2023 Review: Revvi Visa® Credit Card

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Snapshot: While this card does offer some limited cash-back perks, its real purpose is as a credit-building card. If you have poor or bad credit and want a Visa you don’t need a security deposit for, this may be an option to consider. 

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The application process is fast, and there’s potential for approval, even with bad or poor creditIf approved, your starting credit limit is only $300
The lender reports to all three credit bureaus to help you build your creditYou’ll have to pay an initial program fee of $95 to open your account
You can easily manage your account on a mobile appAPR is high at
You’re backed by Visa’s basic fraud protections

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Table of Contents

  • Full Review of Revvi Visa® Credit Card
  • What You’ll Like About This Card
  • The Drawbacks
  • Is It Worth It?
  • Revvi Visa® Credit Card FAQ

Full Review of Revvi Visa® Credit Card

The Revvi Visa® credit card may be a good choice for individuals with poor or bad credit who want to work on building their credit (and make some cash back). This card offers 1% cash back on all purchases, and you may be eligible for a credit limit increase after a year of timely payments and responsible account management. 

What You’ll Like About This Card

Unsecured Credit Card

Most “bad credit” credit cards require you to submit an initial deposit to “secure” your line of credit. These are good options when unsecured credit cards (typical credit cards) are harder to get when you have a lower credit score.

Fortunately, the Revvi Visa® credit card doesn’t require you to make an upfront deposit, and functions like a regular, unsecured credit card.

Cash Back Rewards

We love a cash back rewards card (who doesn’t). The Revvi Visa® credit card keeps their cash back rewards simple with 1% cash back on everything. You don’t have to keep track of categories to maximize your cash back – rest assured that you’re getting cash back on all purchases.

Quick Application Process

The fast application process makes it easy to see if you might be approved for this card. Generally, you can expect a response in minutes, and you don’t need a good or even fair credit score to be considered.

Build Good Credit

Once you have the card, you can make timely payments to ensure positive reporting to all three credit bureaus. When you want to build credit with a credit card, it’s important to look for one that reports to all the major bureaus.

Good Mobile App

Revvi offers a mobile app that makes it easy to manage your card and keep up with your balance and payments. And since this is a Visa card, it’s accepted by the vast majority of merchants and backed by Visa’s basic fraud protections.

You’ll also get credit monitoring via TransUnion, so you can see your report with that agency and better understand how your actions are impacting your credit. 

The Drawbacks

Additional Fees

The Revvi Visa® credit card  does come with an annual fee of $75 the first year and $48 each year after, as well as a monthly participation fee. You also have to pay a program fee to open your account once you’re approved, and that’s $95.

In the first year, those two fees alone stack up to $170. Since rewards points for this card are based on the amount you pay on your account—and not just the amount you charge—you’d have to make $17,000 in payments in a year to get enough cash back to cover the first year’s annual fee and the program fee. You also can’t redeem your points until your card has been open in good standing for at least 6 months.

Since the initial credit limit is only $300, it’s unlikely you’d even earn enough cash back to cover the $48 annual fee in the second year.

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Is It Worth It?

The Revvi Visa® may not be an optimal choice if you’re looking for a cash back rewards card. But it’s still a potentially solid contender for those with bad credit who don’t want to put down a deposit for a secured credit card.

When you’re approved for this card, you get a credit limit similar to a secured card, but you only pay the $95 program fee instead of the total credit-limit-based deposit amount. Note that you do need a checking account to open this card.

Revvi Visa® Credit Card FAQ

What is the initial credit limit for the Revvi credit card?

If you’re approved for the credit card, you’ll get an initial credit limit of $300. After 12 months, you’re automatically considered for a credit limit increase as long as your account is in good standing, which means you’ve paid your bills on time every month and haven’t run up a balance past your credit limit. 

What bank is the Revvi card?

MRV Banks issues the Revvi card. It’s a legitimate, federally insured bank with main offices in Missouri. 

How do I pay my Revvi bill?

Revvi offers a number of options for payments. You can manage your account, including payments, through the bank’s mobile app. You can also mail in your payment or make it via phone or online.