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Kimberly Rotter is a professional editor, and personal finance and consumer credit writer. She has appeared on Business Insider, MSN Money, Fox Business, The Motley Fool and many other media outlets. She advocates good sense, planning for the future and treasuring the present. She is the founder of

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Passwords need to be complicated to be secure. A password manager can create strong passwords and help you remember them.
How to Remember All the Passwords You Need in Your Life
It seems like everything you do on any of your digital devices re... read more

April 28, 2017

Identity Theft and Scams

Think twice before you apply for a card with an annual fee.
Getting a Card With an Annual Fee? Here’s What You Need to Know
Rebuilding your credit requires good financial behavior. You̵... read more

April 3, 2017

Credit Cards

Is your credit score stuck? Try lowering your credit utilization.
This Is the Single Best Thing You Can Do for Your Credit Score
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March 6, 2017


To help make a family vacation more affordable, I got the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card and it surprisingly boosted my credit score. Here's how.
Getting The Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Made My Credit Score Go Up By Almost 40 Points
[UPDATE: Some offers mentioned below have expired and/or are no ... read more

January 5, 2017

Credit Cards