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ExtraCredit: A Comprehensive Credit Monitoring Tool

March 29, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, 3/29/2021. ExtraCredit was created with one thing in mind: to create an all-encompassing credit monitoring product that puts the consumer first.

Never before has there been such a comprehensive tool as ExtraCredit, and it was crafted with the goal of disrupting the saturated world of consumer finance. 

Credit can be complicated, which is why set out to develop a tool that helps the hardest working Americans manage every aspect of their credit at an affordable price. 

“The most important thing for us is to deliver value to the consumer. The hardest working Americans at the core of our mission need a product that puts them first, and provides more than an educational score.” -David Lord, General Manager,

It does this by tapping into five key features that make ExtraCredit stand out among other credit tools. Build It allows consumers to actively build their credit profile. It’s not a passive product. Build It allows the consumer to report rent and utilities as tradelines, so it adds to the credit profile whenever these are paid on time. 

We also wanted to put hard-earned cash back into the consumer’s hands. And that’s where Reward It comes in.

Reward It pays back for applying and getting approved for a credit card or loan. It starts with a $5 sign-up bonus. And there’s up to $300 in cashback rewards from personalized offers for loans, insurance, and even personal finance apps. 

We also wanted everyone to be well-informed on exactly what their credit situation looks like. And we wanted them to see what scores actually matter. With Track It, 28 FICO® scores are there to see. Different lenders use different scores, and Track It shows what each score is used for.

Protection is also key in the digital age, and Guard It provides identity protection solutions to give the consumer peace of mind. Guard It boasts dark web monitoring and security breach alerts. So, it adds an extra layer of protection from one of the biggest threats consumers face.

If there are errors on the credit report and they need help, Restore It offers an exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair at

If it’s not available in their area, Restore It also offers discounts with another leader in credit repair. It’s just one of the many ways ExtraCredit helps bring balance to your finances.

While there are many options for credit monitoring tools out there, only ExtraCredit gives five premium key features. Plus, it handles the hard work for those that work hard for their financial future. 

Many other companies offer just one of the things ExtraCredit does, ExtraCredit does it all.

Find out more about ExtraCredit and the 30-day free trial here

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