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BestCompany: ExtraCredit Reviews

March 9, 2021

ExtraCredit is a new product provided by, a well-known financial products and services company that strives to help consumers make smarter financial decisions. 

Unlike other services, ExtraCredit is a comprehensive credit solution that is designed to fulfill the majority of consumers’ credit needs from credit monitoring and credit repair to identity theft. 
ExtraCredit offers the following five features: 

  • buildit — a credit profile-building feature
  • guardit — an identity theft protection feature
  • restoreit — a discount for credit repair feature 
  • rewardit — a rewards system feature
  • trackit — a credit monitoring feature

Included with the features listed above, ExtraCredit offers proactive identity theft alerts, cash rewards, exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair, tri-bureau credit reports, and more. 
Overall, ExtraCredit is designed to take care of consumers’ credit and identity theft needs in one affordable package. 

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