A quick snapshot of your free credit report details

Sign up for a free Credit.com account and, in addition to getting two free credit scores, you’ll get your very own credit report card that tells you how you’re doing in the five key areas that are included on your credit report and determine your credit score - payment history, debt usage, credit age, account mix and inquiries. Plus, you can compare your grades to those of other Credit.com users. Our unique Free Credit Report Summary gives you the report card grading necessary to quickly and easily identify where your credit status stands. Get started »

Free Credit Report Summary - Payment History

What is your payment history?

See if any negative information is showing up in your credit file, including late payments or actions from collection agencies. Your free credit report summary gives you an easy way to spot mistakes early and easily and take action when necessary.
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How effectively are you using available credit?

Find out what percentage of your available credit you’re using (also known as debt utilization), the number of credit card accounts being tracked and your overall credit limit. The lower your debt usage, the higher your score.
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Free Credit Report Summary - Debt Utilization
Free Credit Report Summary - Number of Inquiries

How many hits to your credit report?

Every time you apply for credit, it shows up as an inquiry (or hit). Your free credit report summary gives you an overview of how many inquiries you have made and our experts provide tips on how to shop for credit while minimizing that number. See it now »

Do you know your credit age?

Discover your credit report “birthday,” which is the date you opened your oldest credit account. Plus, track the average age of all your credit accounts combined. The older your accounts, the better for your credit score.
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Free Credit Report Summary - Age of Accounts
Free Credit Report Summary - Account Mix

What is your account mix?

It’s good to have a mix of credit and loan accounts. Your free credit report card will show you all the accounts that show up in your credit report, including auto loans, student loans, mortgages and revolving credit accounts. See it now »

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