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A consumer class action lawsuit was recently filed against ConsumerInfo.com in federal court in California.  ConsumerInfo.com is an Experian company that provides credit reports and credit score information directly to consumers.

The complaint alleges that ConsumerInfo.com sells a credit score based on an in-house scoring system that is not sold to lenders and is not used by lenders, as actual credit scores are, in determining consumers’ creditworthiness.  The lawsuit also asserts that advertisements at ConsumerInfo.com’s internet sites violate California consumer laws by misrepresenting that they offer a credit score used by lenders in determining consumers’ creditworthiness, failing to deliver credit scores used by lenders as advertised and failing to disclose to consumers the truth about what the company actually sells.

What this all boils down to, in my opinion, is that consumers want access to their FICO score from all three credit bureaus.  Right now, consumers can access their FICO scores based on Equifax and TransUnion data from www.myfico.com, but there is no consumer direct option to obtain their FICO score based on Experian data.

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As background, there are three main credit reporting agencies in the U.S. (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), and all three sell and deliver FICO scores to lenders who use the FICO scores in their credit decision processes.  FICO (formerly known as Fair Isaac Corporation) is not a credit reporting agency, but rather works with each credit reporting agency to develop a FICO scoring system for each individual bureau.

FICO scores are the most commonly used credit bureau scores in the U.S. and it only seems logical (and fair) that consumers should have access to their FICO scores based on data from any of the three credit bureaus.  In fact, there is precedence as consumers used to be able to access all three of their FICO scores until Experian terminated their agreement with FICO in February 2009 and barred myFICO from providing Experian based FICO scores and credit reports to consumers.

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I can’t help but think this outcome was (and still is) a great disservice to consumers. In fairness of full disclosure, I worked at FICO for 15 years and feel strongly that consumers should be granted access to the same information provided to lenders when making credit decisions. Without access to all three FICO scores, consumers are missing a vital piece of the puzzle in understanding where they stand in the credit spectrum.

At the end of the day, I can’t predict what the outcome will be with this class action lawsuit, or other activity focused on increasing consumer access to credit empowerment.  In my opinion, it should be about consumer choice.  Providing the consumer with information about the different credit score brands in the marketplace, letting the consumer decide which credit score is right for them and providing easy access to these scores and credit reports for a reasonable fee.

In the meantime, the only way consumers can currently get access to their FICO scores based on Experian data is from the lender via score disclosure notification regulations (Risk Based Pricing Notification and Mortgage Lending Notifications).  While this is better than nothing, it would be much more valuable if consumers were able to see the score and report before applying for credit, affording the opportunity to improve their score and increase their chances of getting approved with the most favorable terms.

Note:  The author is not a lawyer and nothing in this article should be considered legal advice or legal interpretation, and should not be acted upon without specific legal advice.

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  • FEDup

    That crud above is useless , you must ALL be aware of the data that goes into these reports, stupid stuff like card use percentages, all totall meaningless data that has Zero meaning. It is a TRUE murder by number evil system.

  • FEDup

    Good thing is More and more Americans are getting angry, America is NOT above revolution. Tea party and Liz Warren are both results of American population angry. If all realize the Financial industry is our common enemy then real change not campaign speak change. We will HAVE to fight to remove this cancer. The credit bureaus are a cancer to be removed with anger, much anger

  • ScrewedAmerican

    The credit bureaus are completely obsolete, track meaningless data that screws 85% of the population. Every day a chinese person gets richer and an American poorer. FACT. The credit bureaus and the morons in finance industry are completely responsible for theabove FACT.

  • ScrewedAmerican

    As a wealthy person that only used a debit card, i can’t tell you how much these so called credit bureaus have screwed life up. I am FORCED now to purchase credits cards i do not want and use them in some stupid assinine game to try and raise a score that should actually never exist. The very concept of tracking a but of obsolete data point that relate in NO way to YOU is just nuts. Now i hear they want to add address changes as negative credit. Guess what wealthy people move allot.

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  • sharolyn montagna

    i dont know how a credit report can say it its free,but then at the end they want your money, i have learn that alot of surveys and loans are the same way i have been waiting for three years to get paid from this class action lawsuit, it should be settle by now. these credit reports are rip offs dont do them unless you want to loose your money

  • http://mac.com jackie cox

    the Military, FBI, ATF, TSA, CIA, and other responsible selfless people who devote the lives to serving our constitution should hold counsel independent of political appointees, declare martial law, until responsibility is restored to our government, failure to make this happen will be the end of our great nation, currently under rule of an usurper forcing his homosexual agenda on christian america, while destroying our economy. the credit bureaus are in the same league as our dysfunctional pseudo elected government.
    Credit.com (http://s.tt/1nHeW)

  • http://mac.com jackie cox

    the Military, FBI, ATF, TSA, CIA, and other responsible selfless people who decote the lives to serving our constitution should hold counsel independent of political appointees, declare martial law, until responsibility is restored to our government, failure to make this happen will be the end of our great nation, currently under rule of an usurper forcing his homosexual agenda on christian america, while destroying our economy. the credit bureaus are in the same league as our dysfunctional pseudo elected government.

  • Peedoff

    Puleeze! some of us pay our bills, live within our means, but the scummy banks like BOA who got a bailout hate us. Used to be that you could take it to court & had treble damages to hang over theses CRAs if they didnt follow the law. Now, there is no law; the banks have lobbied them away and that puny “consumer credit center” is nothing but a sham and just try calling the FTC; they act like they are on the take too. What dirtbags . – in the meantine I’m happy to jump on the first plane out of here before it gets worse. So long blood suckers!!!

  • http://mac.com jackie cox

    the credit bureaus attack the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators, and need to be put down, they like the hand the federal reserve bank operate to lie, cheat and steal money from common americans, who as of now our youth are turning to anarchy, in an effort to rid the world of Concealed Nobility hiding behind the predatory laws they use on others, exempting themselves from prosecution. I have hopes the children will meet with success as their cause is growing exponentially throughout the world

  • http://mac.com jackie cox

    I received information, the negative credit reports came from memphis texas, the home address of my brother who swindled my spouse of near 100,000.00 canadian, using judge james bolgert to destroy my canadian business, and family who colluded with quebec a foreign power, (federal jurisdiction ) an overt act of treason, had me deported as a fugitive from justice, Paternity fraud, where the gypsy woman spurred on with my brother false evidence, thinking he would destroy me, and my ability to seek legal advise, or know what to do, after being jailed twice by bolgert, on the bogus charge, the woman refused to submit to DNA testing in Judge Stengles, sheboygan wisconsin court, who promptly resigned fromhearing the case, then the woman stted in front of judge bolgert she offered to have dna testing in Judge Stengles Court, I had the same public pretender in both courts, larry walsh, who said I would win on appeal, then 1 year later sent me a letter to my 80 year old mom’s address in anson texas, stating I had 60 days to reply to the letter or the appeal would be dropped, he back dated the letter by 1 year. When I called to ask him if he had made a mistake, he said he sent the letter a year ago, lies deceit, by bankers, judges, public pretendors, to cover up the near 100,000 international bank fraud my brother did to get money to use as equity to buy 2 chicken express stores in ft worth texas—I sincerely hope the FBI will see fit to prosecute james ray cox,and judge bolgert for the federal crimes they commited, in violation of existing federal statutes. I have trouble getting my spouse to join me in retirement, here in the USA where crime goes unpunished and people with connections can steal and destroy the lives of others, to date without just prosecution, I am aware of.

  • http://mac.com jackie cox

    Credit sscores are just another element of a system gone bad allowing people to be judged without access to whether the reported credit reports are true or false, I charge nothing, respect all agreements i make as long as the other party does the same, yet my brother a banker angry at me, used his personal address to report 8 bad credit reports against me, now I rank in the lower 22 % of credit scores, the credit score companies should be banned from use, lenders should k]have enough common sense to know who they lend to, without counting on a dysfunctional credit reporting system that sells good good to determine a persons character, affecting his insurance cost, and many other factors of his life, we have a legal-medical-insurancefraud-extortion system gone bad supported by the academic caste system which supports a political arena who no longer represent americas citizens like the md’s and lawyers, predators–caving in our country fueled by greed and abnormal lust, mostly

  • Barry Crouse

    I have been around and around with the Credit Reporting Agencies. Filed Arbitration claims Public records Notarized Apostille. U.S. Federal Civil Complaits noting gets done. I would like all 3 Credit Reporting Agencies to report to Arbitration in Seattle Washington. I want the Arbitrator to Document the legalized(Notarized Apostille records) Rental, car, and other public records along with current credit card balances. I also want to make my Statement to all 3 credit agencies to place on their reports. Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union omit delete misrepresent Public Records if you are the buyer of their credit reports please use caution. Please have each credit burea pay their 1,000.00 fine for each infraction of the FCRA and FDCPA acts

  • http://mac.com jackie cox

    The credit score companies would be shut down by any government respecting its citizens, but, since the credit bureaus are tied to the banking cartel, who are an extension of the federal reserve bank or gang of 6, illegality is the theme of the day.

  • http://credit.com Randy Green

    I would like to be involved in this class action law suit……Experian does not even have a correct address for disputes, are they a real company…..or just a big fraud………

  • neweli

    Well unfortunately there is 750 thousand people who qualified for settlment against Experian. This is not an equally divided law suit in which the 45 million dollars the judge awarded is acutally going to anyone who is a victim here. In fact the lawfirm only has to pay out 35.00 to 750.00 to those 750 thousand victims. Word has it the law firm will pay out less than 500.000 to the vicitms and pocket nearly 44 million dollars for thier work. This court case is not settled yet as the lawyers are fighting for more of the money out of that 44 million or maybe they want to pay less than 500 thosuand to the victims in order to secure 3 to 5 grand to all the assistance that helped with this case, like they can’t pay that out of the 44 million they are already deemed to get. It is like being a victim of one bad business to be a victim for another business to profit using your hardship and demise for thier own good. Still being a victim of something from someone in the business world. It should be a little more than 35 dollars to 750.00 otherwise this was a scam court deal where the american citizens were used for profit..right?

    • http://mac.com jackie cox

      I don’t care about receiving money I just want to expose whoever lied about my credit history, and expose them to the credit bureaus they used in an attempt to blacklist me. Its unfortunate credit bureaus will list erroneous data about their innocent victims, and should be shut down because of it. Their lose in the law suit shows their method of operation is wrong, lenders should have enough intel to know people they lend money to, or accept the consequences. people like bankers who report bad credit about people erroneously should face prosecution like the credit bureaus who accept their lies as fact.

  • Donna Heter

    I am sick and tired of these liars, cheaters and thieves. This so called “free credit report” I got has cost me so far $55. And I didn’t even want it. But I believed this lying on line work at home job to be truthful—-Instant Rewards — It was advertised as cut and paste ads on the web for these Fortune 500 companies that Instant Rewards represents. Sounds easy. These “free” websites are visited by the consumer and when they apply for the “free” credit report or whatever they choose I would get anywhere from $20 to $60 maybe even a $100. Spent several hours watching videos, even set up a paypal acct only to learn there was no cutting and pasting involved. You actually had to get your own leads and have these poor people lose money like you did, There was as no way I was going to get anyone involved in this scam. But to be considered for the on-line job, you actually had to choose one of the companies represented and apply yourself. So basically I was lied to by this scumbag (who represents Instant Rewards) and robbed by Experian. I am sick of this!! I just spent 2 hours on the phone with T-mobile getting my cell phone bill straightened out where apps were downloaded on my phone for a total of $97 of UNAUTHORIZED charges. The companies were an encyclopedia company, bejeweled and a 411 connect. Now I, the victim, am having to pay T-Mobile $4.99/Mo to keep this from happening in the future. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DONE TO STOP THIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY INSTEAD OF THE VICTIM OF HAVING TO PAY ADDITIONAL MONIES TO KEEP FROM BEING ROBBED. Any suggestions??

  • jedi

    Credit bureaus are merely pawns of the banking system that insure economic suppression of the masses.

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      • http://mac.com jackie cox

        lawyers, are predatory that who they are its what they do, create and enact predatory law, currently having access to several hundred thousands of courtrooms in americas cities, counties, states, federal international and multiple other agencies with their own sets of laws with tribunals-judges—we need to declare martial law, removing all of them while restoring an honorable government, not a gang of predatory lawyers, judges. politicians, a political arena gone bad refusing to embrace instrumentation to modernize their jobs descriptions long dated totally obsolete, yet have elevated themselves into virtual nobility, taking our rights, destroying america in the process, It appear only anarchy will end nobility creating massive chaos and murder until they are changed or removed from society, I Hate to say it, but I see no other recourse, the worlds youth are beginning to have the same perspective facing a future without hope, unless your connected and have the cash for nobility degrees our academic caste system bestow upon those so inclined

  • Michael Ben

    Now we have to buy a credit monitoring program from all 3 credit agencies to have access to bogus credit reports, and pay to have access to a dispute department who claims you have to contact your creditor … PLUS, if we find errors, we have to pay for a re-score!!!!
    A mortgage company ran my credit for a loan, it was fine, 30 days later they ran it again for approval, and it mysteriously dropped 150 points!!! With NO explanation!!! After the mortgage company compared all 3 credit reports against each other, they said something in TransUnions data stream causing my score to drop 150 points, was told to contact them directly, but they will NOT work with you, they send you back to the mortgage company!! Claiming that their system is perfect, makes no mistakes, Plus, their dispute center is in India, nothing against India, but come on here, this is our USA credit!!!! THIS HAS TO STOP, PEOPLE OF AMERICA, THIS IS THE BEAST SYSTEM, SOON WE WILL BE ON CREDIT ONLY WITH NO WAY TO FIGHT THE MISTAKES AND POLITICAL GAMES THAT CAN BE PLAYED ON THE PUBLIC!!!!!!!!! IMAGINE A FUTURE OF THIS SHIT!!!!

  • V Henry

    I am outraged at credit bureaus. We need to take them on. Down with creidt bureaus and their fowl practices. I had good creidt until one stupid $95.00 bill did not follow me when I moved. Who in the hell would ruin their credit for $95.00. I called an paid it immediately. And this 7 year scam needs to stop. Then on top of that when I was looking online for mortgage companies and had to also purchase a second hand all wheel drive, both mortgage and car loan companies checked out my credit lowering the score more. Then I had to obtain landlord insurance for my home back East and because the score was lower, the insurance company reamed me for $1700.00 per year. These credit bureaus are a scam for both banks and insurance companies and they need to be run out of business. A Canadian friend of mine said that we are the only country that sponsers these farces. And as well, if I want to obtain a job or perhaps ever date again, a lower score can hurt someone. And all this because of nosey companies checking my score. I have a paid on time record for 30 years. Oh with the exception when I dropped the ball after finding my beautiful 53 year old husband dead at 53. It has been a struggle ever since. I want these companies to have multiple changes impacting them and their fairness and bullshit up and down sensitivity to whatever happens. As well, no person should be penalized for having any company look at their score. People have to have a car and they have to have a decent mortgage. And insurance companies are predators and need to be sued as well. $1700 a year for Landlord insurance. Total predatory.

  • http://none doug lunde

    i am 67 years old i remember when we had a credit agency in every county or town you coul go there and streaghten things out even talk to a human instead of a robo phone or someone in india.these 3 are monsters we need to get rid of them. 79 percent rong is what the consumer watchdog agency says.oh by the way wasen’t it them that rated all these poeple with great credit that walked away from their houses and left the country with the worst reccesion since the great depression great job experian equafacts transunion.write youre congresman get rid of them they are just a creation of the megga banks we bailed out.central control doesn’t work ask the u.s.s.r.

  • valtrice grant

    i am also wondering when is this lawsuit going to
    be settled. It has been a while now

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  • Cynthia Jones

    Credit reports are suppose to be free once annually according to the FTC by accessing via annualcreditreport.com. The problem is they refuse to provide access online unless you pay Experian or Transunion, therefore violating the law. Additionally certain states implemented free annual credit reports and still they refuse to deliver in the method of choice for the consumer.

    These companies should be sued and closed down for making a profit at the expense of the American consumer. We have a constitutional right to privacy, fairness in credit accuracy and still these B.,…….. sell our private information and try to dictate our lives all for capital gain.

    Write to your congress man and tell them you will not vote for them again if they do not get this changed so people can work, and move on with their lives.

  • http://firefox sharolyn montagna


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  • http://www.change.org/petitions/demand-reform-of-credit-bureaus christine

    We need to all sign this petition at change.org and have the 3 credit bureaus statute of limitations from 7 years to 3-5 years. It would open doors for so many people who have been frozen due to these difficult economic times.

  • Marlene Tovar

    I just received my free report from Experian and paid for my credit score. After looking at my report, I noticed that a lot of my credit cards show ND (Not disclosed) up through late 2010. When I called them, they stated that they went onto a new system and it was probably due to that. I let it go until I received my credit score which was 685 Risk Grade D. What??? One of the reasons for a low credit score was too short of time period from first credit established. I am almost 51 years old and have had credit for over 17 years. When I called today because I want to dispute that reason and credit score, I was told that the remark is because for the number of similar people I have short credit time established. My husband who just received his green card and social security number November 2009 has a higher credit score than me. His is 747 and his credit only goes back to 2010 with $500 credit limit being his highest. What? I’ve paid thousands of dollars back, paid all my credit cards on time for many, many years and have one negative item; a short sale in 2008 from a divorce and yet I have a D credit risk? She stated that she can only go by what was reported and I told her that according to the Federal Trade, you are obligated to have accurate information for which they don’t and she was unwilling to help me. I wanted to dispute the statement that my credit history is too short, which I know greatly affects my credit score. The entire credit reporting is unfair because if I now try to get a loan from a bank or business that only pulls from Experian, they will get inaccurate information and I will either be denied or have to pay a lot more in interest. I believe that all companies reporting to bureaus should have to report to all three, but in absence of that, I should be able to request that Experian get accurate information on my payment history from all my credits instead of having ND for everything up through late 2010. I believe that reform is in order with these credit bureaus and starting to believe that credit bureaus and banks are in cahoots with each other to make more money. I will be writing to my politicians as well as making a plea on facebook for everyone else having problems with them to contact their politicians. IT NEEDS TO BE FAIR AND ACCURATE FROM ALL THREE. I still can’t believe that my husband who just recently got his social security number has higher credit score than I. Do you see the problem with this?? Please advise on what I can do about this PLEASE!
    My second issue is that because of the short sale, all my credit cards lowered my credit line to just above what I owed making it appear that I was maxed out. Bank of America had $9k credit line with $1800 balance. They lowered my available balance to $2000 which is now being reported as my credit line and then closed it on me again lowering my score. All of them did the same except closing it and now my balances on some of them are higher than my credit line again making it look really bad for me when I never was even close to the limit initially. For example, some of my credit cards are now showing a $2000 credit line with a $4000 balance. Do you see how this can be a problem. It now looks like I borrowed way over my credit line. This system is broken and needs to be reformed to give lenders an accurate image of a consumer’s credit worthiness. It’s been really difficult for me to continue paying my payments through these difficult last 4 years and now I am frustrated because I would have been better off filing bankruptcy because it now appears that making my payments, making more than the minimum payment is getting me nowhere. I feel now like I made a big mistake by doing the right thing. I don’t know if this complaint will change anything, but I hope so because I pretty sure that I am not the only one suffering from these inaccuracies.

    • http://mac.com jackie cox

      they just waste your time, unless you pay them for cleaning up your report, which they will do for the worst credit violators, for money up front

  • sharoltn montagna

    i sent back my paper work for the class action lawsuit against experion credit report. they are a rip off when is it expected to finalist so we can have our money. i guess this went back to when i was married. email me at sharolynmontagna@yahoo.com

  • Alison Potvin

    Recently found this FaceBook page to garner support of legislation to demand that Experian provide true FICO scores on demand to consumers. Check it out, like it, and write your congresspeople. I love this! If we don’t stand up for our rights, who will?


    • jackie cox

      Facebook is not a social networking site, it is a political networking site that supports obama the first pseudo president who trys to install his homosexual manifesto on our mostly Christian Nation. Facebook causes, and games are meaningless misdirection used to dilute the quality of our internet, The causes are trashed, and go nowhere, the games meaningless.
      Use the internet to research things you do not understand to elevate your magnitude of literacy, arise each day in an effort to do the right things. The criminality in government and highly publicized entities, are possessed by the demons of ignorance, trying to force their ways on america, destroying us for cash in their pockets. Our political spectrum are no longer fit to serve our nation free trade is slavery, allowing the trading clan to import goods without customs and duty, or taxation american industries are required to pay, then with their cash and clout have exported our jobs into slave nations, shuttered our small family business sector, created a new nation where more than 80 % of jobs pay near or below minimum wage, a president working to bankrupt our nation, more than 8 million jobs were lost in the 4 years before the 2013 election fraud, now he is ending defense industry jobs that when equated provide more in taxation than saved by ending them, his efforts to disarm our nation in the dangerous world, is a overt act of treason, and should be prosecuted by his appointed attorney general holder. If e allow them to continue they will allow the federal reserve to end our nation. A place where 26 % of college grads find work in their field, a place where several hundred thousand criminal pseudo elected judges felonize more victims of their society than the next 20 nations combined, for the cash they get from the caseloads they create. I have watched our nation before free trade when we made in america what we consumed and exported to the world, a nation with more jobs than people, the the bad actor began the long road to export our infrastructure into slave countries, and since the late 70’s, early 90’s lawyers have elevated themselves into virtual princes while there judges have become petty kings on the prowl for cash and power.


    I sish to join this Lawsuit,as Experian, has many faulty entries in my credit report.Their score with their many inaccurate entries should be zero!!I have written to them many times,but again they have buried their heads in the sand!!!

  • http://jackiecox333@mac.com jackie cox

    the comments awaiting moderation>>>>>> is an overt act against freedom of speech exposing the criminality of credit worthiness reporting bureaus<<<<<<

  • http://jackiecox333@mac.com jackie cox

    The 3 credit bureaus are a scam, used to get their clients more money, by reporting an uninvestigated rating program without any real meaning for most people.

    They should be removed from business, as their scores do not reflect anything but, if the person pays them for a good score, their reliability is less than wikipedia, a place where you can become anything you want by paying money.

    Their ability to qualify irresponsible people for home loans, or get insurance companies to make people who don’t use the credit game to pay more for insurance, or their ability to interfer in peoples life should be outlawed, because they are criminality exposed.

    Our super delegate selected government of lawyers/judges/politicians/lobbies and their criminal clients fall into this catagory, as do the legal-medical-insurancefraud mafia.

    Credit reporting bureaus are just one more reason america has become no longer the leading country in the world regarding quality if life issues—their meaningless reports are used to extort money from innocent respnsible people who don’t pay their gobetweens for a good credit score, Its absolutely corruption on a vast scale

    • Colleen

      I totally agree with what you are saying.. Our company was given a low credit score because of only (1) trade line that was paid late, they do not list any of our other companies that we have good standing with. It is comparing apples to oranges. They do not offer enough information to make a good determination on a companies credit score. They also will not call us back to dispute this unjustified credit score.

  • Magneticgirl

    I want to join this class action lawsuit because I’ve paid this service listed for my Experian credit score and disputed items on my credit report. They refuse to update correct information and now I am filing a complaint with the FTC!!! Anyone else having this problem?

    • mary

      yes me and my husband i am now working with my state to correct this

    • http://jackiecox333@mac.com jackie cox

      They will react to your issue if you pay them money

  • http://google christine webb

    I use to have a good credit score then it would go down I try my best to improve it payoff loans nothing seems to matter please help if you can. Thank you

  • http://www.petercharlesdesigns.com peter

    I beleive that credit bureaus and financial institutions are becomming more and more fraudgelant in their dealings with the public. I do not understand how an individual
    making all payments on time no delinquincies, no bankruptcy an all green report ends up with a very weak credit score.
    Confused in NY.

    • http://jackiecox333@mac.com jackie cox

      like the political realm where with presidential perogative, a homosexual president commits sodomy on the US Military

    • http://mac.com jackie cox

      during in the last several years I have had several identity thefts, people working, using my social security number, making duplicate debit cards then running up charges I did not make, causing me a trip from fl to texas to correct, I have signed leases then force to move because of violence or threats of violence, which I reported to the Police, whereby they advised me to move, breaking the lease at bay club in palm beach, and issues I am unaware of as a result 22 % of the population have worse credit numbers than I do, Yet I don’t borrow money. I keep whatever committments I make, credit bureaus whom I have no business with, report me out to be a bum, My credit Union sent me a statement advising me how the credit union experian SP ? rated me. I have been with my same credit unions for ten years and have no issues with them other than to reverse charges, when companies debit my account for elements I did not approve or committ to. I received a call from one credit bureau demanding I fax them solid evidence of whom I was, including birth certificate, qaddress etc. I hung up the phone. My own brother swindled my spouse of near 100,000.00 and colluded with a wisconsin woman and wisconsin judge to declare that I abandoned her with child in 1974. I left the country in 1972, being unaware of the claim I was found guilty in absentia, and was jailed several times, my brother james ray cox a small town banker used my spouses (a canadian citizen) money to buy 2 chicken express stores. he provided me with a lawyer who illustrated it would be cheaper to settle with them for 10,000 dollar allowing them to extort me rather than go back and live in the state of wisconsin for the 6 months required by the state until the court would even ear my case, abandoning businesses and companies I was setting up in canada, worth millions, so I paid them off and the case was closed, then my brother colluded with canadian/quebec authorities, spurred on by russia during the cold war trying to create a petite cube de la nord, on a spree to ethnically cleanse procanadian anglos and suspect americans from quebec. with the wisconsin judge, and gypsy woman to reopen the case and have me deported as a fugitive from justice, which ended my business and family, my brother a small town banker in texas where they make a 100 dollars a day, did all this just to get equity to obtain a loan to buy 2 chicken stores in ft worth. When I went to judge bolgerts court, a man guilty of treason for colluding with a foreign power, quebec, (its federal jurisdiction), I asked for DNA tests to disprove the paternity fraud, developed by my brother, and the wisconsin woman, the judge refused, so I prepared all the evidence showing when I lived in canada, the day before the trial he suppressed all the evidence, and found me guilty the following day, the public pretender said I would surely win on appeal, a year later he sent me a letter at my mothers address, the letter was backdated one year stating I had 60 days to reply to the letter or the appeal would be dropped. My brother who played innocent during all the proceedings, I was not made aware of his conduct during any of the procedures, always promised to repay my spouse, begging me not to sue him, that it would cost him his career, lieing from day one, when I hired a lawyer in 2008 to investigate the case, who got some of the legal files not destroyed by bolgert, there was documentation showing my brothers involvement. I confronted him with it, and he hung up the phone, refusing to discuss anything with me. Then He called me up and stated he was aware of the fact he owed me money and then said I would never collect, and he would never pay. I told my spouse, who sent a complaint to the FBI as did I and am preparing more evidence for them. My brother thinking the case applied to the statute of limitation in texas, but because its a federal case, there is no statute of limitations in international bank fraud. Judge James Bolgert made the same error, stating it would be impossible to prove in court, and he is true in cloutish wisconsin courts, he did not regard the matter as a federal, and like Texas, wisconsin has statute of limitations on prosecuting a treasonous judge in wisconsin, but both judge james bolgert and james ray cox of memphis, texas, both made the same error thinking they would be protected under state laws, but the cases resulted in dealing with foreign powers, both federal crimes, without statutes of limitations, where states have no jurisdiction. The FBI are now acquiring evidence. the wisconsin woman is a gypsy, and lives an ongoing life of crime.

      credit bureaus are incapable of accessing the variables of the ratings they assign to people, and are therefore incapable of judgement, they like some pest to people like me, who do not require credit, have not sought credit, and keep true to promises I make, unlike the predatory business arena where a cartel of oligopolies do pretty much as they want equipped with lobbies, on board inthe new washington DC, where lawyers go into political science (professional swindling) to have a go at the lobbies green fees, where they become millionaires capable of becoming international citizens when america is no longer fit, or safe to live in, shoving free frade on our country disguised as globalization where the reality shows it to be nothing more than a return to slavery, since import taxation was dropped that equalized slave made goods with what it cost to make and live in america, 2/3rds of our american factories have been exported int sklavery, small family business has been shuttered b the slave goods suoer stores as we descend into a place becoming more and more predatory, legally, medically, educationally, and to think we have credit bureaus who will print up anything they see, regardless of how many identity thefts common peoplehave suffered, but wait, there is a way out, give them money and you can buy a pristine credit rating. I wonder how much longer it will be until people have simply had enough of the erroneous credit bureaus who prey on our racist classist academic caste system, and demand governments modernize themselves, in all elements of society where they claim responsiblity, If we used IBM Mainframes, like ” watson, capable of storing an infinite amount of data, or real variables, accessed to prevent medical malpractice, wrongful incarceration, and individually designed education programs for our youth instead of glorified baby sitters of 40 or 50 kids of the lower classes, what would happen to the hundreds of thousands of judaicial districts in the antiquated city, county, state, and federal districts, with court reporters, typed files stored where only judges or D A’s can access, altering to make whatever case is required by the people with cash for clout. Now with america and all free countries on their last stretch of free trade managed by the same gang of finianciers, world class mafia, in our nation the gang of 6, on the federal reserve board, who keep the obsolete banks erect, currently taking 40 % of our ioncoming taxes as interest on loans of the new goods and services country we have become as we lose our independence managed by lawyers who work for lobby cash—Imagine Credit Bureaus calling the shots for the working class, determing what they pay for required insurance (concealed Taxation) going to oligopolies, home, car, loans or any sort, on a scale of imaginary magnitudes they make up as they go along, based on the human opinion, who use axiomic formulas to make imaginary decisions about people integrity. Any Objective federal judge in our nation would ban them from reporting anything at all, simply because they do not have access to the variables required to make the decisions they make.

      Personally I would pay my fair share in any class action suit against credit bureaus, and any city, county, state or federal justice electorate, because they do in fact have a choice to use modern information, giving them access to the variables but refuse to do so because ot would drastically eliminate their numbers and power they have in their little secret gangs of judge lawyer tiny cartels of clout, in a nation which has become capable of allowing anyone to committ murder and or theft, if they have enough money and get to the right lawyer-D A-judge connection. Our ruling classes are no longer fit to do the job they pretend to do, they are a peoples fueled by greed and lust supported by the predatory laws they enact—and we have the pest “credit bureaus” to deal with, and their good friends the obsolete banks and insurance fraud cartel, now compounded by the election fraud government, an unelected dictator in power ignoring 404 congressmen, and how many ever senators we are encumbered with all obsolete, like a stone around our necks going into deep water of creative accounting, by adsolutely real criminality, trying to take over the world, restoring nobility, instead of import taation which would return our factories and reopen small family businesses where all things are much cheaper

      Is there some way I can get these people to leave me alone. I does cost me a little more for auto insurance, and since I am not planning on buying any real estate, I don’t see the value in it, I have other priorities in life ?

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