A quick snapshot of your free credit report details

Free Credit Report Summary - Payment History

What is your payment history?

Are you on top of your bills? Do you make sure to pay everything early or on time? This is one thing that your creditors look at. Your payment history makes up 35% of your credit score—and it’s the biggest portion. If you want to see where you’re at, your free credit report summary will show you. See it now »

How effectively are you using available credit?

Have you ever wondered how using your credit affects your credit score? With so many misconceptions about carrying balances month to month, this can be confusing. Your credit utilization, or how much of your credit you use, makes up 30% of your credit score. Interested in paying down those high balances? Let us show you how by coming up with a personalized game plan. See it now »

Free Credit Report Summary - Debt Utilization
Free Credit Report Summary - Number of Inquiries

How many hits to your credit report?

Trying to get approved for that new car you’ve been eyeing? What about a home loan? Or even just a credit card? Every time you apply for new credit this shows up as an inquiry, which makes up 10% of your score, and can cause it to go down. Applying for credit too frequently is a red flag to creditors. If you want to keep track of how often you’re applying for credit, or want to make sure you haven’t been a victim of identity theft, we can help. See it now »

Do you know your credit age?

In credit, age is more than just a number. The longer your credit history, the better your credit score. This counts for 15% of your score. Just getting started? We can show you how to age yourself (gracefully). If you’re curious, check out your credit age here. See it now »

Free Credit Report Summary - Age of Accounts
Free Credit Report Summary - Account Mix

What is your account mix?

We always hear that it’s good to diversify. Your credit is no different. The mix of accounts you have—your student loans, auto loans, mortgages, and revolving credit cards make up 10% of your credit score. Creditors like to see this mix because it shows them you’re capable of handling all types of accounts. Want to see where you’re at? Your free credit report card will show you. See it now »

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Why Credit.com?

Personalized Score & Summary

When you sign up for your credit.com account, you get your free Experian and Vantage credit scores, which are updated every 14 days. You also receive a credit report card summary that breaks down the five key areas of your credit score, allowing you to easily identify where your credit stands.

Protect Your Identity

One way of keeping a keen eye on your information is to monitor your credit reports for any potential fraud.

Accomplish Your Financial Goals

Are you trying to get out of debt? Buy a new car? Take out a loan to start a business? Or maybe all of the above? Your credit score will help you know where you’re at and your report card summary will help you know what you need to improve.

Find Loan and Credit Card Offers

Since you have one or all of the above goals in mind, we can match you with offers from our partners. Believe it or not, there are loans and credit cards for all types of credit scores—from no credit to stellar credit! The great thing is that these can also help you improve your credit, as long as you make your payments on time. Once you sign up, we can immediately find offers just for you!

Continuous Credit Education

Are you wondering what the best way is to buy a home? What about disputing information on your credit reports? Want to improve your credit score? Or are you just interested in personal finance? Credit.com has information of all of these topics and more, as well as personalized offers that come from our partners.

What Will I See?

When you sign up for your free Credit.com account, you get your credit report card that tells you how you’re doing in the major areas of your credit score. Your Vantage score, like your FICO score, is a joint venture of the big three credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The Vantage and FICO scoring models are the scores that most lenders use to evaluate you when you apply for a new credit card, a mortgage, and other types of accounts.

Your credit report card is a simple breakdown of what’s on your credit reports, so it’s not as difficult to read as the full version. However, you are entitled to one free annual credit report and you can get the full versions of your Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion reports by going to annualcreditreport.com. You can also get your FICO score from myfico.com.

Remember, each credit bureau uses a different credit scoring model and your reports may look different. This is because creditors are not required to furnish information to any or all three of the credit bureaus, so you may see one account show up on Equifax that isn’t being reported to either TransUnion or Experian (or any combination). That’s why it’s a good idea to get your annual credit report each year from the credit bureaus so that you can stay on top of what’s reporting.