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Josh is an associate content manager at He works with the team and leaders and experts in the credit industry to create timely, educational articles that help consumers make informed decisions.

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secure a mortgage
10 Tips to Secure the Best Interest Rate on your Mortgage
Article originally published December 13th, 2017. Updated Februar... read more

February 16, 2023


tax tips
Tax Tips for 2021 Filings
Note: The following is for informational purposes only and should... read more

March 3, 2022


A young man sits at his kitchen table on his laptop learning how to do taxes yourself.
Step-by-Step Guide for How to Do Taxes Yourself
Update: Due to the pandemic, the IRS has extended the tax de... read more

February 8, 2021


A man and a woman take off their wedding rings.
10 Ways Divorce can Affect your Credit
Divorce is tough—and even more so when children or assets are i... read more

June 3, 2020

Personal Finance

Identity Theft Travel
15 Tips to Protect Your Credit While Traveling
It’s finally time to go on that vacation you’ve waited for al... read more

July 9, 2019

Credit 101

A woman sits on the floor while looking at prime vs. subprime credit.
What Is a Prime vs. Subprime Credit Score?
When it comes to credit, approval is all in the number—the thre... read more

May 8, 2019

Credit Score