refer to the actual policies for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions and is subject to actual policy language.

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