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For a while now, we’ve been getting complaints  from Credit.com readers about fake payday loan debt collectors. So I wasn’t surprised when I read the announcement this week by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan warning Illinois residents to “be on the alert for scam artists posing as collectors of payday loan debt. The scammers call consumers and threaten them with legal action unless the victims authorize payments from their bank accounts.” Her office has received numerous complaints.

These are not your normal debt collection calls. In many cases, these collectors are very aggressive. Here are some of the threats reported on our forums:

“…we would have to appear in court at 11:00am tomorrow morning, we would be charged with internet fraud, would be put in jail, could be sentenced to 4 months in prison, etc.”

“…said that if I didn’t pay $1,095.87, the police was going to come to my house and arrest me and take me to jail.”

“…wont give me company name and he tried to cuss me out…”

Just to be clear, these are not collectors trying to collect legitimate debts. Most of the complaints on our forums, and to the IL AG involve consumers who either never took out a payday loan, or who may have initiated one but never actually secured the loan. In some cases, the “collector” has detailed information about the victim – such as name, address and Social Security number – which makes the debt appear to be real.

What to Do If You Get a Suspected Scam Call

  • Ask the collector for  the name and address of the collection agency for which he or she works. Then ask him to send you written information about the debt.  Any legitimate debt collection agency will do this because it’s required under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • If the caller won’t give you this information, hang up. If a phone number is available through caller ID, report the call on our forums and to your state attorney general and the FTC.
  • Don’t let one of these companies scare you into making payments if you’re not sure you owe the debt. In most cases, collectors must first take you to court and get a judgment before they can go after your wages or property.

By the way, you can’t be arrested simply because you can’t afford to pay a debt. (Warning, though, there are cases where consumers are jailed in connection with debts because they failed to appear in court after a summons was issued.)

The Illinois Attorney General’s office says the bogus debt collectors they’ve heard about use a variety of names, including: Morgan & Associates, Federal Bureau of Investigators, DNR Recovery, DNI Recovery, Legal Accounts Association, Department of Law and Enforcement, CashNet USA, America Legal Services, Quick Cash, and ACS. If you hear from any of those companies, be sure to report them immediately to your state Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission.

Fight back! Learn about your debt collection rights and how to protect yourself.

If you’re concerned about how your debt could be impacting your credit, you can check your three credit reports for free once a year. If you’d like to monitor your credit more regularly, Credit.com’s free Credit Report Card provides you with an easy to understand breakdown of the information in your credit report using letter grades, along with a free credit score that is updated every 14 days.

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  • Lilli Levi

    Every single story here most certainly sounds like there’s a con artist on the other end. Lets not forget that every time I’ve received a legit attempt to collect a debt, the notices always start out on a more or less friendly to neutral tone and explain exactly what the debt is for, the amounts, dates, and ALWAYS GIVE US AT LEAST 30 DAYS TO DISPUTE IT OR REQUEST ACCOUNT VALIDATION. This is the law guys, no matter who you are or what the debt is from- If you’re ever still not sure of a debts legitimacy, I suggest writing the company a letter to request validation of the account. If you don’t receive a detailed summary, including the agreement of terms, signed by you, don’t bother with responding ever again You can also check your credit report for free yourself once a year (at least) from each of the 3 bureaus at http://www.annualcreditreport.com so if you want to be dilligent, just go check your credit report and chances are if there’s no account listed there that matches the info you were provided, it doesn’t exist. Finally, most legit places will want payment by ACH withdrawal of funds, meaning they will want bank account numbers and routing numbers, or they will accept checks, money orders, and sometimes debit transactions, but usually if they do accept payment by debit card, most places I’m familiar with will not accept prepaid cards; they definitely wouldn’t just outright suggest that as an option though.

  • Pamela

    I received an email from a so called law enforcement officer. He claimed that I owe cash advance Inc. money and that they were getting ready to take legal action against me. The seal on the email said 712th non judicial district court. They were expecting a response from me so I gave them one.
    First I looked up this 712th court crap and found out that it is a site that allows people to print fake legal documents. I pasted this onto my email and sent it to them. I also found the exact same letter on a website that was sent to me, so in my second email to them, I said that I was going to show it to the FBI and let them compare the one on the website versus the one I received. I also told them that if the FBI made the determination that I was being scammed, I would take legal action against them. Haven’t heard anything back.

  • Uncle Willard

    I’ve never even heard of Money More or Money and More, but received a letter (very unprofessional actually signed in ink) by some small time debt collector demanding I pay or settle (Payback & Associates, Henderson. NV; a lot of these places seem to be in NV).

    I did, however, take out a payday loan from a company called Cash Web, who promptly sold my info to a company called Hydra Loans. Perfect name as they had dozens of other such businesses. They put money in my account, though I never even saw a contract or signed a thing; not even a phone call. I paid them back the principle immediately but they still kept trying to take finance charges out of my account (not even on paydays though they claim I applied for the loan and spoke to someone on the telephone to set it up). I had to close my account and open a new one to stop them. Now, years later I’ll get these calls or letters, but nothing ever happens. I ignore them, but if I had the time and money, I’d love to get them I to court.

    Edit: I’ve seen comments that the original debt is “real debt,” and while the original debt may be real, even if you’ve paid in full and can prove it, it gets resold over and over. Check out John Oliver’s story. His show investigated and these are small-time debt collectors depending on fooling people into paying to avoid legal action that rarely, if ever, happens. He bought $14 million in medical debt for $60k and erased it for thousands of individuals being harassed for debts that had been paid.

  • Mike Mcdannel

    ok heres how this works I did it for about a month few years ago first off ALL the debt is real debt. Ok now heres where the rest becomes illegal so to speak or at least walks that thin line in my eyes. its real debt that the people owed but for these companies by the time they get it its OVER the 7 year statute of limitations for collections so they strike hard and fast before you catch on. now when you call john or mary lets say they have professional closers who guess what are now john or mary. each one of us gets our lists of people were going to call and get my company buys these by the BAZILLION from the credit card companies medical collection agencies etc for pennies the month i worked there they had a million $$$month so theres a lot of uninformed people out there. anyways we get their debt info then credit report etc and we research them before we call had my own code to run backgrounds reverse telephone etc that way we sound legit we then spoof your sheriff or court house number threaten jail and arrest at your work etc unless you call john or mary since we are all either john or mary they never know for pay purposes for us we each had a number like john 1 john 2 or mary 1 mary 2 etc. i could go on and on but you get the gist lol. my conscience got the best of me i had to quit p.s. if this happens again just laugh at them and ask them what times breakfast you need a vacation and club med was booked solid so jail will do lol theyll move on to the next victim they only keep hounding and bullying if you look weak and they think youll pay. good luck

    • maria

      what about if they said is a fraud investigator from the attorney office and to get an attorney

      • Jeanine Skowronski

        It’s a good idea to ask any purported debt collector for written verification of the debt. You can learn more about identifying legitimate debt collectors here:




      • maria

        Dont believe them Maria,. they will say anything and even break the law to do so. If it was actually a fraud investigator your local police or sheriffs department would be the individuals calling you not some random person telling you to get an attorney.

  • Jeanine Skowronski

    Creditors are required to provide written verification of a debt within five days of contacting you. They also can’t make threats they don’t intend to keep – like filing charges. You can find more about your debt collection rights here:




  • Shannon Burk

    If you give me a million dollars I will believe you…. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I just started getting calls from a company they said is called [redacted]. They state I took a short-term loan prior to 2010 and they are a 3rd party trying to get the funds back. When I ask her to mail me something and tell her I don’t see anything on my credit report she says it’s because they haven’t filed anything yet so it hasn’t impacted my credit yet. I told her she needed to send me something in writing and she refused. So I got a little rude with her and started asking questions and she hung up on me. I did a little research and numerous people have had the same experience so I blocked the numbers they gave, called id showed [redacted] and the call back on voicemail was [redacted]. They then started calling my mother and sister. I have made complaints to the FCC, attorney general, the donotcall.gov and BBB. How else can I make these calls stop? It’s frustrating!!!

  • ticked off mom

    This first happened to me back in 2012, when my husband was noticing money being taken out of account every two weeks by the same company. We reported it to our bank, who did an investigation, which came back as bogus. We were reimbursed the money taken out and we had to reopen new accounts. Since then, right up to this morning, they have repeatedly called my mother, a friend of ours and most recently, my sister, stating that they were listed as “references” and that we not only owe money but have bounced a check!! I’ve spoken with them numerous times asking each time to please send me official documentation showing me I am liable for the debt. Each time they refuse to comply and start to get loud and very abusive…basically trying to bully me into giving them money. All they want me to do is just “admit” that I took got the loan. Unbelievable! I’ve done everything that needs to be done and now I just play with them over the phone!

  • Jeanine Skowronski

    You may want to contact the IRS about the status of your tax return. I’m unaware as to why an outside company would be holding it or have access to it. (unless you have a judgement/garnishment against you and even then I’m not sure it would go to them directly.) This info may be helpful:


    Thank you,


  • Jeanine Skowronski

    You can ask for written verification of the debt if they call again to help determine if you are dealing with a debt collector or a scammer. You can also contact your state attorney general and monitor your credit reports for signs of identity theft.

    Thank you,


  • kayla

    WOW I cant believe this happened to me. Someone has been calling me for a few days now and I finally call back and they say I owe on a payday loan I took out in 2010. OK I know I never did, so I ask for the name of the buisness she works for and she says [redacted]. Then I ask her where this pay day loan came from and she states [redacted] an online payday loan. She stated I stopped paying it. Then I said I dont believe you or this and HUNG UP! Hec no. No scammer is going to get me. IDK what they know about me. Nothing anyone cant look up!

  • Sick and tired

    I received a call from [redacted] indicating she had an order to complete regarding charges for distribution of fraudulant text associated with social security number [provided last four of social] and that she would be serving these documents to me at my home address [provided address] today and if service could not be made they would contact my employer and inform them that service would take place at their premises. She said if I had any questions or wanted to set an alternate service location to contact the plaintiff’s attorney at [redacted]. I work at an attorney’s office so I brought this to the attention of an attorney in our office. He called the number, and identified himself as my attorney. The gentleman was very rude and said he could not discuss it with him without a letter of recommendation and that when I receive the papers I could bring them to the attorney to review. When he said I was present and would like to ask what it was regarding he still refused to give any information and again said to wait for the papers to be served. My attorney asked him if he was familiar with the fair debt practices act and the gentleman said it was not regarding a debt. I later called him back asking if he could please let me know what it was all about and he again refused because he says I have counsel, although he previously refused to tell my attorney any information because there was no letter of representation. The man was very rude and hung up on me. I called back and again asked to please be provided any information about the issue, he said he could give me information but was choosing not to and again hung up on me. I called back and he said it was policy to not discuss the matter if I am represented by counsel. I asked if their company [redacted] was the one suing me or someone else and he said it was them. I asked if he could please at least tell me what court it was being filed in. After a very exasperated sigh and some computer typing, he indicated it was being filed in [county I lived in 8 years ago] through the office of [provided the name of prosecuting attorney for that office]. I then called that prosecuting attorney’s office and let them know about the call and asked if they had any cases with my name, which they did not and suggested that perhaps it was a civil case. I then called the circuit clerk’s office and again told them the situation and asked if anything had been filed with my name and they had nothing. After bringing this information back to my attorney he said it is very likely a scam and to inform the Attorney General’s office. I called and gave the Attorney General’s office all of the information and was again told that it was very likely a scam. I suppose we will see if I have anything served to me in the next few days…

  • unknown

    And I never even ask for a loan they told me they will issue a warrant end of the week and said my name was on the account

  • unknown

    I was contacted by a guy who said if I don’t pay I will have a warrant for my arrest and I didn’t even get a loan from cash advanced usa

  • sdlaw2

    just got one – caller identified themselves as an attorney in town “Hilary Coleman” The attorney has no knowledge of this. Then when I called back they threatened me with immediate arrest tomorrow. I am in the legal field and understand how it works so I am not concerned with that and hung up. They would not provide me any information about the underlying debt and identified with a group of attorneys called “Horizon Legal Group”. The phone number they gave is 888-257-3157

  • Daisy

    Debt collector send me email evry week telling me they will send me warrant of arrest they will make legal action against me, call and fax my employer and want me to pay them $1150 for payday loan which i never owe money from this [redacted] is this legitimate or illigetimate im scared and thinking about this evryday this debt collector put u in jail and one thing more how did they know your full name ssn# ur phone number but i already change a long time ago my addres but im not living there anymore i laready move out from that house what will i do for this so that they will not ruin my life im already got stress for this can u help and advice me for his please do i have to ignore it is this a scam beacause this email i read to my junk emai

    • Jeanine Skowronski

      Hi, Daisy,

      You can ask for written verification of the debt to get a better idea of whether the debt is legitimate.

      Also, there are restrictions on what debt collectors can do when they are trying to collect.

      You can find more info here:

      Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights

      Thank you,


  • Laura CC

    I have received a phone call today 10/21/2015 from this number [redacted], and spoke with [redacted], saying that I took out an online loan back in March 2011, with [redacted]. Apparently its a “mediation/collection department” [redacted]. She had provide me with my personal info (SSN, address/that last time that I have lived there was 7 years ago/, old home phone number that I disconnected in summer of 2008, bank account that I never had, and my employer that I haven’t work for 8 years) . This lady said that If I don’t make a settlement today for $400 the mediation company will send me to court for the amount of $2645. I have NEVER took out a payday loan.

    • Jeanine Skowronski

      Hi, Laura,

      You can ask the collector for written verification of the debt. You should also pull your credit reports to see if the loan appears, along with other lines of credit that you don’t recognize. Those can be signs of identity theft. If you do fine mysterious trade lines, you can dispute them with the credit bureaus. You should also notify the local authorities. The following articles can may prove helpful in determining what is going on:

      Determining if you’re dealing with a legitimate debt collector

      What Is Identity Theft?

      How to File a Credit Report Dispute

      Thank you,


  • Cynthia Hernandez

    I got pulled in this scam and was out 270.00

  • esmrgarcia88

    Some guy named [redacted] keeps emailing me that i need pay 1200 dollars by friday or i will go to jail. The money for a debit collector but he won’t tell which company it is. And he want the money by friday but he only emails me. He wont call or tell me the company that pay day loans from

  • esmrgarcia88

    I been getting emails from a robert williams he says i need to pay 1200 for a paypaid loan but he wont tell me which company it for. He says if i dont pay by friday i will go tp jail.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      We’re betting you didn’t. There are no longer debtors prisons. Sounds like a scam.

      • esmrgarcia88

        He does not want to gove the name of the company of the payday loan he emails me every Thursday. And when he emails me he he writes everything in all caps

  • melb100

    We had a scam call today, they called about a supposed payday loan from 2008. They called me, my husband, my grown son and my daughter in law on our cell phones. We didn’t even know my daughter in law in 2008, at all. They have everyone’s social and home address, including my son’s new home address. Said my husband owes them $2500 and that he would get papers served at his residence if we didn’t pay. I asked them what county they would have serve the papers, she said, hold on let me look, then she changed the subject and never answered. 1-855-201-8789 was the number they give to call back but they first call you from a private number. Once I figured out I was dealing with scam, I began to call them back informing them that I had filed reports, recorded calls from them, I read them some scam warnings about themselves off the internet, … this is how I got rid of the last scammers, I just kept calling them reminding them of how I knew they were scam and reading them things off the internet about themselves and reading them the current laws they were breaking, etc…I didn’t cuss or get ugly, I was just matter of fact. I am curious though of how they got my son and daughter in laws address and phone numbers.

  • Joshua Welliver

    I have been getting this guy “Mike Laursen from statewide mediation” saying i owe on a payday loan back in 2013 i have never got a payday loan ya I’ve looked but nevr did but this guy was calling me from 2 different numbers ( 855-201-4847 and 877-343-4510 ) then when i told him it was fraud he was calling with an unknown number he did get $45 from me but i talked with my local police about this he said it waS
    was fishy and it was a scam this guy was rude threatning and harassing me to pay $920 i want to find this guy and charge him with threatning and harassment and i know i could let me know if anyone has same problem or is sueing him please and thank you

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      If he is a scammer it’s unlikely you will be able to track him down or successfully sue him. He may even be based overseas. But it is important to warn other readers.

  • Angie Schembs-Smith

    Just received a call from 267-350-8751 claiming I owed money from a loan in 2011….she then said they would take all my property, garnish my wages, and send me to jail….for an alleged $300 loan? I said some not nice things, and she hung up.

  • TB

    I received a call from Jonathan Andrews of Adams, Peterson and Irving stating I have a file placed with them that needs immediate attention. The caller stated they would send the file to my county for prosecution. 844-580-7842 was the number on my caller ID…anyone have this experience? What was the outcome.

  • Deee

    They left me a voice message saying that I would be served some paperwork between 12 & 4pm monday. And if I wasn’t at home they would come by my job. I called them at 3:30 Monday and they said there courier had some problem be ready tomorrow or take care of it today. I asked who it was from they said B&G payday loan I took out in 2011 for $500.00. I told them I never heard of them and just serve me the paperwork. He got an attitude saying i should pay and it is more because its so late. He sounded like he was high on drugs and his phone was breaking up and his raspy voice I could barely here him.

  • joeandmilly

    been getting a call from 617-933-7954 called CRS Solutions claim I have unpaid payday loans from 2008 2009 and 2010 all in fairly small amounts 200 to $400 range I never took these payday loans out. but they had my old email , my actual bank account with router number gave last 4 digits of SS# and knew my wife’s name.
    but here’s where it gets weird the 671-933-7954 is a VOIP number that the name isn’t listed, the person said they are based in Miami. nothing comes up with this name. But the kicker is IF I did take out these Pay day loans the bank account they have is active and never been closed so they would have been no reason they wouldn’t have been able to get the money.
    I did take a payday loan years ago but was paid off and no issues and not with the companies listed. The three are just not mine. Went to the bank requested transactions from the time frame and closed the account. Even the gentleman of the bank said is fishy because Payday loans are auto withdrawls and if it’s in person and the person doesn’t pay the account used as collateral gets charged. The only way not to pay is to close the account.
    Not sure on how to proceed, another strange thing is the lady was nice and said if I suspected ID fraud to put a fraud alert into the Credit reporting and talk to my bank.
    I don’t want to indulge them anymore than I have to but I also don’t want to ignore this either and have a Judgment all of a sudden.
    Please help.

    • http://blog.credit.com/ Kali Geldis

      Have you pulled your credit reports yet? If there was an unpaid balance from the payday loan you took out a while back, it could have been sent to collections and increased with interest charges over the years. If the account is in collections or it’s the result of a judgment against you and has been reported to the credit bureaus, it would appear on your credit report. You can get free copies of your credit report from each of the major credit reporting agencies at AnnualCreditReport.com. Keep us posted on what you find out!

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      A debt collector is required by law to send you written notification of the debt within 5 business days of that initial phone call. Once they do that you are entitled to request verification of the debt. Have you received anything in writing? Did you ask them to send you something in writing? If it turns out you do think they are legit then you’d also want to check out the statutes of limitations: Statute of Limitations On Debt Collection by State. Please be careful–you don’t want to pay a debt you don’t owe.

      • joeandmilly

        As of today no I have not received anything in writing. Though I don’t believe they have my current address. the only address she had was a former address from about 10 years ago.
        I did not give her my new address. I do know the debt is not mine and sound bogus. As my bank representative pointed out it, if the debt was real I would have noticed either the money being withdrawn or would have seen a bunch overdrawn transactions. The Account was active up until last week when I closed it. So he said the only way they don’t get paid is if you withdraw all your money or you close the account the loan is linked to. So that is what is setting off some red flags that this may be a scam.
        I’m very leary about calling them back and giving them my current address as I don’t won’t them to have another piece of the puzzle if this is a scam . It’s just that the lady not only sounded sympathetic but did give me actual good advice in case this is ID theft. but again if the debt was real and even if someone did use my ID to get these loans the PayDay Loan companies had a current and active bank account that could have accessed.
        It’s just odd so I’m at crossroads, on one side I don’t want to give these people any more information than they already have and on the other I don’t want this lingering around and haunting me.
        So far I’ve closed the account and opened up a new one. Put a fraud alert on my credit reports and requested from my bank transactions from the years the CRS Solutions have me the loans were supposedly taken out.

        • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

          It sounds to me like you’ve taken the correct steps.

      • joeandmilly

        so to summarize
        1. there has never been any attempt to collect this debt from my bank account. I have never heard of these loans.
        2. It has never been on my credit report
        3. there never has been any written contact about these loans
        4.. Just a person working for a company that used a VoiP phone number, no information about this company on the net. Said they were a mediator ; but she had all the right info, name ,old address, ss# old email address, and my bank account with router number and my wife’s name. and a sympathetic ear. (don’t know if that is just a tatic to establish trust)

        • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

          The fact that they have your information means absolutely nothing. That information is often bought and sold. Sounds like it is very possibly a scam. Again, insist on written confirmation (by mail) as required by law. If they don’t send it then you have confirmed what you’re dealing with.

          • joeandmilly

            Ok update. Yesterday I received from the bank my statements for the years of the alleged payday loans and it only confirmed what I knew to be true, no transactions of any kind either a Payday loan deposit or any attempt to collect on it.
            So I did call them back, spoke to a different person, to inform them that this is bogus and there is no record of any kind for any payday loan. I began to tell her what the bank associate told me on how payday loans work and if I or someone else did take out these loans there would have been an attempt to collect on in through my bank account. She said she knows how they work and doesn’t need me to explain it to her. She also told me that since they are only a mediation firm that is only looking for volunteer settlements of the debts they are not bound to the Fair Debt and Collections Act and said we aren’t going to force you to pay and we will send this back to our client.
            So that’s where I’m at.

          • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

            Interesting. The fact that they are a “mediation” firm does not exempt them from the FDCPA to my knowledge. Companies that regularly collect debts for third parties are debt collectors, regardless of what they choose to call themselves. I’d encourage you to file a complaint with the CFPB and your state attorney general’s office.

          • joeandmilly

            Thank you very much

    • joeandmilly

      Well they are back at again after I told them I retrieved my bank account info and informed them this is BS so they said that’s fine and now they are calling again under a new number (617)841-2003

  • unknown

    I had a company contact me today and they stated I owe a furniture store I did have an account with the company but they won’t send me any documentation from there company and said if I don’t pay in an hour a warrant will be issued and I will be arrested I am going to school and don’t want to mess up my life so should I pay them

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Anyone who tells you you must pay in an hour, or that you will be arrested, is a scammer. A collector cannot have you arrested, and certainly cannot summon law enforcement to arrest you because you did not meet their deadlines. A legitimate collector would send you written validation of the debt. Please do not pay. You can read more signs of a scammer here: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • John

    Joshua Spencer and Rick Liddell purported to be credit
    counselors and Lawyers with Nationwide businesses operations. They called me multiple times alleging that my mother owed a debt of $2,000 for writing bad checks. They said that the party wants to prosecute and provided a fake address and social security number that was supposedly my mother’s. They provided no website, no bar number and
    hung up the phone once their “CON” was discovered. I called back and asked to speak with Joshua Spencer and they hung up the phone. Every
    attorney has a bar number and knows it by heart. The Fake Company is called “Legal
    Services” with a Teana Ellis answering the phone. # 502-337-3742.

  • http://billcollectorshateme.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

    I’m glad i was able to help. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any further questions!

    • Lulu

      I get them all the time too. Everything goes to voice mail If I accidentally answer the phone I enjoy tellinh a fib also… You know when they say the sheriff is coming to the house and I say I’m married to the sheriff

    • Jen

      Hi I just received a call today from company called Retrieval mediation phone #(614)340-7363 claiming that I did online payday loan back in 2010. which I haven’t so my question is has anyone heard of this company. The lady gave me a name karry Watson but wouldn’t give me the address to the company

      • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

        Debt collectors are required to provide their address and follow up with a letter after the first phone call. Please read: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

      • http://billcollectorshateme.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

        If it was legit she would have no problem giving the address to the company. She won’t divulge this information as she does not want to be sued for illegal collection tactics. Ignore them and move on.

      • kellie carlisle

        im glad you posted this, i to just lost $150 to this [redacted]. then today i had a similar call about another payday loan i supposedly had taken out, but didnt. i will be blocking my debit card now, thank you for posting.

  • Shashandon boyd

    I have been contacted back someone by email threatened me saying I am going to be servers paper and go to jail for a online payday loan I didn’t pay back about a year ago I even ask to make arrangemens because I lost my job doing the time if the loan and now I only have a part time job so she stated either I pay four hundred dollars or I will go to jail. Some one please help me is this real.

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      You aren’t going to jail. These are scammers hoping to get you to pay them something. Don’t lose sleep over it.

  • Alex P

    Just got a call from a place the calls themselves Capital Services. A bit aggressive, had my information, what bank I bank with and social security number. I run my credit reports every year. These people said they were representing SJM Marketing for a payday loan I took out back in 2009 and was defaulted. I haven’t seen any such place on my reports. They had my address, but not the one I was living in at the time. They had my wife’s new email address, that she didn’t have at the time. Their number is 646-354-2096.

  • Ash

    Hi I believe I am being scammed I took out a payday loan with cash net USA I believe the year was 2012 I lost my job and was never able to make the payments being taken out of my account a debt agency contacted me and I set up arrangements this was last year however I went on maternity leave and had to stop making the payments recently a number called my house phone saying that I need to call 877 801 6147 and give them a case number (that they gave to me) what made it weird was I HAD just changed my house number so I was scarred because how did this person get my new phone number I called the 877 number and this,guy said I had a case for fraud with cash net and that I had to make arrangements or there would be a sheriff at my house within 45 minutes to summons me for the debt obviously I freaked out I didn’t want to go to jail they had my social address all of my information so I made arrangements with them I would like to know am I being scammed? Please help I’m about to enlist in the Navy I don’t need any problems with the law!

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      It sounds like it is likely you are being scammed. If you gave them your bank account information please contact your bank immediately for advice. Please read: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

      • Ash

        Thank you, I’m just not sure the investigator called the house number and when I called the agency which is statewide mediation they said I owe I just don’t see why a sheriff would come to my house over a debt owed

  • Dexter I.

    Hi Gerri, following these kind of calls, I had done my own research and got details about no. of similar fraudsters operation out of different location of Asia. According to you, which govt. authority would be best suited to take up the steps against it as it requires collaboration with other countries’ govt as well? Whom should I send all the details to?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      If this involved any online activity you can go to the Internet Crime Complaint Center website. Complaints there area shared with multiple law enforcement agencies. If not, then you can complain to Fraud.org, which will do the same thing.

  • rebeca

    I got same email too i deleted it it might be a scam my email had no address so just don’t worry about it i not worried

  • rebecca

    Got an email yesterday from paydayrecovery inc.@gmail.com saying i was going to court and i needed to email back within 48 hours or if they didn’t hear from me they would take legal action i never emailed them there was no address in email it was from a Jessica Robinson i deleted email it might be a scam ….

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Yes, it certainly sounds like one. There are legal procedures that must be followed if a creditor sues you, and they don’t involve generic email addresses!

  • Graceunlimited

    Just had this happen to my husband today. They called his ex wife (they have been divorced over 10 years) and she gave him their contact number. Its a local 309 area code so we called it back. We were put on hold several times. Finally told us they were collecting for an online payday loan we never had and gave the name of our bank and where he works. Scary! Said there name was national recovery services, which there are no known businesses of that name with a 309 area code. She said the loan was from 2012, which weve never done a payday loan with our current bank-ever. So i will be notifying the bank first thing in the morning. We got scammed over 5 years ago for the same thing. They threatened to have him arrested if he didnt pay and we didnt know any better and paid. Guess they thought we’d fall for it again.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Good for you for knowing better! And thanks for sharing.

  • Lindsay

    I received a phone call today from an “investigator” stating that there is an on going investigation against me that I needed to give a verbal statement. I called the woman back and she gave me this speech about it’s because of an unpaid payday loan from like 2007. I told her it is not on my credit report and asked why. She replied because “the US federal government is holding your ssn and that it wouldn’t show up anyway because it was an open case” (the open case thing is false I know, I just checked my credit report again, there’s open things on there….)
    She went further in the conversation and said that I owed 455$, that if I made payment arrangements or paid that today, that it would be closed and I wouldn’t go to court. But if I did go to court, that I would be looking after costs/fines/etc, around 4k. and they would likely keep me in jail until my bill has been paid.
    I have no problem cleaning up my credit, as if I will be trying to towards the end of the year (about to go on maternity leave). I just have trouble believing these people because it isn’t showing up on my credit report and I’ve never received paperwork.. I honestly believe I had the same issue about 3 months ago with a different company but for the same payday loan. They said they were going to take me to court, I never received papers.

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Sounds like a scammer. You can insist they send you notification of the debt in writing as required by federal law, but your best bet may be not to engage with them at all. Even if the debt were legitimate it would probably be outside the statute of limitations. Please read: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • nichole taitaiau

    im getting harrassed from this lady name judy bowling stating that i owe over 10 thousand to this payday one loan.i never made a loan.i have never filled out a application or i never did any business with any loan.its scary that they have my social security number,my drivers license and all my private info.what can i do?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      You can place a fraud alert on your credit reports and report them to law enforcement but beyond that they may be had to stop. This article has some dieas: 7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls.

  • fed up

    I have been getting phone messages daily from some place that calls themselves “fraud division” with a Nebraska number claiming that it had took out a loan in 2013 (which I haven’t),they claim that if I didn’t come up with 1169.50 of which I had to pay half today that they were going to forward the case to my local court for me to be found,arrested and jailed on felony charges. I asked for company name and was told it was Office of financial affairs and was given two numbers….one that is listed for Nebraska and one for Ohio…ladies call themselves Inspector Stewart and Amy Strickland……they would not tell me who the alleged lender is other than Direct Lending who is affiliated with cashnet USA,payday lending…..they had my social number,last known work place and checking acct number as well as my mailing address….they hung up on me once when I asked questions and then “Inspector Stewart” had to pass me off to someone else when she could not answer my questions and then became rude and told me that I needed to shut up long enough for her to tell me what will happen to me if I don’t settle today out of court…..they are very convincing except for the fact that I have no loans with anyone like that……i spoke to my bank to give them a heads up

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Unfortunately just because they have your personal info doesn’t make them legitimate, Glad you’re being careful!

  • Holly

    I received a call from LakeFront Processing Solutions a
    couple months ago stating that I had taken out a loan in Aug of 2012. They stated that they had papers for me and that I needed to pay right away to avoid legal action. They gave me the bank account number and checking account number that the money was deposited into, had my social security number and knew where
    I worked. I got all the information from the lady (who at the point was very nice and helpful). I then contacted my bank and requested bank statements for August and had no deposit from anyone other than my employer into my account. My bank told me it was a scam and not to worry about it. A couple days later they called back asking for the money to avoid legal action. I told them I had bank statements
    and would gladly accept any papers that they had for me. They immediately got very defensive and rude, I stated that I checked my credit regularly and the only loans that I had were for a car and my school loan, They told me that payday loans don’t show up on your credit report. I laughed it off and hung up, only for them to get ahold of my sister and tell her that they were looking for me. They called back a few more time and I ignored the call.

    Well today I get a new phone call from a law firm stating that I was going to be charged with theft by deception of a financial institution if I did not pay, I said that I was waiting on the papers to be served to me and I would be happy to address this matter in court. The lady
    told me that this has already by passed that and my wages would be garnished. Stating “they have already contacted your employer and we have their tax identification number.” Once asking about the “debt” they kept referring to not showing up on my credit report; I was told that it was on there and she was looking at it right now. Once I stated that I was monitoring my credit, she flipped
    the script and said that it was no longer on there because it was now a federal obligation to pay them. My favorite part of the phone call had to be the ending…. “You’re only 24 right, so you don’t know a lot about this or how bad this will affect you in the long run.” I called the Sheriff’s office and District Attorney’s office and filed a claim. Even the sheriff’s office stated that they have had people call them because they have had phone calls telling them that there is a
    police officer on their way to arrest them and it was not true.

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Thanks for sharing your story Holly!

  • 3Storms

    This scam artist [redacted] has been calling for the past month, making all sorts of threats saying arrest warrants have been taken out so pay up now or else.

    He doesn’t want direct bank transfer and doesn’t want money orders as both will leave paper trails right to him. He instead only wants for us to get a pre-paid debit card from a store and put the money on it.

    When asking for a written copy of the debt and where he’s located, he gets argumentative and reasserts that he’s having my dad arrested to deflect from it.

    I know he’s a scam artist but he and his threats have gotten into my dad’s head and he’s stressing. I am sick of it. I filed a complaint with the CFPB but I wish the constant threats would stop. Is there any way to speed this up to get the harassment to stop?

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Do not consider paying. You could consider blocking the number. But asking for a prepaid debit card is a sign of a scammer. Please read this post about that: The One Way You Should Never Pay a Debt Collector

      • 3Storms

        Thank you for the link. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Jamie

    My mom is going through this right now. These people are called Empire State Arbitration. They gave her the name of a bank-First Federal Bank of Delaware. They wouldn’t give her the phone number of the address. We asked for a file number or dovket number and she wouldn’t give me any information on the company I supposedly owe to. I called her and asked her to fax me all the papers she had on the file. She said she couldn’t do that I said I have a right to see all the paperwork for a debt I owed. She was very rude and even hung up on me…I’ve talked to a few legitimate collector’s and even when I was rude they were still very polite..As it turns out my mom already gave them her info to take the payments out…I need help asap! There number is 18444828780

  • Rebecca McCurdy

    I had gotten a call from a law firm about some unpaid payday loan. I was told that if I agree to make three payments to settle the debt they wouldn’t take me to court. I agreed and made the first two payments, now I have just one more payment left and I don’t have the funds until next time I get paid which is a week from the due date. I tried to call the company that is taking the funds out of my account to see if they would work with me and take the money out when i have it but i had to leave a message due to “high call volume” but never recieved a call back. My question is can they still take me to court and what’s the likely hood of them doing this?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Are you sure you are paying a legitimate lender and not a scammer? What kind of research have you done to make sure you are dealing with a real law firm (and that they are collecting the debt)?

  • CJ

    Today, was the scariest morning of my life! I received a call from a very nice woman Jennifer, that I was in default on a payday loan from 2014. I had dealt with a company or two in 2014 via phone and online and all payday loans were paid back immediately or as little as two week – four weeks after the loan was approved, through my bank.
    The company Litigation Services, LLC called me several times and left messages threatening “police arrest” if I did not call them back. Yesterday, I called them back and Jennifer would not give me any details of the “payday loan”—date, company name, amount—-nothing! I wasn’t suspicious at all (I’m now known for being so nieve!) Stupidly, I gave them a debit card number to charge. Luckily my bank declined the charge TWICE (even though there was money in the account.)! Thank God for an astute banking staff! I was so upset, spending 4 hours on the phone with 3 different Primary Processing Division staff that — Jennifer, Samantha, and lastly, a very nice ‘sounding’ man who said that “the charge went through and I would be receiving a letter and an email notifying me of the ‘terms’ of the final payment, due Mon, May 4th.

    Also, Jennifer told me that the only way I could “stop the police from coming to my door was to pay the amount in full by 6:00pm Ohio time which was 12 Noon Hawaii time (first spoke to her at 9:15 Hawaii Time, which gave me 3 hours to come up with $1723! OMG!
    I lost it as I scrambled to the bank, adding money to my checking account so that the payment would go through in time for the “Processing Division” office to process the payment (Samantha) and Jennifer could contact the “lawyers and judge” who were handling the case.” Finally I asked to speak with my bank’s supervisor who had researched the company and told me that this was a scam and that I should contact the Honolulu police to report Litigation Services LLC, and Primary Payment Services that works with them in processing payments (or whatever the name was they were using today.) By the way, the number they provided me 5 times as 614 area code they said was in Ohio (not true, the company is based in Florida!)

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Thanks for sharing that. And we’re glad the banking staff helped you avoid being taken.

  • Kent

    I’m getting emails now from someone about this. But it’s registered to a gmail user, since when does a company use gmail as official emails. They claim that people will be at my door to freeze my assets, saying I can pay out of court restitution for $1150, or $9584 in court. I keep trying to get info back but they dodge the answers over and over. At first I was worried even though I never actually took a loan from PayDay One. Now I’m just concerned if they’ll start harassing my work or anything. I already changed my bank accounts to be safe, but who knows anymore.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      If you’d like, you can report them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The threat to send someone to your door to freeze your assets is illegal.

  • Connie Haynes

    Just got a call from one with the number 614-407-3292 threatening a lawsuit for fraud about a loan for 2013. Don’t know if it is real or not. Would not give me any info and said would share the info with my attorney. Is this real? Said they are from Litigation Service Solutions???

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Connie —
      A call should be followed by a “demand letter,” and there should be no threats. We suggest submitting a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    • fed up

      I got this very same call all month from the same number that you have been getting them from. I have not had any loan,my bank shows nothing having been deposited into my account from 2013…they are threatening me with felony charges for fraud….they want 1100 to “exonerate” me and no charges would be filled….they wouldn’t answer my questions or give me information on the alleged company, they had my name,date of birth,dl #,bank account number and name of bank,and my last place of employment…its scary how much they knew…I have contacted my bank and don’t know what to do next.

  • Shanker P

    Yesterday at work I received a voicemail on my cell, saying I need to call back otherwise paperwork would be sent to my county clerk office for a warrant. So of course shocked and scared I called back. I got a lady who told me she was collecting a debt for her client. She told me her company name [redacted] was the number I called back. They told me their client [redacted] and that I took a payday loan out in 2011 for $300 and now owe $680 and if I don’t pay a warrant will be sent for my arrest for theft and defrauding a financial company. So this really shocked me because I filed ch 7 in 2013 and I even told the lady that and she said you should have read the fine print of the payday loan. She said the fine print states the loan can’t be part of a bankruptcy. So of course after being taken back by all this I started to doubt myself if I took one out or not in 2011. So of course scared because I have never been in trouble with the law, I tried to tell them I can’t afford the full amount right now. She said well if pay in full within 45 days we will knock 20%. So of course I said okay and ended up giving my credit card info. So as of now payment is arranged to come out may 29th. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS A SCAM OR IF YOU HAVE DEALT WITH THSE COMPANIES??? Or if this is real???

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      It may well be a scam. Please call your card issuer and get a new card with a different number. Payday loans are frequently picked up by scam collectors. Anytime a collector calls, you should expect to see something in writing, and you may request what is called a “validation of the debt.” If the collector refuses to send it, or says it’s not required, that’s not a legitimate collector. If you request it, federal law requires that they comply.

  • Drew P. Weiner

    What you need to do is reply to their emails in the most annoying and ridiculous way possible. I wrote them back and told them that THEY owe ME money. Then the idiot got all nasty with me, revealing that he was a fake. Plus the grammar errors were hilarious, it was like a cat walked over the keyboard. Ignore them, they’re a total hoax.

  • rose

    received an email for a Laurie Jackson claiming that she is with the department of justice. Stating that I owe a pay day loan from Cash Advance. The email states a lawsuit from California. So I emailed this Laurie and stated that I never received the documentation to state what I owe. She told me to come to court. I am in Texas. And If I wanted to take care of this it had to be through western union. Scammer.

  • Carol

    I received an email affidavit stating that there are 3 serious allegations against me. 1) violation of federal banking regulations 2) collateral fraud 3)theft by deception. Then goes on to say as of today rather than chasing me for the money that cash loan had decided to chalk this up as a loss and declared to be stolen by me and wants to press legal charges on me and my S.S. number.and my S.S. number is Under investigation and the charges will be notified to 3 credit bureaus that meant I will not get qualified for getting no loans in the future. (That is how it’s worded) and they will garnish my pay check for full amount interest and payment charges.And my credit score will hit negative 85 points and my drivers license will get blocked. And I had a right to an attorney if I could not afford one one will be appointed to me. And if I lost the case in the court house then the legal charges will be levied upon me and that would cost me me more than$13500.00 which included attorney charges bail charges court house fees and the amount owed . And as of today they need ascertain to my attorney so that they shall proceed legal charges and they can generate a arrest warrant on me. They also tell me to be sure to have someone who can bail me out once I loose the case. Then says warm regards Mike Johnson 559-554-3618 manager Latham and Watkins LLP I have looked up this number and see that I’m not the only one who received this exact email. But the name they got was Nash . I just wanted to know what am I supposed to do with this email ? This guy was calling me and said I needed to set up payment. But could only use a debit card and I asked why I hadn’t received a letter from this company he says that they call and email only. I asked if I could mail them payments he said unfortunately no.

  • Richard

    My daughter (who’s phone number has never been associated with me) received a call (recording) from (602) 726-0102 form an unknown company, addressing me, that I was under investigation and needed to call them back. My daughter gave me the info and I called them back.

    Mind you, no one there ever asked me for updated information or my address… their gums just continued to flap about how I was going to be served a criminal summons at an address I haven’t lived at for 8 years.

    I spoke with a lady named Savanna from “Division of Processing” (still no actual company name), who informed me that I had an On-Line Pay-Day Loan through Kenwood Services from 2010 that was unpaid and that it was determined that I did it with the intent to commit financial fraud. The amount was for $420.00, but with fees added they added it was $1820.00 and additional court fees of $2500.00 would be added. When I started asking questions (considering that the account they claimed I put in the application was closed in 2008, and the address that had for me was 8 years old), she began to get angry with me. All I was doing was trying to get information concerning the original debt, which she could not give me. She also told me that I was going to be served a criminal summons and prosecuted for Financial Fraud. When I started explaining to her the laws regarding debt collection, statute of limitation for legal action on such a debt, and that threatening me with criminal action was indeed, illegal, she at first told me “don’t tell me how to do my job…”. Eventually, she hung up.

    I called back the next day (using the number above) and spoke with Savanna again, a conversation which lasted about a minute because she refused to answer my questions and hung up… again. I called back and asked to speak with a Supervisor, which she obliged (at least I think, they sounded an awful lot alike). The Supervisor’s name was Bella Sims… it seemed she was trying to be helpful, I told her the address they had was old, and the account at the bank had been closed for 2 years when this so called transaction was made. Mind you, no one there ever asked me for updated information or my address… their gums just continued to flap about how I was going to be served a criminal summons at an address I haven’t lived at for 8 years.. Finally when I asked for proof of the original debt, she put me on hold… I waited for a 1/2 hr, hung up, and called back.

    This time I spoke with a male who did not give me his name, and told me that Bella had stepped out. She left the office while I was on hold with her?? He identified himself as a Supervisor and I again went through the whole story. Once again when I started asking for proof and documentation, he told me he didn’t have it, and that I would receive it with my summons. As I began asking questions about how they got my information and what my rights were under the FDCPA, he got upset, told me it wasn’t a debate. I asked him to whom I could speak with about taking care of the debt… at which time he said you can do it in court or “If you have your debit or credit card handy…”, I stopped him there and challenged him and said “Is this an attempt to collect a debt?” to which he answered “No.” I then said “How can you ask me for my bank information if your not attempting to collect a debt?” I then asked him who I could speak with about taking care of the debt, to which he replied “the Processing Department, but I’m not going to send you there because it’s not up for debate.” I asked him if he was “refusing to act in good faith allow me the opportunity to settle this?” He said no, but he wouldn’t let me talk to Processing. I kept challenging the legality of what he was doing and eventually he said that it wasn’t a debate and he didn’t have to talk to me anymore and hung up.

    Of course I called back, Mr. “Man” answered when I asked, May I please talk to a Supervisor with some intelligence, because the last couple of people I spoke with didn’t have any…” He asked me what I wanted, I said all I wanted them to do was be professional and produce the original loan documents according to my rights under the FDCPA. He then shouted “CAN I HAVE A BLOCKED NUMBER!”… then the phone went silent.

    A little research shows this type of thing is going on in a lot of areas, claiming persons have unresolved payday loans from BMG Services, Kenwood Services, and several others. Same MO.

  • Rey

    Here is My Story

    [company name, phone number, employee name deleted]

    Debt is from 2008 from Check Into Cash Payday Loan. I do
    have the debt but the collection practices are deceiving or a scam and I cannot
    give any personal information to this person. Meaning financial information.
    This person also got upset when I requested his name and company he works for.

    He is threatening with filling felony charges and getting an
    arrest warrant. He is calling family members with the same threats.

    I have research the number and comes back as a number from
    MajickJack that is a VOIP or a service that provides free calls over the

    He provided an address []
    that is for the [landmark building]. I have already call the
    building and they have no listing of a Mediation Services office at their

    This person also said that people have already been sent to
    my house. I guess to try to collect the debt.

    I have already file complaint with AG, FTC and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Rey —
      Thanks for taking us step-by-step with how you checked out the person calling you. The steps you took, and the reports you made are smart — as was not being frightened or panicked into paying someone you didn’t owe. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sara Capson

    We have been scammed by these same people as aboved for the pasts 6,yrs now! They say all that stuff. I have paid them over and over. Thinking it was a different company. They just called my husband again at his work last week and cussed him out again. We only had three in the first place and now they are just making things up. They have been paid so many times now we could have went on a vacation :(. We just want to be left alone.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ceochoice Choice The CEO

    I keep getting emails like this

  • http://directlegalfunding.com/ dail stain

    Hey billa, Thanks for sharing your thought. actually i need to know about lawsuit loans. If you don’t mind can you share with me about it.

    • http://billcollectorshateme.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

      Hi Dail… I’m sorry but I am not familiar with lawsuit loans.

  • Angel Wilson

    I just received an email from Federal law department saying I would be sue and chargers will be brought against me for check fraud and not paying back loan. Is this real?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      I doubt it. What is federal law department? Nothing like that exists.

  • TMZ

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I have being facing the same thing and from doing research I
    know it is a scam. I have been receiving threats for years now from a
    collection company concerning a payday loan. Yes I have used them before, but
    have paid off everything in full. But this is how they retrieve your personal
    information. I have threats of coming to my job, coming to my home, being
    arrested, assets frozen, the whole nine. When I ask them for written
    documentation or proof, they get very hostile and more threats occur. My calls
    have been from a Delaware associates, and then I just received one from a Ms.
    Jones 609-256-7454. A real collection agency will supply an invoice or
    documentation, and it’s been 2 years now
    and I am still waiting.

  • jlyno

    Just had this happen to me!!! Said the debt was from 2011 and then quoted a job I had in 2004 and an account closed that same year. Scammer. He was highly rude and was screaming at me!

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Ah his info may have changed hands as a result of that loan. They aren’t known for protecting consumer privacy.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Hmmm,,, did he ever get a payday loan?

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    If he applied for any kind of quick cash or payday loan online at any time they probably got his number that way. This is not at all unusual unfortunately.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    We don’t know that company, but we advise consumers not to pay upfront for a loan. Requesting fees upfront for insurance or processing fees is a common scam.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    I see no reason to engage in a conversation with the scammer. And that certainly sounds like what you’re dealing with here.

    • tiredofbeingscammed

      I am curious as to what the credit reporting companies plan to do about the reporting these animals do! I can’t buy a house right now because of a “loan” that I did not take out that is being reported on my credit! This has to stop. They can’t just mess with people’s lives like this. I had to hire an attorney!

      • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

        We’d like to hear how your case turns out. Please do comment when it’s concluded if you can.

      • Samif

        I worked for a credit bureau. If there is a disputed item on your credit report. You may have it marked disputed and by law of the FDCRA the credit bureau must be able to supply you with verification of the debt within 30 days. If not it must be removed from your file.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    You can try reporting the calls to your state attorney general’s office or to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And let her know you are doing so.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Unfortunately, not everyone knows. But it’s good that more people are recognizing scams.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Thanks for sharing.

  • unknown

    I been getting a call in florida saying that if I didn’t pay or call them back they would send a cop to pick me up and that I had 15 mins to call back..won’t send me no infornation about anything..also calling my work saying if I didn’t call back my bosses wouldn’t see me for a long time they said it was state wide adr 1-888-825-3116 they were very aggressive too

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    If you are dealing with a scammer it can be hard to stop them. I suggest you read this article: 7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    We don’t think so, but you should report then to your state attorney general’s office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • Michael

    A woman named “Cindy” from “RA Associates” left a message on my voice mail saying that the call was regarding a debt and that if I did not contact them within 72 hours they would attach my wages. She did not say what the debt was connected to.

    I called back and a man answered and told me that the debt was a payday loan that is more than two years old. I sent a cease and desist letter to the payday loan company back then, and even then they would not leave me alone. I had to contact the California State Department of Corporations and the state attorney general’s
    office to get them to stop calling me at work.

    This new collection agency calls itself Robert Anderson Associates (ph: (844-260-5843) and they have bought the old debt and claim that I now owe $2,300 for a loan that was originally $300 and paid down to $150. The man said that they would accept $311 today only. “Cindy” called back and said the same thing, threatening me with legal action and wage garnishment. When I told her that I wanted to get legal advice, she hung up.

    “RA Associates” or “Robert Anderson Associates” is nowhere to be
    found on the web, nor is the phone number above and two others (822-260-5843 and 822-604-5843).

    They called my 87-year-old mother and she asked them how they got her phone number, and a woman said that I had put her down as a contact. However, her new phone number is barely a year old and is not the one given at the time of the payday loan.

    There is a R.A. & Associates in Glendale, CA, but they are a legitimate personal injury law firm and do not participate in bill
    collecting. The “RA Associates” who harassed me are scam artists.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Thanks for sharing that information, and congratulations on the detective work you did instead of operating out of fear.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    I am very concerned you are dealing with a scammer – possibly in both instances. Please read this article about how process servers work and proceed with extreme caution. (And verify the one you are making payments to is legitimate!)

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Heather —
    You can do what all of us should do — check your credit reports and scores regularly. Given the number of data breaches and the number of places people are required to give Social Security numbers, we are all at some risk. We wrote about a somewhat similar situation here: Help! Someone Is Using My Social Security Number

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Rachel —
    Sorry to hear a scammer made your day so difficult, but we are relieved to know you didn’t send a moneygram. Those, along with prepaid cards, are popular ways for scammers to take advantage of scared consumers. But good for you for doing the research and figuring out it was a scam.

  • Gina

    do you have to reply within 48 hours to an email threat? the mail had a case number and everything

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Gina —
      Please do not respond to an email threat. Instead, we urge you to report it to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You should not be threatened at all. And having a case number or even a Social Security number does not mean that the debt collector is legitimate.
      It is frightening, to be sure, but scammers use that fear to get people to pay money they do not actually owe. Before you pay anyone anything, make sure you owe it, and that they own the debt. (They are required by law to send you a “validation of the debt” by postal mail.) And please do not agree to pay via a prepaid debit card. More about that here: The One Way You Should Never Pay a Debt Collector.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Sounds like a scam to me!

  • poooop

    I received a call about a payday loan that I took out and never payed back. This guy was real nasty told me that I need to quit my job cuz they dont pay that much. Told me that if I dont pay thatvi can be charged with fraud asked for debit card number. Thankfully I had ten dollars less than the agreed amount in my checking n I have a block for overdraft fees. After this I called an attorneys office and they said it sounds like a scam. Thing was that I do owe a payday loan place and this guy had my name and social security number so I thought it was legit. I have since ordered a new debit card and im gonna talk to my bank about changing my checking acount number or something. I dont want these guys getting into my bank account number. He theartened to garnish my wages told me that if I go to court I could pay up to 2000 dollars instead of the small amount that I actually owe. Said he can come up to my work and serve me with a supena. I told him that I could only afford to pay 50 dollars now and then 50 dollars a week and he said he needs 150 now and 100 a week . I dont see how anyone can deny a payment which makes me feel even more its a scam. U can pay hospital bills a dollar a day and they cant do nothing so why would this be any different. Im not paying nothing untill I get a court date and then I will go to court n then I will pay. Untill then oh well I just got a job after being out of work for 4 months I have alot of important things to worry about

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Yes, it does sound like a scam. Here are some ways to tell. But always, if you are paying a debt collector, it’s important to be sure they actually own the debt.

      9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    What they are doing is illegal, and it’s unlikely you are dealing with a legitimate agency. There are some ideas for getting the calls to stop in this post (and in the comments): 7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls. It sounds as if their hope is to frighten you into paying.

  • http://consumerrecoverynetwork.com/ask-a-question/ Michael Bovee

    Legitimate lending and collection companies do not threaten people with fraud charges and the like.

    I know this can all feel very disconcerting, and even frightening. But that is how scammers, and debt collectors using bad practices, are able to get people to pay.

    I would highly recommend you file a debt collection complaint with the CFPB here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/

    I would also recommend you contact an experienced consumer law attorney who regularly takes debt collectors to task for bad behavior. What is the name of a large city near you?

    Your initial phone call consultation with the consumer attorney will often be free. If they think you have a solid debt collection violation case, they will often work your case without charge.

    Even if you owe a debt, you are not owed collection abuse.

    At a minimum, taking the above actions will help you learn if the debt is legitimate.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    No, contacting Social Security does not make sense unless you need to change your SSN which is not something easily done (or recommended). However, your information is “out there” so you may want to file a police report and at least place a fraud alert on your credit reports.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler


  • Kirsten

    Where can I get a list of valid debt collection agencies? An agency named the ACS group keeps trying to contact me, is it legit?

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      It probably would not matter. Scammers can and do use the names of real ones.

  • Clark Thurmond

    For the past several days, some entity claiming they have papers to serve have been blowing up relatives phones. Trying to acertain my whereabouts. The days that i have not worked. No one has been to my doorstep to do , the email i recieved is at best enough to leave skepticism abound, considering the sentence and word structure and doesnt jive as being official. If you want to see it reply back

    • http://billcollectorshateme.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

      I don’t need to see it to know it’s bogus.

    • Shashandon

      I have been receiving a lot if email threatened me with jail time I’m scared I only work a part time job now I lost the full time job I have during the time ime I took out the online payday loan

      • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

        You should not be frightened by email threats with online payday loans. They are almost certainly scams. Legitimate debt collectors know that under federal law they must send written notification of the debt. Don’t engage with these folks and feel free to report them to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Please read: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

      • Cynthia Brultz Zimmerman

        They ARE scams. Offshore scammers who threaten you and your family. It’s been hell, I’ve threatened to have my CIA brother in law “reign hellfire down upon them and their families that they will wish they were never born!” Taken from the scene where Tom Cruise talks to the terrorists in the movie ‘tropic thunder’. I am going to call them every day until eternity threatening them and their families with severe bodily harm and of course they will just disappear when the CIA catches up to them! Lol!

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    She definitely sounds like a scammer.

  • Mrs Brown

    I received a call from an investigator calling about a loan I received back in 2011 and said that I owed $1700 but I never took out a loan for even close to that amount. He said it had 378% interest added to it. He only gave me the last 4 of my SSN and told me the company was Mash LLC whom I NEVER heard of. He got aggressive when I asked for more information and asked me if I wanted to settle this in or out of court. I told him obviously out but I’m not paying anything until you tell me more. He put me on hold to consult with “lawyers” but that’s when I hung up. I googled the number (855) 584-6183 and absolutely nothing came up not even a loan company for Mash LLC.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      If you request a validation of the debt, federal law requires that they send you one by postal mail. You can also file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • Dan

    Got a call from a place she called the “Department of legal services” She would not tell me the name of the company in which the department belongs. Was very aggressive, because I would not verify any information to her. She ended up hanging up on me when I mentioned the words “Scare Tactics” and “Attourney General”. Just a heads up for anyone out there with a similar call.

  • Saucie

    why does it seem like this calls go in waves. I get them, then they stop for months, then they pick up again. Today I was threatened because I hung up on a guy, he called back and left me a voice mail messages saying I was “classy” and he was going to contact my HR department. Mind you – the call came from an unknown number.

  • Unknown 1

    Just got a call from 678.608.4967 claiming they were “reliant” and worked in the “financial crime” sector. They said i received a payday loan (which I have never had in my life) in march of 2011 for $265, and now I owe 1100. “Mr. Royce” claimed that I would have my license suspended and would be served soon. Judging from the fact that he couldn’t form much of a coherent sentence, I thought it was fishy, and he kept digging for more information, called my sister and asked if she was my wife, etc. threatened felonies, etc. I told him to send me paperwork, as I have never heard of the company, never taken out a payday loan, and have had a stable job since graduating college in 2010. Definitely not legitimate, and offered for me to settle it on the phone without going to court, etc. Scam city.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Good for you. That has the earmarks of a scam.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    It does sound very much like it could be a scam. Are you dealing with the lender now, or is this a collection agency? Such terms as “fraud” and “federal” are common among the scamsters, and some online “applications” are fishing for personal data (bank account number, Social Security number, etc.). If you never received money, please do not give them money. If you still use that bank account, consider closing it and opening another with a new number.

    We hope you will report the collector to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    More resources that may be useful to you are:

    The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collectors

    9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    It sounds like you are being scammed. Ignore it. Do not engage with them. If they start calling or harassing you, here’s an article that may help: 7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Try to be calm. You have, by law, a right to receive by postal mail “validation of the debt.” You should report the calls to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can also get in touch with your state attorney general’s office to try to put an end to the calls. It can be difficult, especially since some of these operations are based outside the U.S.
    Here’s a link to the CFPB complaint portal: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/#debt-collection
    Good luck to you — and please let us know what happens!

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Ah good luck. If they are scammers – and it sure sounds like it – it’s hard to stop them. We provide some ideas in this article: 7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    If they are a scammer – and that certainly sounds like a possibility – it can be very hard to stop them. Normally, you can tell a debt collector that you aren’t allowed to take calls at work and they must stop calling you there. But scammers don’t care about the law. You may find some ideas for finding them off in this story: 7 Ways to Stop Debt Collection Scam Calls

  • mama lou

    A william Davis with Cash Advance says that the only way I get paper work is after we pay the complete amount. I have told them that they are listed as a Fraud on the internet. They said that I should be getting papers in the mail in 7 days for my court dates. DOes this sound like a fraud.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      It certainly does not sound legitimate. In no case should you pay first and get paperwork later. A legitimate collector will send you via postal mail validation of the debt.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Good thing you’re doing your homework!

  • Drea

    This happened to me today, however this same phone number (855) 974-6362 has been calling for over a month making threats on my voicemail. I was called by a man named Daniel Green who was the “owner” of Clear Credit solutions… and I was only able to get this information after calling him back repeatedly. He says that I took out a payday loan last year (on a bank account that has been CLOSED for over a year) and that if I didn’t pay them $240 then I was going to be summonsed to court and most likely thrown in jail. I even pulled ALL my deposits the entire time I bank with the particular bank he mentioned and there were NO deposits made by anything out of the ordinary. Please do your research and BEWARE OF THESE SCAMS. Do NOT give them any personal information. The scary part is he knew my name, address, last four of my SSN and where I used to bank. I’m filing a complain for identity fraud just in case.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Good for you for not letting a scammer have your money — and warning others.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Please be careful. This could be a scam. Check out this article:

    9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    It sounds as if you are right to be suspicious. A legitimate company would send you verification of the debt if you requested it, and would do so via postal mail.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Aaron —
    You will want to monitor your credit carefully to make sure no one is opening accounts in your name with that information. First, check your credit. Here’s how to get your free annual credit reports.. Check to be sure no accounts have been opened in your name and that other information is correct. You can also monitor your credit every 30 days with two free credit scores from Credit.com. A big unexplained change could be a sign of fraud.

    We wrote about a somewhat similar situation here: Help! I Think Someone’s Using My Social Security Number.

    Hope that’s useful.

  • unknown

    Just today a person who is calling himself Sam Johnson offered me a loan but wanted $185 dollars first. He keeps on blowing my phone up. Here is the number for this person and they don’t know that I know hat they are up to. The number is 1-347-408-0091. Get these people arrested before they rob more people who are gullible.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Yes. A legitimate company will tell you who they are and is required by law to send written information about the debt if you request it. A debt collector cannot “send police to arrest” you.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    It sounds as if you are talking to a scammer. (See 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer.) Real collectors are not allowed to make such threats (and do you really think the government insists on payments made via a certain issuer and a certain drugstore chain). The caller is trying to get you to pay in a way that makes your money unrecoverable once you realize it’s a scam. (See The One Way You Should Never Pay a Debt Collector.)

  • Dummy

    I got really scared and paid a debt that I know nothing about. I know I was stupid. As soon as I paid I tried to cancel itt with the credit card co but it was too late. Is there anything I can do?

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Sorry you let fear overtake your good judgment. You can report it to your state attorney general or you can try filing a report with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. However, many of these operations are based outside the U.S. and can be difficult to trace. And next time — and hopefully there won’t be one — keep in mind that you have rights that should be respected.

      You can read more here:
      The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collectors. And don’t be so tough on yourself. The scammers wouldn’t keep at it if they weren’t successfully scaring people into paying money they don’t owe. We’ll bet you won’t be a victim again.

      And are you certain it was a credit card (and not a debit or prepaid debit card)? How long ago did this happen?

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    It sounds like a scam. This article may help: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • Unknown

    Hello I hope someone can help me please. I received A phone call from a guy saying he’s from Empire Mediation & Arbitration Service LLC. That they are taking me to court for defaulting on a payday loan with check n go. That I’m going to face a judge and there asking 2815 but if I pay today they are willing to settle for 412.50. Originally my loan was 255.00. witch I got in 2008. I told them to send me a validation debut letter he said I can email you a settlement letter that they supposable mailed me a while ago. They had my old address But I never received anything because my mom lives there. So there saying that I’m going to get served with court papers and I have to face a judge also they want 2,815.00 for fees. Does this sound right please help. I called check n go they said they sold my case in 2009 and they have nothing to do with my case no more and that they are not suing me But they don’t know who else has my case since the company they sold it too went out of business. Please help should I pay the 412.50. I don’t work or have the money sine I take acre of my daughter who had cancer. Thank

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Carol —
    Your friends are right — it is likely a scam. In addition, using a prepaid debit card to pay a collector is a bad idea, as we wrote about in The One Way You Should Never Pay a Debt Collector.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Thanks for sharing – glad you didn’t fall for a scam!

  • Angie

    I received a call from a “courier service” in my county. The number was restricted. He said he had legal papers to deliver to me and unless I called 877-454-4291, they wold be delivered today between 2 & 4. I must be available at my home or place of employment. How will they know which place to go??? LOL!!! I called the number but didn’t talk to anyone. THe phone was answered ADR Arbitration. Has anyone ever heard of them?

  • Mikey

    I got a call today from a GA number, 404-996-1953, I was told that an arrest warrent was going to be out out at5 pm today If I didn’t make a payment of 300.00 for a loan I didn’t receive, but bc I applied and cancelled and changed my bank acct information I was going to be held for check fraud, I explained that I never received the loan and she explained that i did not read the fine print that said that by applying for this loan I agreed to pay

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Not having the money to pay a debt is not a crime. It sounds like you are dealing with scammers. The advice I gave in the articles below to your situation. Start with step #1 and insist they mail you written notice of the debt which is required by federal law. (Do not be intimidated by the fact that they have a lot of information about you – that’s very common with payday loans.)

    The One Way You Should Never Pay a Debt Collector

    9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • Crystal S.

    I just received a call from Niagra Capital Services Inc.about a loan from 2010 when I lived in New Jersey. He said he has a legal complaint about me. He has my new phone number, stated where I used to work as well as my new address in a different state. He said with interest I owe about $1,500, but will settle for $560. I asked him to email me the info, (since he has my email address) He did with the name of the payday loan company that I took out the loan with. I remember that I paid hundreds over what I borrowed. I emailed him back and asked for the original paperwork associated with the loan. I did some research and found that payday loans are illegal in the state of New Jersey. It’s been over 4 years. What can I do?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Crystal – Old payday loan collection efforts like this are very often scams. So you should proceed very cautiously and assume it is a scam unless they can really prove otherwise. Ask them to send you written notice of the debt by snail mail, not email. (Email is too easy to easy to fake. It could be coming from anywhere in the world. Let me guess it came from a gmail address or something like that?) And furthermore that written notice is required by law.

      We’ve written a whole bunch of articles on this topic. I’d suggest you check them out for ideas on how to proceed. Start here: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • http://consumerrecoverynetwork.com/ask-a-question/ Michael Bovee

    Both the company name and the phone number you provided turn up very troubling consumer complaints and scam warnings.

    File complaints with your state attorney general and the CFPB. Be as detailed as possible with the information you provide.

    Call your bank and talk to them about your concerns.

    The amount of accurate personal information scammers and hackers can gain access to is very unnerving. You have to stay on your toes!!

  • unknown

    last week I got a call from Christina Baker’s Law Firm in ohio claming I owe a debt to CashNetUSA…. First, i have NEVER applied or gotten a payday loan. I work for a bank and recently there was a rather large merchant service breach which my information was compromised. This lady was pretty nice until I told her I would not pay her Sh** because I had no idea who she was calling for. She would not give me the amount of the loan, when the loan was direct deposited into my account, she wouldn’t give me any help on how to get in touch with this loan company. She told me that they had sent me letters in the mail and also it had been in collections a year (From 2011, so that would be 2012) and now the debt was turned over to them to collect…she told me I was facing 3 felony charges for check fraud and two other types of fruad and I could pay them in full today to satisfy the amount owed or they would see me in court, this is when I told her I wouldn’t pay her anything. Also, she kept putting me on hold and when she came back to the phone after a 5 or 10 minute wait time she would again ask me for the telephone number associated with the case so she could access my file. She kept insisting I owed this loan and I KNEW I did not. I kept her on the phone long enough to get the call traced by the police department and it came back as a scam… when i told her I knew this was a scam she immediately informed me they would be sending the charges to houston Co. (I do not even live in Houston co.) and I would go to jail and hung up on me. SCAM! beware of these low lifes trying to take your money and what you work hard for!

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Thanks for sharing — and glad to hear you were not frightened into paying money you didn’t owe.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Christy – Don’t panic. It sounds like you are talking with a scammer. Please read this article. Do not send them a prepaid card. If it were a legitimate collection agency they would allow you to send a check. They want a prepaid card because it can’t be traced. And once you pay them something, they will never leave you alone. Read this: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • kks

    I recently got a phone call from someone from a company called Alliance. They called my work number. When I called them back the man stated that if I didn’t pay the loan back they would get me for fraud and breach of contract. I gave them my debit card information. I then did some research. I couldn’t find the company’s information online and the company they said I owed number was disconnected. I cancelled my card and then called Alliance back and asked for a validation letter. The man stated that they were a paperless company and they could only send Emails. I told him I wanted in writing. Of course he refused and hung up. I got a call the next day from another guy stating that the card was declined and I needed to handle it right now. I told him not without the letter I asked for. So I hung up. The next day I got a phone call from a lady stating that this was my final warning and I needed to contact them immediately. I never received the letter or Email and I still can’t locate this company by the address they gave me, name or phone number. I was also contacted by another company called D 2 management. They said the same thing that I owed for a pay day loan. The lady identified herself as an officer. I have read online about this company and everyone is saying they are a scam. I have contacted the BBB and consumer affairs so far. I really would like to know if these two companies are really scam companies. Please Help!

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      You are doing all the right things, and it sounds like the calls you are receiving are not legitimate. Please don’t give these companies any account numbers (credit card, debit or any other financial account). We’ve written about these scams before. This post might be useful (or reassuring) to you:
      9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer
      And stand firm. Don’t let them scare you into paying money you don’t owe.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Good job Mom!

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    It can be scary to receive a phone call like that, but try not to panic. Above all, please do not pay money you don’t believe you owe. Scammers try to scare people into doing exactly that.

    Understand that if they have your personal data, it may have been obtained via hacking, etc. You can report abusive behavior to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Here’s a guide that may help you further:
    The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collectors

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    I assume you are just reporting this and not thinking about sending them money – at least I hope so! If you talk with them tell them to send you written notice of the debt by mail as required by law. But it sounds like it’s a scam and they won’t.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    It sounds like you have been taken by a debt collection scam. If so, unfortunately you won’t see that money again.

  • http://consumerrecoverynetwork.com/ask-a-question/ Michael Bovee

    My vote is either a scam debt collector, or a rogue one willing to cross the line in order to collect.

    In either case, I would encourage you to file a debt collection complaint with the CFPB with all that occurred. I would also encourage you to speak with an experienced FDCPA attorney in Kentucky.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    You ca report it to your state attorney general’s office, and you can submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. However, the people you are dealing with may be out of the country or may have a “business” that frequently changes names. You are wise to ask for validation of the debt. A legitimate collector would have provided it. Keep the evidence that the loan was repaid and try not to worry. We’re written about what to do when you receive a call before. Perhaps it will be useful to you.
    The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collectors

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Sounds like a scam to us, too.

  • http://billcollectorshateme.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

    Your mom won’t be arrested. At the very worst they could sue her but this is very unlikely.

    • lele

      These payday loan collectors are using a new scared tactic now. They are saying I’m filing fraud charges with your county and you will be summons to court for fraud. I know you can’t threaten a person over the phone but these are the calls I been getting back to back

      • http://billcollectorshateme.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

        I get that same scare tactic at least once a month. Just ignore it and it will eventually go away.

      • http://billcollectorshateme.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

        I get that same scare tactic at least once a month. Just ignore it and it will eventually go away.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    The way they are attempting to collect sounds like a scam. Please read this article: Could Not Paying a Debt Land You in Jail?

    Do not let her send anything unless she gets written notification in the mail (not email or fax) verifying the debt – which is her right under federal law – and she is able to verify that the company is legitimate. In addition, she should NOT pay with a prepaid card. This is what the scammers request and it is because it cannot be traced.

    Her information may well have been obtained by a scammer so she must proceed with extreme caution. It doesn’t sound like she can afford to lose any money right now to a fraudster.

    (This sounds like a classic debt collection scam that she is experiencing.)

  • zzacky1

    another called [deleted} got me for $407 and tried to used my credit card number. thank goodness i bank at a federal credit union who was on it and shut it down

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Britny —
    Try not to panic, and please don’t pay anyone you don’t believe you owe. When someone says you owe a debt, they must “verify the debt” in writing to show that the debt is yours. (You have that right under federal law, and they must provide it via postal mail.) You are not obligated to prove you did not take out a loan. Credit.com has a few resources that might be useful to you:
    The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collectors
    9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • Dawn

    I just received a nasty voicemail from someone that said they were with Law And Enforcement. The caller said he was “officer *********” and aggressive stated that if we (my company) did not relay this message to my employee, they would issue a warrant and arrest my employee and at my office. The employee doesn’t work in the office so I called the number back to tell them the office number was not a good number to reach the employee. When they answered, the same person that left the message answered with something that didn’t sound like Law And Enforcement. The man had a thick accent so I asked him to spell out the company’s name and after 3 tries, I heard him say USA Cash Advance. The person demanded I give him my employee’s contact number and I explained it was against our company policy. The voicemail and conversation just sounded fishy altogether so whether he was a real collector or just scamming, I refused to give him anything and told him to lose our number.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Yes, it is a problem — one we wrote about here:
    Help! Someone is Using My Social Security Number

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    You should submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can do that here:

    And congratulations to you for not falling for it. Please let us know what happens.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Alesha —
    Federal law requires that they provide verification of the debt. They cannot require that you pay in order to get that. We suggest you submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can do that here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/#debt-collection

    Good luck to you. We’d be interested in knowing what happens.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Don’t be fooled by the “nice” collector. What do you mean they sent you a “settlement letter?” And I don’t understand this either: “But said the original creditor would not release the other in the event that they have to move forward with the legal process.”

    If you didn’t take out the loan, then simply respond in writing (certified mail) stating that this is not your debt. If they continue to contact you file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and your state Attorney General.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Kat —
    You were smart to be suspicious. By law, a collector must send you information verifying the debt if you request it (and you should).

    The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collection may be useful to you in deciding how to proceed. You can also submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if you believe the debt collector is breaking the law.

    Good luck to you — and congratulations for asking questions rather than panicking.

  • Mr. T

    Hello Gerri…would love your insight on this one….

    A “Russell Florence” left me a threatening voice mail warning me that I would be getting served important paperwork next week from two complaints filed against my SS# (the SS# was not verified on message)

    If contact could not be not made at my home, they would contact me at my place of employment (shows you how much they don’t know, I am self employed)

    Called from 561-693-0159 and left the callback # 1-855-935-3665 and a ref. #

    At no point during this aggressive voice mail did he identify his company or any affiliation to another company/individual. After calling both #’s on a Saturday…the first number just rang and rang…the 855 # had a woman’s voice on the VM greeting…only stating “The Claims Department” asking the callers to leave a message and ref. # and the call would be promptly returned….

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Debt collectors are required by law to send written notice of the debt if their first contact with you is by phone. If they aren’t mailing you anything then it very well could be a scam or a rogue collector. And I have no idea what “complaints against your SS#” means. Sounds like a threat designed to scare…

  • stash

    I received an email saying there is a judgement against me for a payday loan from cash usa it had my social sec number and all these charges. I never took out a pay day loan with these people I was suspose to call them yesterday but I did not check my e-mail until the next day. I know this is a scam because I google cash usa and found that some people have recieved the same e-mail. What can I do prevent them from sending the same e-mail. I am going to file a report
    and maybe close my bank account and contact the credit angency.
    They say they will have me lose my job after legal notice is sent.

  • http://billcollectorshateme.blogspot.com/ Bill Collectors Hate Me

    Tricia, I get about 3 of those phone calls a week. Just ignore them and you will find that you will get about 10 more “final warnings”. They will stop calling you once they realize that their scare tactics are not working. If they were really going to serve you they would just do it rather than call you on the phone and tell you first. I was served a summons from bill collectors on two occasions and I never got a warning call from neither of them.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Tricia — You can ask the “firm” for proof of the debt. By law, the company must provide this to you. The firm cannot serve you. Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights. Scammers sometimes get their money by frightening people; try to stay calm, and don’t be intimidated into paying money you don’t owe.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    If you have already paid the company in full, you should not pay them again. Please don’t be intimidated into giving your money to scammers. First, you can ask the caller to verify the debt. By law, you are entitled to documentation, sent via postal mail, that shows the debt is yours. You can find more information here: The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collection. Please read it, and don’t pay money you don’t owe.

  • Cindi M

    Well received a phone call and the number was 505-629-0725 and the call back number was 1-855-779-4008. They say they are collecting on a payday loan I did ask for the name of the company etc. He laughed and said good luck finding us? I will be reporting them.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    The police officer was right. It’s a scam. Ignore them.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    There are lots of databases used for “skip tracing” that may contain details like this. Or he may have provided some information in an application. Just let everyone know what’s going on and tell them not to get involved.

  • jeff

    i just payed a thousand dollars because they told me police were going to come get me…they scared me into giving them my money and i didnt think about it untill after i paid them

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      I am really, really sorry to hear that. At least report it to Fraud.org so there is a record of the issue. Maybe at some point law enforcement will be able to stop them before they rip off other people.

  • Pamala Vela

    Google the number as well. There’s a website I ran into the collects notes on phone scams. It’s called 800notes. I got a call from a “debt Collector” and googled this. Found out it was a bogus debt collector.

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Good to know.

  • me

    Guy from Texas said I had larceny charges for what no clue I never been to Texas I’m in nc and said he been calling everywhere to locate me and said he needed us to call the 713 number so he can get charges done and wanted me to verify my address

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Hope you didn’t pay!

  • scared crazy

    I got a called fron investigator Chavez from 281-306-0337 and she stated I had 2 arrest warrant for check fraud for a payday loan I got a year ago. She insisted I owe $033700 but if I paid that same day it would be $1210 and a in payments it was $1972 so of course I got scared and paid $100 and agreed fpr another $500 ro be debited from my account tomorrow. I started research on my rights and decided to cancel my debit card. She promised a receipt and confirmation # via email bit I never got it.

    Did I do wrong?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Yes, you did wrong. Go to your bank immediately and tell them what happened. Close the account. Do it now. They have access to your account and I have no doubt you are being scammed.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Sounds like a scammer. Whenever they say “check fraud” that’s a red flag. Plus they can try to locate you but they can’t discuss the debt with 3rd parties.

  • tina

    I have been receiving phone calls in regards to a Quick payday loan.This man “Mike” says that he is filing 2 counts of fraud against me in the morning, he said precisely at 9 am and a lien has been placed on my tax return. I asked why had nothing ever been mailed to me. He said that is what he is doing now, that they had sent the sheriff to my house but there was no response. He told me this was from a payday loan from 2007. It seems silly to me that a court would waste its time, so I kept asking why have I never received anything in the mail, he just keeps saying he needs to fill out an affidavit. He says hold on and he will get me his #. It was a good 4 minutes when he came back with 716-218-1535. Now I did take out a payday loan many many years ago and I did pay them back, but I do remember that after paying them in full they tried to take the $ again and I dont believe it was with quick payday loans. I just called the 888-390-7104 again and they answered “arbitration s, this is Lola” she would not give me company name. There is no way they can put a lien on a person’s tax return, I am sure they are trying to scare me.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Because it sounds scary. Please keep a note of all your conversations with them. If they are making illegal threats you may need to talk with a consumer law attorney. If this is a collection agency they must mail you verification of the debt. (Have they done so already?)

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    If they call again tell them to mail you the paperwork. Email is not sufficient. I doubt they will because they are probably just a scammer.

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Ugh – what a nightmare! Maybe it’s time to get a new phone number – unlisted! You could get a google voice number for free which will let you control which calls go through and which get routed to voice mail. Just a thought. (And to the extent that you can, try to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and list whatever details you can about the scammers.)

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Jason —
    Please don’t pay money that you don’t believe you owe. You can contact your state attorney general’s office, or you can submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/. You have a right to ask for (and receive) written verification that you owe the debt. And good for you for checking your own credit. It’s a good habit.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Good for you for not panicking or falling for it.

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now accepts complaints about debt collection. You can submit your complaint here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/#debt-collection. Unfortunately, it sounds as if the only contact information you have is a phone number — and those can change. (And it may or may not be true that the collector workd for a law firm.)

  • Brittney

    I was called yesterday and the call said that my payday loan was in default. If I didnt pay the amount they will send me to court. Can I go to jail!? They kept using the term “financial fraud” which freaked me out! I couldn’t pay the amount yesterday so they said I would get serves today. What’s going to happen? Can I got I jail for this!?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      No Brittany p not being able to pay a debt won’t land you in jail nor is being unable to pay a debt financial fraud. They may be able to sue you for the debt, but if that happens you must be legally served with a notice of the lawsuit. Is this an old payday loan or are you currently behind on a recent one?

      Please also read this article: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • dwlandry

    Got a phone call on Friday 1/23/14 and again this morning on 1/27/14 from a Matthew Rogers saying that he needed to serve me with some sealed legal documents. He said he could not give me his personal cell number but that he could give me a contact number. The contact number is 855-428-5738. I called the number three times and got a voice mail greeting stating “You have reached the desk of Jonathan Duvalle, leave your name, number and a brief message and I will return your call”. I have left three messages (two this morning and have not heard back). This Matthew Rogers stated that he would be serving me at my place of employment today between 12 and 3. I have not been able to find out what this is for and it’s really scary. I did a google search for the 855 number but can’t find anything. Any advise?

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      It is highly unusual for a process server to call you first. They generally try to show up unexpectedly to serve someone because they don’t get paid until they are successful in doing that. My guess is you are dealing with a scammer who is going to try to pressure you to pay over the phone. Please don’t do that. Read this article: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Congratulations on not panicking and asking to see proof that you owe the debt. If you request proof the debt is legitimate, the collection agency is required to provide it. For more information on dealing with collections, see our Ultimate Guide to Debt Collection.

  • ALM1985

    Anyone gotten a call from a 7733058196 from a Judy? I got a call and returned it panicking because I don’t want a felony charge for a loan from 06. She had my exs name and another friends name. I said I couldn’t pay it today but could do payments. She told me she would call and see if we could do payments. I was on hold for approx 2 min and then was given a settlement amount or two payments of 410 I am really scared as she is calling to get my card info tomorrow at 1. Any suggestions? She udnt pronounce my county right but its not an 800 number so not sure its a scam or not. I paid a loan off a long time ago and it wasn’t an 800 dollar only 300. Not sure what to do.

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      It sounds like Judy is a scammer. Please don’t pay her anything until you have verified this debt. I am quite confident that it won’t happen because this does not legitimate.

      You cannot be charged with a felony by a collector because you didn’t pay a loan! A loan is a civil matter, and the collector would have to take you to court to get a judgement. Even then, there is no felony or other criminal charges.

      Please don’t let her scare you into paying. Read this article: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • Angry

    I received a call tonite from a blocked number. When I answered it was a recording stating that I was being named as a respondent in a court case and if I didn’t stay on the line I could risk having my wages garnished. I was then connected with a woman who answered “litigation”….she then referred to me by a former married name from 16 years ago, had the last four of my SS # and an address from 18 years ago. She stated that I had defaulted on a payday loan. I have never had one of these loans. I told her that and she said her client was getting ready to subpoena me for 1200.00..I told her to go for it. She never stated her name or the company name in any of this!

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Glad to hear you didn’t pay it! Sounds like you did the right thing.

  • Janice

    My mom received a call from 855-737-7798 saying that she was being taken to court for a sum of $3000. some odd dollars. They had her really concerned by saying it was an old credit card sh had not paid off, which had a dispute with a company over 20 yrs ago and cancelled that card at that time. I called them back for her and argued the point, the girl said she had paperwork I said mail it eventually the girl got extremely rude and hung on me. I called back she wouldn’t answer, I called from another line she didn’t answer, I put in a different extension, got an answer and asked for a supervisor, she claimed to be one, I asked if they where bogus since they claim to be a mediation service and apparently didn’t know how to conduct a professional conversation, she said she would take care of the employee. I told to send any info or court dates she wanted that I would be requesting a credit report for my mom to see exactly what they were inquiring about since my mom is clueless. Later I found out they had asked my mom initially to verify her SS #. Now I’m concerned. I called today and asked them the name of the company which they replied Empire Mediation when I couldn’t find them on the internet I called back and apparently they blocked the # I called from because it said It was unable to connect. What should I do at this point since they did get her SS# and her credit is perfect NO OUTSTANDING Debt.

    • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

      Janice – It does sound like a scam. I’d suggest you help your mother a. file a police report. This will establish that there was fraud if her info is used b. Place a fraud alert on her credit files and c. monitor her credit. I’ve written about the latter topic here: 3 Times It’s Crucial to Monitor Your Credit

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    No, debtors are not allowed to threaten you. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now taking complaints about collection practices. You can file one here: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/#debt-collection

  • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

    Please don’t panic. You cannot be arrested because you can’t afford to pay this debt. If they call again, you can tell them that you won’t respond until they send something in writing on their letterhead by mail (not email!). That’s your right under federal law. (A warrant for check fraud is a sign you are dealing with a scammer. You defaulted on a debt you couldn’t pay – that’s not check fraud.)

    This kind of thing happens all the time. I know it’s stressful, but please don’t let them get you too worked up. This article should help:

    9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • Samara

    Someone called me yesterday claiming I’m supposed to appear in court and they will be at my home tomorrow. They then called this morning saying they will be at my him between 4 and 5pm. And leafy an “800” number for me to call. The fact that it’s an 800 number already had my skeptical. So I guess I’ll be seeing these ppl at 5 today lol… They also keep calling from an unknown number so I can’t block the call.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    You are correct that they are required by law to give you written proof of the debt. Do you have a physical address for them? If so, you could write a letter and send it registered mail asking for written proof of the debt. If you are being taken to court, you will get a “summons and complaint” either by postal mail or delivered in person. It is an official court document, not an email.

    This post from Credit.com might be useful to you:
    7 Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit

  • Whitney Schmidt

    The one who called me was American legal services.. They had me scared to death >:( I’ve never been to jail in my life!! Thank God I called a lawyer first.. Should have known when they were avoiding my request for detailed info.

  • kelkey

    Help!! I keep receiving calls [from a woman]stating she from dept of investigations out if houston texas in internet payday lian I tool in 2006. Since then I filed bankruptcy in 2010 I don’t know if included in bankruptcy cause if they sold it I dont knoe name she keeps threatening me with cease and desist I have paid them sone money like 1500.00 dollars and she said if I didnt make arrangements they would turn ovrr yo stste and have me arrested for fraud I dont know whst to do and I on disability now and cant go to jail. Please help with any advice snd they sldo took money adsin out my account wuthout permission. Any advice?? She said I wrote bank check I told her I didnt give them a check in 2006

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Kelley —
      It sounds as if you need to contact a consumer law attorney. Gerri Detweiler, Credit.com’s director of consumer education, wrote this post, which may also be useful to you:
      7 Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit

  • TekNik

    They ccontacted me saying i had 2 felony charges and was going to be extradited to D.C. over $441???? Oh and my deposition is tomorrow. …lol what a joke.

  • Mary Wardlow

    my son just got something in the mail. It claimed checks were insufficient on a payment. He hasn’t ever been in one of those pay day cash places.. I am wondering if its just a scam or fraud by some person using his ID?? Told him to check with his bank and report this to the police.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Mary —
      What exactly did your son receive in the mail? It sounds as if your advice is wise. It’s also a good idea for your son to check his credit reports to see if there are any accounts he does not recognize and to dispute any errors. Here are a couple of resources that might be useful:

      How to Spot Fraud on Your Credit Reports

      What to Do if a Debt Collector Calls.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    You may be right that you have become a victim of a scam. We can’t know if they will empty your accounts. Here’s a Credit.com article that may be useful to you in planning your next steps: How to Get Help if You’ve Been Scammed. Good luck to you.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Brenda —
    It sounds as if the caller may be breaking the law; a collection agency cannot send you to jail. Read 5 Things a Debt Collector Should Never Say” and 11 Ways a Debt Collector May Be Breaking the Law for more information and advice on how to handle calls.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    M.B. —
    It can be frustrating and embarrassing when debt collectors call relatives, and, as you suspect, some debt collectors employ tactics that are not legal. But, as a consumer, you are not powerless. Here are three Credit.com articles you may find useful, and thanks for alerting others to the kind of treatment you have received.

    Help! Debt collectors are calling my relatives
    11 ways a debt collector may be breaking the law
    9 ways to turn the tables on debt collectors

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Toody — Thank you for sharing your story. Doing so could help others that are contacted by the same fake company/phone number from becoming a victim.

    The only insight we can offer at this point is that it’s highly likely it’s a scam. If it were a legitimate collector, they would be violating numerous laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Thankfully, you did the right thing and didn’t fall for it.

    Even though there may not be a whole lot you can do about the call, it may be worth taking the time to file a complaint a with your state attorney general and with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • frogie48

    I just had this happen. I took out a payday loan through The Cash Store in 2011 and couldn’t pay it back. I owed $396. A company contacted me, Alliance Asset Management set up payments of $40/mo to pay it off. It took me 9 months. After about 5 payments I got a call from another company, saying that my account had been sold to them and that I owed $296. I told them I was already paying on that account through Asset management. They tried to tell me that they were the rightful owners of the account. I contacted Asset Management who contacted them and put a stop to it. Then in July 2013 I paid the last $32 to Asset Management. Today Oct 24, 2013 I got a call from my sister saying that someone contacted her saying I had two charges pending against me and they wanted to serve me papers. She lives in Chicago and I live in southern Illinois. I called to see what was going on only to find out it is a bill I have already paid off. The person on the phone told me that my account was just sold to them and they hired a locator to find me to serve me papers. They didn’t want to serve me at work. I told her it was paid off in July and she said I needed to get a “Paid in Full” letter from the collector and they would drop it. I called Asset Management and they are sending me a letter. Asset gave me the corporate number for The Cash Store, I called and was told it was a fraud and to stop all contact with this company. I am still going to send in my “paid in full” letter but if I receive anything from BOR again I am going to go after them for violations of the law. This is ridiculous. I keep good records of all my payments and debts (as I have had many over the years), I know a lot of people don’t. They would have just paid them.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    There are several things wrong here, but namely the fact that your mother in law is having long conversations about your debts with the collector that’s calling. This is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Collectors are not allowed to discuss their reason for calling or share details about your debt with anyone other than you (or your spouse). Divorce tends to bring out the worst in some and it sounds like yours is going to be one of them.

    First, understand your rights when dealing with a collector. If you read through the comments in this thread, you’ll see numerous examples of fake payday loan scam collectors using scare tactics to coerce victims into paying up without researching the debt or verifying that they actually owe it. In your case, if you’re positive you paid the old payday loan in full, it’s quite possible that it’s a scam. Fortunately, there are laws in place that protect you from debt collectors and they have to abide by those laws (if they’re legitimate and not scams). For more on what to do and say when a debt collector calls, this resource will help: What to Do if a Debt Collector Calls

    In your case it sounds very much like the rest of the scams others have shared here on this post so it’s wise to proceed with caution. The next time they call, try to get as much contact information about the company — including address, contact phone, name, etc. –and then ask them to please provide written documentation in the mail to validate the debt. As we’ve stated in previous posts, this is standard procedure when dealing with any debt collector and by law, the collector must comply with this request. If they refuse, they’re breaking the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and have no legal right to continue to attempt to collect. In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if a collector contacts you by phone they have 5 days in which to send you formal written notice that you owe the debt. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and your right to dispute the debt, in writing, within 30 days of receiving the notice.

    If they refuse to comply with the requests, then it’s likely a scam and we’d encourage you to follow the information Gerri shared in the article above:

    • Ask the collector for the name and address of the collection agency for which he or she works. Then ask him to send you written information about the debt. Any legitimate debt collection agency will do this because it’s required under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
• If the caller won’t give you this information, hang up. If a phone number is available through caller ID, report the call on our forums and to your state attorney general and the FTC.
• Don’t let one of these companies scare you into making payments if you’re not sure you owe the debt. In most cases, collectors must first take you to court and get a judgment before they can go after your wages or property. (If you live in Minnesota, though, read this warning.)

    If you by some chance you determine that this is in fact a legitimate collection, they’re still violating numerous FDCPA laws and we’d encourage you to consult with a consumer law attorney. You may have a strong case against the collector. To find a consumer law attorney in your area, http://www.NACA.net is a good place to start.

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  • Reg

    I am really scared. We got this phone call from this legal processing center accusing us the 2 charges with the state and both of them are felonies according to whoever said on the phone. That we will be thrown to jail for 85 months if we don’t take care of the monies… It was for a check 570 and now all the fees added up to 970 and how our case was turned over to the state that is why they are calling us… That they can issue a warrant for arrest if we don’t take care of the monies…..
    We were accused of grand larceny and malicious intend to defraud the state of Oregon regulated instrument of Oregon (I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS).

    Can they really throw a person in jail for 85 months aka 7 years? We did have a payday loan and completely slipped. Our bank closed out on us and thisis probably why the check bounced off that place. What do you advise we do? I am freaking out….. I asked for it in writing and they refufsed to give me thier address and put me on hold to be connected with an officer for warrants.

    Please advise accordingly! Thanks!

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Reg – This is a common tactic they use to scare you into pay without questioning the validity of the debt. There are laws in place that protect you from debt collectors and they have to abide by those laws (if they’re legitimate and not scams). For more on what to do and say when a debt collector calls, this resource will help: What to Do if a Debt Collector Calls

      In your case it sounds very much like the rest of the scams others have shared here on this post so it’s wise to proceed with caution. The next time they call, try to get as much contact information about the company — including address, contact phone, name, etc. –and then ask them to please provide written documentation in the mail to validate the debt. As we’ve stated in previous posts, this is standard procedure when dealing with any debt collector and by law, the collector must comply with this request. If they refuse, they’re breaking the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and have no legal right to continue to attempt to collect. In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if a collector contacts you by phone they have 5 days in which to send you formal written notice that you owe the debt. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and your right to dispute the debt, in writing, within 30 days of receiving the notice.
      If they refuse to comply with the requests, then it’s likely a scam and we’d encourage you to follow the advice Gerri shared above:

      • Ask the collector for the name and address of the collection agency for which he or she works. Then ask him to send you written information about the debt. Any legitimate debt collection agency will do this because it’s required under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

• If the caller won’t give you this information, hang up. If a phone number is available through caller ID, report the call on our forums and to your state attorney general and the FTC.

• Don’t let one of these companies scare you into making payments if you’re not sure you owe the debt. In most cases, collectors must first take you to court and get a judgment before they can go after your wages or property. (If you live in Minnesota, though, read this warning.)

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Crystal – It could be a scam or it could be a legitimate collection. Them being a detective sounds suspect but to know for sure, you’ll need more information from them. For step-by-step instructions on how to deal with a collector when they call, this resource can help:

    What to Do If a Debt Collector Calls

    If they call back, follow the instructions outlined either in this article or the resource provided above. If the collector won’t comply with your requests, then it may be a scam. It’s hard to say until you actually talk to them to see if the debt is legitimate. Whatever you do, don’t let them intimidate you into paying without validating the debt. As evidenced by the comments on this thread, they use scare tactics and prey on consumers not knowing their rights and the laws when it comes to debt collections.

    One last resource, if the collection turns out to be a legitimate collection and they’re attempting to locate you in order to serve you a court summons, Gerri offers excellent advice on how to handle a debt collection lawsuit here:

    Seven Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    “I don’t think they’ll be calling back, because I told them that it’s federal law to send me something written in the mail before attempting to collect debt from me” — Surprisingly, once they know that you know the laws (and better than they do), they typically do back off and give up. Thank you for sharing your story, it shows that knowing and understanding your rights can help protect you from becoming a victim.

  • pippin

    (715)629-1149 just got a call from this number.telling me charges had.been filed against me and I needed to verify my address so I could receive these sealed documents. I didn’t give out any of my info he already didn’t have. I almost gave out my info but thnxs to.this informative website I knew better thanks for educating me on this scam.

  • Concerned

    I was just on creditkarma last night and woke up to a voicemail from someone telling me to call them back or it would result in a warrant for my arrest. They told me I owed 1400 and they would settle for 700 they had my personal info including ss#. They said I had till 1pm this same day to pay. I called the courts in Illinois and they knew nothing of it. I called the company back and they were aggressive and yelled saying were are submitting it early now don’t call us ever again. Now u will get arrested by cook county Illinois but I’m a Wisconsin resident.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      This is a common tactic they use to scare you into pay without questioning the validity of the debt. There are laws in place that protect you from debt collectors and they have to abide by those laws (if they’re legitimate and not scams). For more on what to do and say when a debt collector calls, this resource will help: What to Do if a Debt Collector Calls

      In your case it sounds very much like the rest of the scams others have shared here on this post so it’s wise to proceed with caution. The next time they call, try to get as much contact information about the company — including address, contact phone, name, etc. –and then ask them to please provide written documentation in the mail to validate the debt. As we’ve stated in previous posts, this is standard procedure when dealing with any debt collector and by law, the collector must comply with this request. If they refuse, they’re breaking the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and have no legal right to continue to attempt to collect. In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if a collector contacts you by phone they have 5 days in which to send you formal written notice that you owe the debt. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and your right to dispute the debt, in writing, within 30 days of receiving the notice.
      If they refuse to comply with the requests, then it’s likely a scam and we’d encourage you to follow the advice Gerri shared above:

      • Ask the collector for the name and address of the collection agency for which he or she works. Then ask him to send you written information about the debt. Any legitimate debt collection agency will do this because it’s required under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

• If the caller won’t give you this information, hang up. If a phone number is available through caller ID, report the call on our forums and to your state attorney general and the FTC.

• Don’t let one of these companies scare you into making payments if you’re not sure you owe the debt. In most cases, collectors must first take you to court and get a judgment before they can go after your wages or property. (If you live in Minnesota, though, read this warning.)

  • pp

    I just got the same email a few days ago you can turn them into the IC3.gov they deal with internet crime and after I have turned them in they havent written again

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    MK — If this is a legitimate collector, they are breaking the law under the FDCPA and you may have a case for harassment. (In which case you may wish to consult with a consumer law attorney to see if you have a strong case. http://www.NACA.net is a good place to start.)

    However, it’s quite possible that this is a scam so it’s wise to proceed with caution. The next time they call, try to get as much contact information about the company — including address, contact phone, name, etc. –and then ask them to please provide written documentation in the mail to validate the debt.

    This is standard procedure when dealing with any debt collector and by law, the collector must comply with this request. If they refuse, they’re breaking the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and have no legal right to continue to attempt to collect. In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if a collector contacts you by phone they have 5 days in which to send you formal written notice that you owe the debt. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and your right to dispute the debt, in writing, within 30 days of receiving the notice.

    If they refuse to comply with the requests, then it’s likely a scam and we’d encourage you to follow the advice Gerri shared above:

    • Ask the collector for the name and address of the collection agency for which he or she works. Then ask him to send you written information about the debt. Any legitimate debt collection agency will do this because it’s required under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
    • If the caller won’t give you this information, hang up. If a phone number is available through caller ID, report the call on our forums and to your state attorney general and the FTC.
    • Don’t let one of these companies scare you into making payments if you’re not sure you owe the debt. In most cases, collectors must first take you to court and get a judgment before they can go after your wages or property. (If you live in Minnesota, though, read this warning.)

    • clayton

      Has anyone got a call from statewide adr they keep calling my work and my dad house say they want to give me papers. Is this company for real or not i cant find anything on them. And i dont want to lose my job. Please help

    • Rudy

      I got a call from some lady her name was emily clark stating that she was an investigator and that i owed a b payday loan from back on 2010 she was rude and treated me to report me to my county so i can be arrested for check fraud to the payday financia intitution i fraked out because a the time i was getting those kind of loans so i agree to pay them when i asked about my options to pay they said that i owed them a total of 950 usd but it will settle for 600 or 3 payments of 300 when i picked my option the said that i had an hour to pay them to go to a cvs or waltmart and get a money graham and send it to a KWA Company it really sounded fishy so i gave them excuses to not be able to make it they still calling me what do i do to have them stop or verify thay are who they said they are??

      • http://www.Credit.com/ Gerri Detweiler

        Rudy – Please don’t freak out. This kind of thing happens all the time and what you are saying happened has all the signs of a scam. I don’t want to see you get taken in by a scammer. Read this article: 9 Signs You Are Talking to a Debt Collection Scammer

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    MK – If this is a legitimate collection for a credit card, there are specific steps you’ll want to take when dealing with the collector and the summons. The following resource should help:

    Seven Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit

  • Chucky GoodGuy

    I was also contacted by some fool who “claimed” to be with a firm. He stated my company owed over $1,247.00 in penalties & fines and that I had to pay by credit card or check or face charges and time in jail. I informed him that I was a specialist in detecting bull-crap and that my sensors were going haywire. He continued to spew out nonsense that had no cohesion to it what-so-ever. When he was done he asked me what my next course of action was…I told him to hold on since his wife was blowing me…he hung up on me! The NERVE! If anyone calls you threatening legal nonsense, just tell them to blow you. What’s the worst that can happen!? Lol.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Dave – What you’re explaining here is an advanced fee loan scam. Whatever you do, do NOT send them any more money — and in the future, never send payments via a prepaid card as it’ll be nearly impossible to get your money back.

    Legitimate lenders would never require you to pay in advance for a loan. You can read all about this issue and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim here: Protect Yourself From Bad Credit Loan Scams

    In your case, if you have contact information on this company, we’d encourage you to file a complaint with your state attorney general, the FTC, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    It sounds like the sites you applied at were advanced fee loan scams. Whatever you do, do NOT send them money. Legitimate lenders would never require you to pay in advance for a loan. You can read all about this issue and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim here: Protect Yourself From Bad Credit Loan Scams

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Hi Marie — If it’s a legitimate collector he should have been able to tell you what the debt was for and the amount. It’s quite possible that this is a scam and they’re using your identifying information to intimidate or scare you into paying up without asking questions or researching the debt.

    The next time they call, ask them to provide written documentation to validate the debt (to prove the debt even exists). This is standard procedure when dealing with any debt collector and by law, the collector must comply with this request. If they refuse, they’re breaking the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and have no legal right to continue to attempt to collect. In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if a collector contacts you by phone they have 5 days in which to send you formal written notice that you owe the debt. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and your right to dispute the debt, in writing, within 30 days of receiving the notice.

    Bottom line? If they refuse to comply with the laws, then it’s likely a scam. For more on dealing with debt collectors and your rights, these resources should help:

    1. What to do if a Debt Collector Calls
    2. Seven Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    If a legitimate collector contacted you for a legitimate debt, you could request they stop/cease all contact and legally they would have to oblige. You’d also want to send this as a written request, certified, return receipt requested and keep the documentation for your records. If they continued to attempt to collect (and repeatedly call), they’d be breaking the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In which case, you may have legal recourse and we’d advise consulting with a consumer law attorney for help. (www.NACA.net is a good place to start)

    However, if they’re not a legitimate collector and it’s a scam — they’re not going to care if they’re breaking laws and as you’ve experienced, they’re not willing to provide phone or contact mailing addresses, etc.

    A couple of options to consider:

    Contact your cell company and see if there is any way to block their calls. Some phone services will offer call screening services which may be another option.

    Report and file complaints with your local law enforcement, your state attorney general and the consumer financial protection bureau.

    In the end, if you’re dealing with a scam it’s best to follow the advice Gerri provided above and if the collection is a scam, hang up.

  • Betty

    Anyone here ever heard of a Peter Shapiro or the Shapiro Agency? Telephone 877-723-4711. This ‘person’ has called two of my family members today and told them his agency was conducting a criminal investigation of me and needed a character statement. I am certain this is the same as those who harassed me about a payday loan from 2006 to the point where I changed my cell phone number over a year ago. They were threatening criminal action then. My daughter asked if he was a debt collector and was told no. She looked them up on the internet and found, yes, they were collectors (of some sort). Now I have been paying on my Chapter 13 for 50 months now with 4 more months to go. Any bill I owed is included in that bankruptcy. So you can believe this makes me furious! I have tried to call the number given but I get told to hold for Pete Shapiro and then asked to leave a voice message. I want to talk to this thing voice to voice. Any suggestions on who and how to complain about this … thing?

  • Gerri Detweiler

    There probably isn’t much anyone can do about it. You may want to put a fraud alert on your credit reports, and at a minimum, check your credit reports annually. You can also monitor your credit score for free using Credit.com’s free Credit Report Card. If it changes drastically, you’ll know to investigate further.

  • Gerri Detweiler

    Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully others who get contacted by these scammers will read this before they get ripped off.

  • Gerri Detweiler

    So glad to hear you didn’t pay them! Thanks for the info.

  • Gerri Detweiler

    It’s very easy for scammers to spoof phone numbers to make it look like they are calling from someone else.

  • Claudia

    I had a similar situation last year. Some guy called my job saying that they needed my information regarding a check fraud. I called him back and asked him what it was about and to please not contact me at my job. He stated that he was creditor from united cash online. And that I owes $1,200 or that I was gonna be arrested in 23 hrs. He was gonna send someone to my work place to get arrested. He also stated that if I didn’t send the money within 6 hours he i had to face the consequences. I borrow the money and send it thru PayPal. I paid cause I was scared and I had just had a baby 4 months prior to that. And after 5 days later another jerk calls me regarding the same thing but for less money. I felt so dumb for falling to their scheme 🙁

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Claudia – so sorry to hear that too!

  • Joe

    I received a call about a year ago with something similar to this and I ignored it. Yesterday I got a call at my job from a guy named Mr. Layne Abbott with a phone number 713-904-4301. He left a message stating that he wants to verify some info and may be able to provide an exoneration letter. Thanks everyone for posting your information. It put me at ease knowing this was a scam. Who should I report him to (I live in Maryland but I looked it up and it looked like the call came from a land line in Texas)?

    • Gerri Detweiler

      You can’t rely on caller ID to verify where the call actually came from. These scammers can spoof phone numbers very easily – they may even be calling from overseas. You can report them to your state consumer protection office and the FTC.

      Glad you didn’t get taken!

  • Jaysea G

    I got a call tonight from this number and when I called back the
    recording says they are consumer credit consultants. I have searched
    for these people online and can’t find any thing that resembles what
    they say they are. I have gotten 4 different calls in the last 3 days
    from different numbers all for the same thing and all saying different company names if I can get them. (Consumer Credit Consultants, United Financial Services, and Cornerstone) Saying I owe for a
    payday loan from 2008 and sometimes from 2010. They all say I owe the same amount too, 180.80. Sometimes that is the amount they want me to pay and sometimes it’s 880.80. They have my social
    security number and an old address, that I was not living at on either
    of those years. They also ask about a job that I wasn’t working at on
    those dates always aug 25 either 2008 or 2010. The kicker for me is
    they say they have “verified” that the bank account this was supposedly
    sent to. Well, I didn’t even have that account at either date. I am
    not going to pay for the scam but I need to get them to stop. I guess I
    can’t they won’t give an address they will only give me an email
    address and get highly upset when I say they can’t scare me into paying
    their false debts. UGH HOW DO I STOP THESE?? any help anyone has would
    be greatly appreciated. I keep denying it’s mine and telling them to go
    ahead and sue me cause I have proof it isn’t mine but they still keep
    calling and harassing me.

  • Shani

    I took out a loan from Check N Go about a year ago and I just begin to pay it off. A debt collection agency by the name of PDL Recovery Group started to call me and threaten me that if I don’t start a payment plan, Check N Go was going to take me to court and start garnishing my wages.
    I started to do research about the collection agency and I checked the Better Business Bureau and they had lots of complaints and rated with an “F”. I did contact Check N Go about which company they sold the account to and it was not PDL so I am wondering how they got my information. I had given PDL $25 just for them to stop calling me so much but I am wondering if I should have done that.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Shani – You should NOT pay a debt collector without first verifying the debt. Now that they know you will pay, they will probably intensify their efforts. I recommend you file complaints with your state attorney general’s office and the Federal Trade Comission. You may also have to get call screening through your phone company if they won’t stop calling you.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Nona – There are a few options for trying to stop them but it’s not easy when you’re dealing with a scam. If they were legitimate collectors, and traceable — where they could be held accountable under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, consumers would recourse to sue them. However, with scams, it’s a little more difficult …but there are a few options that may help — you can file a complaint with your local law enforcement, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and your state attorney general.

    Gerri also wrote more about these topics and offers a few ideas in the following articles:

    How to Beat Debt Collection Scammers at Their Game
    7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls

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  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Stacy – don’t pay anything unless you’re sure it’s a legitimate debt. Under the FDCPA, collectors are legally obligated to provide proof of the debt. Having said this, within five days of contacting you by phone, they must send you written notification of their attempt to collect. In that notice, they have to inform you of your right to have the debt validated. You have thirty days to do this and it must be done in writing. If they cannot validate the debt and prove that you owe it, they cannot legally collect. With that said, we strongly encourage you to read through the following two resources, to at least make sure you know your rights and take the appropriate steps going forward:

    What to Do If a Debt Collector Calls
    Seven Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit

    In the end, if they can’t answer your questions or validate the debt (in writing), it’s probably a scam. In which case, you may not be able to do much about the call but you can report them to your local law enforcement, your state attorney general, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You may even want to inform the caller that you’ve taken these steps.

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Stacy – They may have been able to “spoof” the caller ID to show something similar (email scams are notorious for doing this with email accounts). You may want to contact your local law enforcement to report the incident and the fact that the caller ID was displayed the local police department’s identifying information.

    If you’re not sure whether or not the debt is a legitimate collection, you may want to return the call to get more information about the debt. Go into the situation with your eyes open, alert to the possibility that it could be a payday loan scam. To help you through the process, Credit.com offers a number of resources on how to deal with collectors, your debt collection rights, and steps for protecting yourself from scams. Before you make the call, be sure to read through the following resources so that you know your rights and what to expect from a “legitimate” collector:

    What to Do If a Debt Collector Calls
    Seven Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit
    The First Thing You Must Do Before Paying Off Debt
    9 Ways to Turn the Tables On Debt Collectors

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Debt collectors cannot scream obscenities at you, nor can they threaten to take you to jail. Legitimate collectors must follow the laws outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and based on your story, this person is breaking a ton of them. In fact, within 5 days of contacting you by phone, they’re legally required to send you written notification of the debt and your right to request the debt be validated (you have 30 days to do so). In your case, we’d urge you to report the incident to your local law enforcement and include all of the information you’ve been able to obtain on this person. We’d also encourage you to file a complaint with your state attorney general and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

    In the future, if you’re ever contacted about a collection debt, the following resources will explain your rights and steps to take in dealing with collectors BEFORE you agree to pay them:

    What to Do If a Debt Collector Calls
    Seven Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit
    The First Thing You Must Do Before Paying Off Debt
    9 Ways to Turn the Tables On Debt Collectors

  • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

    Kiriea – don’t respond or engage any further. A legitimate collector wouldn’t send all of this through email. We’d also encourage you to file a formal complaint — of which you have several options — and you may even wish to forward the email in question to help investigate the fraud/scam in an effort to help protect other possible victims. Here’s a list of resources directly from OnGuardOline.gov:

    File A Complaint
    Your complaint is an essential resource for local, state, and federal law enforcement officials. Law enforcers review consumer complaints to spot trends and build cases against hackers, identity thieves, scam artists, and other fraudsters.
    Internet Scams and Fraud
    In general, you can file a complaint about internet-related frauds, scams, and suspicious activity with the following organizations:
    The Federal Trade Commission – The Federal Trade Commission is the nation’s consumer protection agency and collects complaints about fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices. If you think you may be a victim of fraud, file a complaint with the FTC.
    Your State Attorney General– In addition to the FTC, you can also file a complaint with your state Attorney General’s office if you think you may be a victim of fraud. Your state Attorney General’s office handles a wide range of complaints related to consumer protection.
    The Internet Crime Complaint Center– The IC3 is a partnership between the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, whose mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints related to cyber crime.
    http://www.bbb.org– The Better Business Bureau accepts complaints from consumers against businesses or services, and is dedicated to fostering an ethical business environment.
    Forward spam emails to the FTC at spam@uce.gov. You can also forward spam to reportphishing@antiphishing.org. The Anti-Phishing Working Group is a consortium of ISPs, security vendors, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies that use this email to fight phishing.


  • Katie

    I recently have been scammed by a company called Brinkmen Alliance Group threatening that I if I don’t pay them I’m going to get served papers at my employer and home and I will have to appear in court and that my 2 cases against me are pending litigation. They also are a 3rd party that is trying to collect a debt for a creditor that is not my original creditor (they state both the original and current creditors on the statement they emailed me) that is a bogus company. They are trying to collect a debt from me for a payday loan that I did not pay off from 2005. Statute of limitations for debt collections in PA is 4 years for promissory notes. Brinkmen’s contact info is:

    Transit Rd, Suite 200 Bowmansville, New York 14206

    866-232-6814 FAX 716-683-6520

    I am filing a statement to both NY and PA’s attorney general.

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Katie – thank you for sharing and getting the warning out. Every little bit helps and hopefully, your message saves someone else from becoming a victim to these ruthless scam artists.

  • Ron

    I have just had this happen and they got my work phone # through my company cell phone. He (the Law enforcement official) as he represented himself, would not give his company info or address. When I asked for written verification, he refused and said the police were on the way to get me. He had a similar conversation with my boss the night before. He did have my bank information, at least the name of my bank. I had already called the FTC and started a case, when I gave the reference number and the investigators name, he said the cops should be there any minute and hung up on me. He then tried to call my work again and hung up while being on hold. I am a criminal justice major and I have to say that it shook me up. I called my financial institution and indeed I am in good standing, transferred my debit money to savings, cancelled my debit card, and called trans-union to flag my social for fraud. The charge as I got him to admit was writing bad checks on my debit account, really???! I don’t know if I will receive any further calls since I threw down the trump card of the FTC, start a case, get a reference #. Can I ask for help from local law enforcement? Their call back # gets to them.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Ron – You certainly should report this to your local law enforcement. There may not be a whole lot you can do but it’s important to file a complaint. (You can also file a complaint with your state attorney general and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.)

  • Jae

    I was contacted a month ago from a company stating I had 2 pending charges through the state. I called them. It was for a payday loan through CashNet in 2009. They had a check number and my bank account info so I figured it was legit as at the time I did take out those types of loans. They also told me they sent me a letter to the address I previously lived at and threatened to issue a warrant for my arrest. Of course it scared the crap out of me, so my husband paid this. I got a confirmation number, but as of yet, no paper work. YEsterday I received another call and voicemail. I checked it today and it was the same thing form a different company. Thankfully I wrote down all the information from the one company I did pay. I called this number and the lady started giving me the exact same thing the other company did. But with a different date the loan was taken out. I said was this for cashnet in the amount of $$$. she agreed. I said I paid this, I have a confirmation number, phone number and name of who I dealt with. I looked in my husbands check register so now I have the date and company that pulled the money. Her reply was “I will speak to my attorney and if he has any questions he will call you.”

    I do not know if this WAS a scam, but all I know is I paid this once and they will not get me again for the same thing.

    I told the lady, that if I had an outstanding debt in November of 2008 they would not have given me one later (my repayment check was dated Jan. 2009), so I feel satisfied I caught this one

    • Amanda Turczynowskyj

      we are going through the exact same thing .. was the company STP management group

      • Angelique

        STP management group is I was harassed by, I had to change my cell #, but they were still harassing me at work. I filed a report with the consumer financial protection bureau and they said they would cease & desist contacting me. They claim they have a good standing with the BBB, but of course when I look them up no such company exists. These scammers are bold and taking advantage of people with scare tactics.

  • tenia daniel

    I have been getting calls for two months now that they we’re going to sue me on 300 dollar case but was charging me 9000 for check fraud missing on payments so they are tired and are going to serve me at my job and pick me up on these charge that have been brught before me to l have never own a check book before online web site is making these aligation against me

  • Kristi

    I got a call from this woman today, from a lady that stated she was from a carrier service. She was calling me to tell me that she would be delivering a letter for me to appear in court on Friday. I asked her for her contact number and what carrier service she worked for. She told me that was not important, that she served documents all over the county. She would not tell me the county in which she worked in either. She then proceeded to give me a phone number to call to find out more.1855-282-2535. I then called this number and they told me they represented two companied which claimed that I took out 2 payday loans last year. I never took on any payday loans. Ironically, these loans were supposed to have been deposited into an account that had been closed 2 months prior to the date they said I took them. I asked for the contact numbers for the compines and was told they did not have a number for them, I would have to Google them and get the contact number that way. How can someone be representing someone in a legal matter and not have a contact number for them? Anyway, I asked for documentation that I owed this money and proof that I actually took out these loans and was told they did not have it, I would have to contact the loan companies to obtain that info. If these people are taking me to my local court should they not have this info?

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      “If these people are taking me to my local court should they not have this info?” By law, they have to have this information or else they have no right to collect. This is standard procedure when dealing with any debt collector and under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the collector must comply with this request. In fact, under the law, if a collector contacts you by phone they have 5 days in which to send you formal written notice that you owe the debt. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and your right to dispute the debt, in writing, within 30 days of receiving the notice.

      If they refuse to comply with the laws, then it’s a scam. Good call.

  • not stupid

    I just recieved a call from a place called “united mediations service” this afternoon. Their whole way of calling me was pretty fishy from the start. It first started of with them calling my sister with a private number asking for me. She told me that it was a man that called her. She said he asked her questions about me, but since my sister doesn’t like giving out information about people she knows, she simply said “I don’t know, you have the wrong number”. Shortly after that happened, I received a private phone call from the same guy asking “Oh hey! Is ***** there?” I said yes (I had no idea what was going on, I thought it was a family member trying to get a hold of me because of the way he spoke.) Then he proceeded to tell me about my so called debt and said that he was gonna call me back for more information. Then soon after, I received a call from 507-263-1702. This very agressive lady started talking to me about a debt I owe and how I’m going to be sent to court for “fraud” and continued to talk and talk and talk. But as I listened to her, I caught her in many lies. And on top of that she did not sound professional at all and kept repeating my name over and over and over trying to break me down. Then I asked to talk to the supervisor and she said okay ill put you on hold, then I said “this is such a scam” and as I was on hold I heard her whispering to someone else and then she came back on the phone and started telling me that they’re not a scam and I replied with “can I please talk to your supervisor” and then she put me on “hold” then I heard the phone being held up to a speaker so I could hear “elevator” music while I was being “transfered” to the supervisor. She finally transfered me to this guy saying that I could pay him with a gift card instead. I simply said ” I’ll think about if I want to pay you scam artists or not” then I hung up. Since then, I’ve gotten nothing.

  • abc

    I was contacted by someone at my work number saying they are from Quick Cash who bought debt from Cash Call saying they are coming to my work in an hour. I asked for their phone number and name and they wouldn’t give it to me. Just that if I didn’t pay over 1,000 dollars today, they were coming to my work. They wouldn’t give me any information. Sounded like a call center. They said they had a case against me in the county where I live. Well, I work for a law firm and looked up online to see, there are no cases against me. How do I get them to stop calling when I have no phone number or information? Thank you!

  • Robin Hancock

    This company keeps calling me telling me they have papers to serve on me but first they need contact from me before they can serve them and i called them back and they say its ms solutions and i ask for information and a address on them and they say they can’t give that out to me and they are a law firm but its different people that keep calling and when you call back they want you to verify your ss number and address so they can deliver what they have for you. Thanks Robin

  • Harry P.

    Hello. Just a new warning. I received a call today from a company called Legal Research Group in Houston, TX. They also somehow called my sister and said that if I did not pay them $1600 right away that I would be arrested and that there were 2 warrants out for my arrest. Their number is 832-706-3791 and the guy goes by Ryan Adams and Adam Ryan depending upon which time he picks up the call. They answer “Compliance Department” and switch back and forth to “departments”. When I asked them to email me the paperwork and detail, they said they were not allowed to. They said they would email me all the info once I gave them payment information. When I started to challenge them on it they hung up. To bate them, I called back and said that I would go ahead and pay (just to see how they reacted). They were REALLY excited. Then I started to act nice and ask them for details that they could not give. Then I asked them for their company name and address and they just hung up. SCAM!! I have called a filed a complaint with the FTC.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Thanks for sharing your warning!

  • mark

    got a call from 1-855-578-3472 saying I owe $350 from a payday loan from 2008 they call everyone in my family to find me

    • http://www.credit.com/ Credit.com Credit Experts

      Mark – The next time they call ask them to provide written documentation to validate the debt (to prove the debt even exists). This is standard procedure when dealing with any debt collector and by law, the collector must comply with this request. In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if a collector contacts you by phone they have 5 days in which to send you formal written notice that you owe the debt. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor, and your right to dispute the debt, in writing, within 30 days of receiving the notice.

      If they refuse to comply with the laws, then it’s a scam. For more on dealing with debt collectors and your rights, these resources should help:

      1. What to do if a Debt Collector Calls
      2. The Dos and Don’ts of Paying a Debt Collector
      3. Seven Ways to Defend a Debt Collection Lawsuit

  • Christopher

    I was contacted by these people about a year ago very threatening and I initially set up a payment. When I d discovered all the scam info online I canceled the card and no longer have that account. I honestly don’t remember if I had a payday loan default I do remember having one. They called again but the guy said he was a fraud investigator for the commonwealth of pa and I would be brought up on all of these bogus sounding charges of fraud bad checks etc from a loan suppositely from 2008. He also knew I have a misdemeanor record and brought that up to me which is what scared me. When I said I know this is a scam he got furious said he would love to see me get prosecuted. I just said whatever and hung up. Googled the phone number he left on vm it was 8558870097 and it def seems a scam. Latest loans from my research are illegal in pa and even if I did have said loan default which I don’t believe I did the statute of limitations on debt in pa is 4 years fraud 2 years. I obviously realize the only fraud is these people but I still can’t help but worry about this.

  • disqus_r3eVzVzGBS

    I get calls also.I ask for documents and never receive anything six months later I hear from.someone else.I.just don’t bother calling them.back snd told my employer not to accept the calls.

  • Brooke

    I received a call today from #209-910-6390. Couldn’t catch the name as he spoke very fast and with a deep accent. He claimed that he was calling on behalf of Cash Advance America USA that was suing me for 15,000 dollars for a faulty payday loan of 2800.00 dollars. I let him give his little speech without interrupting and he told me that somebody would be here Friday at 11:00 a.m. to take me to California for my court date on Monday at 11:00 a.m. Beware these guys are getting very crafty and make a lot of stuff that they are saying believable. Please DO NOT believe these guys. I just told him thank you for the call and that I would be contacting the FBI about the call because I knew from the start that it was a scam!!! He just said go ahead and that somebody would be at my work tomorrow.
    People this stuff is a SCAM they CAN NOT arrest you for having a faulty payday loan. They first have to take you to court and they CAN NOT contact you by phone to inform you of it. You have to be served papers from the court house stating when and where the court date is and who you are being taken to court by and for what reasons.

    • Credit.com

      Thanks for sharing, Brooke. It always amazes us with some of the threats and claims these guys make: “somebody would be here Friday at 11:00a.m. to take me to California for my court date on Monday at 11:00 a.m.” So, they’ll pick you up, drive or fly you to California for court, and put you up in a hotel for two nights while you wait for your court date on Monday? I’m almost speechless.

      Sadly, these types of scammers are good at what they do and very convincing. They prey on consumers that aren’t aware of the laws and use scare tactics to convince them otherwise. You hit the nail on the head with this:

      “People this stuff is a SCAM they CAN NOT arrest you for having a faulty payday loan. They first have to take you to court and they CAN NOT contact you by phone to inform you of it. You have to be served papers from the court house stating when and where the court date is and who you are being taken to court by and for what reasons.”

  • Amy Hicks

    Does anyone have an address for these companies? I have been contacted by The Law Offices of Jeffrey Abate, Cashnet, and today the Department of Legal Services. When I asked for an address to validate the debt I was hung up on. I have been harassed for months now with calls to work, home and my cell phone. When I asked to not call my work I was told too bad. Which yes I know is against the law. I have filed reports with the FTC and the AG in Washington State with no luck because I don’t have an address! HELP!

  • Antonia

    This person called my job and has been calling my cell phone, blocking their number. He left me a message saying his name is Michael Hunter and that he’s the senior locator for the processing and summons division for the state of Florida. He said I needed to contact my case worker, Mr. Moss immediately regarding 2 fraud charges against me for writing bad checks and that need to serve me with a warrant. I never called them back and did a google search on this and saw it’s some kind of a scam. They have also called my job, but we have an call center who wouldn’t put the call through. He said I needed to call 1-888-978-4319 extension 147 and that my case number is 431-923

  • josh s.

    Joshua hanks and angela brosky are calling me say they are fromfraud and worthlesscheck division

  • bb

    this is happening to me they made me purchase 2 green dot cards for 425 dollars i keep calling them back and they are not answering the phone. I am only 21 years of age i don’t know what to do or how to receive my money back. Can somebody help?

    • Credit.com

      bb – Unfortunately, the likelihood of getting your money back after a scam is next to nil, especially with them being prepaid cards. Whatever you do, don’t send them any more money and as Gerri stated in a previous comment, “Consumers should never send a prepaid card to pay a debt collector. Not only is this a favorite method of payment for the scammers who take the money and run, you’ll have no record of the payment if it were a legitimate debt.”

      Most of these scammers are hard to trace, and if they’re in other countries it makes it even more difficult. Still, you may want to try filing a police report, and then filing a complaint with the CFPB at consumerfinance.gov.

  • Charlene

    Have been receiving calls for about a month from John Ryan at the AR Group, leaving VM’s saying that they are getting ready to file 2 legal documents against me, and to call back at 888-543-9421 ext 303 regarding the matter, also leaving a reference number. Today he calls and leaves the same message and says that they are filing the legal documents today and that I need to call back. Repeatedly when I try to call back I get the message that “the call source number is no longer in service”, including a number of times today. The call originally came in from 800-533-9421 which is a totally different contact when I call. Last year I mistakenly accepted an online payday loan that began a nightmare in my life for $200, and don’t know if this is a connected issue. Earlier this year I was getting calls from a woman from TYCOLIFTS who I provided documentation to about the transaction, and when pressured to pay, she said that she would accept a 3 payment commitment by providing her a valid card number which could be a prepaid card. I did so and the first payment was deducted, then I lost my job and could no longer make payments. She told me that she would not be able to keep the account from legal action, and did not hear from her again. I don’t know if this is connected, but really regret taking the small payday loan online in order to pay my rent when I was out of work. Now I don’t know what I’m facing with the legal document threats and being unable to contact the source caller for information in order to try and resolve whatever is the issue. Now that I read the other postings, I’m not even sure if I made payment to a legitimate source either because just after making the loan random deductions began coming out of my checking account so badly that I had to shut it down. Hope my posting this information helps another who is thinking about taking a chance with online payday loans, and thank you for the website to share and help others in such need.

  • Sandy

    I got a voicemail yesterday from a Jacklyn Shriver or Traver (couldn’t understand her) saying charges have been filed against me and gave a case # with 7 numbers followed by -MI (I live in Michigan). She addressed me by my full name and then said “also known as” and said my maiden name. She sounded very stern and threatening. She said she needed to verify some info, kind of rambled about different things, basically saying if I don’t contact the firm she will show up in person at my residence or place of employment. Instructed me to call the firm at 1-877-698-2249 and said something like “you have been notified.

    Today, same lady called & left another message, said the same crap including this is her final attempt, blah, blah, blah but this time left a different number 1-855-809-6119. Again, ended her message with “you have been notified”.

    I googled both numbers but nothing comes up, not even as a fraudulent number, so they may be newer numbers. That’s why I wanted to post this in case someone else googles those numbers. She did not disclose any specific information about the charges, didn’t say it was debt collection or anything. Did not state the company she works for or the name of the “firm” I’m supposed to call.

    A few months back, my best friend got a threatening call from someone re: me saying I was going to jail if I didn’t pay something by the end of the day. I had used her as a reference on a payday advance through Check N Go so that’s probably how they got her name and number. She called me hysterical, I freaked out and of course, called them. The guy was very rude and told me I’d go to jail if it wasn’t paid that day by 4 and told me I’d be arrested for check fraud. I explained what happened, did not give any info or offer payment, but was so upset. I completely freaked out and thought “oh my gosh, who will take care of my kids if I go to jail?” I called my attorney and he told me to ignore it, and that no, I could not get arrested. I was relieved!!! I do owe on that payday advance mentioned above, I believe it was from a year or two ago. I lost my job after, fell on hard times and am still picking up the pieces financially and haven’t been able to pay it. Now that I’ve read this, I’m pretty certain these callers are scammers. Beware people! Oh yeah, and of course, when I listen to the envelope info of the voicemails, they are blocked and it says “an outside caller”. I wish there was something I could do to get these clowns in trouble, because if I had made any payment and found out it wasn’t paying my debt, I’d be devastated.

    Thanks to whoever made this blog and thanks to everyone who has shared their stories and provided links & additional information so we all can benefit from educating ourselves.

  • Tommy Dawson

    Kept receiving calls from an ATG Credit…………………spent a few hours doing research and found that one of the owner’s is a guy named Andrew Twyman.

    Found his home address and phone number, and now I call him in the middle of the night just to say “Hi.”

    • J

      Roflol, I like your style!

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  • Becky Maples

    I got a call last week for my husband from a 215-987-5464 said his name was Officer John William gave me some Badge #. Said my husband had a complaint out against him for a Payday Advance Loan from 2011 and the charges were 849.25 with the original loan amt and intest charges and court charges and said he was fixen to issue a warrant for him if we didn’t pay that amount. I told him I didn’t have that kinda of money that I would have to set up something on a pmt. I told him I was already in the negative at the bank but I had overdraft so I could pay the 100.00 today but he said he wasn’t allowed to do that since I was at a negative I told him it would go thru, so I told him I would give him my daughters debit card number cause she had the money and he said it had to be under my name so he told me to go get a money pak (green dot) and call him back with the number on the back. I did that and have to pay another 200 on the 16th and then the other 200.00 next month because he took 300.00 off the original price I owed. I paid the $100 because I was scared and don’t want my husband going to jail but I told him I wanted paperwork sent to me and he said he would send it when it was paid off but he would send a reciept to my email and I have not got it yet. I wish I knew if he was really with the Federal Crime Dept like he said he is or if he is a fraud. Cause I don’t want to give him anymore money but I don’t want my husband going to jail. I know we got a loan thru them but it was suppose to come out of our acct every payday but he said they tried and it was not taken out due to insuffient funds but I can’t remember wheather it was paid off or not. Does anyone know a site I can look under to see if this is a fraud? Please HELP

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Becky- You have been scammed. Please do not send them another penny and report them to your local law enforcement agency and to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • unknown

    I was contacted by a guy who claims to be with a lawyer firm. he said that charges were filed against me for taking out a payday loan online. It is against the law in the state of “North Carolina” at the time I did’nt know this. When I asked who filed charges against me he mentioned the Social Security Commissioner, the Federal Credit Commission and the Attorney Generals Office. I called all these offices and they all said it sounds like a scam so i gave all the info I have. He told me if I settel out of court I would pay $600.00 and if I went to court I could pay $1000.00….he also said I could be arrested. The loans I took out I pay them monthly, the Attorney General told me not to worry but this man keeps calling me.

  • Ana guitierres

    I just got a call from a 716-748-7926 saying the I need to call 1855-755-7080 cause if I donot call they are going to file charges against me and they needed my address is these true.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Ana – Do not pay a penny until you verify this is definitely a legitimate debt. Ask them to send you written notice of the debt by mail (not email or fax). This is your right under federal law. If they refuse call Fraud.org for advice as it’s probably a scam.

    • Pamala Vela

      Google both the numbers and find out if it is a scam or not. There are web pages out there that will let you know that.

      Think about this – if it was legit – they would not need any information on you – they would already have it.

  • Ashley

    I received a call today from tonkawa, OK and they told me that my loan had gone into default and if I did not pay the $398.00 they would send a sheriff to my job or home to serve me with court papers and I would be ” Behind bars” for 6 months. I got scared because between my husband and I we have 5 kids and he is disabled so I’m the primary parent. So I ask them to give me the number to the payday loan company and they gave me a number and I called them and try told me that I seemed like a genuine nice lady so they would wave the fee and all I would have to pay back is just the $300 I borrowed and he told me to wait 15 because he was going to fax the law firm. So I proceed to do so and called back and the guy I spoke with . Sean Williams told me that they granted it and to go to Walgreens and get a vanilla reload network card and call them and give them the 10 digit number on the back. So my stupid a** did it. Well then he said he would have to call me back with my confermation number? Really?? Well then 15 mins after I paid them I got a call from MO telling me the exact same thing!!! And I blew up and said well maybe I need to get a lawyer and sue you! Then he proceed to tell me that he was going to follow thought with further prosicution and that only god could help me now and hung up. So I called the firm from OK and they said it was because I owed another loan. Which I do. But mind you I just got these loans on March 1, 2013 and the other March 5, 2013. How can they already be in default? Anyway a man named Ted or Tod Cummings spoke with me and said I lied to his officer. Sean Williams. And didn’t tell him I had another loan. Ok if u could pull up the other one why couldn’t you pull up that one? All this makes since after I have done gave themffhdhd $300! Then he told me to see what I could do about getting the other loan taken care if and to load it on a different vanilla prepaid card. That it could not be the same card as I used before. Why? It’s reloadable. He told me he spoke with the credit burea and everything. I have anxiety issues got so scared I threw up. The number they called from was 580-823-1582. So I got mad an looked the number up online! It’s a cell phone the person who owns the phone is named Ada. What law firm is going to call you from a cell phone? I can’t believe I let them get me!!!!!

    • Gerri Detweiler

      I am so sorry to hear you lost money on this scam! Wish you would have found this article sooner.

    • Shan

      Im just wondering have anyone heard of KDE Recovery Services… They called me today about a payday loan and I hung up. the lady called me back and left a very rude message on my voicemail calling me ignorant and if I didn’t pay she was going to sign this affidavit and have a warrant issued to my job to have me arrest. It sounds like a scam but Im not sure they say its a loan I had back in 2007. They have my name, address, phone numbers and social security number. its begin to really freak me out

      • Sarah Crider

        I just got a call from a family friend stating someone called me from an arbitration placeor something. She gave me to number and ext and name of the person. Apparently they told my friend that I needed to contact them before end of business tomorrow or they are going to suspend my license and have money garnished from my checks. One big problem is I drive for a company so without my license I would not be working. This is threatening my job life and family. They was really rude. I did call the number and I left a message for them to call me back. I suspect this is a scam because I got married a little over a year ago. And they have my social security number and my maiden name and they called my friend. I suspect it is a scare tactic from a loan place called security finance. But I have not heard from them since a month before I got married. I am looking into this before I give them any info at all

  • Dawn

    I was called last week and given very specific and confidential details in re: to a PDL that I had taken out and not paid back due to falling on some very rough financial times. Basically – my choices have been to either pay back these unsecured debts or feed my children and keep the electricity on. So, in my case, I knew I did owe a debt when this guy called (Jack Roberts – Central Check Processing) and he stated that I needed to set up a pymt agrmt that day as it was the deadline for him to either set up an agrmt w/ me or file against me in civil court. I set up a pymt agrmt w/ him which sounded legit and he knew my bank acct info. also. Thank God I decided to set up the pymt plan w/ a green dot card. I made the first payment of $220 a few days later. I had called the # he gave me to confirm the company name etc. and it all seemed up & up. Today, I went to call him to arrange to have the final 2 pymts taken from my bank acct instead of green dot and the line was busy – several times. I typed in his name and company online and was blasted with scam warnings – why did I not do this as soon as he called? I truly am an intelligent person but, I guess I was scared of court, lawyer fees etc.. I was also trying to make a good faith effort to pay back a debt that I owe. End of story – I called my AG’s office and found that they are aware of this scammer company and unfortunately I cannot recoup the $220 since it was paid on green dot card. The silver lining – I discovered this before I got in touch to give him my full bank account information and approve (2) more pymts of $220. AG’s office told me that if anyone asks for a green dot pymt., it is a safe bet that it is a scam.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Dawn – so sorry to hear you lost money but glad (I guess) it wasn’t more.

  • N.T. Willis

    another good thing is the debit card info i gave them was from a pre-paid card. i load money on there on a need to basis and the only thing they will get off of that card is their feelings hurt! i can get another pre-paid card so no money is going to be lost to the would be scammers (if this is the case.)

  • N.T. Willis

    Here is my story…
    i got a call yesterday from a company and they stated that they were a pre-litigation firm contacting me on behalf of their client (i think they said BMI or something).
    the call was concerning a cash advance loan that i obtained over the computer in 2007. they said i owe $1500 and i needed to give them at least $25 before i got off the phone with them or i would be arrested and have to spend $5000 to get out of jail, have to pay court fees and get put on probation.

    then the guy wanted to know why i took the advance out in the first place and why i haven’t paid on it. he said i was going to get charged with check fraud from across state lines since the company is out of state and when they tried to retrieve the funds from my account the money wasn’t there.
    of course, i got VERY upset! the thought of being locked up away from my husband and our kids scared the hot piss outta me! so i went ahead and gave them my pre-paid debit card info and told them i would try to make a payment when our tax money came in and then he wanted to know when we filed. then he put me on hold to call their client and when he came back to the phone he said we need $25 on 2/28/2013, $50 on 3/4/2013 and $1450 on 3/15/2013 to keep you out of jail this call is being recorded.

    my husband came in the room and said “you don’t know who those people are! you have to be notified in writing to appear in court before a warrant is issued! don’t tell that man on the phone anything else!” the caller seemed to get angry demanding that i tell the big mouth in the background to shut up and stay out of this business since it did not have anything to do with him! unless he plans to bail you out of jail he needs to shut up!

    now that i know there is a possibility of this being a scam i am going to call the company back tomorrow and request the name and address of the company and ask that they notify me in writing of this debt that i owe and i’ll see what happens.

    thanks you all for the good info listed here. it has helped me out a lot!

    • N.T. Willis

      my husband had a couple of good points: #1. if you owe them $1500 do you really think they would let you go six years without saying anything to you about it?
      #2. you mean to tell me that they want $25 from you right now and you owe them $1500? if somebody owed you $1500 would you settle for a payment of $25? that’s dumb!

  • Lindsay Brown

    I have some advise for everyone that have been getting these threatening phone calls from these scammers. DON”T ANSWER THE PHONE IF YOU DON”T RECOGNIZE THE NUMBER! If the scammers can’t talk to you they can’t scam any money out of you.If you do answer the phone and the scammers start telling you you are going to be arrested and they are going to garnish your wages THAT’S BULLS#$T. That requires a court order and by law you are notified of the court date in writting so you have a chance to show up. No matter how much they threaten you NEVER give them your personal information,bank account numbers, social security anything. They are on a fishing trip and the more info you give them, the easier it is to clean you out.Notify your family, friends and especially your boss that you are being scamed.Then if the scammers call them they won’t be caught off guard.Lets put a stop to these theives,all debt collection is regulated by Federal Law. Get informed. Know what the Statute of Limitations is in your state. Don’t answer the phone and give these scammers an invitation to make your life miserable.

  • Dennis Ferrell

    was contacted by a male figure with India accent saying he was Dominic Spencer federal officer.He went from saying he was taking me to court for a loan.His position went from federal officer to restitution clerk,WOW!!!He stated that I would be in for alot of trouble.He told my fiance threats as well.I am authorizing the authorities to go after him.He also stated I would be arrested for internet fraud.He must have gotten my info. from some other loan I applied for but never went through on.

  • http://DelaneyRubinstein/EasternAqusition LosHobbit


    The above telephone numbers are from Randy Zaffran and it’s a scam operation being run out of buffalo. The above web sites are stolen names from companies that closed years ago! Report to FTC and ATTY Gen office if you get any of these calls.

  • Michael

    Got a call from a company called Recommendations Management. I tried to find information on this company and nothing pulls up. They are telling me that they are fowarding all my information to the courts to attach my wages. Funny, they don’t know where I work!! Also, when I asked for written documentation, I was told I wouldn’t receive that information until I made my first installment payment. I asked for there address and couldnt even get that out of them!!!

  • Stephanie

    Received a call from National Courier services saying they are representing Cashnet USA for a psyday loan. Said they will be delivering legal documents tomorrow at 12-4 and I need to provide 2 forms of ID. Or they will go yo my work. 214-299-5817 was the number.

  • Sandra Pinto

    I got this email today….(along with an attached PDF.. which is uppose to be the payday loan contract) IS THIS FOR REAL.. I’VE TAKEN A LOAN WITH THESE PEOPLE BUT I PAID IT BACK…..(BELOW SEE THE PAYDAY LOAN CONTRACT AND THE BACKGROUND OF THIS CONTRACT IS THE AMERICAN BALD EAGLE)

    My name is Kyle Wigfall and I am a legal adviser with “EZ Payday Cash”.
    This email is about the criminal law suit going to be filed against your
    name so it has nothing do with bankruptcy.

    Please read the legal affidavit carefully and the loan agreement
    attached before asking any questions to us.
    This notice is very polite in terms of legal manner, so there is no
    offensive behavior to any entity or person.

    Legal Affidavit :
    Our client is pressing charges against your name regarding three serious
    criminal allegations:
    count (1) Violation of federal banking regulations.
    count (2) Collateral check fraud.
    count (3) Theft by deception.

    Now, this means three things for you. If you are under any state
    probation or payroll I need you to inform your superior or manager what
    you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the
    case has been downloaded and executed on your name.

    This is to inform you that the creditors do have all the rights and
    authorities to inform your employer what you have done in the past and
    what will be the consequences once the case will be downloaded and
    executed against your name.
    You have the right to hire a criminal attorney. If you don’t have
    one or if you can’t afford then one will be appointed for you, but
    please make sure you have someone to take you out of jail when the judge
    hears the case.
    Reply us back to this email to resolve this issue.

    Best regards,
    Kyle Wigfall – Debt Resolution Department

    ————————————————————————–CONSUMER LOAN AGREEMENT
    Account Number : PD-19963
    Creditor :
    EZ Payday Cash
    Sandra Pinto
    1 5303 W Pond Woods
    Tampa FL 33618

    In this Consumer Loan Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) the words “you,” and “your” mean each and all customers who have signed it. The words “we,” “us,” and “our” mean (Ez Payday Cash).

    You promise to pay us the Total of Payments shown below and other charges identified in this Agreement. On the date stated in your Payment Schedule you will pay us, at the address indicated above, or at such address as we direct you in writing, the amounts stated. Any unpaid balance of the Amount Financed after the final installment due date will bear interest at the same Annual Percentage Rate as was
    assessed before maturity.

    The cost of your credit as a yearly
    % 800%
    The dollar amount the
    credit will cost you.

    Amount Financed
    The amount of credit provided to you or on your
    Total of Payments
    The amount you will have
    paid after you have made
    all payments as

    Prepayment: If you pay off early, you may be entitled to a refund of part of the finance charge.

    Late Payment: If you fail to make all or any part of a scheduled installment on or before the 10 th day after its scheduled or deferred due date, you may be charged $10.00 or 5% of the unpaid amount of the installment, whichever is less. If interest is assessed after maturity, no late payment fee will be charged on the final installment.
    See the contract provisions on the reverse side for any additional information about nonpayment, default and prepayment refunds.
    Itemization of Amount Financed: Amount given to you $ 300.00, Amount paid on your account $00.00
    You warrant and represent that you are not a debtor under any proceeding in bankruptcy, insolvency or reorganization and have no
    intention to file a petition for relief under any chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

    Member (Digital)Signature: Sandra Pinto

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Sandra – There are so many things wrong with this notice, where do I begin? I’ll just cut to the chase – it is bogus.

  • MB

    Have been threatened by a supposed investigator (from the state of Ohio and Georgia and I live in NM) that I will be arrested at work if I do not pay a debt I owe. I have a paid in full letter as proof and anytime I question her or ask for more information she hangs up on me.

  • bernese

    hi ive got home from work and had a nasty phone call on the answer maching saying there were 3 charges against me credit card fraud i asked who from he told me not to interupt him didnt wait to here what the other 2 were not sure if tjhis company is a scam it marshall law i just cant under stand it

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Bernese – if they are telling you there are charges against you for credit card fraud, you can be it’s a scam.

  • Jen

    Hello..at 8:45am this morning today I recieced a voicemail with an officer Rogers, he called back letting me know I had a federal case and had three charges against me. So I told him that was B.S I wanted his badge number and office information he did not respond so I said if you cannot help me I will go to the police department have them listen to the voicemail and track your number. They guy hung up on me four times so after that I knew it was really b.s I have never in my life did anything fraudulent or been to jail or even a traffice ticket. He said you go to the police they will come to you and hung up again I never did get a loan from any online source but here is the number 214-230-7166 also he had said how would you like to handle this matter inside the court or outside. If this was an actual legal case you wouldn’t have a choice but to go to court so if your really smart enough get as much information and don’t let these people get to you but some people are scared and they do end up paying just don’t be one of the victims.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Good for you Jen!

  • tjm

    I have been getting phone calls from (949) 829-2391. My son not knowing any better told them where I work and now they are calling my work telling our secretary that they are going to serve me papers at work if I don’t call them back within 2 hours. I am a teacher and can’t have them calling me at school. I called the number that was given 10 minutes after he called the school and I got a machine…Jordan and Associates…He told the secretary that he had a legal business matter regarding quantum support services. I had gotten calls last year and they just started again. I have told them I am reporting them to FTC and Better business bureau. What can I do to get them to stop calling

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Tjm –

      If these are legitimate collectors then they will stop calling at work once they are instructed by you to do so. That’s federal law and if they don’t stop, a consumer law attorney who sues collection agencies will be happy to help you. If they are scammers, though, then nothing you can say will force to them to stop since they operate outside the law. The best you can do is to just keep telling them that you are reporting them to the authorities. I wrote about ways to stop payday loan collectors here.

  • jeff weatherford

    i got a call from advanced capitol solutions(debt collector) about a defaulted loan i had in 2008 from another company. i googled their number 877-845-5988 and got allot of fraud comments and i cant verify they bought the debt from ez corp. i sent them a email to send me physical evidence that my attorney can try to verify. they said they can come after me for check fraud, which fake collectors always do to scare you out of some money. have not given them any acct info and now i do the waiting game to see what they do know, anybody know of this company history?

  • Christy

    I’ve been contacted by 3 different companies. First one was Goodman and Stern (which I actually paid, uggg), Kauffman and associates, and as of today was contacted by Lohchner Gates and associates. All of them threaten jail time. After reading this article, I was able to receive the funds back from payment to goodman and stern, through my bank. I just wish I had found this before

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri

      Christy – Glad you found the information you needed too! But do tell how you got your money back. That’s usually impossible!

  • tami

    Hello I just recently about one week ago started receiving a call from a collection agency TRADEMARK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS in regards to a payday loan that I need to pay on and YES I do know that I owe the bill but there tatics are freakin nuts….Here is what was on my answering service….Hi. This message is for XX. My name is Theresa Coleman. I’m calling regarding a fax order that I received in my office today in regards to some bad checks you’ve written. You have one opportunity to contact the plaintiff and resolve this matter prior to further action being taken. The plaintiff can be reached at their corporate office number 877-285-3841and you can refer to your case number ###. XX you have officially been notified.”
    The gal name that wants to serve me with these LEGAL COURT DOCUMENTS is Jenna Green….is this legal??

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Tami – what concerns me here is they are talking about “bad checks” – not about the fact that you owe a debt. This makes me think that they are going to tell you that you are going to be arrested for check fraud if you don’t pay. Again, ask them to mail you written notice of the debt as required by federal law – the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

  • margaret

    my fiancé has been getting phone calls from someone saying he is officer mike Johnson from 810-223-0563 said he got a loan for $300 over the internet but he never did. he applied for some loans but because his credit is bad and no bank account he couldn’t get one. this guy says he got one but want tell us where it was from and like most of you he had his name ss# address and where he works and is threating to have him arrested. we talked to a cop who said that if we had applied for a loan even over the internet they would have mailed out paperwork anyway WITH PAYMENT OPTIONS and how long you had to pay it back we got nothing and the pretend cop will not give us the loan company name or anything he even said he had routing numbers those are for a prepaid card that never had money on it and was cut up and thrown away because of maintainace fees they want just to put money on them. what do you do when they keep threating you and you have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Tiffany

    I have received a call from 2816748738 he sounds a little convincing but calling me at 7 a.m. was alittle weird and I tried googling their company name and something else came up has anyone received a call from this number and what should I do?

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Tiffany – Phone numbers can be easily faked. And “a little convincing” is not good enough. What you need to know is whether they are a legitimate collection agency and you actually owe the debt. The first step is always to ask them to MAIL you information about the debt. That’s required by law. If they won’t, then refuse to talk with them until they do. Don’t accept email or anything less.

      • Tiffany

        Thank you very much for this site and responding to me because right after reading some peoples stories I called him back and ask more questions then told him that I’d handle it in court that wouldn’t be getting any money from me and hung up about 1 hour later got another call from a different number saying that I would be receiving a summons for court these people are a big scam smh.

  • ANgelo

    I was receiving threatening calls from someone claiming to be from the Attourney General’s office. Stating that because of a past due loan that they were going to have authorities pick me up at my place of work and have me arrested. They demanded i pay them $120 of the $500 that I owed them in order for them to hold off on calling the authorites. I do have past due loans and they verified my email address and home address and the company i worked for. I thought it might have been for real, They wanted me to go to walgreens and pick up a prepaid card in order to make the payment to them. I was going to send them the money but after speaking to one of the lawyers within the company I work for they advised me that this was a scam call trying to get money out of me. Especially since no prio documentation was provided and they refused to provide any documents until after i made a payment. The numbers they were calling from were 951-878-0689, and 951-708-1208. I looked up the numbers online and it seems they dont exist. I am trying to report them before someone else becomes a victim.

  • Marirza

    6pm rcvd calls repeatedly from Michael Moore of “Fraud Office” attempting to collect a debt from November 2008, which I’m sure I do not owe to Money and More. Alledges, thru a Jasmine Wright and Maria Sanches that I have commited fraud and a warrant would be issued for my arrest if I don’t send $1107.15 thru Money Gram and am harrased to send it immediately or expect to be arrested by 8am the next day. After several calls from my attorney to the #5133994987, messages left, etc., no calls for a few hours now.
    This same Michael Moore had contacted me about 6 months ago, from a different #, with the same story of serving papers for my arrest about 6 months ago but that I owed money to PDL Loan for November 2008… which I’m sure I do not owe, and I should send a payment immedately to settle claim.
    These people have all of my info, including social, bank account #’s etc…

    • Gerri Detweiler

      So glad they didn’t scare you into paying!

    • Leeann

      I also have received a call from this fraud investigator but he says his name was morgan and he worked for the commonwealth of pa. Yea right. He also said my debt was from 2008 from money and more and threatened me with 5 or 6 bogus charges. However what scared me was that he must have searched My name bc he knew unfortunately I have a misdemeanor record and tried to use that against me from when I was 18. These people really scare you into thinking you owe. The first time he called I did set up a payment about a year ago. Different person had called. It was a prepaid card thank God not my bank which I do not Have the bank acct they reference anymore. I also live in pa and when I told him I knew it was a scam He said he can’t wait to see me prosecuted. Nolegit company would talk like this. And statute of limitation on debt is 4 years in pa fraud 2years my supposed loan was in 2008. As well once you tell them you know it’s a scam they flip. He told me I was gonna need a good attorney etc. If such charges were to ever be brought against someone I’m sure they wouldn’t wait 5 years. Still scared you when they call because you see what they threaten to do to people. Don’t understand how this happens to so many.

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  • Jessica W.

    I had missed a call from an “unknown” number with a voicemail. When I listened to it a guy said it was in regards to a lawsuit that is about to be filed against me and to resolve ths issue then I need to call 18885946076 with a case #. So I immediately called back and a lady answered as “United” and asked for my case #. I gave it to her and she said I owe for a PDL from Sept 2011 with ACE. I don’t remember having a loan with them. I have had PDLs before and thought I may have forgot about it. I Todd them I’m on maternity leave and have no income. Then she transferred me to her supervisor because he was monitoring the call and wanted to try and work something out with me. He asked if Ihad people I can borrow the money from because if it doesn’t get paid I’ll go to court and be charged with check fraud. Scared the crap out of me! So he said I can pay $150 by Jan 25th and the rest by Feb 22. I asked why I never got anything in the mail. He asked if the address he had was right, it was an address that I moved out of in June 2011. So he said that’s why. He said I had to secure the payment plan with a debit card. I was stupid and gave it to him. The last few days I have been thinking about it because I just didn’t remember this loan. Then I remembered that here in AZ they don’t have real payday loans, they were outlawed in 2010. Now they give you a loan off your car registration or title. So if I defaulted then they would have come and taken my car. Also, IF you give them a check it has to be a voided check. So how can I have written a bad check if they can’t cash it being that it was voided? So….does it sound like my situation is also a scam? If so I probably need to cancel my card.

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri

      Jessica – It sure sounds like a scam to me. Unfortunately you aren’t going to get the money you paid back but hopefully you can stop further withdrawals. To be safe, talk with your bank, explain what happened and find out if you need to take other measures to protect yourself. Now that you’ve paid something they will probably become relentless in their efforts to get more money from you. I recommend you also read my article, 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls.

  • Helen Lawrence

    I got that call on 12/26/12 from a Mr Anderson saying he was a criminal investogater and that im about to be charged with fraud and a warrant will be issued for my arrest foe a payday loan from 5 years ago which i thought was paid in full. He said i needed to give him $928 by 2pm or i will be arrested then he asked for my credit card info i said no then he gave me all this info for a money gram So i asked 5years and noone notified me about this. So when i hung up with him i called my sister who is a cop she told me dont send nothing its a svcam. He called back after 2pm and said since i didnt send the money they are coming to my job and take me to jail buth times i spoke to him he gave me 2 different case numbers BUT it did have me nervous

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Your sister is right. If they call again tell them you will be recording the call to turn over to law enforcement.

  • Matt Johnston

    Im dealing with this right now I live in porter county indiana and an indian man by the name of Robin Waters is threatening me with attorneys and jail I will be contacting my lawyer and the FTC to try and stop these people. I also found out it is illegal to give or receive loans from other countries, especially now that they are trying to debit my account I will be seeing this to the end.

  • Erin

    Anyone know of a Joshua woods 786 2755395 ext 313 he did the same thing that this ites warns about, I just found out who the real collect deter was too… Watch out for this guy…

  • patty palmer

    I keep getting a call telling me to call 855-202-2822 within last week, asking for my first name but with maiden name…I been married for 26 yrs and haven’t used my maiden name since then.. I know I have good credit since I have mortgage(never had a late payment in 20 yrs) which is in my married name and have seen my credit report… I just wish they would stop calling… I have no intention of calling the number back…

  • Heather

    This # 678-648-1570 keeps calling my home phone as well as my job and family members stating that they are investigating check and / or credit card fraud . They even left a message on my family members answering machine with detailed information regarding the investigation . Isn’t that violating the federal privacy act ? The lady that keeps calling says her name is Anastasia .

    • Gerri Detweiler

      It is a violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for collectors to discuss debts with third parties. But if these are scammers (which is sounds like they probably are based on what they are saying about “investigating fraud”) then they don’t care whether they break laws or not. Read my article: 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scams.

  • John

    ((Sorry posting this from a phone in bed))
    He says “Mr. John your time has run up we will send the local police to your home to come arrest you, may God have mercy.” I replied, “Wait please I can come up with the cash!” Mr. (Haji) Cooper replied “Where from and how soon? Your time is past up.”
    “Your mother just called she said she would pay it for me. She tells me to have you call her. Later ********”

  • John

    I’ve been getting calls from strange numbers lately so I haven’t answered. On 10/29/2012 I got a call from an emergency number right when I left for work around 9am. I answered it thinking I pocket dialed 911 by mistake. He said he was an officer saying he had an affidavit out on my arrest. I’m only 23 and just got engaged a week before so I got a little shoke up so askedif there was anything I could do. He gave me the number for an attorney (????). On my lunch break I call the number and a David Cooper answers (he does NOT sound American but he tells me that the police are planning on coming to my work to arrest me to bring me to court. I ask if there’s any way to resolve this being as I haven’t seen a paper statement in the mail ever. He puts me on hold for 20 minutes (keep in mind I get 30 minutes for my lunch the prick…) then says the “local court house” is willing to work with me if I follow his instructions. He says I have one hour to get a Green Dot Money Pak for $775 and call him back. So by now I know its a scam… I say I will then I go about my day…
    A hour and a half later I get a call from Mr.Cooper (916-238-8143) saying I wasn’t taking the situation seriously so I just play along stamering and stuttering “I’m sorry I just can’t come up with it all on the spot

    • B

      I wish I had been as smart as you, didnt start thinking til I settle down and started thinking

  • Jaci

    I havent recd any phone calls but my previous roomate was visited at home by a man named Lewis claiming he had a delivery for me and that he is a process server! He has been to her home several times and she has finally told him to stop harrassing her as well. He left a fake looking business card in which he hand wrote in his name and a tel # 425-223-8367. I have not called him to verify anything yet. Any suggestions how to handle or proceed with this? Any help is appreciated!

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Jaci –

      There is a discussion on this topic going on in the Credit.com forums. Can you post your question there?

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  • laura

    There is this company by the name of ACF collection calling me that if i dont pay it they will serve me pick me up at my house of job. i need help fast!

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Laura –

      No need to panic. Debt collectors don’t pick people up at home or work because they can’t pay their bills. Ask them to send you written notice of the debt which is required under federal law. (By mail, not email.) If they say they can’t, then you are dealing with a scammer. If so, then read my article 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls and turn the tables on them!

  • Shana

    I received a call on Friday from National Check Registry stating that I have an outstanding payday loan and the guy was very rude I hung up on him and called and spoke with someone who claimed to be his manager only she wasnt any better. Today a guy who states he was from the cook county processing department called to inform me that he will be serving me papers to appear in court and I can either have them delivered to be job or my home but I need to contact him within 48 hours and if I want to speak with the complaintant he left the case no. and the contact number of National Check registry. The number he called from rings then beeps as if it belongs to a fax. Is this legit for a processor of teh courts to call first before serving papers? Doesn’t sound too legit to me. Please help.

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler

      Shana – Process servers typically try to catch consumer’s unaware so they can serve them. They don’t give them a heads up!

      I’d suggest you contact the Cook County State Attorney Consumer Fraud office and report this asap. It has all the markings of a scam. But even in the worse case scenario, if it were legitimate and you were being served (which I don’t think is the case here), you’d want to know so you could respond, right?

    • IH8CollectionsScammers

      Read my response above @ October 25, 2012 at 10:06 AM to CARLOS GUZMAN.

      I will add if this is all legit and you do get served always appear in court. You don’t need an attorney if you don’t want to spend on one. Show up and talk your truth. If you owe the judge and their attorney will work out a deal for you. If you do not owe great just say so and request for a VOD from the collector – it has to be the original contract that you osigned with your signature on it, not their letterhead stating some amount. If the SOL has expired even though you owe the debt just tell the judge the SOL is expired, debt collection is time barred and you request for a dismissal of the case. Have any documentation that proves expired SOL. Never ever fail to show up in court, judges enter default judgments against you and garnishments, etc then commence (even when SOL is expired, unless you have to show up and prove so.


    I got a call from a guy claiming he was the guy that was sent to serve me for check fraud for a check I wrote a check on December 25,2007. Honestly who would write a payday one loan on Christmas day. This made me suspect that something is funny. He called me from an unknown number. The guy gave me a 1-877-540 number and a case number which was only a few numbers. I called the number the guy acted like he was surprised that I was not served. The guy said if I get served he couldn’t help me. He said I wrote the check in 2007 and the client wants to take me to court for $5408 which is 4 years of interest. I think it is a scam. I don’t remember the name of the company. Is this most likely a scam? He only asked for my last 4 numbers of my Social security number..
    So is this scam?

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Carlos –

      I think you’ve already answered your own question. 😉

      You don’t get “served for check fraud” because you can’t pay a debt. And if you are taken to court over an unpaid debt, you must be properly served so you have time to respond.

    • IH8CollectionsScammers

      You need to get a handle on collections process, arm yourself first with some basic info. before you make contact with these gubbers, because they will know if you don’t know your rights and they will push you around just to get you to acknowledge the debt, accept it and agree to make a payment. That means never ever ever acknowledge, accept or agree to pay a debt. Period! Even if you owe. Never! Follow the law and get a VOD first. Never ever confirm your details to them. If they allege you owe per federal law FDCPA, the burden to prove so is on them, not you and it therefore makes sense they should have your details down. So just tell them to send whatever they have to the address on record. The reason you do not accept a debt is if the statute of limitation has expired per FDCPA the debt is time barred and noncollectable. If you accept it, it restarts the clock all over again.

      So first and foremost always treat all debt collections calls as a scam, your scam antennae needs to be on high alert.

      Second you need to educate yourself on your rights as a consumer/debtor as per federal laws FDCPA and FCRA, so you can always be cool, calm and collected when you get contacted, no matter if you owe a debt or not. So Google these:-
      1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
      2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
      3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
      4-Your state’s Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
      5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

      Third you need to understand debt collection processes. Once you’ve got these basics down, get on the phone with the low life CA/scammer. Request a VOD immediately, ask and record their full details-full names, who, what was said, by whom, when, their address, etc. and end the call. You control the call. If you owe the debt they will send you a VOD, it has to be the original contract that you signed not a letterhead with some imaginary amount. If you do not owe this debt upon their failure to produce a valid VOD (within a reasonable time like 30days) send them a C&D. In it state you do not want to be contacted again over this debt. Henceforth, you shall consider any further attempt to contact you as harassment and you shall seek full legal redress.

      Always use CMRRR to communicate with CA – emails and phone records have a way of suddenly “mysteriously” disappearing. If you have to talk on the phone record all your calls. You may or not tell them you are recording. If you tell them they stay on the straight and narrow.

      If you rightfully owe a debt and you agree to pay, negotiate (to a third of the debt owed or less). Then, request for a letter stating the terms agreed upon BEFORE you submit a payment. The letter should contain the “settlement in full” amount and those exact words.

      Never ever give them electronic access to you checking/debit or CC account. Always mail a check/MO CMRRR – no letter, no check. Keep those records for life – they will resell your debt and this will start all over again. After you pay request a letter stating the debt is “settled in full.”

  • http://none Esther

    I do need good advice.

  • http://none Esther

    I got scammed. I am inthe process of settling the loan, but getting calls from people claiming to be state attorneys office and one claimig to be an investigator or detective and want me to settle out of court and make payment to him. He claims i will be arested and put in jail.

    • IH8CollectionsScammers


      SCAM! It is!
      Next time they call just laugh at them. Tell them you are recording the calls and you will notice how suddely the conversations will be straight or even end. Then actually record the calls.

      How are you getting scammed?

      Establish the correct entity that should rightfully receive payments on this debt. If you are going to settle ontain a letter stating the settlement terms. It has to state that upon payment of $x the debt will be deemed as “settled in full.” Then keep that payment evidence for life. These C.A. resell your debt later to another C.A. and then it’s the same collections story all over again.

      Do not give them electronic access to your checking account, they will clean you out. Instead send in a check or MO by CMRRR. No offer letter, no check and get off the phone. They want money from you they will send it. And don’t be intimidated by that favorite phrase of theirs that they will record “a refusal to pay” against you. Big deal, bite my ankle. It mean squat and has no legal standing at all.

      It would be a good idea you educate your self on some collections basics. So Google these:-
      1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
      2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
      3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
      4-Your state’s Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
      5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick, lot’s of people there with lot’s of great help.

  • surgical treatment financial loans for bad credit score

    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post!
    It’s the little changes that will make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Jean

    I received a call back in July 2012. He said he was with cook county district attorney office. That a charge was pending from 2008 regarding a cash advance. I told him this was paid for but I did not have access to that bank information. He gave me the number of the attorney processing the charge. It was ACS. They would not give me any information regarding the old claim. Only that they had the right to process check fraud charges. I got pressured into setting up a payment arrangement. I paid the first installment and then cancel my credit card for the second. When I started reading all these claims. Now they continue to call and harass regarding filing charges. This time the guy when he called did not say he was with cook county and admitted he an investigator. He will not give you a number to call him back. What can I do? How do I get them to stop?

    • Gerri Detweiler


      Assuming you have identified this as fraudulent, you may want to read my story 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scammers. The same approaches apply.

    • IH8CollectionsScammers

      This is too much for me at least. These are Indian scammers. They don’t care and it’s a scam. They are out to get you. So I take that seriously. I found out a nicely loud sports air horn works magic. I blow it into the phone. Nobody dared to call me back and that was it. I shared this with a few friends and it worked. I guess they needed their other ear intact. So I guess they call someone else. If that is you, do the same. I am determined to send them on to another career with one ear messed up. I don’t care because they don’t either if the manage to scam me.

  • jim

    Just received a call from +9206364434 saying I had committed bank fraud theft and a host of other charges and I was going to go to jail, very aggressive and could barely understand him. He did understand the F word though.

    • IH8CollectionsScammers

      They are scammers calling from India with spoofed numbers to appear as though they are within US. Since they are out to get you, well you get them instead. Next time they call just blow a loud sports air horn into the phone. They never dare call back. They are usually looking for someone to victimize easily and they get it that that ain’t you.

  • http://westwoodmediation rhonda badgett

    i recieved a call today from 888–958-3653 from a guy named mark saying i took out a pay day loan back in 2007 and i owed $425.00 said i had to pay in full by oct 31st or i will be sued and or my wages garnished i asked for their mailing address and he refused to five it to me and i asked if they could send me documentation in the mail and he said no they are strictly a paperless company he said i had to give him my credit card before they could send me any information so needless to say he did not get my credit card info, the company is westwood mediation

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri

      I love it. “Paperless company.” Never mind what federal law says about providing this documentation.

    • IH8CollectionsScammers

      There is no westwood mediation. If they are speaking with a heavy accent they are Indian scammers. It’s the latest foreign scam being hoisted on Americans, gullible ones that it. If you have ever applied or attempted to apply for a payday loan, they will call you at some point. Be ready when they call. They are looking for some one gullible to easily victimize. You cannot reason with them and anyway they are conducting a scam so deal with it appropriately – blow a loud sports air horn into the phone. They get the message with that ear loud and clear that you are not to be messed with and they usually move on.

  • http://Yahoo Nora

    I am getting threatening call from PDL, Stacey telling me that I owea paydate loan and that I need to call her and make arrangements. She is calling me on my job and on a new cell number that I have. Now she is calling my family and threatening them That they are going to arrest me. Please help. 800-290-1065. SHe calls three times a day or more. Help.

  • Amy Arrington

    I had something similiar happen to me today. They called my uncles cell phone and left him a message. They guy said his name was London Dupree from a check fraud investigation unit and stated a case number. (334)578-0706. I called them back and when I started asking for what it was from he said that he needed to give me to a supervisor. The woman I was very rude and her name was Jennifer Wright. She said that I had a payday loan from 2008 that was online and it was defaulted because my bank account didn’t cover it. She said that If I don’t make a payment of $1904.72 that I would be up for 4 felony’s and that I would be arrested in 48 hours. I told the woman that I was never notified of this and that I need her to send me paperwork stating this. She said unfortunatly she couldn’t do this because the paperwork is to be used against me and that I can only see it when its presented to court. I told her I didn’t have the money. Help!!! Is this a scam…..

    • Gerri Detweiler


      We have moved this discussion over the Credit.com forums. You’ll find my reply here.

      If anyone else would like to share their story or post a question, please do so in the forums. Thanks!

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  • http://hyrofinancial Karen Cabrera

    i recieved several calls from a donna mitchell she gave me a phone number to call 877-882-2435 with a case # i call tehm tehy say the are NCR (national Check Resolution) i really don’t belive them when they say they are coming to my place of employment or my home to serve me.. i know it dosen’t happen that way i have spoken to my local police officer and he said not to worry about it. But this time they sound so real.. i know i owe the money but the amout they gave me is atrocious. i actually only missed one payment and now they want almost 800.00 when i only borrowed 350 and i have been paying 37.50 since may.. the lady (lisa) said i really don’t care if you pay or not but i am just just a little concerned because it did sound really real ,, boy they are good.. so i am a little concerned i don’t want to ignore it but it all sounds so weird during the whole phone call wiht lisa she kept putting me on hold. she said they would file with the clerk of court for fraud by deception.. and will only let me pay by credit card. i told her i wanted them to send me a bill in the mail and she said they told her they tried to contact me by email.. can not send by mail. i requested by mail again and a address to send in payment.. am i correct to not send them money my gut feeling says no don’t send it to them… but my concious i know i owe the money..

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Karen –

      Collectors are required by federal law to send you written verification of the debt upon request. It’s not optional. Any legitimate collection agency knows this.

      And if you are sued by a creditor or collection agency, they must serve you with a notice of the lawsuit (this is usually referred to as a “summons and complaint”). They sue you for the debt; “Filing with the clerk of court for fraud by deception,” is meaningless.

      You’re right. They are good. That’s why so many people continue to pay and the scams continue to proliferate.

      • http://hydrofinancial Karen Cabrera

        thank you Geri this make my mind at ease even though deep down inside i thought i was right.. i know i owe them the money.. thank you so much i just wish other ppl would research this so they don’t get scamed..

  • http://mymoneychest.com THC

    My husband and I filed bankruptcy due to unforeseen circumstances and we had an outstanding payday loan. My attorney explained to us that a payday loan is treated as an unsecured debt and would file the papers and there was no need to worry about this because it would be included in the bankruptcy as unsecured. Needless to say I got a very threatening phone call from a company called US Capital Management (855) 596-0411. They said they represented MYMONEYCHEST.com and they would see us in court for a balance owed. I asked the woman to contact my attorney and they said they couldn’t because they are just the middle man in this. I told her if there is a balance owed and we are currently in a bankruptcy, there should be no reason they could not reach out to our attorney. I called my attorney and he said to have them call him. They will not! They told me that they were going to serve me papers at my job. Is this possible? Can they do that? I can’t get them to give me any paperwork regarding this balance owed.

  • MEHughes

    On 8/20/12 I got a call from Ms.Gilmore asking me to return her call at 877-601-5871ext.265. When I returned her call She said that she was with Payday Loan Recovery Group that she was calling to offer me a settlement on a payday loan that I had defaulted on from American Cash Advance. When I stated that I had never done business with that company she said it was a sister company for the original payday loan company. When I asked for the original creditor’s name she said that she didn’t have it. When I asked for proof of my debt Ms. Gilmore told that they could not send me a letter showing me I owed the debt as the original creditor had tried to contact me in the past and that I did not respond to them – her company was hired to recoup the money that I owed them and was offering a settlement for ½ the amount that was owed. Having never received notification that a payday loan that I had taken out was in default I told her that I would be willing to pay the amount that I owed but I would need proof of the debt that was owed by me. Ms. Gilmore then stated that as a 3rd party she didn’t have that information and if I didn’t accept her settlement agreement her company would then move forward in garnishing my wages. If I accepted the settlement offer they would contact American Cash Advance and I would receive a paid in full letter from them. I have not received any such documentation. When I called Ms. Gilbert today to let her know I had not received the paid in full letter from the original creditor she told me that there was nothing she could do – she did her job and that’s all she needed to do and wasn’t interested in helping me. I contacted her supervisor, Ms. Martinez (ext.260) and she told me she would look into the matter for me and return my call. I paid the amount that I was offered in the settlement because I wanted to put this matter at rest and didn’t want my employer to be contacted – even though I suspected this was a scam.

    • Lynne

      I was contacted by the same company and paid. Didnt receive a receipt either. Then I contacted the company they said I supposedly owed the money to. The payday loan company looked up my info and said I had never had a loan with them and advised me to call my bank. My Bank is now going after PDLR group for fraud.

  • LonLon

    For people that have been scammed by illegitimate business’ before.. You’ll get a call one day. They’ll ask if you’ve been scammed before and you’ll be asked some generic questions like for how much? What happened? How long ago was it? Different crap like that. Then they’ll give you a ‘security code.’ Basically they’ll want to know the last 4 of your social to set you up long term. With the last 4 of your social, they can verify the amount in your bank account when they get your card #. Then they’ll say that a consultant, or advocate.. or whatever will give you a call back and tell you how to get your money back. They’ll call you back and spout some information and the Federal Truth in Lending Act.. They always like to use laws that don’t even necessarily pertain to the issue at hand to give their schemes some legitimacy. They’ll say there’s 100% chance of you getting your money back as long as you follow the instructions. It’s false of course. They’ll force you to give them your credit card numbers ahead of time so that they can “search for the records of the transactions.” That’s false, of course. Even if the transactions only happened on one card, they’ll say that all the cards and all the banks are connected. They just want to know how much you have in your bank accounts before they hit you for the price. They say they’ll send something and have yet another person give you a call back.. “Todd Collins.” Then they’ll have you sign something by email. It says something like ‘a price deemed appropriate for services rendered.’ So if you don’t pay, they’ll threaten to have criminal charges filed… ‘theft of services.’ By law, it’s illegal to check funds in a customers account unless a transaction is taking place. Then Todd will give you a call and try to pry the money from you. If “Todd” is unsuccessful, then it’s the owners of the company that you’ll be talking to next.. It’s also illegal for them to ask for any money up front.. in fact, it’s illegal for them to ask for any money until 7 days after your money has been recovered. There’s a 0% chance you’ll recover anything at all if you follow their instructions. And with the false addresses, false names, false numbers… you’ll never hear from them again. Anyways.. if you’re someone who’s been scammed by this, here’s some people you might be interested in talking to.


    Richard Dean (goes by Mark Wright) (480) 371-4276
    Deborah Kohlruson (Goes by Ann Scott) (480) 297-8490
    Their maid Troi(female) (480) 628-0568
    Receptionist (602) 663-0612

    Personal Address: 14619 E. Desert Vista Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
    Business Address: 501 S. 48th St. Ste. 415, Tempe, AZ 85281
    Website: consumerrecoveryassociates.com

    Consumer Recovery Associates(CRA) is a business that has gone by many other names before. Consumer Justice, Business Justice Advocates.. different names like that. CRA is headed by a husband and wife team that met a while ago online and got married the first week they met. One is Richard. Richard has worked in the sales industry for quite some time with an impressive record he likes to boast about. The company Bank Card Empire will probably ring a bell. His best friend who got scammed by him for over $5,000 to start CRA will tell you about the time they got $80,000 out of an old lady.
    Deborah was a teacher that took care of mentally disabled children. For some reason that she would never disclose to anyone, she was forced to retire permanently and never allowed to return to any school district.
    Richard regularly partakes in the services of low class escorts.
    They’re both morbidly obese.
    They have a very nice but obese young boy they drag along everywhere. Poor kid doesn’t have any friends at all besides the 14 dogs they have in their disgusting house. He’s home schooled and every single day you can find him moping around their filthy office. They don’t ever clean, ever.. The poor kid regularly has candy for dinner. He hasn’t had anything to drink besides soda for years. Doesn’t wash his clothes. Doesn’t brush his hair.
    They semi-regularly attend Phoenix First Assembly of God, and often pray with their victims. One of Deborahs regular lines is, “You have to walk in faith, one step at a time. When you sit in a chair, you have to have faith that it’ll hold you.”
    They scam their own employees and intimidate them into getting a power of attorney so that they can hide what they’re doing. They use several different LLC’s and business accounts under the employees name just in case the bank at the time catches on and closes the account. They often write bad checks in the employees name and they ‘float’ payroll checks through check cashing locations and run up debt for the employee.
    They use what’s called a voip(voice over internet protocol) service. It’s a internet phone service. Their numbers will show up from places like San Francisco, Hawaii, Nebraska, Carolina, but they’re all in the same building, based in Tempe, Arizona. They often give false business addresses like the county clerks office or the municipal court building. All employees are forced to give false names as well, under the guise that the banks don’t like them for helping people recover their money.
    They hide under the front of a gaming design business and will say they do “business consulting and software design.”
    They won’t answer your phone calls, but feel free to leave a message or to stop by 😉

  • Chantel Cummings

    I’m receiving calls from 904-758-7031 telling me to call 855-659-0701. They are rude on the phone, insist they need to find out where I am to serve me with papers, and then they contact other people I work with both at work and on their cell phones! I never gave them any information about my co-workers, they never say to whom the debt is owed, and just get nasty with me. What can I do?

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Chantel –

      Have you read my article 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls? If not, I suggest you take a look at it for ideas.

      • Chantel Cummings

        She’s not overseas though. She’s using the same tactics, but she’s calling from a local number.

        • Gerri Detweiler

          Calling from a local number means nothing – the phone number can be spoofed easily. (Made to look like a local number.) But if you find they are in the US that’s easier. You can complain to your state attorney general, BBB, etc and maybe a regulator can actually go after them.

  • Tdee40

    I was receiving harassing phone calls by a PDL Recovery group LLC. This guy calls me up from a so-called loan back from July 2010! The loan was $300 and my account was either closed or rejected the funds. First of all, why would you contact me now 2 yrs later; no letter, summons or court letter stating that I was far behind. They late fees $1202 or they would garnish my wages, and suspend my driver’s lic. I reported them to the FTC and NYS Attorney General’s Office about this. A few weeks ago I received another call from these people; on a Sunday! I told the woman on the phone I want a letter in writing! She told me they cannot do that! WHAT! Your calling my residence harassing me and I cannot receive a letter in writing! I haven’t heard from them since. Good riddance.

  • MOE

    Back in March 2011, I received a private call from Caroline Foster. She claimed to work for a private locating service, and she wanted to issue me a summons for writing hot checks. I told her that I don’t even write checks. She refused to give me the companys address, phone number, and fax number. I found out she worked for a company called Signature Management Solutions in NY. The company is now OUT OF BUSINESS, according the Better Business Bureau. I filed complaints with the State Attorney General, the FTC, the BBB, and the FBI. This woman was such a fraud. She called my mother’s house and cursed at her. My mom has diabetes and high blood pressure, and she was so shocked by the way Caroline Foster was speaking to her.
    Signature Management Solutions is now officially OUT OF BUSINESS. And please don’t listen to Attorney at Law Patrick M. Corbett. He was involved in the companys closing. He is also a scammer.

  • Eric Mathews

    He harrased me at work and home then he begun to use email I was stupid enough to send him 150 dollars to some place in India the other guy’s name is Mark Anderson he to spoke with a heavy Indian acsent, can’t beleive I fell for it.

  • Michael

    I got a call from (855) 436-9114 claiming to be AMG and Associates. They would not give me a real physical address. They had some of my personal information which was scary. I have proof documents showing the the loan was paid, but they keep asking and confirming for more personal information. At first they called from a restricted number saying they are suppose to serve me, then asked me to call the number above with a case number. I am calling the Small Business first to see if they can help…:(

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Michael – The fact that they have your personal information may feel scary but it doesn’t mean this is legit. The scammers steal or purchase (not sure which) information from payday lenders/websites. You may want to read my other article: 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls

  • Debbi

    Beware of more than one company name. Huntington is another name they go by. Now my father in law is getting calls trying to track down my son who doesnt have a payday loan out. They have also contacted my brother in laws parents to locate my son. What kind of people do this. I had to block one of the numbers they called from my phone. They were calling me 3 times a day. I would like to get ahold of these people’s number at home and call them all day and night long and see how they like it.

  • Donald

    Beware of calls from an “Eric Murphy” (Indian-accent, Irish name !!) and “Leo Fernandez”. They call and claim that you are fraudulently using your social security number and taking electronic deposits of payday loans and not paying them back and terrorize your elderly parents into believing that they are sending agents with a subpoena “this afternoon!!!”
    These SCUMBAGS are fakes, the Federal Government has told me so, TWICE now. I have NEVER taken a “payday” loan and would not (800% interest!!!! Criminal usury !!!). These guys are scum-of-the-earth EXTORTIONISTS. I am in contact with the FTC, LIFELOCK and other fraud protection agencies, my three credit bureaus as well as contacting law enforcement locally as well. Their days are numbered. They nearly gave, literally, my elderly 83 year old mother with a heart condition a fatal heart attack today. I hope that catch them and publicly crucify them, pour salt into their wounds, then honey, then turn thousands of red-ants loose on them. Bastards.

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  • eleazar

    Here’s this company called ( mediation group ) from alanta ,Ga . They are a debt collector.. they said I owe them a debt from a payday loan I took out. Where I don’t know what this debt is about . I search for there company but there is no direct address.Please if these is ,or I believe its a scam . If anybody else have the same issue. I would encourage others to post a reply . Thanks

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  • Raydon

    I got a call today from an “investigator” I didnt catch his name. He left me a voicemail saying that he is going to come to my apartment which he read back my address and the last for digits of my social security number. Ive gotten loans in 06-07. He said he was from Legal Services. When I look up legal services those are a service for people to go and talk about theyr legal problems. Do you think It is the same kind of scam? I don’t want people showing up at my place. Scare tactic perhaps?

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri


      It certainly sounds like the payday loan scam. It’s a good idea to request verification of the debt and report the company if it looks like it’s a scam. You may want to read another article I wrote on this topic: Seven Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scammers.

  • collleen

    I received an email this morning containing my ss# and saying i never paid a debt back and i would have to go to court. No phone number attached to the email. I have never taken a loan through where they are saying. I started paniking thinking I forgot to pay a debt went through all my bank records. Thank you for this site I am just going to disregard that email.

  • Sherry

    We got a loan in 2009 with a company called Money N more.. got behind then we were contacted by Anthony Barnes and Associates ,they said they represented Money n More and we were going to be served with court papers the next day if i didn’t pay at least 300 bucks to them right away..i made payment arrangments for auto deduct from my checking account..since then someone Chathom Village ,Chicago used my card info to try making purchases at Gamestop,,and another person keeps calling from a number based out of the District of Columbia saying THEY represent Money N more..and i’ve been paying the wrong people and i’m going to be served with court papers..idk what too do!.we got.a 300 dollar loan,was billed right under 1000..and we owe 200 left on it and now their saying we haven’t payed anything..Anthony Barnes says there the fake company,they say the opposite…i’m frustrated .never again will i get any kind of payday loan or online loans…

  • E Johnson

    I recently took a payday loan online and have since paid it back. Now I am getting calls from someone from stating they are from Anderson Law Associates (951-977-1365) stating that he is representing Cash Advance USA and another call from Proctor and Associates (786 528 3071) stating that he is representing American Cash Advance. They both read from the same script. They were very aggressive and stated that police would contact me at my job and I would be arrested. After the first call I was worried and thought it might be legitimate, but when I got the second call in the same hour reading the same script i knew it was a scam. Do not pay back money that you do not owe. And all of the callers had accents…either Middle Eastern or Indian perhaps.

  • ileana ramirez

    im being getting this call ,yes a apply thru the internet for pay day loans but never from them now there are tellinh me to send 300 dollars to shanique manghram tru moneygram or i will go to jail they are ruin my life

  • G Lei

    In May 2008, I took out a payday loan through money & more. I repaid the loan within 2 weeks. In 2010, I received a letter from Lighthouse Recovery Collections, stating I did not repay the loan. I provided the company with proof that I repaid the loan. I received three calls over the past week from a Steve Smith at Nationwide 877-716-0023. One of the calls was to my employer, telling her that I am going to get charges brought against me. I spoke with a Ms. Walters who refused to give me an address or a fax number so that I could send a letter and proof of payment. This number does not appear to be registered to any company. I will send a letter to Lisa Madigan, the Illinois State Attorney and to the other agencies listed in this blog and forum, but, beyond that, how can I sue this company if I can’t even get basic information from them? I’m in danger of losing my job!

  • Mike

    I received a voice mail today from some guy who identified himself as a “Carl Thomas”. He never did tell me who he was with or what his business was. He gave me a claim number and went on to say that he had a pending wage garnishment order and a motion to suspend my drivers license. He left a number ( 877-601-5861 x261) I called the number to confront the guy but the number he gave was not a working number. So I called the number that showed up on my caller ID. A woman answered only by saying ” what extension please”. What number did I call and she replied “an answering service”. So I gave the extension. I was connected with “Carl Thomas” and I advised him that I had received a message for someone and that the information he left on the voice mail was illegal according to debt collection law. Carl Thomas got real mad real quick and told me I did not need to tell him how to do his “F#$King job” and that if I didn’t give him the god*&am file number that I could go to hell and shove it. So after he hung up on me I called the answering service back and they advised me that it was a company called PDLR with a PO Box in Aurora, Illinois. The number to the “answering service” is 603-486-1900. Hope this helps.

  • rick

    I to fell for this, but i paid them cause i had taken pdl out and i couldn’t remember if i paid them. just last week they called again asking for money. when i went to send it western union stopped it from going thou and i was able to get my money back. the number they call me from is 425-440-8053. I filled a report with the CSPD and got a case number. they told me if this man calls back to give him the case number and the police number and have them call the local police station

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri

      Rick – That’s great that it didn’t go through and you got your money back. Glad to hear the success story!

  • Deirdre

    I was down with zero cash and applied for a payday loan, Now, I’m getting harassment calls from a phony call center (a double-wide trailer) deep in the heart of the Idyllwild Forest Reserves in California. They call and harass in a few dialects (deep Indian, Middle Eastern, and Slavic… The phone number (951-468-0421) is listed as a lease from Sprint, and the tracking thumbprint that each call leaves points to that very location, thanks to that phone’s GPS. I had paid off the loan, Thank goodness, and now am still getting calls from ACS Legal Services. All you need to do legally is tell the harasser that they are not allowed to call you, period. Then, if they persist, you can file harassment charges against the phone number and the person.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Thanks Deirdre –

      I am curious – with whom did you file the harassment charges? Your local police? What did they do?

  • Leslie

    another number from Huntington Agency that threatens you is 855-216-1348 Ron Coleman

    • regina

      yes! this is the number I have been getting calls from. i forget the ladys name i talked to but at one point she actually asked me how i planned on defending myself in court.

      • Chrissy

        I just got a call from a very similar number— 855-216-1354. Having worked at a telephone company, it’s a good chance these numbers belong to the same company (only the last two digits are different). BUT, the company that called me was Office of Progressive (??) saying my name was on some legal documents in her office. Tried calling back and the message kept looping.

  • Leslie

    Rob Coleman from the Huntington Agency is another SCAM. Will call your work home and even people with te SAME LAST name as yours and leave the same threatening message. Then when you call the number back, it has been disconnected. They won’t send you ANYTHING in writing. won’t give you their physcial mailing address either.. VERY INTESTERSTING

  • Mean Girl

    called from 513-426-9470. claims that it is a private agency investigating me on a fraud charge. Claims that 2 financial institutions are charging me with fraud. never gets to the point of what the heck hw wants, just shuffles papers and talks a lot of crap about old debts that are unrelated. I think I ticked him off when I kept asking for the names of the banks and who he was and where he is calling from. never would tell me. Hung up after telling me “good luck with my fraud charge”. This is such an obvious scam. If the county wanted me, they would have gotten me a long time ago. Thank goodness for Google!
    P.S.-the only actual name I was ever given was Amy Whitmore.

  • Victoria

    I just got a call stating that i owed for fees for payday loan company, It really freaked me out because the message left on my answer machine said something about a restraining order and they used my maiden name so i called the number left on my machine it was 813-217-5283 i asked for Tina Charles the woman who left her name i got this guy and he said well the loan company that finds the lenders gets a fee and that is what i defaulted on i told him i didn’t see that in any of the sites and he said that sounds ridicules i told him you sound ridicules and then i yelled goodbye and hung up. I wouldn’t have given them any money any ways but still it freaked me out

  • sherrie

    4693423259; 4103879672 these 2 numbers are scammers claim to be attornys for payday usa well one says he is a lawyer the other claims to be the local sheriff

  • sherrie

    ive been gettng calls from a guy who calls hisself jack but is clearly from overseas because i can barely understand anything he says. he has went as far as to call my job ann tell my boss that the company i work for is goin to be held liable for this debt oh yea this guy is supposedly with a law firm. my boss told them last week if they called back i would be terminaed an they would never get any money from me .this did not phase him so tuesday he calls back they tell him the samething so he calls my cell phone wantin me to verify my social i said no then my address i didnt an cursed him out with a few racial slurs an hung up.so then i get a call from another guy clearly not american tellin me he was the sheriff of my county an they was coming to my work an home to serve me papers for court i told them to serve on he asked for my address i gave him one 4 states away so he says do u no u speak to? lmbo i said who he says the sherriff of my county an i just had to ask what county that would be and i was givin some word ive never heard. so after a day of theatin physical harm the loss of my job and 3 felony charges for supposedly getting money from payday usa im currently waiting for my sheriff to return my call so i can tell him of this thing impersonateing an officer. i work hard for my money and noone is going to harass me like this im not stupid so my advice to the scammers scam ur own country dont come here tryin to steal from us hard workin honest folks. and did i mention this trash called my moms and told my 12yr old daughter to suck his d**k!!!! these ppl need to be stopped b4 they meet the end of my shotgun!!

    • visibleunderwater

      wow. that’s disgusting, especially towards your daughter. I’d have told them “odd, I’ve already talked to my county Sheriff about this, so PLEASE some over here because he really wants to meet you too! Oh, and all of this is recorded and will be given to my Sheriff this afternoon while we’re sitting around waiting for you to show up”. If their going to blatantly lie like that, might as well use their own tactics against them.

    • Kamie

      I had some guy call me today an said I’m calling to inform you that I’m filing or processing papers I’ve got for you an I’m suppose to inform or talk with you before he files it to the king county court house I don’t no what I should do ,I’m not working an I have no money I no last year somebody tried suing me for a payday loan that was from 207 or 08 what can they do?

  • Sonny Gray

    I have been receiving calls from someone who is saying i owe money to a first american cash advance well first of all i can’t even get a payday loan im in the military besides that they been calling my actual work place and its been difficult the number appears on my caller id as out of area call (911) im not sure what that means but there saying they work for the f.b.i and if i don’t pay i could go to prison well i never even received anything in the mail about this as well as never having a payday loan so i know its fake i just want them to stop call and harassing me what should i do? They should like oversea people i can’t even understand them and there are saying there going to have me investigated so what can i do?

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  • Phillip wilson

    payday loan recovery group, 1-877*601-5871, has been reported to the Alabama Attorney General for making calls claiming to have information about the garnishment of a payday loan…. we are currently tracking the site and will back track it to the source… we are attempting to catch you

  • ChicagoLX



  • ChicagoLX

    i got a call from ACS stating that they would need to get my account settled and that my account was due to go to court due to payday loan fraud, and that i have 24 hours to call back and considered myself served, they also said that they were a lawfirm. they called mt family members and said i had to call them back and that they dont do payment plans and only credit cards or e check over the phone. they kept mentioning they were calling from the summons division, what i am going to do is to ask them for a letter , an address of where they are located and their website, ‘

  • Christina

    They are not calling from overseas, they are right here in the United States. I work for an outsourcing company at law firm. They called my manager on his cell phone while he was in a meeting. My manager answered it thinking that it was someone he knew since the number had the same area code as the city we live in. The man on the other line told him that he was a process server and that I should call him at 855-282-0910 or I would be served papers at my job for check fraud. I already knew that this was bogus but either way I called to tell them not to call my manager’s number EVER!!! When I did get someone on the line, they proceeded to tell me that I owed for a PDL from last year. I didn’t even care about that mess because they did not send me any correspondence and I know that they must have violated so many laws just by diclosing that info to my manager. In the end they denied calling him and blamed it all on the process server. When I called him back, it kept going to voicemail. I even went as far as looking up his name on a website for Texas process servers. Come to find out that they could falsify caller id information so you could believe that crap. Investigative Services, whatever. Oh by the way the name of the collection agency is Westwood Asset Management. They claim that the name of their company is Huntington, but that’s bull also. I found out that they like to change names as well as numbers. Just makes me sick.

  • Kristen

    I’ve received calls like this before, where they call me and my work. BUT, today I got a call from a private investigator named John McCaffrey from 855-656-5010. The message stated that there were charges of fraud being placed against me and he needed to either talk to me or my attorney about case number #14831-TX69. He stated that I was to appear at my local county courthouse to take care of the mater. What was disturbing is that he also called my mother’s phone number and my sister-in-laws phone number, leaving the same message from me. The messages at their numbers stated that I was to appear in court at their local courthouse. How am I supposed to appear at three different court houses for the same case???? This is way to fishy!!

    What bothers me the most is they not only call my work, but also call my relatives. We have got to put a stop to this, but HOW??

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri

      That’s the real question Kristen. How do we stop them? If they are calling from overseas and flouting our laws, what can we do? I do recommend you file a complaint with your state attorney general, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (consumerfinance.gov) and the Better Business Bureau with as many details as possible, in case there is an investigation into this company. In the meantime, you may want to find out whether your phone company offers a call screening service. It will cost a few bucks a month but may be useful.

      As for your family members, all you can do it explain that it’s a scam and tell them what you’ve learned.


  • Dylan

    Last night, I received a phone call from a woman and she only told me her name was “Miss Riely.” She said that a company has filed a claim against my social security because I had a outstanding balance on a PDL. She said that if I didn’t pay the charge off amount or a settlement amount that I would receive a court ordered Wage Garnishment. First of all, I have NEVER comfirmed to receive a PDL and other than giving basic info to see if I would qualify I never confirmed nor received a PDL from ANY company. I just don’t understand how that can do this?? So here I am with a hour deadline to go and get money to send to the debt collection company to clear my social security and not receive a Wage Garnishment.
    After reading everyone’s comments it sounds like I shouldn’t give into giving them money for a PDL I never received. The scary thing is what will happen if I DO ignore this. I mean is there a really legitiment way they can have any affect on my credit or SS# or place of employment?

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri


      I know you’re panicked about this, but don’t be. Social Security payments are generally safe from creditors. (If you owe a federally guaranteed loan your Social Security funds could be at risk but even then you’d be notified in advance and not from a phone call out of the blue.)

      Turn the tables on this caller. Tell her you want written notice of the debt which is your right under federal law. If she refuses to provide it tell her you will be recording all future calls to turn over the authorities.

      And read all the articles we’ve written on this topic. Use the search box at the top right to search for payday loan debt collection. You’ll get plenty of information on how to deal with this.

  • tom

    just change your phone number . it takes 2 minutes with verizon. to really feel better close your checking account and open another. i got tired of the curssing matches with these crumbs.

  • Mayte Salinas

    I have been receiving weird calls from 1-888??? numbers and recently they stopped and have been appearing as “unknown” on my iPhone. They left me a message saying something about court and I should call them as soon as possible. I deleted the message so I don’t remember exactly what it said. SO last night my mom came back from work and told me that that my aunt told her that they called her at her house asking about me and gave them a number and the name adan alvarez. They scared my aunt and now we are all scared. My mom is going to call them tomorrow. I’m kind of afraid because my mom is a very gullible woman. She won’t let me call them because I’m 19. I have had a loan for school but it was through finacial aid and it was the kind that I don’t have to pay until I graduate from school.
    I don’t understand how they got my aunt’s phone number? How did they get my number in the first place? I am so confused.

    • tiffany wright


  • Cecilia Duron

    In July 2008, I took out a payday loan from Money & More on the internet. I don’t remember the exact amount, because I did not even remember doing it.
    This morning I received a phone call, and my dad did as well, from 716-244-6551. I was given an ID number. I don’t answer unknown numbers. I call back after hearing a voice mail. My dad told me that they issued a warrant for my arrest in Bexar County. I called them back because the voicemail they left was basically stating the same thing.
    He said he worked for Morgan Lewis on behalf of Money & More. He had all of my personal information, bank information, ssn, dob. He told me I had committed internet fraud by taking out a loan and not paying it back. I did not remember taking out a loan online & told him I didn’t remember taking out a loan on the internet. He then told me that he had email transactions and verification from my bank that the ACH withdrawal was declined twice so I had committed internet fraud and was going to jail. He then hung up on me.
    I got online immediately to look in my email for said correspondence. I found an email that I had initiated requesting information on how/when to pay back the payday loan I had taken out on July 18, 2008. I still don’t remember doing it, but, I guess I did. I got an email back the same day requesting my ssn. I sent that back and they responded that the payment would be coming out Aug 1, 2008 and had already been sent to the bank.
    I then called my bank. They were very helpful and looked up transactions on my account first for July 2009, because the man I spoke with told me that date. (July 13, 2009) They found no ACH withdrawals and no overdrafts. I then asked them to look in July 2008 and August 2008. The customer service rep found the deposit from Money & More in July and found the paid ACH withdrawal in Aug 2008. There were no overdrafts in connection with my withdrawal and it was not presented twice as the rep from Morgan Lewis claimed.
    I called the man back, he identified himself as Anthony Fatalli (or Batalli), his NY accent made it difficult for me to be clear on the pronunciation. I told him that I had done some investigating and that the bank clearly shows I had paid the company back and that I did find email correspondence that showed I had taken out the loan, however, it was paid in full and for him not to contact me anymore. He laughed at me, told me that if I was calling him back to pay over the phone then, to give him the information so he could call the Bexar County Sheriffs office to stop the warrant, otherwise I was going to rot in jail. I could whine, cry, whatever I wanted because he was going to have me arrested on felony charges of internet fraud. I told him I needed more information before I gave out anything, especially on the phone, because I had not received any correspondence from the company. He told me it was not their responsibility to chase me down to collect a debt, that it was my responsibility to take care of it myself. As their lawyer, I could pay him and it would all go away. I said no, and he hung up on me, laughing, quite rudely, stating, “Have fun rotting in prison.”
    I was upset. I looked up Money & More online to see if there was a phone number that I could call to see if I could get more information since they were the ones I did business with. The website has no phone numbers. This to me is crazy. I had done a google search for Money and More when looking for their number. There are several forums and postings about scams to collect a debt from unsuspecting people. Most people are saying too that it was from 2008.
    I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. My next step is the FTC then the police report.
    I am very angry that these people feel that they can intimidate me & try to scam me.

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri

      Thanks for sharing your story. You are wise to research this before giving out any money. Glad to hear you have filed a complaint.

  • andres rodriguez

    yes i think im getting scam and i done paid up 945.00 dollars but it was refundable so they say there number is 2022412743 can any1 help me?plz

    • Gerri Detweiler

      I am confused. Why would a debt collector say that money you paid them was refundable? Perhaps you were applying for a loan? If so, and if this is an advance fee loan scam, the refund promise is worthless. Did you wire money to them via Western Union by chance? If so, then it’s likely gone to someone overseas already.

  • Beverly Bauer

    I as many others have been receiving calls telling me that I am being sued for a pay day loan taken out from Money and more in July of 2008 and never repaid. these calls are being place from 716-236-7927 from a Marsha Montgomery. My caller ID shows this number coming from LTC Enterprises. I did look them up on the internet and they have a F rating with poor reviews. This Marsha has told me that I am being sued for nonpayment and that they need to be contacted by my lawyer and today wanted to know if I was going to defend myself or what. she states my account number is 14918-1219 also that my licience would be suspended for 120 days WHAT LIC. and when I asked was given a list of possible lic that could be suspended including my drivers lic.
    I am disabled and gave up my nursing lic this year. She also stated that I would have to pay court costs of 3500 plus any other fees.
    I did take a loan from Money and More in July 2008 and paid the loan back in Aug of 2008 with a electronic with drawl ;by Money and More. I had the bank send me my bank records showing both of these trans actions however I was told that unless I had a letter from Money and More that this had been paid my bank records are useless. I have had many payday loans over the years and have never recieved a paid in full letter from any of them but have always been able to contact them online to check my history can’t do this with money and more and the only phone number I can find is not inservice 951-922-6286 so who is the scammer ?????. The calls don’t come daily they are about 1 or 2 weeks apart. guess I will just have to wait and see if they do serve papers on me they know a lot of my personal information as told them I wouldn’t send them my bank statements she then recited my bank account number from the account I had at that time have since changed accounts. I have asked for things in writing and have yet to recieve anything.
    Any suggestiions

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri

      This has all the hallmarks of the payday loan debt collection scam that’s happening all over the country. I am quite confident you won’t be served with any kind of papers. Even if they could sue you, they couldn’t suspend your license! (As you say, what license?)

      I would suggest you report this to the CFPB and the FTC. Give them as much information as you have about the caller. Next time they call, tell them at the outset you will be recording the call to turn over to law enforcement. Hopefully then they will realize they aren’t going to get anything from you and move on.


    My job has been flooded with harassment telephone calls from an unknoown debt/credit collector with a heavy Middle Eastern accent. This guy uses different names and telephone numbers and usually refers to himself as an “Officer”. Sometimes a “woman” is involved as well. They frequently call my place of employment,personal references,and cell phone as well. I have also filed 2 police reports and complaints to the FTC,FCC,and FBI/Homeland Security as well. What other steps of action must I take?.Thanks.

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri

      Terry –

      It can be hard to stop these folks as they are likely based overseas, outside the reach of U.S. law enforcement. But some of our readers have had success by telling the caller at the beginning of the call that they are recording the call to turn over to law enforcement. You may also want to read the comments above from jayy gosvammi who said he worked briefly for one of these outfits. Other than that, I am not sure what to suggest. Maybe another reader has a suggestion?

  • Mimi b

    I received a call from Pay day loan recovery in Illinois. They say it’s for a loan from 2010 and now it’s $2300. If I don’t settle today I will have my wages garnished and my drivers liscense suspended. I thought it was legitimate bc they were not rude. However in going through my old paperwork, I can’t find any notices or letters. I want to pay any debt that I owe but I dont want to be paying something that isn’t real. Also , my real fear is a suspended drivers liscense!! I have to drive to work

    • Tammi

      Mimi b. I have been receiving the same calls from Jason and Ms. Thomas from the same company in Illinois. (ALSO, SAID THEY WOULD GARNISH WAGES AND REVOKE MY LICENSE) They have now started employing americans to make these calls to make it sound legit. So I advised that I have been recording these calls for the FBI investigation that I am involved in. I am a legal professional and debt collectors cannot just call you without verifying that they have the correct person and that would be done via certified mail with a summons and complaint against you. Also, if the collector such as Jason Locke and Ms. Thomas from 877-601-5871 Ext 259 and 877-601-5871 Ext 251 were real debt collectors they would have to provide written proof of the original loan, copies of the e-signed agreement between you and the lender, account numbers, telephone numbers for the lender etc… This guy Jason did not know his own address when I asked him and he also could not confirm my full social security number. Also, one tip to remember is legit collectors have to say the following statement before speaking with you “This is an attempt to collect a debt etc”, so remember that. I unfortunately was scammed out of $500.00 a few years ago and I paid the fees and sent a fax to them saying that I was paying in full etc.. and then after I paid in full, I called the company that they said I had the loan with and they advised me that my loan was already paid in full a few months ago and said that the collectors were not associated with them. Boy, did I learn my lesson. What they are doing is taking your personal information from any possible attempt to take out a payday loan or if you did take out a loan sometime. New trick is a company called FUNDEDPAYDAY.COM took an ACH payment out of the bank account for $14.95 and said that I filled out paper work asking them to find me a payday loan for this fee. Unbelieveable, why would anyone pay a fee for someone to find them a loan, when we all know that we can get it for free. The next time you get any calls like these, do your homework and take down all info that you can from them. Tell them you want a copy of the original loan paperwork and when you took out the loan, the amount of the loan, the claim number etc… WE ARE HARD WORKING PEOPLE AND WE NEED TO START FIGHTING BACK.

      • regins

        Im glad i read your post. i have been getting calls from people for payday loans that i do have outstanding. they are threatening to take me to court and everything, and i know according to the payday loan laws in illinois they cant do that. My question is this: I had already had two loans out(via store front), and was approved for 5 more online(after which i didsocered none of the companies were licensed in illinois. I have told the callers that i simply do not have the money to repay at the moment. thats when they get rude and nasty with me. they keep saying that they will put a judgement on my report, etc. 855-216-1354 is one of the numbers i keep getting calls from. on my caller id they come up 000 and i wait for them to leave a message. I have not paid them anything, but I am wondering if they CAN actually do anything to me. the companies according to illinois law should have contacted me to set up a repayment plan, but never did so, and now a year later I am getting these calls? something doesnt seem right

        • Gerri Detweiler


          I have to warn you that even some of the attorneys I know who regularly sue debt collectors who break the law won’t touch cases that involve payday loans. Even if they are successful defending the client, they tell me, they cannot collect. That may not be the case with all collectors, but I do have to warn you that you could be dealing with very aggressive collection agencies here.

          That said, make sure you keep good note of whom you spoke with, when, what they said etc. Ask them to send you written verification of the debt. If they appear to be breaking the law, don’t hesitate to call them out on it. Read: 11 Ways Debt Collectors May Be Breaking The Law. You can report them to the FTC, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Better Business Bureau, and your state attorney general’s office and send the collection agency a copy of your complaint. (If you can get their address.)

          If all else fails, you may want to talk with a bankruptcy attorney to find out whether you can discharge these debts in bankruptcy.

          • regins

            They are so far breaking the law. i have not once gotten a written statement regarding the debt of these payday loans. and they have threatened dire consequences multiple times(number 5 in your article), they definately call earlier/later than they should. they are breaking about half the rules in this article. so what should my next course of action be? I have received multiple calls lile this regarding these loans, and no actions have been taken. Ive checked the court docket online for my county and nothing is filed or anytihng. I just keep telling them I do not have the money to pay. One even asked me how do i plan to defend myself in court if I needed to.

  • me:)

    I just received a call from this company saying that i got a payday loan off line and i never paid for it. He gave me information that anyone could have gotten when you apply for a payday loan online. he stated that i would be arrested and jailed if i didn’t pay $1,000 immediately when he stared saying this i asked for the name of the company and he was hesitant to give me the name and i goggled it and found all of the complaints about the company. I didn’t believe it because none of the payday loans that i have, have been from the internet. it’s funny because as I’m typing this another one calls me from USA CASH Advance #904-900-8462. these people should be stopped.

  • hank

    i recieved a threating phone call from number 701-212-1223 stating that i had owed a payday lone in the amunt of 2097.00 dollars and that if i did not take care of this that there would be a sherrif at my door to take me to jail and for e to appear in court.
    he wanted me to give him a credit card number so they could with draw 500.00 dollar payments until it was paid off. now can they realy take action to have a person recieve notice to appear in court along with a warrant

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri

      If you are being sued for a debt, you may be served. But they aren’t going to just “haul you off to jail” simply because you can’t pay a debt. My suggestion? Ask for written verification of the debt which you are entitled to by law. They won’t likely send it.

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  • jjrbradley

    Call went to my MIL’s house. Phone number was 877-334-5288. Said they needed me to call before 5 p.m. I called them, they started the whole rigamarole about I owed an old payday loan and was going to be charged with frud, malicious intent, etc. I stopped the guy and asked for his company name and address and he hung up on me. LOL Think I’m gonna call back and try again just for the hell of it.

  • cece white

    someone name nicole woods— who leaves a number of – 888-891-4526 but u cant reach her. she is very rude. and calls my job and tells whoever answers the phonet that i am going to be arrested and she is going to serve some papers on me. I asked the to mail documents to me . claim they cant

    • Gerri Detweiler

      The debt collector must send you written verification of the debt, and is not allowed under federal law to discuss your debt with others. This leads me to believe it is not legitimate. You may want to think about telling her that you will be recording her calls to turn them over to law enforcement, and report these calls to Fraud.org.

    • Momo Rita

      The same number has been harrassing my work place for the past two days. I breifly talked to him and told him that I will call him back after work hours. But no one answers. Now he’s talking to almost everyone here at my work place claiming that they are cussing at him. I already told him to stop calling me work. That is pissing me off, I dont know what else to do!

  • http://yahoo Julie

    I to made the stupid mistake, and because I was unemployed, but going back to work. I took out loans but was starting a new job, so I wasn’t worried about paying them back. Well I lost my job and was unable. I am looking for work, but I am now getting calls from people other than I borrowed from. (capitol solutions) They are a scam from what I am reading. They threaten to have my paperwork sent to the court house, come to my house, blah, blah blah. Some people have been middle eastern, but some are not. I tried to leave a message to call me back but no answer. I went on the net tonight, and have been enlightened. I have to cancel my checking acct. because i gave them my info. I feel so gullable. Just because I gave them auth. for auto withdrawl. Don;t do It, please just deal with the companies you took out the loan with!!!

  • Terri

    I have been receiving phone calls from a person who claims to be an investigator and tells me there are charges pending against me for a payday loan from 2009. He did give me the name of a collection agency (Global) which I called and they told me the same thing. I did indeed take out a payday loan in 2009 from this “money and more” online company. The loan WAS repaid and I even faxed copies of bank statements proving this back in 2009. They say the copies af these statements are not in my file. And this “INVESTIGATOR” well his phone does not accept incoming calls, and he wants me to give him my address to send me sealed documents! I did not give any of my information as I see it, if he found out my cell phone number, then he can find out my address. This man was very rude, very aggressive and very threatening. He continues to call my phone 4 & 5 times a day. I do not know how to get rid of these people. This man, I dont know his name or who he wors for, he gave me no information, only that there were charges against me and my state “bad check writing laws” would be against me as well, pending criminal charges…..I dont often have internet access…but I get my e-mail on my phone, so if anyone would like to e-mail me with helpful information it would be much appreciated. Thank You

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Terri –

      This has all the classic signs of a payday loan scam. I would encourage you to report this firm to the authorities – FTC, CFPB, and tell them next time they call you are recording their call to report them to law enforcement.

  • http://JohnsonYorkLLC Lisa

    I received a recorded call at work that said I had written a bad check and would be served court papers at home or at work that day. The message then left a phone number 1888-786-0630 or 1888-390-5129 to call to try to “settle” or arrange a payment plan. I got really scared and called the number. The lady said she was from Johnson York LLC and that they are middle man to recover past due pay day loans. I don’t think I owe this debt, but I was so shaken that I did pay them a $50 payment, and set up a payment plan of $200 a month to pay a total of $960.00. She sent me an email receipt but it does not look legitimate to me. Their logo is weird, there is no address, and no website. She said it’s a loan with quick cash. I try tried to google quick cash and nothing comes up. I don’t want to keep paying them if this is a scam, and I guess the worst that could happen is to be served or have my check garnished? I just don’t like the fact that they are calling my work place. Should I call them back and ask them for their address, business license and for he original paperwork for the debt owed? I am not sure if this is a real collection agency. Please help!

  • Danielle

    I received a call yesterday from a law office stating that they were going to have me arrested for fraud and theft for not paying a payday loan. They said that it had been over 21 days since I made a payment and that if I wanted to proceed out of court that all I needed to do was put $385 on a green dot moneypak card by today. I have taken out two payday loans just recently and just had my first payment due on Friday which I paid. The number that they are calling from is 401-648-7325 by a Lisa Green. She also said that the money had been deposited into my account and when they tried to take payments out they were not able to. They also would not give me information on when the deposit took place and what company the payday loan was through. This sounds like alot of the other posts that I have read but I don’t want to take the chance of being arrested…what do I do??

    • Gerri Detweiler


      Saying you are going to be arrested for fraud because you haven’t paid your payday loan is a bogus threat. The fact that they have all this information about you does not mean it is a legitimate collection attempt. And the fact that they want you to pay with a moneypack is a big red flag. I’d suggest you turn the tables on them and report them to the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (consumerfinance.gov). Next time they call start the conversation by telling them you are going to record the call to provide to law enforcement – and do so!

  • Kristen

    I am writing you from PA. I’ve been reading through all of these posts. And it is amazing. I received calls just the same as those described above…but the calls didn’t stop with me. The “processor” went so far as to call my mother, mother-in-law and my employer (HR Dept) leaving messages stating “You will be served”. The message left with my HR dept at work, said he was calling to find out their process for serving me at work. Like the many posts above, I called the 888-521-2153 # left for me by Alex Summers (sp?) the “server” who called from a couple different numbers. Once I got to someone, at the 888#, they answered the phone as Nationwide – that’s it. And asked for the claim number which I gave. They then proceeded to tell me charges were filed against me, for a loan from 2008 from both Mt Partners and Money & More, and that I needed to pay them $1035 to end the papers being served to me at work. So I questioned why I have not been sent any of this information to my home, the claimed they are only the mediator here to offer me a solution. So I was getting nowhere and was connected to a supervisor, who was very rude. I asked where my verification was that I actually owe them money, he said my verification would be when I get served at work. I asked how they will verify that these “accused” debts are settled, and was told that was none of my business – really? So I am supposed to just hand money over to you, with no verification that indeed 1) I owe the debt 2) it has been settled in the eyes of the company I owe it to? Not to mention, if I did indeed owe these debts – where are they on my credit report? So I requested that ALL communications from their company, and the “server” Alex be stopped – they are not to ever contact my employer, or me, at my place of employment, nor any of my family that have been contacted. So frustrating to know that this company is able to do this.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Thanks for sharing your story Kristen. Frustrating that more can’t be done to stop this kind of thing, but at least you researched it first!

  • Erica

    Wow! I am so glad to read all of this. I have a valid debt from 2006 on a payday loan but the two collectors calling me are saying two different Company Names. I have a “service processor” calling me too stating I have “charges against me” and he will knock on my door tonight. He even identified my vehicle! Scary right. So dumb me…. gives my credit card info to the other collector calling to settle. After reading this… I just cancelled my credit card immediatley with the company. I am all about paying my dues but I have cleared my credit in the past 3 years. I did a credit check… this debt isnt even on my credit report and its been 6 years!!!!!! Really?!?!?! Anyway, I am grateful for reading all these stories and it just so happens that one of the company names they said they were calling for is in fact on the list of scammers! So I have contacted the old payday loan place and they dont have any illegal charges pending against me. I didnt think so. THank you thank you!

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Erica –

      We love hearing success stories! You made our day.


  • kendal wallis

    My husband got a call from BG capital they said they were in New York but who really knows. The gentleman sd he was an investigater w/ an attorneys office and that they were going to be filing a case against my huband for a bad check he wrote to a pay day advance place. I am a third pary bill collector. We follow the FDCPA and any ligitimate agency will also follow the guideline/laws set forth in the FDCPA. My husband hasd me talk to this gentleman. He wanted $250 to settle this $900 bad check. None of the facts this guy was saying added up, I asked him to validate the debt, we wanted a copy of the said check, he wanted to email it…NO WAY. I beleive these kind of call’s are “phishing” calls trying to get additional info to somehow scam us further. I will be filing a complaint with the FTC for this man several violations of the FDCPA.

  • Janet Kennedy

    I have been receiving calls from what sounds like the same group of folks. Starting last week I had a voice message from “Justin Jones” stating that I needed to contact him immediately or have my attorney contact him that I would be sorry. If he didn’t hear from me that I would face some serious legal actions. He also said that they would come to my workplace or my home and I will be the only responsible person for further legal consequences and that I should call him bsck immediately as soon as possible before its too late. Thank you and have a blessed day, goodbye. It was very broken Indian dialect. I returned the call and spoke to Derek Anderson. Apparently Justin Jones is one of his “officers.” I was told that They would be willing to settle for $998 in lieu of the $1795.00 they said I owed them through Advance Payday Loan. I have never taken a payday loan. I needed to give him a debit card or send payment via Western Union right away or they would have the sheriff come arrest me on the following three charges. 1 violation of federal banking laws 2 Collateral check fraud, and 3 Theft by deception. I asked for a physical address so that I could send the funds via overnight delivery or some other traceable method. He did not want to give me a physical address but after much questioning from me he gave me an address of 633 Marimbo Street New York, NY 10023 But that they would not accept mail payments, only Western Union (he forgot about the debit and credit card at this point)
    Two different phone nos were used 646-328-2038 & 866-696-6374
    This morning I had a very similar call from and East San Francisco number of 510-256-0361 at 7:21 a.m. Florida time, 4:21 a.m. SF time

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri

      Glad you didn’t pay them Janet!

  • Ronni

    I just got a call from someone who asked if I was at work and that they were coming to serve me. The number was unknown on my phone, but my mom’s number shows up that way too so I thought it was her. The lady said that she had to serve me, but I could call this number and ask for the Legal Dept. I told her I was driving and she said she would transfer me. They are accusing me of check fraud from a payday loan I took out in 2008 from Sonic Cash and said that my bank account came back as NSF. I remember taking out a payday loan, but it was paid out. She said I could pay the amount of 740 and they would send out an release of order to the server. I didn’t have the money, but she took 100 and said she will take out the rest on Friday. I told her I would go ahead and pay but would research who this is from because I don’t want to lose my job or go to jail. It’s the whole check fraud charge that scared me. Told me that if the amount was a felony that they wouldn’t be able to release it and I would have to go to jail. I’ve been having a very bad month and am super stressed and just want this to go away. Is this a fraud? Should I report it? The person I talked to was Monique and the number is 1-877-913-2578. It’s very scary that they have all my information. They gave me my social, an old address, names of family members, my work email address. I don’t remember ever getting anything from these people and do remember paying back the loan.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Ronni – That call has all the signs of the payday loan fraud scam. Don’t get panicked about them and please don’t send them any money. Of they were a legitimate debt collector they would have to send you written confirmation of the debt.

      There are different theories as to how these scammers get consumer’s information, but it’s not unusual for them to have complete info on file. That doesn’t mean it’s legit.

      File a complaint with your state attorney general, and the FTC at FTC.gov. Let the company know you’ve done so.

      This may be a huge hassle and very stressful, but you’ve done your research and ball is in your court now.

  • Robin

    Yesterday TimScott called my sister and left a message on her VM that they needed to get in contact with me because i was being charged with 3 counts of fraud. I called the number she gave me back and the company was identified only as national. The number is 888-209-4285. He said before he could give me any info I had to verify my address and the last 4 of my SSN. I did and then hetransferred me to a woman named Donna who informed me that I was being charged with fraud because I took out a payday loan in 2006 and I owe them 1000 but they will settle for 700 to keep me from being “served”. I did take out a payday loan not sure if it was in 2006 paid back all of the money and it definately was not for 1000 or 700 or anywhere near that I only made 10/hr at the time and there is no way they would give me that much money! She informed me that if I gave her my bank acct info or credit card #s she could stop the attorneys from serving me. I told her I was uncomfortable with that and she told me I was being uncooperative. I had my husband call them back to try to figure outwhat the issue was and they gave him all of the information that they had given me and said I would be served for refusing to pay and did not even verify who he was. my husband asked for a physical address and business lisence # and they hung up. So I called back and pressed 0 for operator and was eventually transferred to Stacy “the manager”. She told me the same thing….. being charged with fraud etc. i asked for business lisence # and physical address and she said they do not give out their address and would not give me her last name for “security reasons” . I told them i would send a check and she said i could not because i had previously defaulted on a check (untrue) i told her i would send a money order and she said they do not accept paper transactions the only way i could settle this is with credit card numbers or i would be served for refusing to pay. i told her i would look into it and call her back. I then researched this, filed a complaint with the FTC and the NAAG and then came here and found this. Please do not anyone fall scam to these creeps. And i hope they are reading this you are caught!!!!!

  • Mark

    At least you all got calls. I was checking my credit report last night and out of nowhere my rating had fallen. I was actually excited I was going over 700 as of last month but as of today it fell to 609. Went to transunion for details and some collection company named Northern Resources Group PO BOX 566 AMHERST, NY 14226 (888) 447-2490 has hit my report for some bogus payday loan I never took out. I’d never take out a payday loan. The original debtor is name Global Payday Cashnet. They say on my report I owe 525.00. What the eff is that all about. I filed an investigation with transunion over the debt. Also noticed an address under my name in Missouri they have on my report. I’ve never lived any other place except California. So I reported that as well. How did this happen?

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri

      Wow, Mark. Good thing you caught it! Sounds like they reported someone else’s debt on your report. Let us know what happens.

  • beauty18

    a week and a couple days someone name peter spencer calls me from a number that was shocking to see come out on my fone and it was a number like this +0000, the caller peter spencer calls me and leaves a voicemail on my fone and tells me that he is with legal account association saying that I owe and amount of $710.00. I couldnt understand a word they said, he sounded russian/indian and he had told me that I have to make a payment as soon as possible, or I have another option to fight it in court. he left a call back number 646-504-2448. the called peter spencer also had said that I can maky my payment through western union or he can take my card number. he has been bother ever since and ive not answered. I watched the new saying to becareful now days because there is alot of SCAM going on.

  • Amber

    I too have been getting these calls as of late. I took out a payday loan from Money and More back in 2008 and did it online for $300. I have since paid the loan back, but am now getting these calls as well. They’re coming from multiple numbers in different states. The numbers I have are 631-247-9920, as well as the 716-299-0417 numbers and 757-275-8578. They’re obviously using some system to be able to call from other numbers. I usually don’t answer and call the numbers back to find out who they are and I go straight through a switchboard to an operator who refuses to tell me who they are or what company they are calling from. They claim that there are “lots of companies in the building” and that they don’t work for any particular one. Anyway, I answered one call a couple of months ago when I got a message about a case number and told them I’d paid that off. They informed me I would have to secure a police report (?) and a lawyer, but I just hung up on them. In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten calls from a guy claiming that I had one final chance to resolve the matter or he would be turning my case over for processing. Of course he had all my info as well from my application. First, he called my grandmothers house to harass her, then called me back claiming that he had an address for me and would be filing the paperwork. This guy did not give me a name or a business. He just claims “I’m calling again to inform you that you need to contact the firm handling your claim.” Then today, I get a call from another guy calling himself Bobby Jones from “the mediation firm” regarding reassignment of the claim and that he had obtained a locating service to verify my address for processing. I still have not received anything in the mail verifying the debt, and I’ve already had to file reports through BBB once because Money and More reported the debt to the credit agencies, but they put multiple accounts on ym credit report. When I contacted the BBB to have them removed, they were removed initially, but then reappeared about a year later.

  • paul

    PDLR is an unliscensed debt collector out of Aurora Ill
    I asked for their liscense number and they would not give it out
    I checked with the ILL attorney general , they are not ligit

  • Leeza

    I have received calls nonstop from 4 AM to 9PM at night off and on for months from these FOOLS at ACS specifically Dennis Peterson, et al. I did apply for a PD Loan years ago but have since paid it off. A couple of weeks ago they called my work place nonstop for 5 hours tying up the phonelines, cussing at me, my boss and co-workers thus prompting my manager to contact the Sheriff’s Department. My Manger had to file a Security Incident Report (because I work for a Gov’t agency) and when they Security Officer responded to my Manager he stated that this was a scam/crime ring. They stopped calling for about 2 weeks and now they are statring to call again from 00000000. I don’t care if they call my home/cell phone because I can turn on my call block but calling my work place is ridiculous and is harassing to my employer. How can these terrorists be stopped???????

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Leeza – It’s a really good question. How do we stop them?? They are overseas apparently beyond the reach of law enforcement. Have you reported them to Ic3.gov?

  • chris

    We are working on some of our clients payday loans and they are getting these same calls. One of the clients were scared into paying them until I looked it up. They said they were from payday loan recovery group. Saying she owed a loan from 2008 for 1,200 and she can pay it in full for $399. She was scared into paying but I told her to cancel her creidt card before it went through. They send her an invoice on the decline. The processing company is http://www.eprocessingnetwork.com/. This is definitly a scam. I have had it happen to multiple clients. First they said the were from EWA Recovery Group. The email came from Charles Lenard” . Which is weird becuase it is a yahoo account. What company uses a yahoo account. This is there phone number that was listed on the email (877) 601-5871.

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri

      Thanks for the info. It’s sickening how these scammers are making money off people in difficult financial straits!

  • http://americanlawdept&fraudulentinvestigationdept jason

    Hey I have been getting calls from an agent bryan claiming to be from The Fraudulent Investigation Department. Number is 3474180337. He had a thick accent. He has threatened to come arrest me at my work place. Has anyone else heard of this company. Are they scanners? Also second company I missed the name but phone number is 6303320770. This guys name was adam woods. He has been threatening me all day saying I have to go to western union and transfer money to them. I believe this is a scam. He says I will be arrested if I don’t. Any suggestions

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri

      Jason – It absolutely sounds like the classic overseas payday loan scam. Don’t send them a penny. Remember, in the US a debt collector is required to send notification of the debt to you in writing. If he doesn’t, HE’S breaking the law. Report these guys to the FTC and your state attorney general.

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  • Ms. Brayboy

    I recently received a call from a Joe Banks. The number he was calling from showed as unknown. He left me a message that was not professional and proceeded to call my mom and sister. The number he left for me to call was 877-230-6756 for ACS. I did not provide them any information and ask that my sister and mother do the same. I will not pay money to someone unless they provide something in writing as proof the debt is mine.

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri

      It is your right to get written confirmation of the debt. Stand firm on that one.

  • paul giordano

    hi, i have been a victim of these payday loans the calls and threathens me that i will be brought up on charges these guys need to get caught they are usually foreingers that call i just rec eived two miore calls today from# 818 659-5712 and661 752-5174 i want to report these people how do i go about this so we may catch these thugs i have stressed out over this i need help… sincerely paul giordano ny

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Paul – I know it’s not easy, but stop stressing. These guys are sitting somewhere in another country calling as many people as they can. They can’t hurt you. So understand that and don’t let them scare you.

      Turn the tables on them. You can report them to the FTC.gov. Give the FTC as many details as you can. If you did apply for a payday loan online in the past, be sure to include the name of that site in your complaint because your information was likely sold or compromised and the FTC needs to know where these guys are getting personal information. That information will go into a database that is shared by law enforcement and other governmental agencies.

      Next time they call tell them that you have reported them to the authorities and that you would like to record the conversation. That may very well stop them. If not, talk with your phone company to see if you can set up some kind of call blocking or call screening so they can’t get through.

      Let us know what happens!

  • pauletta

    I am getting calls frequently,various numbers,started about a week ago.It is scary,and upsetting.Latest is from1-718-841-6480.Thaey call work,threaten to file charges against me,I will be arrested if I don’t pay.One guy tried to get me to pay $560 immediately.I didn’t.Help

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Paulette – Don’t let them scare you. Remember if this is the debt collection scam (and it sounds like it is) then just remember they are sitting in a boiler room somewhere – maybe not even in the US – making false threats. If you need to, call your phone company and find out how to put call screening on your phone. Or get a google voice number and set it up so that only calls from people you know go through.

      Tell your employer what’s going on. You don’t want to lose your job because of this. You can direct your employer to this story if need be.

  • Lynn

    I have received many of the same calls. i also received a call from National Check Fraud Center who stated they had a warrant for my arrest ready and processed and waiting to be sent to the sheriffs department in my county. Unfortunately I am one of the ones who was so scared that I did pay. I did have a bankruptcy and the payday loan was unfortunately included. The debt has been discharged. The National Check Fraud center stated on voice mail to consider myself served as I would and that this was illegal and could not be counted in a bankruptcy. Anything on the National Check Fraud Center?

    • Gerri Detweiler


      I am so sorry to hear you paid this debt! It sounds like they are the ones acting illegally. Debts included in bankruptcy are protected by the automatic stay, and once the debt is discharged a creditor cannot try to collect it.

      And this doesn’t make sense: “they had a warrant for my arrest ready and processed and waiting to be sent to the sheriffs department in my county.” If they did have a warrant for your arrest, why would they tell you that other than to try to shake you down for money? It would be smart for you to call your local sheriff’s department, explain what happened and ask them if you can file a police report.

      Lynn, I am really sorry to hear you have gone through this. Please be sure to report these guys to the FTC at FTC.gov.

  • Kelsi C

    These guys have called me twice so far, at work. His name was “David Jones” and he was from my local sherriff department, the last time. I didn’t fall for it, so should I still report it? The first time they said I have charges being brought against me, they know the last 4 of my social. He asked for my attorneys information. He asked if I had ever been convicted of fraud before. He yelled at me and told me not to interrupt him or he would not be able to help me. He asked if he should send law enforcement to pick me up and I told him to do what he needed to do.

    • Kelsi C

      Oh and they said it was for a payday loan, the lender was American Credit Services. When I said I never got a payday loan, he said he didn’t care where the money went but its stealing if I don’t pay it back.

      • Gerri Detweiler

        Yes, Kelsi, you absolutely should report them! And next time they call tell them that you have done so and that you will be recording the call. That usually stops it.

  • Joseph

    I have been getting these calls. They are also calling my job that I did not have at the time of this alleged loan. I do not want this to affect my job. They have called back to back and would not say who they are with and would not agree to send me a written correspondence, saying that they have sent several email. There is a call coming through right now while I am writing this from 1243521256 and yes that is all of the numbers…eh caller ID fraud as well. Indian accent said her name was Vaness ? and gave a call back number from 650-835-???? number. Omg! I am about to file a police report and open an FTC Case in my state.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Joseph – You may want to alert your employer. This scam is well documented from many sources so hopefully your employer would be understanding if you explained that you are being targeted by a scammer.

  • Vicki

    Payday loan scam – 804-728-0872 calling my work asking for the manager over 100 times a day, saying I owe money from an old payday loan debt – ultimately threatening me saying he knows where I live and that I cant hide from him, I contacted the police about it. Used several different phone numbers to call me on, couldnt speak english well. Wanted to find out personal information about me from other people, etc. Very bad man.

  • mrreload

    Here’s a new one:
    Got a message today from a “Courtney” claiming to be a independent process server and that I am scheduled to be served papers on the 21st. She said she normally doesn’t call ahead but because of the circumstances she was this time. She stated if I was uncomfortable receiving papers for which I know nothing about that I needed to contact the originating company. Then she left their number 855-461-0744 and a “case number”. First thing I did is try to lookup the phone number but no reference to it anywhere on the interwebs? Okay, starting to sound fishy. So then I call the number, but of course it’s after 7pm Eastern (4:30p for me) so I get a chance to leave a voicemail. The voicemail greeting was for a Jonathan Vadeer?
    I can’t wait to talk to these jokers tomorrow and hear the BS. What kind of process server would call and warn someone they were getting served on a specific day? Duh, they get paid only they serve the papers!

  • Trisha

    I received a message the other day from PDLR Group stating her name was Jan Faith to call back at 877-269-0088. I called the next day to find out what this was for. I spoke to Jan who told me I owed on a payday loan that dated back to 2008 or before, but didn’t have an exact date. The next thing she was telling me that if I dont settle with them TODAY and make payment arrangements with a debit card or a prepaid card for $700, I was looking at at least $3500 with lawyers costs and court costs but that they will not go to court. She said they will go straight to my HR department to start garnishing my wages. Unfortunately I have applied for payday loan before but have paid back the one I did. I cant even find a website for Payday Today which is the company I supposedly did the loan with. I asked for written proof of the debt, and all of a sudden was rushed off the phone telling me that I can expect to be called down to HR about this. She said the wage assignment I signed was my forfeit from court, oh but she wished be the best of luck and she hung up. My HR requires a court order in order to process any garnishment so I doubt anything will come from this. Thanks so much to the initiator of this post, I am glad to find out this company is a scam and I that I was not the only one who almost fell for it. These people need to be stopped as soon as possible. This is riduclous. It’s sad that people come up with stuff like this to do to others.

  • tim

    just had a call today from Marshall & Fields law office in Califorina they said, demanding attorney info on an old loan back to 2009 from paydayone, well that has been paid for, then they wanted info, then they called my brother as he was listed as refrence,they gave me a number to call back to 740-364-0537,, they guy couldnt speak any english but demand the info he requested well i hung up and waiting for the next call,, I hope he understands english as he is going to get an earfull

  • Steven Schneiderman

    Just received a call from PDLR Recovery systems regarding a payday loan that was supposedly taken out 2 or 3 years ago and they were willing to settle for $500.00. I had originally made an arrangement with them. I then called them to cancel the arrangement at which time they stated they were going to call my office and start the garnishment proceedings. After reading your cover page and asking for the actual debt information as well as information as to the collection agency they worked for, they abruptly hung up. Thank you for the advice.

    • Gerri Detweiler

      Steve – We’re so glad to hear this advice helped! Thanks for letting us know.

  • jane doe

    has anyone heard of P.D.L RECOVERY, FROM AURORA,ILL
    PHONE THAT CALLED WAS 630-486-1900, they called
    it sounded fishy and i goggled it and the number was cell
    and all kinds of noise in the back ground

  • Damita
  • http://money.msn.com/credit-cards/article.aspx?post=e87555b0-19cb-482a-b81a-070395e8ffdf Damita

    I too was a victim but never again. These fools still call me. Ronnie Cooper, David Cooper, John McCoy. Ph’s 987-928-2683, 909-503-0684,949-752-4600,958-489-0227 and 214-446-9831. Same old scam, I didn’t give that a red cent!! FYI!! Please read this it was on MSN today. Don’t let these people get to you!! Please be aware.

  • PatS

    Ok I have been reading everyones experience with these people which started with me last year saying that i owe a payday company that my ssn had something attached to it from the att general saying that i was going to be put in jail if i didnt pay… they would call me on my cell back to back..one day i answered the call and told them to send this to me in writing… they said they would but never did as I guessed.. That i would be arrested and jailed if i did not pay… this would happen every month i would get someone speaking in broken english saying that i need to call them —some of the numbers and names ..

    ALAN STONE 704-389 0723 MICHAEL JOHNSON 204-449-0158 AND HERE ARE SOME OF THE NUMBERS I have them on reject –thats how many times they call.once the calls came 21times back to back like a computer was dialing them…7501003 is the one they use
    another one 1023
    yes these are the numbers that show up on my callerid…

    this will stop for a couple of weeks then they start again



    • Gerri Detweiler


      Unfortunately some people are so scared and intimidated that they pay these bogus debts.

      While it may not be possible to stop these scams (they are typically coming from overseas and may be out of reach of US law enforcement), US lawmakers do need to try to stop them at the source. They need to crack down on the websites where consumers are entering their personal information that is then compromised.

      Please complain to your state attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov). Your complaint will be entered into Consumer Sentinel, a database shared by law enforcement agencies. Be as specific as possible in your complaint.

  • Rebecca

    Ok I got a phone call today for my husband. I know he took out a payday loan 2 years ago and it is with the people these guys claim they are collecting for. They want my debit card number so that my husband isn’t “served” and go to court and or jail for check fraud. My question here is can they even go for criminal action for a “check fraud” that wasn’t even technically a check since it was all done online. Also, should I just pay them? They said they are Lincoln something or other and the number is 877-607-5668 I have no problem resolving a legitimate debt but I don’t want to get scammed either.

    • Gerri Detweiler


      Ask them to send you written notification of the debt. They are required to do that within three business days of calling you. If they won’t, they are definitely not on the up and up. Also, debt collectors can’t make false statements. Telling you that you’ll go to jail for check fraud would likely fall under that category. (You can’t go to jail just because you can’t pay a debt. And you’re right – not being able to pay back a payday loan is not check fraud.)

      • Rebecca

        Any chance you can look at the “settlement” letter they emailed me and tell me if this is a valid company?

  • Sara

    I’ve been receiving similar phone calls from 877-824-6758 and 866-981-6854, from a guy named “Bill Davis” and a woman named “Amy Rogers” who claims be Bill’s “partner”.. they first called my work and left a message with my supervisor, claiming that the have two charges against me and that if I don’t contact them they were going to serve me at work. Then the phone calls to my cell and the threatening messages followed. I finally blocked them on my cell. So, “Amy” called my brother’s phone and left a message for him, saying that I have charges against me and I was being taken to court. This really ****** me off!! What can be done to stop these people?!! Can I report them to the police?!!! I”m getting so fed up!!!

    • http://www.credit.com Gerri


      Do you think they are calling from overseas? Are you able to get any kind of contact information from the “collectors?” If they are a legit agency then you can report and/or sue them. But if they are scammers based in another country you won’t have any luck with either.

  • Auzzie

    I just had my first run in with one of these “companies.” I immediately was aware that it was gibberish but decided to play along. They were immediately taken back by the fact I have a British accent but continue their charade. I initially spoke with a female and the number was 0000. Typically I don’t pick up these strange numbers as I assume it’s some sort of a scam but I had a itch. She picked up said something and immediately handed the phone over to another counterpart. He of course made claims to a loan I took out in 2008, I believe. Along with check fraud and two other false claims. I immediately stated that I was only 16 than however he continued the pressure. Statements of we sent you multiple EMAILS, you’ll receive a summon, etc. After he continuously talked over me I stated in a very naive way ” So if I give you my credit card information this will all go away?” He replied in his absurdly thick accent “of course.” I than yelled “you vile individual I’m a law student and the likeliness of convincing me of any truth was impossible.” He continued to pressure me and I slyly said a remark in Spanish than hung up. The fact that I was 16 in said year and British alone should have made him end the call, very foolish tactic. They called me BACK RIGHT AFTER AS WELL. Might I also complain of the heavy background noise, completely spineless individuals praying on Americans suffering through enough of a crisis as is. If I receive another call I’ll take some of these actions to try and aide in ceasing this callous behavior.

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler

      They just don’t stop do they???

  • http://twitter.com/jayy_gosvammi jayy gosvammi

    i know most of them as i have
    worked for/with them.
    90 percent of them call from
    or Pune).
    When i went their office for an
    interview, they told me that we
    collect money from those people
    who have owed money but
    didn’t pay back yet.
    I said ‘ok’
    when i started calling those
    people, most of them told me i
    never got a loan.
    Then i informed to my TL(team
    leader) about
    This problem,
    he replied ”don’t worry, they are
    lying, harras them”
    by hearing this i thought this
    didn’t sounds legal.
    After that i googled and i found
    that we were doing criminal
    Next day i went to hr department
    and told them i wouldn’t do this
    f*cking job.
    I tell you the whole path of these
    First of all,they get the whole
    information about people
    (including ssn. Phone number
    (work place and home), email
    add. Res. Add., fake ip add.,
    birthday and many more)
    they named it ‘leads’ for each
    lead they pay 1 dollar which are
    provided by other person.
    Most of them call from an
    application named eyebeem or
    They can display any number like
    0 or 911 or anyone which they
    Do following things to stop them.
    First of all speak english as a first
    Tell them that you are calling
    from india(mumbai,
    ahmedabad,pune or rajkot) and i
    know that.
    Tell them who provide you this
    leads or where is your closer.
    Ask them if you are an american,
    then tell me few lines of our
    national anthem.
    At last tell them that stop calling
    or i will contact your city police
    via FBI.
    Believe me they won’t call you
    But there are many centres in
    india so may be, you can get call
    from other but each time tell
    them which i have mentioned
    My email id is
    Forgive me because i have done
    this job for 7 days, but that time i
    didn’t know the truth.
    Bye and take care.


      Thanks so much for doing this. You have proven you are an honorable person and no one will blame you. Everyone needs a job but you were courageous enough to quit when you found out they were immoral. You have been extremely helpful!

  • Corina Glidden

    We had never heard of this happening until we got a call today from 410-843-2822. They had left a message with my fiance and when I returned the calll they first said “hello”, which struck me as strange, since this was supposedly a law office. When I asked for the name of the company he kept trying to verify info. When Chad (my fiance) got on the phone they started telling him that he should answer q’s carefully as they could be used against him in court. They said that the case would be ‘downloaded’ with the courts – what kind of lawyer says that? We had applied for several loans, and had only accepted one – which we were paying back. The amount they said we owed we had never been quoted. The other strange thing is that though they both had very strong indian accents, they used very unlikely names – the supervisor said his name was Jack O’Connor. ?? DON’T FALL FOR THIS!!!! We told them to send us something in the mail and not to call again.

  • Ashley

    hi my husband got a call in july saying that he had to pay a 300.00 loan and after interest and all that it is 789.00. The company ACS claims that he owes this through cash advance america. Wehave talked to two different people James connor and Kevin Watson and both have the indian accents. So we set up payments of $50.00 a week since july so we have paid close to 400.00 so far they did send me something in my email of like a legal looking document and at the top the logo says “the united states department of justice”. then i was online today and saw this and read it and i dont know if this real or what? can you plz help?

    • Ashley

      oh and the number they cal from and we call them on is 845-445-2304.

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler


      The first question is, are you aware that you owe a debt to Cash Advance America? T

      Second question: Did this collection agency ever send you a written notice of the debt by mail? Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collection agencies are required to send you a written notice of the debt within 5 business days of their initial contact with you. This is not optional – it’s required by law and it must contain specific information. Did you ever receive something like that?

      Feel free to forward the email you received to us creditexperts@credit.com and put it to my attention. XXX out any personal info like account numbers or Social Security numbers.

  • Kyle

    Just received a call from 1-888-553-2372 She said she was with ADR firm and said they needed to contact a friend of mine, who used me as his contact for a payday loan, so they could get his address to serve him with papers for fraudulent checks.

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler


      Please give your friend the heads up and send him or her a link to this blog.


  • http://cashadvance.com Twaquilla

    I recieved a call from 760-705-8888 telling me I wa approved for a loan for 800.00. Then they sent me to creditreport01.com and asked mr for my credit score so they can verify me…..WOW i knew something was up the they said someone will call me in a houe to get my routing number and account number to put my fund in my account…..Never got that 2nd call cause it was a SCAM for my credit score so they can apply for loans in my name…..I also recieved a call yesterday saying that I have been selected for a 5000.00 grant and i had to call 202 number and confirm my number they provided to me and then i had to go to western union and pay them 190.00 tro verify my identity and then they will release the fund…I said good day !!!!! IT WAS A SCAM!!!!

  • Pat

    Pat, I received several calls as well from this number 877 258-1188 and the number below. The caller said I owe $1,800 on a $300 loan; I laughed in the guy’s face. When I asked about the origination of the loan, they refused to provide the info, a phone number or something for this company they claim to be representing. But they will settle for $500 dollars to clear up the matter. They claim they are collecting money for Pay Day Today, whoever that is. They also claim that they had an court order to garnish my payroll also that someone would be waiting for me after work; What a joke, I contacted the Security and IT Department here at DOD on the matter. I don’t know who these people are or the company they claim to representing ….I did manage to get an email out of them asking me for my banking info.

    From: Charles Lenard
    P.O.BOX 2
    AURORA, IL 60506

  • Dianna Belken

    My daughter has been getting these calls for a year and a half now. The last one was on 7/09/11 and same thing owes money, threatens legal action. I also would like to say that we have had them call from five different states. This last one instead of sounding like they were from India or that area they now speak english that you can understand but gave me mexican names, Mr. Garza, Juan Henendiz and are out of Aurora IL. They did give me a P.O. Box #2 but no zip code with address. This is just a step up from the other scams they have played on my daughter. Call your State Attorney General, BBB, and their phone service provider (can obtain by reverse number look up). Call your phone service provider and report them as scam. Reporting to the police will do no good because every one that I have called tell me that there is nothing that can be done. If this continues I will go to our congressmen. I will not back down from these people.

    • Dianna Belken

      continue from july 9th post.
      Their phone number is 877-258-1188 ext 160 or 630-844-9252

  • Pam

    I received a phone call from a Cyrstal from a restricted phone line stating that she had papers to serve on my husband in the next day or two and to call this number 855-212-9406 to find out what it was about. I called and spoke with a Paul Landon who said it had to do with a payday loan and that if it wasn’t paid, my husband would be served at work. He then went on to say the amount was 1,100 but he could wipe it down to 580 if we would pay it right away and he would even let us pay it in 3 payments. I told him I had to talk to my husband and he said not to take to long as he was waiting to have him served and him arrested. Then he gave me his personal number which is 716-462-5680 and the company he works for is Outsource Legal Prep (but I only found this out but doing some internet searching – and it seems to be owned by Kevin Walker). I’m glad to have found this out as at first I was scared but now since I know it is scam I just called them back and told them to not call me back as I know it is a scam and I would turn them in to the proper authorities if they did. Thank you for posting this information.

  • Diana

    Ok this is the second call I get the first one my sister in law answered and she was given a woman’s name and a phone number and case number…. Well just a couple of days ago they left a message a guy supposedly named Peter Hersh said to call this number 1-866-583-6379 and left the name of ADR Firm and that it was my last chance to contact them before I got served but he said that the state of California was suing me….Hmmm this did scare me because I don’t know why would the state be suing me? Well I am glad I googled and this came up. It sucks this happening to us. I would just like to know what can we do? Is there somewhere we can report this to?

  • christine

    I got a call today from some lady named ms jones nichole i think was her first name saying she was a process server and that i i was being prosecuted for fraud on a payday loan this person also called my family members and telling them the same thing she said she was calling from ACS litigation i called and gave the ref number i was given and they said i did a online cash advance which i didn’t i asked for documentation and they said they would email me but nothing has been sent they also wanted a cc number i told them i want to see my signature they also said when they tried to get paid the bank account was close and they said this was back in 2007 the number they used is 866-574-8858 they also said they would prosecute does anyone no anything or can help me

  • http://cashcoachmo.info mo

    I got this call at my work telling me to pay this payday loan. I Took out. I never did. I consulted with my attorney and he said to its a scam because they have to sent you something in mail. I never got nothing. No court summons or anything. Beaware here is the phone number : (213) 260-9435
    Name: Officer Allen.. So he says. God knows his real name.

    Please dont fall for this crap. I lost money before in a different scam. Learn from my mistake.

  • Tim

    My calls started with ones with Indian accents but has moved on to calls apparently from
    here in the states. Pretty much the same crap just now it is from the homeland. Recently it has been from Obrien, Wexler and Associates 877-334-5288. They called my home and left a message, called my cell, called work and even called my brother which I am not sure how they got his number. I wonder if they searched it because it has never been on a payday loan app.
    These scams are posted all over the internet and I wish more could be done to stop them.
    The next time I will tell them I am recording the conversation for my attorney and I have listed them on my local AG site along with the FTC.
    Funny thing is, they do have a website but anyone can get a website these days. They are also listed in the BBB website with a C- rating. C- because of complaints. Their website domain is through GoDaddy. Now thats classy.

  • Corey

    I had calls from Texas and the guy was just talking and talking and he wouldn’t let me talk so I said how do I pay you, he said give me your debit card, so I said **** you, and he said the cops are going to come in 24 hours and I’m going to lose the case, so I said **** you again, think about what person who is Arabic is named Michael brown

  • rochelle

    I’ve gotten calls from PDLR- IT’S A SCAM! Beware for Miss Berry, Miss Santiago, or Miss Stiles, who all claim to be supervisors! The said my wages are going to be garnished in 2 days, we had an extremely heated exchange in which Miss Berry started talking trash about my mother, lol. Then when I insisted on proof of the debt, how much I owe, & who they are, they told me that I would get an email after the 1st payment is made. Initially I thought it was a legitimate debt & gave my credit card info, but after googling this agency I’ve found it is a scam. Called my bank & reported it immediately.

  • john

    you took out these loans now you people dont want to pay them back and eveyone wonders why the economy is the way it is cause of people like you get off ur a** and get a job and start paying back your debt

    • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler


      If you’ve read this post and thread thoroughly, then you’ll see that these consumers do not owe these debts. Their data has been compromised and they are being pressured for debts they don’t owe.

      These consumers are being scammed and paying these guys will not improve our economy in any way, as they are based overseas.

  • Gina

    Well, I didn’t receive any calls, but got 2 letters from Quick Cash in Houston Texas.
    They said they would charge me with fraud! I’ve already discussed this with my attorney,
    Beware folks. The first letter I got, they wanted 1300. and used a old address from 2003 and the supposed date of the debt was 2007!! I didn’t even live there in 2007! The second letter I got was for 984.00 and they would call the DA if I didn’t pay up.
    These guys have got to be stopped!

  • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler


    Creditors cannot generally garnish your wages unless they take you to court and get a judgment first. Even then, there are restrictions on how much be garnished. I am not sure of all the circumstances of your situation, but remember, a debt collector is required under federal law to send you written notice of the debt, and you have the right to request verification of the debt if you dispute it. Any collector that won’t abide by federal law is either a scam or can be sued for breaking the law.

  • Becky

    Had the same call as Jeannie. I originally got a call from MS. Gilmore and now MS Berry from 877-258-1188 stating that my payment did not go through and that they would be proceeding on garnishment. I feel this is a scam. The call from MS Berry came through on Fri afternoon 4-1 at 4:45PM. PDLR is the name of the company they claim. I did call the number back this morning and the person that answered the phone call asked me for my phone numbmer and then told me that MS Gilmore and MS Berry do not come in before noon. She told me I wouold have to call back then. Don’t most legit collections agencies that give you a number and name to return a call to at least have voice mail. I feel this is a SCAM and I hope it stops soon. Any ideas what i can do in the future to stop these people? Please advise if you do

    • Dianna Belken

      This is a scam do not give them any info or money. My daughter has been getting the same thing. I repeat this is a scam. Read my post of july 9th, 2011

  • Jeannie

    Recd a call from 877-269-0088 from a Miss Rios stating that I owed 5000 for a payday loan first of all you cannot take out that much money and second of all if was from 2 yrs ago and when I asked them to send docs they said that they could not I told them I don’t pay anything unless I signed for it and I have copies of it. They threatend to garnish my wages, couldn’t understand what co that they were from. Then just today I recd a call from phone no 877-258-1188 from a Miss Berry stating that my payment had not gone thru well duh of course not I don’t owe anything and she left me a msg to call her back in 2 days as she was going to garnish my wages fat chance I work for the federal govt and they wld love to see this come thru talk about serious jail time im lmao on this one already contacted authorities and changed bank accts BEWARE THEY ARE IDIOTS

  • http://www.credit.com Gerri Detweiler

    Beth – I wish I had an answer for you as far as stopping the calls. You may want to find out if your phone company offers a service that screens calls for you. (It requires callers to announce themselves and you then choose whether to take the call.) Google voice does this for free. It will allow you to select which calls can go through without announcements and which ones you have to screen. I use Google voice and like it alot. It might do the trick for you.

  • Beth

    We also have recieved several calls. We had applied months back for a payday loan. When the called us back to confirm they were only willing to give us half of what we needed so we told them we were not taking it. Now months later we are getting phones calls, with either the number coming up unknown or as 00000. The guy claims his name is John Frederick. He claims he is from the George Washington Associates and that unless my boyfriend calls him back they will have to take him to court. Repeatdly asks for our attorney’s information. We have told him we don’t have one and he tells us we better get one or pay the debt. My boyfriend works out of town during the week, so the first time I got this call I said this and asked for the name of the company that they are persuing the debt for. He will tell me that he can not give me that information. Yet when my boyfriend calls them back they will not answer his calls. Today I told him he abviosly has all our other information, so if the debt is real send it to us in paper work, and to stop calling because we have already notified the authorities. I then told him to have a nice day and to F*** off. When he leaves message’s on our machine they always end in “if we don’t hear from you today all I can do is wish you the best of luck as this badly unfolds on you.” How do we stop these when there is no number? Its really annoying.

  • http://www.credit.com Gerri Detweiler


    I am glad to hear you are no longer panicking. Debt collectors can’t have you hauled off to jail just because you can’t pay your bills. What type of debt is this? Do you owe it? Has this collection agency sent you anything in writing?

    I can’t tell from what you are writing whether it is an outright scam or whether it is a very aggressive debt collector, but remember debt collectors must follow a federal law (and often state laws) that prohibit harassment and false statements.

  • Alma

    Hi!! Well I had been receiving calls to my workplace from (716)218-2000 leaving me messages saying that they are a Law Firm QA associates and that I need to contact them immidiatly so I didnt because I was at work but next day they call again and my boss let me take the call and they want me to pay $570.00 right away with a credit card so I said I dont have that money at the time but I am welling to make arrangements to get this fix, so they didnt want no arrengments they want the whole amount or they will sue me for check fraud, so I got scare and I had a lot of financial problems and personal problems too and start getting ansiaty attacks so that night I end it up on the hospital. So it pass a week and they call me again to my cell phone so on the caller Id had 0000000000 no number and I didnt answer so they leave a message that they will serve me on the 8th with the sherrif at my house or my work and take me to jail, I am scare with this people I can go to jail I will loss my work I had my mother with surgery and cancer and she needs me to take her to drs. appoinment and I am helping her financially for her treatment so all these calls are getting me so scare I really hope to know what to do if some one can help me out and had some advice I will appreciate, I had read some of others people experiences with these scam companies that it calm me down a little bit but I cannt immaging me seeing my mom saw the police taking me she will be very scare and I dont want to think how she is going to get. These are very bad people scaring people like that is no reason why they have to do this, I just ask god to forgive them and bless them so they stop doing these to the people.. God bless all!!!

  • Brad

    In November I went throught the same thing. A call form a number on my cell phone form a “Bill Paxton” A Mid-Eastern sounding man telling me that a law suit had been filed in my nmae and SS number over an on-line payday loan that I did not pay back. When I asked some probing questions like what state and county tha law suit had been filed in what was the docket number. And when I asked for written verification of the debt he became very upset and put me on the phone with his ” supervisor” he informed me that an investigator would be sent to my home and place of work and that I would be arrested and could end up with 6 years in prison. I told him to go fuck a PIG. He then stated yelling at me in a language I could not understand then hung up on me.

  • Ivan

    I received a call on Jan 25, 2011 from Law firm of Anthony H Rodriguez 877-255-2162. He said they are about to take me to court and sue me for check fraud. He said that I defaulted on 5 payday loans and in order to stop the law suit against me, that I have to pay them $3000. He said I can set up a payment plan by paying $500 dollars first. And $300 monthly. He said if I don’t come up with the money today that, the next day I will be served court papers to appear in court. After speaking to them, I googled their phone number 877-255-2162 and many people had the same story about these people. So I called them back and I asked them to give me the address of their business location and he gave me 1001 State stree, suite 1400, Erie Pa. I googled this address and found out that this address belongs to Moody Law Offices 814-464-9464. I called Moody Law Office and asked them were they affiliated with Law firm of Anthony H Rodriguez and they said that they never heard of them and they were not affiliated with them. I called Anthony H Rodriguez back and confronted them about this, and he started cursing and they hung up on me. I’m so glad I didn’t give them any money.

  • Amanda

    these idots have called me a fewl times, the first time i didn’t recognize the phone #, so i let it go to voicemail. this guy had such a thick accent i had to listen to the message 3 times before i could piece together what he was trying to say, and had to laugh. i’ve never had a payday loan and i know that there’s no way the sherriff was going to have me arrested for a loan i’ve never had. he called back about 1/2 an hour later, demanding i pay $950 immediately and if i didn’t i would be “in big trouble”. i laughed at him and told him i do not fund terrorists. he then got very mad and called me an “American whore” and started making very graphic sexual remarks about me.
    i got a little mad, but i’m trying to quit smoking so i decided to give him some back. i let him know he had a lot of nerve getting mad at me for calling him out for trying to extort money from me, that his father shouldn’t be “telling our secrets” and basically telling him he’s so filthy and disgusting he no woman would ever want him, he hung up on me before i could finish my sentence.
    the same guy called be back the next day reading the same script, i asked him if he remebered me of course he said no and they had increased the amount i supposedly owed them. i told him his father said he would pay off the debt. he hemmed and hawed for a few seconds then tried to yell and belittle me somemore, so i talked over him, saying all kinds of nasty stuff to him.
    he said that he didn’t have to take the abuse i was giving him, i told him since he called me he could either take whatever i decided to say or hang up and loose my number. i haven’t heard from them since.

  • http://credit.com/blog Sands

    My Aunt received a call from a certain Angelina Parker who claims to represent Marshall & Associates regarding a pending lawsuit against me.

    I also received several calls from an unidentified no. but the call sounds like she’s calling from overseas and can’t make out the details. I called the Lady back and a male with a heavy Indian accent answered “Hello this is Dominic, How can I help? I asked the man the name of the company he represents and he goes Marshall and Associates. And he asked for my phone no and he goes “ I don’t have that number in my system”. Yeah, exactly! ‘And he continues on asking me “If I have been briefed” Briefed about what? Moron. Oh! you have a pending lawsuit on committing fraud for taking out 35 payday loans, the bank tried to collect but they can’t take

    Money out of your account. And I said really…you can actually take that many loans in one shot. I asked the wise Indian man that if I really do have a pending lawsuit

    Why not send all your correspondence thru the mail since you have all this info on me. He said he will and wishes me luck. The scammers use several names like Daniel Richards, Dominic Jones, Angelina Parker and gives you a bogus address in Irvine ( the idiot cannot even pronounce Irvine, he goes Irwine) when his phone no registers East of San Francisco Ca. Please do not be intimidated by these people. Since a lot of our companies in the US outsourced most of our call center /customer service jobs to India, we have been primarily been the target of these scammers. If they call ask for the name of the company they represent, address and call back numbers. Another phone no they used is (425) 216-6611. Take note and report to FTC and your local FBI. The more reports we submit, the more legitimate our case will stand. Maybe the local newspapers will listen and write an editorial for a valid issue that does exist. We’re Americans and were not giving up without a fight! I will watch them like a hawk and hunt them down like a MF ready to blow their little Indian holes!!!

  • Sheryl

    I am receiving threatening call from 877-673-8289, they left a message but also spoke with my father at my house. On the message they guy speaks so fast but I think the name is Darrell Hines. He tried to say he was a court processor and that they were coming to my house and work to server me papers for check fraud and he also told my father this on the phone. In the message the only number given is the one above and that is for “Payday Solutions”m which I found out when I returned the call. They later called back and asked for my daughter by name. I plan on following through with reporting this person and the company to the FTC and the Texas Attorney General’s office.

  • http://www.credit.com Gerri

    Thanks to everyone who shared their story here. It’s pretty frightening what these companies are doing. But hopefully these posts will help others stand up and fight back.

    Please be sure you also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.gov.

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  • LS

    I have had three scams come to me. This has got to stop. They call my job and harass my boss and other people. How do they get you job phone number? ACS just scam me two week ago. Look out. Now I have a new one. Here is the phone number 760-269-3830. You know they are have another country. You cant understand them. They Just threaten you. Someone stop these jerks.

    • CB

      I have just dealt with ACS. They have been hounding me for a couple weeks trying to get me to pay them a total of $625. One person calls then immediately hands the phone to the “supervisor”, Denis Petersen. They even faxed and emailed me a form to fill out (completely bogus) to authorize a (credit card only) payment plan. When the date of the first payment approached they became very aggressive, calling my cell over a dozen times in a row in one instance. Today they called my primary job(a hospital ER) yelled at a nurse and called her a stupid bitch, My coworkers rightly freaked and went to my manager who called me. I assured her these people were scammers and told her I would immediately call the FTC and states attorney’s office, which I did. I also had her apologize to my coworkers. I was so upset, I was shaking. I called ACS and confronted a Denis Petersen, who had been the fake supervisor bullying these payments. He told me he could call me the same things and hung up when I said his behavior was illegal. I then receieved two calls on my cell. I call back and say stop calling my cell. This Denis Peterson yells at the person who called me “why did you call her cell, I told you to call her work so she loses her job!” I just told him he had been reported to the authorities and they were investigating. He yelled at me and said something to the effective having his “balls to my throat and how did I like that” then hung up. I have heard no more. I am terrified to go to work. The numbers are a NJ number beginning with a 973 area code and the company number starts with a 646(NY). Beware!

  • almost fell forit

    Had one couldn’t get date right and the date they did give I was out of country so got there number called uncle who is a cop in the city number came from he busted 3 hindi’s man were they surprised. no doing time in nice cell in the desert and face being deported upon finish of jail time, Yes bubba loves his new roomies too

  • bobbywo

    I got a call yesterday from a company called PDLR. This woman’s name was ms. ingram and she didn’t have an accent like a lot of the companies sited here. She did say that she was trying to settle a payday loan that I supposedly didn’t pay before they starte wage garnishments. She couldn’t tell me who the original loan was with–said they weren’t a collection agency–but that the original company ha sent paerwork to me that was returned when I demanded proof of the debt. The number they called from was 630-844-5678. Neither the company name or phone number popped up when i googled, but this is clearly a scam. I called back the number and the same person answered, but she didn’t identify a company. As far as I’m concerned, they can pound salt.

    • Ann Carr

      Same thing happened to me same name and number on my phone. The number to get in touch with Ms. Ingram is 1-877- 258- 1188. When asked the name of this company they refused to give information and hung up. Names used are Ms. Barry, Ms. Ingram, and today Ms. Rios. They are threatening me with wage garnishment etc. They refused to give the name of and original debtor. I have no recolletion of oweing. Need to know who to call to stop this.

      • http://Comcast Dan

        Same phone number only it was a Tina, wanted to have me pay $690.00 to pay off pay day loan, asked for copy of original bill said they didn;t have it , gave me 1 week then garnishment called my lawyer yet to hear back.

      • Linda T

        Ann, I just got a call last week from the same phone number. A “Juan Hernandez” has called me saying I owed on a payday loan; that it was taken out in 2008 and when the company tried to collect in 2009, there were insufficient funds. They are threatening to suspend my driver’s license unless I pay them $300 within 48 hours – after that, it becomes $1400. I was so upset, I went to the bank and got all my bank statements from December 2008 to present. Nothing returned for insufficient funds. Mr. Hernandez just called me at work today and I’m about to call him back. What a scam – glad you didn’t fall for it!

    • Shannon

      Same thing happened to me today with the 6308445678 number. She told me I took out this loan in 08 but when I asked her the name on the loan she told me it was my married name which i didn’t have until after that date. Then i told her i am not working and she said she didn’t know why anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want a job or have a job. She then said” well at least I have a job and pay my bills” Little does she know I am a stay at home mom taking care of MY children! Ugh so annoying!

    • Louise Burrus

      These same people are doing me the same way. the name they use are, Stacy Smith, and Mrs. Johnson. the numbers are,813 262 0349 877 269 0088 Miss Ingram- 1 877 258 1188. I need to know what to do.

  • Anjan

    Had a similar situation.. I got threats from NCN… I told then to F**k off. I also recorded their conversation and gave it to the police. They are investigating the threats. Don’t worry they are all scam… The cops are still investigating… The cops contacted NCN guys.. (who were probably freaked out…lol) and these guys said they had nothing to do with the calls… Its just a made up fake company name… and they are just making prank calls…

    One big advice PEOPLE!! Try to avoid giving out your personal information. Avoid any suspicious telemarketing calls (they get your info) or signing any document at your doorstep…. This decade is FULL of scammers… so, DON’T get cheated!

  • Nikki

    Claims to be debt collector from payday loan that I did NOT have. Threatening messages asking for attorney info. and saying “God Bless You and Good Luck”. Speak VERY broken english. Gives American/English name with STRONG middle-eastern accent. ie: Officer Mark Reneiecen, Aaron Thompson, John Adams. Threatening jail time, court fees. Sometimes claims to be from “All American Financial” or “Federal Dept. of Justice.” Claims to “download” a subpoena..arrest warrant…law suit..going to arrest me at work…meet me at courthouse. HILARIOUS considering i actually work for the state level Justice Cabinet! Sometimes claims to be representing CashNetUSA or CashUSA.Net. Call cell, place of business..and anyone you may have listed as a reference on an online payday loan….from years ago! Gave him the # to may attorney….the Better Business Bureau….became irate.

    #s used:

  • http://www.credit.com Gerri

    John – Thanks for sharing your story. I hope it helps someone else who is getting these kinds of calls. Telling them you’d like to record the call is a good strategy as well.

  • JohnnKC

    I have recevied about six calls over the cource of a year. I was initally alarmed by the calls because the man I spoke to had my first name, SSN and at least my telephone number. I know that my identifaction had been comprised with Nelnet Financial Services (a very old student loan) and one other place.

    He told me in with an accent that I was involved in some type of fraud. I new better than that unless my SSN had been used by someone else. But, I have never been contacted by any litigimate or illigitimante business by mail with any type of complaint.

    The first couple of times, I preceeded to ask his name, address, telephone number, ID and who he represeented. He had someone speaking in the background coaching him. Eventually, he hung up. I never received any threats.

    On Monday, January 24, 2011 I received the latest call and I was busy and annoyed. I told him that I knew who he was! He said “you do?: I said, “sure there are all kinds of complaints written about you.”. I suppose I was a bit threatening when I said you don’t mind if I tape this call and he could hear me say “will you go to the other phone and listen”. I waited a few seconds and he hung up.

    Just tell him that since he has your information, mail the complaint to you.

    I figured that they compromised a data bank somewhere and they have a finite list of names because they have called me about six times. And I think they might only have a limited amount of information. They must be recyling the list over and over again. I don’t think these guys are that bright.

    First of all, most legitimate businesses aren’t going to tell you a SSN over the phone. So, just ask them for all the information that they have (which they have little) and request that they send their complaint in writing. But, don’t give them any information. If they dont’ have your address, don’t give it to them. These guys are struggling to speak English much less put a complaint in writing.

    I don’t know how they obtained my SSN. But, I’m not too concerned about the little twerps following through on any threats! ‘

    I check my credit reports frequently and I’ve seen no fraud. I advise you to do the same.

    Good Luck.

  • http://www.credit.com Gerri

    Stephanie – I am so glad to hear you didn’t get scammed. Please be sure to report your experience to the FTC at http://www.FTC.gov.

  • Stephanie

    Hi- I kept getting calls from this people telling that they are lawyers trying to collect the debt for E financials. I never applied for any Loans like that. It’s true that I owe a loan but I’d been paying my finance fee charges, I forgot their names when they called telling me that my payment did not go trough and I was in big trouble…. I agree to make some payments. When I went to work the next day starting to search “Legal Dept payday collection bureau they don’t even existent and on top of my payment for that week had went through so she lied. I almost paid them $300…. That lady’s name is “Jenifer Davis” told me if I pay $300 my name will be clear of that debt…. Beware because they sound so real and they’ve got all my private in formations….

  • http://www.credit.com Gerri

    Andy – Good for you for knowing your rights and standing up for them! And you are right, if they continue to harass you then you certainly can talk with a consumer law attorney. I would also encourage you to report them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov) for potentially mischaracterizing the status of the debt (a practice that is illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.)

    Thanks for sharing your success story!

  • Marie

    I have had several calls from DNR Recovery at 877-855-1624. The caller is a “Miss Stiles” who does not have a foreign accent. She says she is a “Wage Garnish Specialist” and that I owe $900 due to a “pay day loan taken out and not paid.” If I don’t pay either 1) $100 a month for 9 months or 2) $500 flat fee immediately, my wages will be garnished. While I did, in fact, have a pay day loan, I paid the entire amount back on the originally scheduled date. I got so worried about my wages being garnished that I did pay $500. Their instructions were to purchase a Visa card and phone the number in to them. I did do that on Friday with the understanding that I would receive an e-mail noting payment. I did not receive an e-mail and there is no answer today at the company. Have you heard anything about this company? Thank you for all your help.

    • Anjan

      Marie…. I think you might have been scammed by a fraud company… Even if you owe some money, don’t just blindly agree with everything! People will try to extract information from you and tell you that you owe more… Well, at least, its only $500… Well.. next time be aware…and remember… don’t sign anything at your doorstep…

    • Louise Burrus

      I have suppose to be a Payday Loan Recovery Group with the phone number 1 877 258 1188 saying that Net Loan USA has sent my name to them for a payment I know nothing about and they are going to garnish my check, I just don’t know what to do. They have too much information on me and I don’t know what they are capable of doing, I wondering how they got my information. I have someone calling me saying they are from Allegal Dept. ACS. Asking for money. I looked them up and they are a ripoff.The number they call from is 813 262 0349.

      • Gerri Detweiler


        Just because they have a lot of information about you does not mean it is legitimate. These companies are somehow getting access to very detailed information about consumers who applied for and/or took out payday loans. If you are worried, consider filing a police report against them, and once you’ve done that, put a freeze on your credit reports.

        Be sure to also report them to the FTC and your state attorney general.

  • Linda

    I am getting phone calls from DNR Recovery in Bloomsfield Illinois stating I owe money from an unpaid pay day loan. The number is 877-855-1624. It is so scary and I don’t know what to do. Thank you for all the info in the above posts.

  • andy

    hi there. I just got a call from these people on jan 13, 2011. They said I would be served with court documents about a bad check back in 2003 when I was stationed in Texas in the military. They tried scared tactics but i guess they were unaware that I have a degree in criminal justice. When I told their rep that texas penal code only allows for 2 years( 1500 or less) or 5 years (1500 or more) to pursue a bad check debt the rep was stunned. She immediately put me on hold for a long period of time and then transfered me to a “senior” rep. She too tried to scare me but I informed her of the staue of limitation in the state of Texas as Part of the Penal code. I also know you can actually sue them for harassment if they continue to bug you. Dont let them scare you! Get informed!

    • http://checkrecovery karen

      I had a pay day loan it goes back to 2008 they are trying to collect it now they ato take re saying they are going to take me to court saying it is check fraud

      • Gerri Detweiler

        The fact that you cannot pay back a loan does not mean you have committed check fraud. That’s a common ploy to try to scare you into paying. Do your homework; find out if the statute of limitations has expired, demand written documentation of the debt before you pay anything; and investigate to find out whether you are dealing with a legitimate collection agency. I suspect not.

  • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler

    I would encourage anyone who is reading this thread to listen to this call recorded by Steve Rhode, who was investigating these types of complaints as well. The guy at the “collector” says he is with the “Bureau of Criminal Identification” and that the case has already been forwarded to the authorities. http://bit.ly/6FKMVF

    It’s pretty comical – unless you are the person being threatened and you aren’t sure what they can do to you.

    • Jennifer

      That is hilarious. I have the exact same guy on a message in my voice mail. I finally answered the phone one day and caught him in the scam.

  • http://www.credit.com Gerri


    Don’t panic. You have the right under federal law to request verification of the debt and the debt collector must provide it. They also must provide you with their contact information if you request it. So next time they call, ask for their mailing address. If they won’t give it to you then they are either a. a scam or b. a rogue collector who is breaking the law.

    In either case, take notes of the conversation. In the event they sue you (which would be very rare if either of the scenarios I described are correct) you could show up and explain to the judge how they did not comply with the FDCPA. Or you could hire an attorney to sue them. If you win you would be entitled to damages and they would have to pay your attorney fees.

    If they do provide you with their contact information, then you can send them a certified letter requesting verification of the debt.

    Is there any way you can record these calls? If so, I would suggest you tell the collector next time that they call that you will be recording the call and then do so.

    As for the other instance, I don’t know whether you were scammed or not, but you can certainly do some research to find out whether the collection agency you paid was legitimate. In some states, they must be registered and/or licensed to collect consumer debts in that state.

  • melissa

    caller states they will be taking legal action, that the sheriff will be at my house or work place to serve me with papers. Knows my address and date of birth and employer. Says I owe $1,100.00. He says I can have my lawyer can him. He speaks with a foriegn accent and sounds exactly like the guy who called 2 months ago for another company threatening the same thing. I paid the debt last time did I get SCAMED? The name the guy gave was Mr. Flood and number was 310-999-0442. Please help me!!

    • Shawnte

      I had the same happen to me! I paid it last time also, and now a different person calls and they are asking for more money saying I owe a different loan. i have already paid them over $1200 !!!!

  • Jamie

    I have been getting calls from pds or pay day solutions 877-418-8244 there have tried to run the same scam as above. They called regarding a legitimate debt, they negotiated, after telling me a process server was out looking for me, and then when it came time to pay they could provide no proof that they exist. No address, no bill, no invoice, no statement or letter. They just wanted me to give them money. When I refused and told them i would be happy to pay if they would just provide me with something in writting that this would be settled, they got all crazy on me and told me I was harrassing them and not to call them anymore, that they were just gonna sue me. I said fine and proceeded to call the police. I will call the FTC tomorrow. Thanks guys, I feel much more certain now that it was a scam.

    • Lynda

      I received the same call yesterday and today from a Eric Brown threathening to come to my place of employment and have me served. When asked for his company name, phone number he stated I havd been warded. He starts off my having a lot of personal information address, phone number really scary. How do they get all this. He has been calling my cell phone all day today with threats. I have his mesages saved on voice mail. He also informs me to contact 877-418-8244 Pay Day Solutions. His number is always unavailable. Will contact Attornet General and FTC today. How can we stop this.

  • Kimberley

    well i just heard that they got money out of my grandmother who lives off social security and disability. They took 200 from her. My grandma who is diabetic and has a bad heart who has had multi heart attacks and strokes. They called her and told her they were the police and were coming to arrest her and put her in jail!!! That breaks my heart she is almost 70 yrs old. I’d give my last penny to keep her out of jail if that was real. My God who are these damn people? There must be a special place in hell for these types. They sit right next to Hitler and Charles Manson. They could have gave her a heart attack and killed her is scred her so bad!

  • Kimberley

    I actually just got a call today saying I owed a payday loan. i have never gotten a loan ever. They asked me if the above was my email I said yes. They said do you still work at ______ i said yes. They said they had a payday loan that I needed to pay they were middle eastern. They didn’t even sound professional. I told them I never got a loan. They said yes you did. They said the company was something like Usa something I couldn’t understand them. I told them to send me something in the mail and I’d look it over and file fraud on them. I told them I had something like this happen before and haven’t even had my account long enough to get a pay day loan. They asked if I had a lawyer I said no but I sure can get one. They started in and I told them “shut your mouth! shut your mouth1” I said i;m not listening to another word out of your mouth. I didn’t get any loans. I sure as hell didn’t get any money. Then they said they’d call back tomorrow. I told them no you don’t ever call this number again I’ll take that as harrassment and call the cops. LMAO I don’t let anyone push me around and I know what I do and what I don’t do. And I did not get any loans. So they call back tomorrow I will ask them for a call back number and tell them I’ll call them in an hour or something call the cops and give them the number. I sure did report the last ones that tried to pull this kinda crap. I’ll do it again. I am a 26 yr old single mother of 2. I work 40 plus hours a week to take care of my kids and I will not have someone take from my kids cuz thats who they are taking from.

  • mary

    also when i try to call this number back it says its not in service WOW

  • mary

    these ppl never told me who they were this lady said she had to let me speak to a mamager because a claim was being filed against me but i never recall givin me the name of the company nor her name ..864-569-0719 its also unlisted in the white pages reverse look up … i was told that i could take care of this i offered to do so in jan and they said no i had to take care of this today . tried something about the statue of limitations and was trying to get 150.00 out of me today i told them they could just call someone on the spot and she said they were suing and hung up the phone on me .. thats when i knew it was a scam i have never had a real collector hang up its hard as heck to get them of the phone lmao

  • Debbie A

    I have been having similar problems but from different numbers. Started in Sept with a Brian Johnson calling me from 347-674-0997 with these same threats but the only company name he would say was the Criminal Complaint Division. After asking that something be sent to me in writting, he promptly hung up. Then on November 2 I received phone calls both at my private number and my work number, very hateful, broken english (Indian accent) and this one was named Paul White from 516-515-6564. Again there were no company names but I supposidly owed all this money, still no amount was disclosed, he just wanted my attorneys name because I had felony criminal charges against of a very serious matter. Again I asked for it in writting and he got very hateful, asked me to hang on while he got his supervisor and the phone got disconnected. I called the number right back and it went to a voice message, again with no greeting, just leave your name and number. Thinking it was all done, I received another call Nov 30 at my workplace, this time from Jack Thomas (again very heavy Indian accent) and he is supposidly with Kevin Peterson Law Agency in New York only the phone number was 516-847-4310 which is supposidly out of New York. I contacted my local police department at this time, gave them all 3 of these different phone numbers and they have tried to call them also but only to receive the “no-greeting” voice mail. So today, Dec 2 I receive a call from Kevin Peterson, Attorney at Law out of San Francisco, Ca from 530-344-4624 telling me he will have the local sheriff come to my place of employment and serve me with papers, again Kevin has very broken english and a very heavy Indian accent. The accusations they are making are awful, does anyone know what can be done. I am sick to death with this/

  • Samuel Encarnacion

    I have been called by some of the same numbers listed. I would like to know what can be done about this. They call me and threaten me, that I will be taken to court if certain money matters were not taken care of. Once again what can I do.

    • http://Yahoo Sarah

      I returned their call, and told them that the call was being recorded and traced. They hung up and I haven’t gotten a call from them since then.

  • Kami

    I received several calls beginning July 2010 for collectors. I told them each time I do not have a loan. The last call I was called a moron and he hung up. I have contacted the FTC. How do we stop these people for harassing innocent people? This is against the law and they need to be charged with a crime.

    • kay

      these people are not from here. they are in India. hence why nothing has happened and why nothing will happen, ever. police, FBI.. nobody can do anything.

  • Maureen

    I have one of these! A collection agency by the name of Thomas David and Associates contacted me repeatedly about a “delinquen”t loan form 2008. Supposedly, my electronic payment had bounced. They said they had checked with my bank and had proof I was a cheat

    The only problem is that there never was a loan and never a bounced payment. Originally they demanded the $250 I supposedly borrowed on the phone. Then they sent a letter demanding $532.

    I contacted Thomas David Collection Agency and explained that not only were they incorrect in their demand, but that I was contacting various consumer protection/ law enforcement agencies. They hung up on me and I haven’t heard from them since. I did keep all the paperwork and

    Someone should sue these jerks.

  • Tina

    I had a similar call last week claiming I defaulted on a PDL from 2008 which I did take out and also did pay back in full when it was due. They are threatening me with court and possible criminal prosecution for check fraud. The name of the person who called was Timothy and he was calling from something called ADR firm on behalf of his client. He said the client is BG Capital Associates and that they bought the debt from Money and More (who is the company I had the PDL through back in 2008. The phone # they called from and also had me call back was 716-748-6566 and 716-748-6519. Has anyone else heard of these people or had similar experience?

    • TAH

      YES .. I am getting the same calls as you and from the same guy .. Timothy and yes, he said he is calling from ADR .. and today I got a call from a Tom Hayden who didn’t identify the company he was with .. he said he received a fax in his office and I had one chance to clear it up by calling 877 548-4064 .. he said I have charges pending against me and would be served. He didn’t leave a number he could be reached at .. only ADR’s number. When I called the lady said that I owed a PD loan and that I needed to pay it right then over the phone by credit card or debit card or give them a family member’s credit card etc .. otherwise I was going to be served and would have to go to court and possibly be jailed for check fraud. She then put her “boss” on the phone who said his name was Gregory Scott and he said he would do me a favor and reduce the amount owed by 200.00 which is what he was going to pay the server to come and serve me papers but only if I could secure him payment right now with a debit card or credit card. I asked him where he thought I could get one and he said ACE cash express .. I told him I didn’t have a credit card nor did I have a pre-paid debit card .. I asked him for the information in writing so I could verifiy that they were legit and he hung up on me. Seriously, maybe we should do something about this ADR company .. they called my cousin and I have never used my cousin as reference on ANYTHING and they threatened him (this during the time when he just lost his sister to cancer) and they told him he needed to secure my debt.

      • Jerri

        Today I came in from a stressful day, phone rings and it is some stupid chick telling me I was going to be served and have to go to court if I didn’t call this number at ADR – 877-801-8348. I asked her what was she talking about. She said, “I can’t tell you the records are sealed!” She then said ” if you call this number that will prevent you from a lot of trouble!” I said “No thanks, I would rather know what the trouble is, serve me!” I live in a remote part of the country – P.O. Box only – I also knew I had not been responsible for anything illegal. Have been a grown up now for several years and knew –my life was clean! I told her if she called me back that I was going to turn her into the AG’s Office and hung up. A few minutes later my mom called said some girl was looking for me and I needed to call that number. My mom is 83 and we just went through w losses, my dad and my brother-in-law. None of us need this at anytime in our lives. I WILL turn them into the authorities if they call me back. I hope every else will do the same. I told my mom not to even think about talking to them or any one else who can not identify themselves or their company. It’s a shame such evil lives in our world…find a job, do something honest for a change. We have enough crap going on without these scumsuckers bothering us or moreso our parents! BTY the girls name was CORY.

        • http://www.sweislaw.com/ no to Chicago consumers cams

          “It’s a shame such evil lives in our world…find a job, do something honest for a change.”

          Amen, Jerri! they should try to work their ass*s off than rip money from others

      • Amber

        I too have been getting these calls as of late. I took out a payday loan from Money and More back in 2008 and did it online for $300. I have since paid the loan back, but am now getting these calls as well. They’re coming from multiple numbers in different states. The numbers I have are 631-247-9920, as well as the 716-299-0417 numbers and 757-275-8578. They’re obviously using some system to be able to call from other numbers. I usually don’t answer and call the numbers back to find out who they are and I go straight through a switchboard to an operator who refuses to tell me who they are or what company they are calling from. They claim that there are “lots of companies in the building” and that they don’t work for any particular one. Anyway, I answered one call a couple of months ago when I got a message about a case number and told them I’d paid that off. They informed me I would have to secure a police report (?) and a lawyer, but I just hung up on them. In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten calls from a guy claiming that I had one final chance to resolve the matter or he would be turning my case over for processing. Of course he had all my info as well from my application. First, he called my grandmothers house to harass her, then called me back claiming that he had an address for me and would be filing the paperwork. This guy did not give me a name or a business. He just claims “I’m calling again to inform you that you need to contact the firm handling your claim.” Then today, I get a call from another guy calling himself Bobby Jones from “the mediation firm” regarding reassignment of the claim and that he had obtained a locating service to verify my address for processing. I still have not received anything in the mail verifying the debt, and I’ve already had to file reports through BBB once because Money and More reported the debt to the credit agencies, but they put multiple accounts on ym credit report. When I contacted the BBB to have them removed, they were removed initially, but then reappeared about a year later.

        • andrew

          i have been being harrased by several different collectors for a pdl that i payed on time back in 2008!! the name of the company i took the loan from was money n more they have all of my information and recite it off like nothing, from account numbers to drivers liscense numbers!they r extreemly rude and threatining i have faxed them no fewer than 5 times the proof of payment and this usually shuts them up for 6 months b4 they start up again!who can i contact to make them stop? i dont need this kind of anxiety,it would b different if i had actually not paid it or bounced a ach check with them but i did not. When this first started i was told that money n more had gone bankrupt and had fraudulantly sold paid debt and that when i faxed proof of payment they would take it off the books unfortunately that didnt work.We should b able to nail these bast#$$%%s to the wall for all the grief they cause and the way they demean u on the phone.Any suggestions and phone numbers for the state of mi tht would help take care of this situation would b greatly greatly appreciated.

          • Gerri Detweiler

            Andrew – There is no easy way to stop them. You can try your state attorney general’s office and file a complaint with the CFPB at consumerfinance.gov. But often these collectors operate at the edge of – or even outside of – the law.

            If you are being contacted by scammers then you may want to try some of the techniques I described in my story 7 Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls.

    • Tiffnye

      Yes I haven’t been getting calls but I have been getting EMAILS saying I have a loan back in Nov 2008 for 300.00 and now owe 1,246.95 but my settlement would be 757.62 If a wanted to settle out of court . And that also my SSN was put on hold . this is what I was sent. First It said NY and then It says Miami ? I need help please

      Loan Amount:- $300

      Loan Date:- Nov 2008

      Loan Company:- US Cash Advance (Parent Company)

      As we put your SSN # into our National Checking Database System we found you to be a genuine person, as you were never been arrested for any kind of Fraud Activity in your past, that the reason Court House has decided to give you chance to take care of this issue outside the Court without having black spot on your Credit History. Now if you want to take care of this issue than you have to pay an out of Court Restitution Amount which includes the late payment charges, penalty charges, highest interest rate of the loan amount and actual loan amount = Restitution Amount : $1246.95 but if you want to settle this matter today itself than you can get some percent deduction on the Restitution Amount and you can take care of this issue by paying Settlement Amount : $757.62. Which one you would like to go for Restitution Amount or Settlement Amount?? You have to send me a promissory note to stop your case file temporarily out of court house. So get back to me.

      Reply ASAP
      If you want to pay settlement amount which has to pay in full today itself to close this case and if you cannot pay the Settlement Amount then you can get 4 payments of $312 on the Restitution Amount starting from today and every other week. You have to freeze the allegations on your name, b’coz we cannot hold your case. After the payment dates are decided, you cannot miss any payments. and if you will not make your first payment on your case file then you will get Restitution Amount including more late payment charges.
      You have to pay this through Green Dot Moneypak and not by prepaid card and this Green dot Moneypak you will get in any stores like Walmart, Wallgreens, CVS, Ralphs, Duane Ride, Rite Aid, 7 Elevens and many more which one is nearby your work place or home. You have to go there with cash in your hand and buy Green Dot Moneypak. Now Green dot Moneypak is one kind of recharge voucher which have activation code in it and they will provide you with that. Than you have send me fax of front and backside of Moneypak and also the receipt along with a clear copy of your Driver’s License and Social Security Card with your sign on it to get it released. Fax number is 206-426-3556. Please put attention Alicia Fields. And also write down your name or your case file number. And also you can send me email if you have any questions or queries.

      If you want time extension until Feb 3rd 2012, then you have to pay $150 as time extension charge, so in total you have to pay $907.62. Please provide card details for stopping your case file for time extension

      Let me introduce myself. I am Senior Affidavit Processor Officer Alicia Fields from State Investigation Department. As we were trying to reach you since a couple of days regarding a very serious matter about a lawsuit filed on your name stating that you are doing some fraud and criminal activities.

      I am really very sorry to say you that you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of days. Your SSN is put on hold by US Government, so before something goes wrong I thought that I shall call you and notify you about this matter. But as I was not able to reach you I am sending you an final notification Email. So please take a piece of paper and write down your case file MW18240 and second thing since it’s a legal matter you will be needed my help, so please write down my callback number is 315-999-7327 Ext 2000

      For the records you…

      Name: – TIFFNYE CHAIN
      SSN:- ****
      Email: – ********@GMAIL.COM

      The Factual Basis for the complaints is as follows:-

      Mr. / Mrs. TIFFNYE CHAIN , ascertained an income advancement from US Cash Advance with your Bank Account Information as collateral for said advancement.
      Mr. / Mrs. TIFFNYE CHAIN , agreed to return the funds from the aforementioned income advancement as per contract.
      As of today’s date the funds have yet to be returned and the collateral has proven to be null, that is to say of no value.

      At present, US Cash Advance is seeking either of the following remedies:-

      All funds to be returned as per terms of initial contract.
      Mr. / Mrs. TIFFNYE CHAIN ,be proceeded against to the fullest extent permissible by current Federal Banking Law.

      Mr. / Mrs. TIFFNYE CHAIN ,as I was investigating your profile, I found you to be genuine person so it is my duty to help you out but for that I need some right answers from your side. Also we want to know your intentions?

      So do you want to resolve this issue outside the court house, or you want to go to the court house with legal proceedings? This was a final notification Email to you as we found you to be genuine person as told you before. You can resolve the issue by paying out of Court Restitution Amount or the Settlement Amount as decide by the Court House? You have to give me a flat answer without any excuse.

      Reply to me back on my phone number 315-999-7327 Ext 2000. or Email me.

      Thank you

      Alicia Fields
      Senior Affidavit Processor
      State Investigation Department
      Utica, NY
      Contact: 315-999-7327 Ext 2000.
      Fax: – 206-426-3556

      Alicia Fields

      Senior Affidavit Processor
      State Investigation Department

      Maimi, FL
      Contact:- 305-999-7327 Ext 2000
      Fax:- 206-426-3556

      • Gerri Detweiler

        Tiffyne – Ignore these emails. It is a scam. Don’t pay them and don’t worry about this. Report them to the authorities (your state attorney general; the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at consumerfinance.gov; and the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.gov)

        You are not going to be taken to court or prosecuted and your Social Security number cannot be put on hold.

        Then just flag these emails as scams.

        • Yvette

          How do you put your SSN# on hold? Who do you contact for that. I received a scam email today they want $725. I have filed complaints with FTC and my state attorney general office already.

          • Gerri Detweiler

            Yvette –

            You can’t put your Social Security number on hold. But you can put a fraud alert on your credit reports. Go to Experian.com, Equifax.com and TransUnion.com for instructions.

            Glad you didn’t lose any money!

        • Yvette

          oh, how do I flag for scam? Do you have a web address?

          • Gerri Detweiler

            I am not sure I understand your question…??

        • Ashley

          I just got this same green dot card thing … The grammar in the emails is horrible (my first clue that something is up) … But I kind of can’t help but panic a bit because my father (my sole provider) died a few years ago (on my 18th birthday), my grandmother a year after that and out of desperation and immaturity I did take out a couple of these loans a few years ago. I thought I had paid them off but there is this lingering doubt … I guess I will just have to pull my credit report to be sure. It just doesn’t seem right that a legitamite collection agency would want people to pay them with a green dot card!

          • Gerri Detweiler

            Ashley – You are right. That is a big red flag. Consumers should never send a prepaid card to pay a debt collector. Not only is this a favorite method of payment for the scammers who take the money and run, you’ll have no record of the payment if it were a legitimate debt.

      • Stephanie

        All you have to do is call your department of investigations NOT TGE NUMBERS THEY GAVE YOU!!!!! Ask for the Alicia lady. Explain this letter (if there really is a lady named that there) and ask her to explain why she wrote this to you. I bet you she will have no idea what your talking about! Are the Indians calling you? I bet they are. What they do is find names of government officials and impersonate them so you will look up the name and see that its real. They are complete scammers. Please don’t fall for it. Me and my husband had people calling us and his work, they claimed to be an FBI agent investigating check fraud. He said his name was Jhon Brown. Well we had never gotten a payday loan only applied for one. Any how we called the FBI ( not from the numbers they provided)because they were wrong, and sure enough jhon brown was an agent of THE FBI but had never contacted us and had no clue what we were talking about. He ended up taking every number they called us from and started an investigation on them. Do don’t fall for there stupid shit! If there place your calling can’t Slovenia your issues you may have to change your phone number and your email do they will stop bothering you! Good luck!

        • Gerri Detweiler

          Stephanie –

          Thanks for sharing your information. So glad you didn’t fall for it!

        • http://ACSOffices Gee

          A Tony Walker, threatening me that he has a formal complaint regarding defrauding a financial institute and that I have 2 hours to call 1-888-832-2686 with file #911131 because he is going to serve me a summons with proper authority. I called that number and no one picks up the phone and it states leave a message. I got a call from them a couple of month ago and they stated the financial institute which I paid in full and they still said dont call them to harrass them and that they will see me in court.

          • Joe

            Did this Tony Walker ever did anything? Cause he is also calling me and leaving me messages with my last 4 digits of my ssn# and threatened to take me to court, but I have been ignoring his calls. Can you tell me if he really did anything. Thanks.

    • Ghandia Bundhi

      Now that I’ve done a little research, I know that “Anthony Davis” who claims to be an attorney is a scam. See, I’m a legal assistant and have been in collections before and know the law. When this man told me that he’d contact my employer to have my employer pay this bill, I said, “You’d have to take me to court, get a judgment and then garnish my wages” To this there was no response. Mr. Davis also told me that I would be “arrested” if I did not pay this debt. He calls incessantly: to my job and my cell phone. Thank goodness he doesn’t have my home phone number. Then I asked, “To whom do I owe this debt?” He replies, “The company I represent owns many, many companies such as Cash Net USA, Speedy Cash . . .” However, he DID NOT tell me to whom I owe the debt and the amount of the debt. At first I was scared because I have defaulted on PDLs in the past, but ALL collection practices are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices act (Federal Trade Commission): http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpajump.shtm. Debt collectors must provide you with a written validation of the debt, showing to whom you owe the debt, if you feel you do not owe it. Also, “Anthony Davis” asked me to send (via Western Union) three payment of $330 each/totalling $990. When he gave me the name of Shanique Manghram in the the city of Tampa to whom I should send the money; I was on to him. Then he threatened me and I had that “gut feeling” this dude was a scammer. What I think happened is I applied for a PDL but did not get the PDL. Now I have a few gentlmen calling me asking me for money. If you awe a PDL, the PDL will contact you before they send it to a third-party collection agent and then you still have the right to dispute the debt or have the debt validated to you IN WRITING.

      I write this because I see very similar stories to mine and since I know the legal system, I’m telling them call “Take me to court. Or, “I’ll see you in court.” That seems to stop the madness.

    • Tdee40

      My was PDL Recovery also, they claim my situation was 2 yrs ago. I do not recall any such pay day loan. I also went to my bank branch to retrieve my records’ and nothing applies to these people. This out fit was from Chicago Ill. No full address on the stupid email they sent me.

    • Alex LeFeuvre

      Guy called me at 10:30 PM and said something so carbled I didn’t hear. But he did know that I receive a Social Security Ck on the 3rd of each month which is directly deposited to my my account. He said that if I didn’t make a deal with him “right that minute” that he would attach my SS ck and it would never get to my bank? Is that possible? My bank said there was no way, but this guy was very convincing?

      • Gerri Detweiler

        Debt collectors can’t call you after 9 pm your time. That’s federal law. And they can’t threaten to take action the legally cannot take or don’t intend to take. Garnishing Social Security is only allowed in the case of certain federally guaranteed debts such as federal student loans. Otherwise it is not legal.

    • Sandra

      I am going through this with a company staying there speaking for money and more right now they called me from a 313 area code and I had to call um 185 52056791 it really is upsetting me and actually scaring me but I called the bank account in which they said the money was deposited 2 and my account was closed a month before they said they are applied for the loan so I don’t understand how old anybody any money

  • Jaime causey

    We have someone from 917-677-8913 claiming we took out a cash advance for 500.00 in march and never pd. The man said his name was Brian Smith with Payday Collections Bureau and we i asked him why we haven’t received anything in the mail he said they weren’t allowed to contact people by mail……they are threating to sue us in court….

    • Victoria

      I am dealing with the EXACT same thing, Only Brian Smith is calling me from a different telephone number and is saying I am guilty for money laundering and if I do not pay him I will go to prison.

      • http://www.Credit.com Gerri Detweiler

        Money laundering…jail…not allowed to contact debtors by mail…It would be funny if it they weren’t so threatening!

        • http://www.sweislaw.com/ against Chicago consumer scams

          it would have been Gerri, except that people actually lose big money because of those scam artists!

          • Gerri Detweiler

            Very true. I don’t mean to minimize the damage they can cause.

      • Tiffany

        That’s funny I just got off the phone with Brian Smith claiming the same thing.

    • portrait

      Same here with me today smh. Same guy

      • Sharrell

        Same here….only thing I actually did take the loan but had an incident happen and my husband closed our account and we now have a joint account. Brian called my my job to tell me I was getting served some letters. I should make a payment only with an account that was connected to a routing number…it could be a friend or a family member if I didn’t have my own.

        • rachel

          Same call but from a woman…told me that a loan was owed to Money and More in 2008…and that we were being sued. I refused to take the bait…and she got more and more intimidating…quoting me my email, last 4 of account number, name of bank etc WHen I threatened to call the police, she offered to do it for me..so I said “go ahead”. She said good day and hung up on me…then immediately called back shouting that I would need that same number when I was in jail..I told her it was BS and I would not discuss further without proof in writing. I have paid off EVERY loan that I ever took out..none defaulted…and I kept the papers stating the fact!

        • kab twyman

          My father recieved a call from a person like this and stated that I would be arrested and
          fined for 2 felony violations for a loan with First Union and I did have a loan from them and paid it, they said it was for debt felony because
          they had my social security number from 2004 (first caller) 2006 when I called back. What is the best way to handle this.

  • Check Credit Rating

    I have recieved these types of calls just recently. I has applied for a internet payday loan but never heard back. Now I recieve threats saying that I owe money and the caller is very aggressive. They must have got my information from my application in some sort of shared business to scam people.

    • ryan

      Yea i recieved a call after doing the same thing. this happened yesterday on 2-5-2013. thing is i know the laws of my state very well and i got them to hang up on me at least 6 diffrent times but then they call back and give a diffrent name but the voice is the same. plus they sound indian. they threatened me with all the same things and tried telling me ill be arrested by the sherrifs station. um….i work there so i know if i was in trouble of any kind. lmao

      • Kitten11

        And who the heck even says sheriff station anymore?! I just also had this happen to me, I was suspicious automatically when I heard the first voicemail and was basically threatened and not to sound racist but the man said his last name was Jones but had an indian accent

      • Annonomum

        I have a sherriffs department calling me stating they are the one in my area and that i need to repay my debit or it will go into legal matters. Do you think that is really the Sherriffs department or the debit collectors using there phone number and acting as them?

        • Gerri Detweiler

          Call the Sheriff’s department. They will tell you it’s a scam and then you can report the scammer.

          • Dianna

            They are scammers. I received phone calls from these guys stating to be some company like American Recovery Services. They are Indain with heavy accents. They told me the same thing about how they had a lawsuit and I would get fined 5000 or something like that. They had my information I’m thinking since I put in an application for a payday loan which I declined finding another option. I told them I was not paying them and to file the court papers and I would deal with the court. They tried to be aggressive but I know better. Never pay anything over the phone. Collectors will always send stuff in writing before filing court papers in order to avoid costs or that has been my experience and will 90% work things out with you. This company is a scam. One guy just kept repeating “liar liar” like a 12 year old and I hung up. Then again when they called i just picked up the phone and it was the same guy that i talked to the day before and told him the same stuff that I wasn’t going to pay them anything and to file the court papers. Then he asked if I loved him and if I was single… Don’t pay these guys. The # that called me was 845-445-4854.

    • Jenny

      I had the exact same problem with the person from this number & I reported them to the FBI & The Department of Homeland Security. They are really cracking down on things like this. Especially because this guy was impersonating an officer of the court of the State of New York. I suggest that report them as well. The more reports the hotter the case against them gets.

  • http://tofilebankruptcyornot.com bankruptcy

    Great tips. If I have known about it, I would not have been taken for a ride. I actually paid one of these scammers $299 to have a payday loan expedited. If only I know how to prevent it back then. Thanks again.

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