Crypto Credit Card Ownership Statistics 2022

An estimated 13 million Americans have a crypto credit card.

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crypto credit card ownership
crypto credit card ownership

5% of American adults, an estimated 13 million people, currently have a credit card that allows them to earn cryptocurrency through eligible purchases or redeem earned points on cryptocurrency. This is according to an online survey of 2,500 American adults conducted by Finder in December 2021. An additional 13% don’t currently have a crypto credit card but said they were interested in having this option, meaning nearly 1 in 5 (18%) Americans either already have or are interested in having a crypto credit card.

Men are marginally more likely to have a crypto credit card than women, with 6% of men saying they have a crypto credit card compared to 5% of women. However, men are much more likely to say they’re interested in having a crypto rewards credit card. 16% of men are interested in having the option of a crypto credit card compared to 11% of women–a difference of 5 percentage points.

Those aged 25-34 and 35-44 are most likely to already have or be interested in a crypto rewards credit card. This is followed by those 18-24 and then those 45-54 years old.

Spending on Visa crypto credit cards

Visa has proven itself an early proponent of cryptocurrency, lending its platform to a number of crypto credit cards and encouraging cryptocurrency partnerships.

Consumers spent $2.5 billion on Visa crypto cards in the first fiscal quarter of 2022

In Visa’s first quarter earnings call for 2022, Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. noted that Visa credentials in crypto wallets had more than $2.5 billion in payment volume.

More than 65 crypto platforms and exchanges have partnered with Visa

In the earning call, Visa makes clear that it intends to lean into the crypto space and continue to provide the support and products necessary to help the currency grow.

For more information on how US consumers are using their credit cards, check out our US credit card statistics for 2022.

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