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Brittney Burgett is an insurance educator at Haven Life, an online life insurance agency. When she’s not teaching people about life insurance, she’s busy exploring her hometown of New Orleans via scooter.

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Life insurance startup Haven Life recently conducted a survey to see what millennial parents value most in terms of finances. Not on their agenda: life insurance.
How Millennial Parents Can Improve Their Financial Situation
With about 9,000 millennials becoming parents every day, it’s f... read more

May 9, 2017


A life insurance policy can change many different people’s lives, or even entire communities, after you’re gone.
5 Ways to Leave a Legacy With Your Life Insurance
Ask someone if they want to leave a legacy after they’re gone, ... read more

April 8, 2017


Want to achieve your 2017 financial goals? Break them into parts.
A Month-by-Month Guide to Accomplishing Your 2017 Financial Goals
New Year’s resolutions are fundamentally flawed. The idea of do... read more

January 6, 2017


The short answer: you should consider life insurance when you have people in your life who rely on you financially.
Do I Need Life Insurance?
When people find out I work at a life insurance startup, I almost... read more

December 5, 2016