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Karin Price Mueller is an award-winning writer and money expert. She's the founder of NJMoneyHelp.com, a new website that offers smart and objective advice on everything money. She also writes the Bamboozled consumer affairs column for The Star-Ledger. Mueller has won several national and local journalism awards, including nods from the Society of Business Editors and Writers (SABEW), the New Jersey Press Association (NJPA) and the Financial Planning Association.

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It can vary, but there are a few rules of thumb to consider when it comes to paying taxes on your retirement funds.
I’m About to Retire. What Accounts Do I Withdraw From First?
Q. I’m confused about how to decide which accounts to take mone... read more

June 29, 2017


If don't have enough in the bank to pay for junior's college education, you have options. Here's how to assess them.
Help! We Don’t Have Enough Savings to Pay for College
Q. What’s the best way to pay for college? We won’t get much ... read more

April 23, 2017

Student Loans

It's the answer you get to a lot of tax questions: It depends.
Can I Deduct Work Clothes on My Tax Returns?
Q. I’m thinking of taking a new job and I would have to wear s... read more

March 6, 2017


Are Huge Budget Problems on the Way With Trump?
Q. Is it wrong to think we should also expect huge budget problem... read more

January 26, 2017


Yes, certain medical expenses can cut your tax bill, but you've got to reach this threshold first.
Can I Deduct Medical Expenses When I File Taxes?
Q. I pay pre-tax premiums for health care to in my paycheck and I... read more

January 22, 2017


Is there a way to capitalize on all Donald Trump’s businesses? I expect he will make policies more favorable for his companies. I want in!
Can I Invest in Trump’s Companies?
Q. Is there a way to capitalize on all of Donald Trump’s busine... read more

January 13, 2017