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A woman drives her car.
What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a Car?
A car is a necessity for a lot of us—either for work, school or... read more

August 12, 2021

Auto Loans

How to Get Unemployment Benefits
Update: As of Labor Day weekend, pandemic unemployment benefits h... read more

May 14, 2020

Personal Finance

Fingerhut FreshStart: Could This Program Jump-Start Your Credit?
Are you trying to rebuild your credit? Fingerhut, an online mail-... read more

October 20, 2017


free credit monitoring
10 Things to Know about Credit Monitoring
The personal information of 143 million people was compromised in... read more

October 19, 2017


An early distribution penalty isn't always inevitable. These exceptions might just apply to you.
10 Smart Financial Retirement Moves You Can Make Today
Some employers offer financial and retirement advice to their wor... read more

October 6, 2017